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Applied Ethology: Translations and Mis-Translations

Last week I posted a photo of Tootsie’s face that got a lot of reactions like: “She looks so angry!” “She looks mean!” That got everyone who knows Tootsie laughing, because she is about the least “angry” dog we’ve ever met. But, people...Show More Summary

Small Dog Privileges? Yes or No?

Let me begin with full disclosure: I have my own answer to the question above. I don’t begin to treat Tootsie, my King Charles Cavalier, like I treat Willie the Border Collie. Not just because she was a mill dog, and not just because she is spaniel instead of a Border Collie. Show More Summary

Decoding Your Dog: A Book Review

Decoding Your Dog is a new book from the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, edited by D. Horowitz and J. Ciribassi, and it has a lot going for it. I have some quibbles too, but let’s start with the good news. Without question...Show More Summary

Adopting a Dog Into a Multi-Dog Household

As some of you know, on January 9 I did a webinar for ASPCApro on adopting a dog into a multi-dog home. It was geared toward shelter and rescue professionals and volunteers, covering everything from how to do the first introduction to managing the household as time goes on, and what to do if it’s simply not working. Show More Summary

Kiss to Dismiss?

Here’s an interesting question for you: What does a dog intend when it repeatedly licks the face of another? Muzzle licking has traditionally been interpreted as an appeasement behavior, usually done by a younger dog or a subordinate to the muzzle of another. Show More Summary

You Were Saying…?

This week is an especially busy one (my University course begins on Tuesday), so I am taking advantage of the never ending stream of mis-translated and bogus comments that flow into the “comment pending” section like water pouring into a washing machine. Show More Summary

How to Foster Dogs: New Book by P Miller

Fostering dogs from shelters, as a way to get them into a home setting while they wait for their forever family, used to be a rare occurrence. Many years ago I remember hearing about a shelter whose policies prevented workers and volunteers from taking dogs or cats home with them, even for brief periods. Show More Summary

Free Canine Communication Webinar Tuesday Jan 14th!

Just a quick announcement: I hope you can join me and Drs Suzanne Hetts and Michele Wan for the first “CAAB Chat” webinar, next Tuesday January 14th at 4 pm Eastern Time, 3 Central and 2 Mountain. This is the first in a series of free...Show More Summary

Pets as Gifts?

First off, Happy New Year! Here’s hoping that 2014 is everything you want it to be. There’s a timely issue making the rounds that I thought would result in an interesting discussion: giving pets as gifts. I’m sure you’ve all heard the...Show More Summary

Mandatory Introductions at Shelters?

I’ll be doing a Webinar for the ASPCA this Thursday (January 9th, 3 tp 4:30 PM Eastern) titled “Multi-Dog Households: From First Date to After the Honeymoon.” One of the topics I’ll be discussing is the “mandatory introduction” policy...Show More Summary

If I Only Had a Tail Contest Winner!

Congratulations Lisa W! It was a hard decision, because every entry made us laugh, but we choose Lisa’s ditty as the winner. Here it is: We could lay prone in the fallows And wade through all the shallows What things we could unveilShow More Summary

The Five Things Our Dogs Want for Christmas

Chew bones and tasty snacks are nice, but here is what I think our dogs really want for Christmas: 1. CLARITY: Our dogs are living with aliens–us. They may love us deeply, but they still spend much of their life confused. After all, dogs are living in a world in which we yell at them for eating poop, and then pick it up and hoard it ourselves. Show More Summary

Why Doggie, What Beautiful Teeth You Have!

Last week I wrote about my desire to have a tail and all of its functions. (Don’t miss reader’s submissions of “If I Only Had a Brain” re-written with lyrics about a tail. It’ll make your day.) This week I’m going to focus on teeth,Show More Summary

If I Only Had a Tail…

This is the time of year that I regret not having a tail. If I had one, I could curl it around my nose as did Nellie and Polly this morning, the thermometer descending toward single digits. Better yet, I could use it to wag from the shoulders back, like Willie does when Jim comes home. Show More Summary

Thanks Giving, Giving Thanks

The best part of Thanksgiving has got to be cold turkey sandwiches the next day, with cranberry sauce and stuffing (yes, that’s bread within the bread, an explosion of carbohydrates that never fails to make me happy). Or maybe it’s lying around, dog-like, after eating a big meal, with no expectations beyond passive digestion. Show More Summary

Great Books for Gifting

Books, books, books: Surely one of the greatest inventions of humankind. I love to give books as gifts, and last night I found myself pondering what books to give to which person for the holidays. That, of course, led to thoughts about...Show More Summary

Travelogue III – Wales & Germany

So many photos I want to show you!  Here are a few from our last days in Wales: We went back to Worm’s Head on Tuesday, after a stunning 4 mile hike around the Three Cliffs area. We hiked down this hill to the beach and watched a beautiful sunset. Show More Summary

Time to vote!

Meanwhile, back at the office: It was an incredibly hard job to narrow all of the wonderful Wegman-esque photos down to just eight, but we did it. You can see a few below, but check out Trisha’s Facebook  page to see all eight and participate in the fun. Show More Summary

Travelogue II – England and Wales

Ah, our first quiet day after arriving across the pond. We roared around the country last week, and had a somewhat hectic but wonderful time in Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Chipping Camden (a quick night off, just lovely!) and Bristol.Show More Summary

A New Photo Contest!

Hello everyone, this is Katie. Let’s have some fun while Trisha is out of the office! Pull out your training treats – it’s time for a photo contest! We want to see your best William Wegman inspired photo of your dog(s). We’re looking for creativity, but most of all, calm and comfortable dogs. Show More Summary

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