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How to Develop Your “Relationship Creativity”

Get creative in how you approach your relationships. When most of us think of creativity, we think of some artistic endeavor that may include artwork, music, performances or even fashion and design. Few of us think of creativity as a primary and critical relationship skill. […]

Powerful Ways to Be More Patient with Your Kids

It’s hard to be patient when your child is turning the color of the tomatoes you just passed because you won’t let them fling produce out of your shopping cart. It’s hard to be patient when your child is taking forever to get ready for […]

Gain Confidence and Express Yourself: 5 Ways to Be Less Avoidant in Your Relationship

Certainly, most of us will experience times in our relationship when we have particular difficulty expressing or communicating our feelings to our partner, or vice versa. This is frustrating in new or established relationships. Some couples experience this as “stonewalling” which means one individual is […]

Best of Our Blogs: March 6, 2018

Is there something in your life you wish you could change, but you just can’t right now? Maybe it’s a job situation or relationship you need to end. Secretly, you’re beating yourself up about it. You want something better but obstacles keep getting in your […]

5 Common Misconceptions about Meditation

Before I started meditating daily starting on November 1, 2015, I had tried meditation on and off several times. I had heard about many of its benefits and had even witnessed its benefits in friends and family members. Nevertheless, part of me was still skeptical. […]

You Have a Choice: Shrink with Fear or Soar with Courage?

A day will come when you have a choice: you can stay as you are, protected and reassured, a bud guarded by petals that will never bloom — or, you can emerge. You can open yourself to your surroundings and enter a fearful, exciting, unpredictable […]

How to Tell When Technology Makes Anxiety Worse

These are the signs to look for. Anxiety (and its big brother, fear) is always about something that hasn’t happened yet. Even when the worst does happen, anxiety goes away. It’s not the loss of a limb that is frightening; it’s the anticipation of losing […]

Struggling with Sobriety When You’re an Introvert

A large part of my recovery will need to involve confronting the expectations others have of me, as well as the expectations I have for myself. I’ve always preferred my own company to that of others. The mother of my childhood best friend called this […]

Winter Doldrums? 6 Ways to Get a Jump on Spring

“Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There’s going to be stress in life, but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not.” – Valerie Bertinelli This is the time of year when I’m well past the excitement of the […]

7 More Ways to Manage Depression Beyond Therapy and Medication

When Deborah Serani’s chronic depression symptoms worsen, color helps to lift the darkness. She finds all kinds of colors by taking a walk and focusing on birds, flowers and trees along the way. Painting and drawing also are pivotal. “The deeper the colors I see […]

Helping Children Learn How to Manage Emotions

?Emotions are an integral part of life. They are tied to our social and sensory feelings, enabling us to make sense of our inner landscape. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to fully experience the rich diversity of life. While emotions come easily to most […]

Preparing My Special Needs Child for Independent Living

One of the good things about being married is that, over the years, you learn important things from your partner. One of the best things my husband has taught me is to utilize books to solve problems. As strange as it sounds, reading was not […]

?Is Lying Actually Good for Kids?

The next time your child vehemently denies eating any candy (even though the chocolate smeared on her face tells a different story) or says “It wasn’t me!” while standing next to the shards of what used to be your favorite vase, don’t panic. According to […]

How to Stop Going Back to an Abusive Relationship

Abusive relationships are more common than you might think. It affects people at a young age and usually affects women more than men. It’s even harder to walk away from an abusive relationship when you don’t recognize it. According to the statistics: ~38,000,000 women will […]

Psychology Around the Net: March 3, 2018

Happy Saturday, Psych Central readers! This week’s Psychology Around the Net brings you the latest on habits that help you focus, the often misdiagnosed premenstrual dysphoric disorder, the role stigma plays in small towns, and more. Teachers and Other School-Based Professionals Can Treat Children’s Mental […]

7 Ways to Help a Child with Fear

I’ll never forget the time a much beloved uncle brought my 3-year-old son a present — a battery operated 2 foot tall robot with flashing red eyes that lurched across the room making beep-beep noises. Uncle thought he’d brought a perfect present for a little boy. […]

What Helps Depression Beyond Therapy and Medication

Therapy and sometimes medication are the foundation of depression treatment. Working with a mental health professional is paramount to recovering from depression. But other strategies also are key. “Most therapists will see you once a week, and medication can take some time to work,” said […]

Best of Our Blogs: March 2, 2018

How is it March already? Weren’t we just drawing up resolutions for the new year? With spring around the corner, it’s a great time to check in and do a little early (emotional) spring cleaning. Brush up on the newest research studies, and understand some […]

The Upside of Downside: The Surprising Gifts of Mental Disorders

If someone had told me that my anxiety would become one of my biggest strengths during the phase in my life when irrational fear knocked me to my knees, I would have shook my head with frustration. There was no possible way my general anxiety […]

Florida Trauma Survivors: Your Feelings Are a Normal Response to Abnormal Situation

Life has landed you in the community of trauma survivors. None of us is here by choice, but we do choose to support each other. From my heart, here are things I wish I had known when I was 17. In 1991, I was 17. […]

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