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Do You Know of "Cat Shrimping?" These Pictures Explain It

In my experience, cats sleep in one of two fashions. First, there are those times when they find themselves sprawled out in some ungainly and far-from-dignified pose -- with limbs all askew -- that lets you know they're one truly zonked-out furball. Show More Summary

We Talk With Meow Quarterly About Celebrity Cat Life

Every cat has a story. Ask almost any cat parents to tell you about their beloved furry family member, and you'll be treated to a riveting story in league with the likes of Twain, Sedaris, or Breaking Bad. (At least to us cat lovers!) Cat...Show More Summary

Get to Know the Chausie: From the Jungle to Your Living Room

Of the several wildcat hybrid breeds, the Chausie (pronounced CHOW-see) is the most recently developed. Despite that, this cat is just as outgoing and people-oriented as any domestic cat. Brown-ticked tabby Chausie. Photo CC-BY-SA Wilczakrew Origins The...Show More Summary

Bebe, a Kitten With Manx Syndrome, Finds a Home

Earlier this year, Bebe the kitten found himself in a precarious situation. He was holed up in the Downey Animal Shelter in Los Angeles County with what appeared to be an injured tail. This bundle of fluff and fur also seemed to lack...Show More Summary

5 Ways I Routinely Goof Up My Photos of My Cats

I write about cats for a living, so (duh) I take a lot of cat photos. Most of them are terrible, but -- thanks to the magic of digital photography -- I eventually nail the ones I need. Aside from pics required for work, I take a ridiculous amount of cat photos for my own pleasure, and my cats are sometimes willing subjects. Show More Summary

Videos We Love: Here's Why Two Cats Are Better Than One

Before I adopted my second cat, Phoenix, I didn't know what I'd been missing. My other cat, Bubba Lee Kinsey, and I had lived together for eight years, and despite the occasional fang-induced flesh wound, I thought we were pretty happy. Show More Summary

Would You Forgive a Cat Sitter Who Forgot About Your Cats?

For the first several years we lived in New York City, my husband and I had the perfect petsitter: our dear friend George, who happened to live just a few blocks south of us and had a cat of his own (so we were able to return the favor and take care of her when he went out of town). Show More Summary

Same-Day Vet Surgery: How to Care for Yourself and Your Cat

I'm a worrier. And although I've been through many same-day cat surgeries, I still worry about what could go wrong or what might happen. I am sure that many of you are the same way. My black cat Rama recently had surgery to remove recurring sarcomas. Show More Summary

Project Catnip Aims to Take Trap, Neuter, Return Programs Global

One person at a time, Operation Catnip is building an army of people dedicated to improving the lives of feral cats. The Gainesville, Florida-based operation has been providing free monthly spay-neuter clinics since 1998, when founder Dr. Show More Summary

Confessions of an MC: My 5 Favorite Things About CatConLA

Lil BUB, Pudge, and the creator of Henri Le Chat Noir occupied the same stage. A small army of robot cats interacted with humans on a crowded floor of vendors. More than 70 rescue cats found new homes. Reporters from more than 50 news organizations prowled the premises. Show More Summary

Matilda the Alien Cat Is Becoming an Instagram Star

Meet Matilda, the world's foremost alien cat. This two-year-old female tabby suffers from an ocular issue that means she resembles an otherworldly feline being -- and it's a niche she's proudly riding to Instagram fame. All images via...Show More Summary

6 Objects in My House My Cats Are Obsessed With Licking

Cats are curious and use their senses to examine everything that comes into their world. Take the sense of taste: It's definitely one that gives us particular information about an object. It lets us know if something has a pleasing taste...Show More Summary

Get to Know the Toyger: A Wild Look But a Tame Temperament

What’s orange and black, 8 inches tall and purrs like a motorboat? It’s a Toyger! In an age of designer cat breeds created by crossing domestic cats with wild ones, the Toyger is a breath of fresh air in that its foundation stock doesn’t contain a drop of wild blood. The Toyger was bred to look like a miniature version of the wild tiger. Show More Summary

Meet Roux the Kangaroo Cat, Who Shines on Just Two Legs

We've passed the halfway point of the year and already we've been privileged to profile some outstanding Monday Miracles. There's been a flurry of kitties scooting around on wheels; we've showcased a half-wild chap who found himselfShow More Summary

Videos We Love: Why Bengal Cats Are So Impressive

A cross between a domestic house cat and an Asian leopard cat, the Bengal cat is about as close as you can get to having a tiny leopard in your house without, you know, actually adopting a leopard. Known for their beautiful spotted coats...Show More Summary

9 Interesting Facts About Your Cat's Paws

Cat paws are amazing. Spend a few moments examining your cat’s paw pads, especially the front ones. In addition to being colorful and cute, they are versatile and have serious jobs to do that increase the odds of survival. They function as communication systems, environmental sensors, and hunting and grooming tools. Show More Summary

Pix We Love: Kitten Purritos Are Looking for Good Homes

New parents of human children quickly learn the benefits of a tight swaddle, which makes baby calm and unbearable cute. The same goes for kittens. Actually, more so -- wrapping a kitten in a blanket might just be the cutest thing we've done as a society. Show More Summary

6 Ways I Get Comfortable With Leaving My Cats Before I Travel

In a few days I will be traveling for a big pet-blogging conference (Blogpaws!). I'm very excited, having never been to this event before. But when I travel, in the back of my mind is always a bit of unease. How will the cats take it?...Show More Summary

Does Your Cat Have a Distinctive Meow?

Have you ever noticed that every cat meows with a different voice? I'm not just talking about the sounds they give forth when they chat with us in all kinds of situations -- be that while being cuddled, begging to be let out the door, or demanding their breakfast. Show More Summary

Meet Gary the Concerned Kitten, Known for His "Eyebrows"

Today we introduce you to a fine addition to the Internet kitty scene. His name is Gary the Concerned Kitten, and as his name suggests, he's making waves by virtue of a set of endearingly peculiar markings above his eyes, which makeShow More Summary

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