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Resource Guarding Revisited

A little over a year ago I wrote a post about the causes and treatment of resource guarding. It generated a lot of interest, and no wonder. It is such a common problem. Ironically, I was reminded of that by the opposite: My new dog Maggie seems happy to let any person or any dog […]

Memorial Day and Dogs in War

It is Memorial Day in the United States; a day for remembering those who have lost their lives in war. It is only fitting that National Geographic just came out with an article on “The Dogs of War.” I read with it the same mixed feelings I always have on the topic of young, healthy […]

How to Talk to Other Dog Owners

When I was seeing a lot of clients I could always tell when I was tired because I started working with the dog, rather than training the owners. Perhaps that’s the irony of language: It makes communication easier in one sense, and harder in another. Things were so simple and clear when I was working […]

2014 Spring Book Review

As always, there are piles of books on my desk, my bedside table, the dining room table, and Willie’s crate. Books are one of my greatest joys in life, but like gardening, I never feel caught up. However, that never seems to stop me from buying more books, so here are some thoughts about some […]

When to Intervene in Dog-Dog Interactions

This is one of the questions I am most frequently asked, and with good reason. It’s a tough one. It’s also relevant to my own life right now, after having just introduced a new dog into the household, and having to make split-second decisions several times in the first few weeks. I should say first […]

Spring Photo Album

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FARM today. Because, well, spring has sprung and it seems like everything is happening at all at once. Lambs in the barn, brush to clear, gardens to tend, barn roofs to patch, etc. It’s all good, there’s just a lot of it. I’m happy to report that the three lambs we […]

Introducing A New Dog: Maggie and Willie as a Case Study

In hopes it will be helpful to others in the same situation, I thought I’d outline how I handled the introduction of lovely little Maggie into the family. Here’s some background on the actors: 1) Willie: Eight-year old BC neutered male, at one point extremely aggressive to unfamiliar dogs, relatively comfortable outside now with new […]

Is Anthropomorphism a Dirty Word?

The short answer is no, not always. As a matter of fact, our ability to attribute human characteristics to non-human animals is an impressive ability that we should be proud of. In addition, it can make us better dog owners. Lest you think I’ve lost my mind, let me explain, this time with a longer […]

Meet Maggie

Yup, Redstart Farm has a new member of the family. Maggie, a 15-month old female Border Collie from Idaho, has stolen the hearts of us all, Willie especially. He is gobsmacked. In love. Head over heals. Watching the two of them play has become one of my greatest joys in life. Those of you who […]

Feral versus Fearful Cats

Our resident cats, Nellie and her daughter Polly, arrived almost two years ago thanks to friends who found a starving, half-dead adolescent cat in their yard. They took her in and nursed her back to health–which included discovering that she was pregnant, helping her raise five kittens and finding them all wonderful homes. No one […]

The Beauty of the “Ready” Cue

Ah, spring is finally coming. Along with the mud. I don’t know about you, but here in Southern Wisconsin the winter has been so severe that the ground is frozen as far as six feet down. Six vertical feet, just in case you’ve never had to dig fence post holes, is a long, long way. […]

Favorite African Photographs

This week I’m grading 150 term papers. Yup, a 150 of them. My Teaching Assistant, Peggy B, will also be grading aspects of these same papers, so you can imagine that the two of us will be, uh, a tad busy for awhile. That’s why this week’s blog is a compilation of some of my […]

Assessing “Assess-a-Hands”

When I began working as an animal behaviorist I evaluated dogs in a number of ways, one being to give them a prized resource and watch to see how they responded when I reached for it. I remember working on a stage with a dog who was said to bite if you tried to take away his toy. Show More Summary

A Memorial: Fund Raising for Puppy Up!

For almost twelve years, my Great Pyrenees Tulip was the farm’s jokester, a shiny-eyed, smiley-faced cross between an oversized seal pup and a benevolent polar bear. For twelve years she multi-tasked as the farm’s protector and its own personal stand up comedian. Show More Summary

Applied Ethology: Translations and Mis-Translations

Last week I posted a photo of Tootsie’s face that got a lot of reactions like: “She looks so angry!” “She looks mean!” That got everyone who knows Tootsie laughing, because she is about the least “angry” dog we’ve ever met. But, people...Show More Summary

Small Dog Privileges? Yes or No?

Let me begin with full disclosure: I have my own answer to the question above. I don’t begin to treat Tootsie, my King Charles Cavalier, like I treat Willie the Border Collie. Not just because she was a mill dog, and not just because she is spaniel instead of a Border Collie. Show More Summary

Decoding Your Dog: A Book Review

Decoding Your Dog is a new book from the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, edited by D. Horowitz and J. Ciribassi, and it has a lot going for it. I have some quibbles too, but let’s start with the good news. Without question...Show More Summary

Adopting a Dog Into a Multi-Dog Household

As some of you know, on January 9 I did a webinar for ASPCApro on adopting a dog into a multi-dog home. It was geared toward shelter and rescue professionals and volunteers, covering everything from how to do the first introduction to managing the household as time goes on, and what to do if it’s simply not working. Show More Summary

Kiss to Dismiss?

Here’s an interesting question for you: What does a dog intend when it repeatedly licks the face of another? Muzzle licking has traditionally been interpreted as an appeasement behavior, usually done by a younger dog or a subordinate to the muzzle of another. Show More Summary

You Were Saying…?

This week is an especially busy one (my University course begins on Tuesday), so I am taking advantage of the never ending stream of mis-translated and bogus comments that flow into the “comment pending” section like water pouring into a washing machine. Show More Summary

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