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Wolf Delisting Not Based on “Best Available Science”

In every region of the country where federal protections for wolves have been lifted, the states have moved quickly to open sport hunting seasons. From the Northern Rockies to the Great Lakes, trophy hunters and trappers have killedShow More Summary

Egg Lawsuit is All Cracked Up

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster filed a lawsuit yesterday in federal court challenging California’s law requiring that eggs sold in the Golden State come from hens that can turn around and stretch their wings. It seems that Koster—at...Show More Summary

A Gold Star for the Golden State

Since California voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 2 in 2008, underscoring the widespread view of voters in all regions and demographics of the state that all animals deserve humane treatment, state lawmakers in Sacramento have...Show More Summary

King Amendment Out, Animal Fighting Spectator Penalties In

The Farm Bill, after fits and starts over two years of debate, is one step closer to becoming law, with the House passage of the conference report this morning by a vote of 251 to 166. The compromise package includes...       Related Stories Don’t Muzzle Vet Care The 2013 Congressional Year in Review for Animals 2013 the Year of Chimps and Horses in Congress  

Snake of the Union

A burmese python photo from USFWS I wrote earlier this month on the need for the Obama administration to finish the job on large constrictor snakes by banning the trade in the five remaining species identified by the U.S. Geological...      ...Show More Summary

Hot Off the Press: The 2013 Humane Scorecard

Last fall, I posted a preliminary version of the 2013 Humane Scorecard, and a few weeks ago, just as Congress was returning for the second session of the 113th Congress, I provided a look at our year in review for...       Related Stories Finish the Job on Deadly Snakes Omnibus for Animals Don’t Muzzle Vet Care  

Finish the Job on Deadly Snakes

We’ve long reported that non-native boa constrictors, Burmese pythons and African rock pythons are living in the wild, breeding, wreaking havoc on the ecosystem, frightening residents and killing pets in residential neighborhoods, all here in the United States. Show More Summary

Omnibus for Animals

Federal lawmakers last night unveiled their $1.1 trillion spending bill to fund the government for the remaining eight and a half months of Fiscal Year 2014. The giant package includes several very positive outcomes for animals, andShow More Summary

Don’t Muzzle Vet Care

The Congress is off to a good start for 2014: the Senate yesterday unanimously approved S. 1171, the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act. The bill, sponsored by Sens. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., and Angus King, I-Maine, would amend the Controlled...Show More Summary

The 2013 Congressional Year in Review for Animals

Congress returns to Washington today to convene the second session of the 113th Congress, and it’s a good time to take stock of what was achieved in 2013 and the pathway for animals in the New Year. In terms of...       Related Stories 2013 the Year of Chimps and Horses in Congress How Have Your Lawmakers Scored So Far? Top 13 in ’13: State Animal Protection Laws  

2013 the Year of Chimps and Horses in Congress

The 113th Congress has had the lowest output, in terms of general lawmaking, since 1947. Yet despite the general dysfunction and partisan gridlock in Washington, we’ve made real progress on our key issues. During the first year of the...Show More Summary

The King Grinch Who Stole State Ag Laws

You don’t need the glow of Rudolph’s red nose to see that only a Grinch would go after rules that guarantee families get healthy Christmas trees. But Capitol Hill’s reigning Grinch, Rep. Steve King of Iowa, is determined to spoil...      ...Show More Summary

Cruelty to Donkeys, Fleecing of Taxpayers

There is more fallout today from the Michigan wolf hunt scandal, in which lawmakers and state officials spread fabricated stories about wolf incidents, even as most of the depredation on livestock occurred at one farm that left cattle...Show More Summary

Top 13 in ’13: State Animal Protection Laws

It’s been a remarkable year of policymaking at the state level, with legislatures so far passing 107 new animal protection measures. A handful of states are still in session and the number may climb, but in total, it makes more...       Related Stories King Amendment Goes to the Dogs Remembering Rep. Bill Young How Have Your Lawmakers Scored So Far?  

Good News for Predators and Whales

There are two pieces of good news for animal advocates coming today from the Obama administration. First, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Office of Inspector General announced that it will proceed with an independent audit of the agency’s much-criticized Wildlife...       Related Stories Trophy Madness, As Seen on TV Remembering Rep. Show More Summary

The Most Dangerous Two Minutes in Sports

Racehorses are impressive, and it would be hard not to be awed by their power and grace. But there’s an important power they lack: unlike other athletes, they have no control over the drugs administered to them. That’s why groups...       Related Stories Horse Soring in the Hot Seat on Capitol Hill How Have Your Lawmakers Scored So Far? Remembering Rep. Bill Young  

Slow Down to Save Whales

Everyone knows speed kills. Speed limits in neighborhoods and school zones protect the safety of the community. But what if the government wanted to let those speed limits expire every few years? It would waste resources and threaten lives. Show More Summary

Trophy Madness, As Seen on TV

The world has reacted in outrage to a photo of TV host Melissa Bachman posing next to a dead lion she had shot and killed in South Africa, and the entire episode has shined another spotlight on the disturbing subculture...       Related Stories Remembering Rep. Bill Young Birds Falling from the Sky Horse Soring in the Hot Seat on Capitol Hill  

Birds Falling from the Sky

Leaving poisons out in the wild is, in comparison to other ways of killing animals, among the most inhumane and indiscriminate of methods. Highly toxic poisons wreak havoc on the animals who ingest them, regardless of whether they were the...       Related Stories A (Wolf) Pack of Lies Crying Wolf Remembering Rep. Bill Young  

Horse Soring in the Hot Seat on Capitol Hill

Tennessee walking horses got a well-deserved boost today in a House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade hearing on H.R. 1518, the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act. The bill, introduced by Reps. Ed Whitfield, R-Ky., and Steve Cohen, D-Tenn.,...       Related Stories How Have Your Lawmakers Scored So Far? Remembering Rep. Bill Young A Howling Shame  

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