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Attention on Deck! Listen Up!

In the wake of last week’s heinous episode of destruction of human lives, and the howling to “DO SOMETHING” that predictably succeeded it, I spent some time digging up some information. There are at least eleven (11 federal statues on the books regarding guns and control, including the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. – Source: […]

PGC Corporal Mujahid Ramzziddin murdered

Prince George’s County Police Department Corporal Mujahid Ramzziddin was murdered today in Brandywine, Maryland when he stepped in to protect a domestic violence victim from her tormentor, according to Fox5DC; The shooting occurred on Chadsey Lane in Brandywine, and sources told FOX 5’s Paul Wagner the suspect, who had a protective order against him, used […]

Eric Kappesser; phony fed LEO and surprise phony SEAL

Someone sent us this story about Eric Kappesser who has been resting comfortably in the local hoosegow after he was arrested for impersonating an FBI agent in Wilmington, Delaware. His lawyer told the judge that he should get “time served” because he was booted from BUD/S when he got in a fight in Chicago and […]

Sgt. Christina Marie Schoenecker passes reports that Sergeant Christina Marie Schoenecker, a Reservist from Kansas, died in a non-combat incident while involved in Operation Inherent Resolve. Schoenecker, 26, of Arlington, Kansas, was assigned to the 89th Sustainment Brigade out of Wichita, Army officials said in a brief release. They did not reveal the circumstances of her death, but said […]

Scott George Kallmeyer; phony SEAL

Our partners at Military Phonies share their work on this Scott George Kallmeyer fellow who claims that he is a Navy SEAL. He even has a sweet ID card that attests to his SEAL-ness; He can’t help but tell folks in social media about how the only easy day was yesterday, or something; The Navy […]

US Navy Rescues 3 Fishermen Adrift for 8 Days

Navy Times reports the U.S. Navy rescued three fishermen Tuesday who were adrift on a boat in the Pacific Ocean for eight days. The men were reported missing Feb. 12 after failing to return from a fishing trip in Micronesia. The men had food and water aboard their 19-foot skiff, but no safety equipment or […]

A bump stock ban?

CNN reports, happily, that the president has asked his Justice Department to propose ways to ban the sale of “bump stocks”. Bump stocks enable a gun man to pull the trigger on a semi-automatic once and the recoil of the weapon is used to more quickly fire the weapon – faster than the person would […]

Wednesday morning feel good stories

From Dallas, Texas; A homeowner wounded an intruder Monday night after they traded gunfire in east Oak Cliff, Dallas police said. Officers were called around 11:30 p.m. to a home in the 4700 block of Denley Drive, where they found the suspect shot. According to police, a homeowner was confronted by someone who shot at […]

Peter Wang; posthumously appointed to West Point

Jim, MustangCryppie and Richard send us links to the Daily Caller which reports that the US Military Academy has posthumously appointed JROTC cadet Peter Wang who selflessly gave his life for his fellow students last week to West Point class 2025. West Point will provide the family of Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting victim Peter Wang […]

Tara Marie Solem; phony LEO

Chip sends us a link to the story of Tara Marie Solem who needed a discount on her Chick-fil-A meal so badly that she decided to be a Federal law enforcement agent, claiming to employees that she was undercover. Solem at first tried to convince a drive-thru employee that she was a federal agent but […]

Tuesdays with Claymore

Pot. Kettle. Black rifles. Appropriating your progeny Fake conversation at fake church with fake NRA supporter Grassroots of revolution Power to the Sheeple Vote with your genitals Franken on the comeback? First, we kill all the lawyers Blood money Bernie Sanders….gun nut Dude, where’s my due process? What, the MSM isn’t good enough? Donald Trump, […]

PFC Emmanuel Mensah honored

Stars & Stripes reports that Private First Class Emmanuel Mensah who perished in an apartment fire while he was home on leave after completing his Advanced Individual Training, was awarded the Soldiers Medal as well as the New York State Medal for Valor for rescuing his neighbors from the conflagration; He entered the burning building […]

Russian contractors test US forces in Syria

According to Business Insider, Russian contractors tried to recon by fire a Syrian Democratic Forces base where Americans were operating near a “neutral zone” agreed upon by Russians and US officials. The Russians came with about 500 troops, T-55 and T-72 tanks, some 122mm howitzers and multiple launch rocket systems – but they came to […]

Tuesday morning feel good stories

From Greeley, Colorado; The homeowner had confronted the suspect inside the residence and was holding him at gunpoint until officers arrived, police said. As the wife of the homeowner was talking with a 911 dispatcher and as officers arrived, a single gunshot was heard. Police found the suspect with a gunshot wound to the torso. […]

Most Americans say Trump, Congress not doing enough to stop mass shootings, Post-ABC poll finds

That’s the headline for a Washington Post article this morning – it was obviously written for the Post’s knee-jerk readers who only read headlines. In the first paragraph, the Post says; More than 6 in 10 Americans fault Congress and President Trump for not doing enough to prevent mass shootings, according to a new Washington […]

Mattis and the non-deployable policy

The Military Times reports on Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ comments on the DoD policy to eliminate from the services folks who remain non-deployable for more than twelve consecutive months; “You’re either deployable, or you need to find something else to do. I’m not going have some people deploying constantly and then other people, who seem […]

Classmates want military funeral for Peter Wang

The New York Daily News reports that JROTC cadet Peter Wang’s classmates are lobbying for a military funeral for him. They say that he held the door open for them to escape the gunfire in the Broward County, Florida Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last week. He saved many lives while losing his own in […]

2020 Census will count troops at their home base

Chief Tango sends us a link to NPR which reports that the Census Bureau has decided that they’ll count deployed troops at their home base instead of their home of record; For the last census in 2010, all overseas military personnel were counted at the address they provided at enlistment. But in 2020, deployed service […]

Daniel Clay Cheatham; phony Ranger

Our partners at Military Phonies send us their work on this Daniel Cheatham who claims that he was injured as an Army Ranger, and he claims that he served in combat in Afghanistan, to improve his business as a masseuse and a yoga instructor; The Army disagrees. It looks like Cheatham was an Initial Entry […]

Tobin Lee McGuffin; phony SEAL

Someone shared their work on this Tobin Lee McGuffin. He also goes by Cody McGuffin, Cody Lee McGuffin, Lee Cody McGuffin, Arthur Lee Grey, Tobin Cody McGuffin, Lee McGuffin, and Lee Grey. I’m sure there are more names, but those are all I know about. He’s in Wisconsin for the time being, but he’s been […]

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