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Attorney General on Sanctuary Cities

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ surprise appearance at the White House press briefing Monday afternoon has put Sanctuary Cities on notice. Take the federal dollars and uphold the law, or stand by for ramifications. ‘Some states and cities have adopted policies designed to frustrate the enforcement of our immigration laws. This includes refusing to detain known […]

Alexander Vanderheide admits malfeasance

The Wilkes Journal-Patriot reports that Alexander “Alex” Vanderheide admitted to them that he was a phony without even a minute’s service to the country in uniform. A member of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1142 in North Wilkesboro for about 12 years who was on the local and state VFW honor guards admitted that he […]

Senior Chief Clayton Pressley III sentenced

We talked about Senior Chief Clayton Pressley III a couple of times last year when he was arrested for identity theft – identities that he stole from his subordinates. He pleaded guilty in August to the charges. He was sentenced yesterday to fifty months in prison, according to a link sent to us by Mick. […]

James Jackson stabs Timothy Caughman to death

On March 20th, 28-year-old James Jackson, a white supremacist from Baltimore, fed up with “black men mixing with white women” went hunting in New York City for a victim. Jackson chose New York City because of it’s media presence and Jackson wanted to be famous. He found 66-year-old Timothy Caughman collecting bottles for recycling. Jackson […]

How to escape

You’ve probably read about 25-year-old Alabama nursing student Brittany Diggs who had to escape from the trunk of her own car when she was kidnapped earlier this month. Our buddy, Mykel Hawke, sends us a link to the video he helped to make with the Today Show’s investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen to help you get […]

Tuesdays with Claymore

Then the whole site would be shut down You “best interests” Valar morghulis And what’s President Hillary’s? Auntie Hillary Bad childhood Which of his homes will they be talking about? Syria ya’ later And? Stepford v2.0 Gorsuch luck It’s that illegal part Redefining “stampede” …but don’t call them Satanic. Let me know how that goes, […]

Tiffany Cruz is not an Air Force vet

Someone sent us their work on this person, Tiffany Cruz (aka Tiffany Bletsch, aka Tiffany Plew). Her claims are mostly made face-to-face rather than on the internet. But, yes, there’s a tattoo; The Air Force says “Who”? Not that government records on her don’t exist. Some do exist – just not military records;

Tuesday morning feel good stories

In Lenoir County, North Carolina, a home alarm system warned a homeowner that someone had broke into his property while he was away. When he arrived to investigate, he found four people were robbing him. He busted caps at the four, hitting one in the arm. The police caught another thief nearby and they’re still […]

Kurds Take ISIL Air Base

Photo: Reuters The Tabqa air base is 28 miles west of Raqqa. US-led coalition forces have said the Tabqa dam is structurally sound. It is 25 miles upstread of Raqqa on the Euphrates River. Show More Summary

Always Follow the Money

According to the Open Secrets website, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, insures over 80 million Americans and has a Federal Government contract to review and process Medicare claims.  During the 2016 election cycle, they made $6,346,640 in campaign contributions and spent $25,006,109 on lobbying efforts. Show More Summary

When Accounts Come Due

I marched and shouted in the streets I started fires and fed the heat Expecting I’d be queen of all Expecting I’d stand ten feet tall And no one told a fool like me That monsters like them just used me It wasn’t all it seemed I lost my dreams It appears that Venezuela’s government […]

Out of the Mouths of the Disillusioned… Finally!

Photo: Getty Images The truth about North Korea has now disillusioned some supporters because their tour bus took a wrong turn. The individual who relayed this story had been an avid supporter of the Kim regime. But no more. He went there with several other people, expecting to find a workers’ paradise.  He and his […]

Medal of Honor Recipient Sergeant Gary B. Beikirch and the best speech I ever heard

Cross Posted from The American Legion in hopes that others can hear the words of Sgt Beikirch. Man that is in honour, and understandeth not, is like the beasts that perish. Psalm 49:20 KCJ The other day was Medal of Honor day, and unfortunately, I was out with some back injuries that have been bothering me […]

Washington Post doesn’t like Cabela’s

Chief Tango sent us a link to a Washington Post article written by Abha Bhattarai entitled New Cabela’s megastore in Gainesville, Va., is a monument to gun rights and the article is a monument to hand-wringing beltway liberals who are out of touch with Americans. The Post couldn’t help but bring politics into the opening […]

82nd Troops to Deploy to Middle East

Two companies from the 82nd Airborne Division will deploy to the Middle East soon. The two units will be sent to locations in either Iraq or Syria. The decision on their exact locations while deployed has not yet been made. However, at least some of the 82nd’s troops apparently will deploy to Qayyarah Airfield West, […]

Good Riddance

Another Al Qaeda leader has begun the eternal dirtnap. DoD has confirmed that Qari Yasin, a senior Al Qaeda leader and terrorist bastard, was killed in a US airstrike in Paktika province, Afghanistan, on 19 March. Yasin is believed to have organized numerous terrorist attacks which claimed dozens of lives. Among Yasin’s confirmed victims were […]

Monday morning feel good stories

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the owner of a laundromat chased a thief from his store and followed him up the street. Eventually, he fired at the crook, hitting him twice in his chest, so I have to guess the crook turned around at some point. Today’s lesson is to look beyond the target before you shoot […]

Kelly Lynn Knotts convicted

Frankie sends us a link to the story of Kelly Lynn Knotts who is looking at 230 years in jail for exploiting a World War II veteran who was in her care; Knotts was arrested on the charges in October 2015 after a lengthy investigation conducted by the State Attorney’s Office and the Escambia County […]

A Different Kind of “Feel Good Story”

A former US Marine has been appointed as a NYC New York policeman. No big deal, you say?  Well, maybe.   But the case of  Matias Ferreira is somewhat unusual. Ferreira lost both legs below the knee due to injuries received from an IED in Afghanistan. Ferreira’s not being hired for a “desk only” job, either.  […]

EAB testing to be mandatory

According to, the Army is planning to make mandatory an annual test for the Expert Action Badge, a non-combat version of the Combat Action Badge at brigade level similar to the annual Expert Infantry Badge testing for infantrymen and the Expert Field Medical Badge for medics. “The idea was that you model the EAB […]

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