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The Politics of Cockfighting and Horse Slaughter

Tonight, WAVE 3 News in Louisville is airing an exclusive story, for which reporter John Boel went undercover with a hidden camera at a recent pro-cockfighting rally. The investigative report asks the question, “What did Kentucky politicians...Show More Summary

Incredible Scam to Kill Inedible Wolves

There is more fallout from the Michigan wolf hunt scandal, in which state legislators relied on and trafficked in exaggerated and even fabricated stories about wolf incidents as they went about authorizing a hunt on the state’s small...Show More Summary

Key Senators Step Up to Pass PAST Act

A horse at the National Celebration in Shelbyville in 2013, one of many wearing chains and stacks. Contact your member of Congress today and ask them to pass the PAST act today. The Senate Commerce Committee today approved, by a...       Related Stories Sore Losers: A Bill for the Horse Soring Crowd Kentucky’s Bevin Courts Cockfighting Vote A Humane Makeover for Makeup  

Foot-in-Mouth Disease Strikes Kentucky Senate candidate

GOP Senate candidate Matt Bevin has offered a number of excuses, since news broke that he attended a rally organized to promote the legalization of cockfighting in Kentucky. He said he’s “never been to a cockfight, don’t condone cockfighting,”...Show More Summary

Kentucky’s Bevin Courts Cockfighting Vote

Politicians running for statewide office are known to show up at festivals, parades, county fairs, diners, a variety of commemorations, and even funerals. But it takes a very special kind of candidate to be a featured speaker at a cockfighting...      ...Show More Summary

Buck Fever: Captive Hunting Industry Threatens Wildlife, Taxpayers

An 18-month investigation by The Indianapolis Star, led by reporter and lifelong hunter Ryan Sabalow, has pulled back the curtain on the captive hunting industry in the United States. The remarkable four-part series, “Buck Fever,” exposes...Show More Summary

State by State, the March of Progress for Animals

If you live in West Virginia, the days of having a tiger or chimpanzee in the house next door are coming to a close. Today Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin signed legislation making West Virginia the 45th state to set restrictions...       Related Stories 2013 the Year of Chimps and Horses in Congress The King Grinch Who Stole State Ag Laws Cruelty to Donkeys, Fleecing of Taxpayers  

A Humane Makeover for Makeup

Many consumers are surprised to learn that in the 21st century, lipstick, blush, and other cosmetics are still tested on animals. While many nations are phasing out animal tests for cosmetics, the issue still remains a real concern in...Show More Summary

How Do Animals Fare in the President’s Budget?

President Obama has now released his budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2015, to fund the government’s $3.5 trillion-plus operations, and the budget recommendations include several important provisions for animals. If ratified by Congress,...Show More Summary

Close Encounters Between Cops and Canines

Nearly every week there are media reports of police officers shooting dogs while responding to calls, and some of these incidents go viral once captured by a mobile device or an officer’s dashboard camera. These events are polarizing...Show More Summary

Sore Losers: A Bill for the Horse Soring Crowd

Momentum is growing in Congress to pass H.R. 1518/S. 1406, the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act, legislation seeking to upgrade the four-decades-old federal Horse Protection Act (HPA) to stop rampant and intentional injuring ofShow More Summary

The Last Gaff of the Cockfighting Lobby

Cockfighting has been illegal in Kentucky since 1893. But a group of active cockfighters in the state are still trying to hold onto the last vestiges of this cruel and criminal practice, deservedly on its last gasp. As Sam Youngman...       Related Stories Egg Lawsuit is All Cracked Up Don’t Muzzle Vet Care Snake of the Union  

Wolf Delisting Not Based on “Best Available Science”

In every region of the country where federal protections for wolves have been lifted, the states have moved quickly to open sport hunting seasons. From the Northern Rockies to the Great Lakes, trophy hunters and trappers have killedShow More Summary

Egg Lawsuit is All Cracked Up

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster filed a lawsuit yesterday in federal court challenging California’s law requiring that eggs sold in the Golden State come from hens that can turn around and stretch their wings. It seems that Koster—at...Show More Summary

A Gold Star for the Golden State

Since California voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 2 in 2008, underscoring the widespread view of voters in all regions and demographics of the state that all animals deserve humane treatment, state lawmakers in Sacramento have...Show More Summary

King Amendment Out, Animal Fighting Spectator Penalties In

The Farm Bill, after fits and starts over two years of debate, is one step closer to becoming law, with the House passage of the conference report this morning by a vote of 251 to 166. The compromise package includes...       Related Stories Don’t Muzzle Vet Care The 2013 Congressional Year in Review for Animals 2013 the Year of Chimps and Horses in Congress  

Snake of the Union

A burmese python photo from USFWS I wrote earlier this month on the need for the Obama administration to finish the job on large constrictor snakes by banning the trade in the five remaining species identified by the U.S. Geological...      ...Show More Summary

Hot Off the Press: The 2013 Humane Scorecard

Last fall, I posted a preliminary version of the 2013 Humane Scorecard, and a few weeks ago, just as Congress was returning for the second session of the 113th Congress, I provided a look at our year in review for...       Related Stories Finish the Job on Deadly Snakes Omnibus for Animals Don’t Muzzle Vet Care  

Finish the Job on Deadly Snakes

We’ve long reported that non-native boa constrictors, Burmese pythons and African rock pythons are living in the wild, breeding, wreaking havoc on the ecosystem, frightening residents and killing pets in residential neighborhoods, all here in the United States. Show More Summary

Omnibus for Animals

Federal lawmakers last night unveiled their $1.1 trillion spending bill to fund the government for the remaining eight and a half months of Fiscal Year 2014. The giant package includes several very positive outcomes for animals, andShow More Summary

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