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Sorry to Say (Dogs and Guilt, Revisited)

There was quite the dust up on Twitter last week about a blog in Psychology Today by Nathan Lents, titled Dogs Apologize Better Than Some Humans. Skipping the observation that humans have a lot more to apologize for than dogs do, (clown horror movies come to mind), Lents addresses the “guilty look” of dogs and […]

Want a Laugh? “Peanut Butter Dogs” Guarantees It

The book Peanut Butter Dogs, Photographs by Greg Murray, is the best thing to cross my desk in ages. We now know that the ingredients for a giggling, smiling, heart-warming laugh fest are: 1. Dogs (80% of the dogs in the book were adopted from shelters or rescues). 2. Peanut butter. 3. A great photographer. […]

Why Don’t Dogs Get Angry More Often?

I’ve had a lot of interesting conversations on book tour for The Education of Will, and one of the topics that comes up relates to dogs and anger. I’ve heard: “Are you really saying that dogs can experience anger? Isn’t that being anthropomorphic; surely anger is a human construct?” And from a few concerned people: […]

Fighting Words

It seems that we all have something we are fighting right now. This next month, I’m all about doing battle with cancer. Cancer. Ugh, I hate it. I actually began this piece with a direct conversation to cancer itself, but it contained so many swear words I had to delete it. I have good reason […]

The Working Dog Center at Penn Vet

Book tours can be tiring, but there’s nothing like being inspired by the work of the people of The Penn Vet Working Dog Center in Philadelphia.  I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon there–basically an exercise in intellectual and emotional rapture. In general, here’s what they do: “Our goal is to increase collaborative research, […]

Best cake in the world

I just couldn’t resist sending this out: Without question the most amazing cake ever made in the world, thanks to my hosts in Boxboro, MA at the New England Dog Training Club. Nancy and Cindy had the cake made. (I am so sorry, I forget the name of the farm fresh market that made it…  […]

Book Review: The Domestic Dog, edited by James Serpell

If you are a serious student of domestic dog behavior, you need this book. Its full title is The Domestic Dog: Its Evolution, Behavior and Interactions with People (2nd edition). It’s not inexpensive, but well worth it. ($44.69 on Amazon, but don’t hesitate to contact your local Indie store to see what they’d charge you.)  […]

How to Handle Reactive Dogs

I’m just back from the first phase of book tour, and so much of what came up on the dog-lover side related to “reactive” dogs. As I talk about in The Education of Will, dogs can be psychologically traumatized too, and one of the symptoms of that is “hyper-reactivity.” Just as a veteran soldier with […]

A Request to the Village re the Education of Will

Months ago, when in the first stages of planning publicity for my new book, I asked my editor why book tours were always so brutal. And they are–by now I’ll have given 9 talks in less than two weeks, and visited 8 cities. On some days, I got up at 4 A, to make a […]

Sleep Disturbance Case – Urgent

I’m busy on book tour, but was asked about this case at the Ohio Vet Conference late last week. You can read the description below, but the bottom line is this sweet, dear hound mix, Kasey, was rescued from a research lab but needs rescuing again. We didn’t have much time to talk about the case […]

Dogs and Psychological Trauma

In 2006, Willie who came to us as an eight-week old puppy who behaved as if he’d served three tours in Afghanistan, and came back with the canine version of PTSD. The title of The Education of Will is in part based on his name. In the book I talk about how all mammals can […]

It’s Official! The Education of Will is out in Print and Audio.

THANK YOU Milwaukee! Three hundred of you came out to hear my first talk about The Education of Will, and I can’t thank you enough. Needless to say, I was excited and terrified and thrilled and nervous and empowered and overwhelmed to be speaking in public for the first time about the journey that Willie […]

Collars I have Known and Loved. Or Not.

The impetus for this topic came from an article I sent out on Facebook on how to behave around a service dog. The article made many good points about respecting the space around a working service dog and his/her human, but I didn’t notice that it came with a photograph of a dog wearing a […]

The Books Behind the Book

I spent three years writing The Education of Will before deciding that I would go ahead and publish it. I wrote and wrote and wrote for myself, as a well-documented way to resolve baggage from my past and move on. I had wanted to try writing fiction, but got discouraged by editors and agents who […]

Holy Moly, Trisha’s on Twitter

Don’t take that to mean I know what I’m doing. Seriously, who knew this 140 character stuff was so complicated? Expect me to tweet like a 5 year old in kindergarten for awhile. FYI, it seems every variant of my name is taken, so I ended up taking the handle @McConnellWrites. Come say hi. Speaking […]

Resource Guarding, Dog to Dog (Repost)

I’ve had a lot of questions lately about resource guarding. I’m not sure why–dogs stuck together inside because of the weather? A butterfly flapping its wings in China? Who knows. But I thought it was a good time to revisit a post I wrote in 2014 about dogs who guard resources from other dogs. Here […]

Visits from former owners: Good for Dogs?

A few months ago I got an email from someone with a great question: Would it distress a dog to have his former owner come visit? I’ve been mulling on it ever since, and my answer, of course, is It Depends. But that leads to the question, “Depends on what?” Although I’m only speculating, I […]

Great Photo of “Hard Eye,” & What to Do When You See It

Meet Sam. He’s a 41/2 year old Border Collie, adopted by Roberta K from a shelter in rural Virginia at the age of one. He’d spent his first year of life in a crate. It seems the elderly couple who purchased him, one wheelchair bound,  found him “too much to handle.” (A pause here for […]

Barn Swallows: Excerpt from The Education of Will

Oh my. I feel like I’m at the crest of a massive roller coaster, having chugged my way up and up and up, finally reaching the top of the curve, and looking down at a track so steep that I can’t even see it beneath my feet. All I know is it’s going to go […]

Happy Holidays!

We’re taking the week off between Christmas and New Year’s Day to relax and refresh. See you next year!

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