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Already Ten Years Overdue, the Indomitable Pilot Is Burned Within an Inch of His Life by a Deadly California Wildfire but Nonetheless Is Finally Able to Make It Home in Time for Thanksgiving

Pilot Lost His Whiskers in the Fire "He's not ready to give up so neither am I. I will do what I can to help him."-- Jennifer Leigh ThompsonThe odds against a cat being reunited with his family after a ten-year separation must be at least a million to one. Show More Summary

In an Exceedingly Rare Display of Ailurophilia on the Part of an American Firefighter, Forest Is Rescued from High Atop a Dead Cherry Tree

Forest Was Stranded Forty-Five Feet Above Ground "You know what they say: that nobody's ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree."-- Firefighter Chris SnedakerForest was in dire straits. The handsome white tom of undetermined age had beenShow More Summary

Fate, Circumstances, Rotten Luck, and the Half-Hearted Efforts of Insincere Individuals and Groups All Conspire to Make a Quick End of Morris, the World Famous Glass Bank Cat of Cocoa Beach

Morris "I saw the compassion in her eyes (his daughter's), and I knew I had to save (the) cat."-- Tony HernandezThe cat world has been plunged into mourning once again by the premature death of yet still another of its most cherished and long-suffering citizens. Show More Summary

The Beautiful and Noble Hamish McHamish Who Suffered Through Fourteen Years of Abject Neglect and Naked Exploitation Is Remembered as Cat of the Year for 2014

The class of 2014 has eighteen distinguished members. Seven of them hail from the United States, five from England, three from Scotland, and one each from Canada, France, and Iceland.Regardless of their respective nationalities, the tie that binds them all together is death. Show More Summary

The Love Lives On for Salem at a Long Island Farm Sanctuary Even Though She Has Been Missing for More Than Three Years

Salem at the Sanctuary's Country Store "Our love for Salem has no deadline. There is no statute of limitations on the worry or on our responsibility to do everything we can to locate our long-lost friend who was given no choice in the...Show More Summary

Jordan, the University of Edinburgh's Library Cat, Disappears into Thin Air but No One Either Cares, Knows or Is Willing to Say What Has Happened to Him

The Handsome and Dynamic Jordan "I do miss him. He was a constant and it was very sad to lose both a lovely animal and this character that had developed. There are other cats but none with quite his character."-- author and student Alex...Show More Summary

Ernest Hemingway's Beloved Cats Made It Through the Rain, Wind, and Destruction that Hurricane Irma Brought With Her and Are Still Very Much Alive and Well in Key West

Ernest Hemingway's Old Abode Has Stood the Test of Time "The cats seemed to be more aware sooner of the storm coming in, and in fact when we started to round up the cats to take them inside, some of them actually ran inside, knowing it was time to take shelter. Show More Summary

King Loui I's Days of Roaming the Perilous Streets of Aachen Come to a Sad End Shortly after He Is Diagnosed with Inoperable Throat Cancer

The Ill-Fated King Loui I with His Tracking Collar "Er fühlt sich gerade auch gut und ist entspannt, aber das wird sich leider wieder ändern und dann werde ich ihn seine letzte Reise antreten lassen müssen, bevor er Schmerzen bekommt."-- Nadine Biewer on August 13thIt is all over for King Loui I. Show More Summary

Written Off More Than Once as Being All but Finished, Frank Is Living Proof That Old Cats Not Only Have Value but Considerably More Life Left in Them Than Most People Are Willing to Acknowledge

Frank Contemplates Doing a Little Web Surfing "He isn't any inconvenience but a living, breathing creature."-- Luke TurnerFrank was in sad shape and it showed. The fifteen-year-old ginger and white tom was so famished and exhausted that...Show More Summary

With His Previous Owner Long Dead and Nobody Seemingly Willing to Give Him a Second Chance at Life, Old and Ailing Harvey Has Been Sentenced to Rot at a Shelter in Yorkshire

Harvey Has Been Left Alone with Only His Dark Thoughts for Company "But he really is completely lovely -- just so desperately unlucky."-- Sam Davies of Yorkshire Cat RescueLanguishing in one of the cages at Yorkshire Cat Rescue (YCR)...Show More Summary

The Brutal Murders of a Trio of Atlantic City's Boardwalk Cats Provide an Occasion for the Local Rag and PETA to Whoop It Up and to Break Open the Champagne

Suspect Number One "We are devastated about the loss of these cats, and we're doing everything we can to find out who is behind this cruelty."-- Alley Cat AlliesThree of the world famous Boardwalk cats of Atlantic City have been killed. Show More Summary

Mayor Stubbs, 1997-2017: A Melancholic Remembrance, an Appreciation, and a Tearful au Revoir

The Unforgettable Stubbs "He was a trooper (sic) until the very last day of his life. Meowing at us throughout the day to pet him or to come sit on the bed with him and let him snuggle and purr for hours in our lap. (sic)." -- Stephanie...Show More Summary

A Rescue Group in British Columbia Compassionately Elects to Spare Grandpa Mason's Life and in Return for Doing So It Receives an Unexpected Reward More Precious Than Gold Itself

Long Suffering Grandpa Mason "He (Grandpa Mason) also shows us that old, broken, ferocious, 'lost cause' cats still have value and are worthy of compassion."-- Shelly Roche of Tiny KittensFar from the maddening crowd at an undisclosed...Show More Summary

A Death Watch Has Begun for King Loui I Who Has Been Abandoned to Wander the Dangerous Streets of Aachen by His Derelict Owner and the Ingrates at RWTH

King Loui I Outside the Hauptgebäude of RWTH "Stoff für viele weitere Abenteuer der Fellnasenbande habe ich jedenfalls mehr als genug."-- Nadine BiewerThe gargantuan lengths that some owners are prepared to go in order to exploit their cats for financial and professional gain continues to astound as well as to infuriate at the same time. Show More Summary

Paucho Somehow Made It Out of Grenfell Tower Alive but the Fate of the Dozens of Other Cats That Resided in the High-Rise Firetrap Remains Shrouded in Secrecy

Paucho "I hope they're (her three cats) still there."-- Esther Watts of Hurstway WalkThe deadly inferno that broke out during the small hours of June 14th and subsequently destroyed Grenfell Tower in the Kensington section of west London has dominated the news on both sides of the Atlantic for the past three weeks. Show More Summary

For Eight Long and Tortuous Years, Barack Obama and His Bloodthirsty Henchmen Within the Federal Bureaucracy Waged a Ruthless, No-Holds-Barred War on Cats

A Grinning Barack Obama "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."-- Barack ObamaHe has long since sacked up his loot and hightailed...Show More Summary

Martha Gellhorn Is Locked Up for Ten Days after Biting a Tourist in the Latest Calamity to Befall Ernest Hemingway's Star-Crossed Polydactyls

Martha Gellhorn Is Back Home at the Museum "It was the first time ever and the woman was aggressive with the cat."-- Jacque Sands of the Ernest Hemingway Home and MuseumThe much maligned and litigated polydactyls that reside at the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum in Key West have once again run afoul of the long arm of the law. Show More Summary

Churchill Is Covered in Paint and Burned in the Neck by a Gang of Juveniles in Yet Still Another Outrageous Assault Upon a Defenseless Cat in Reading

Churchill and His Horribly Burned Neck "The closer she (the Good Samaritan) got, she saw the cat was spray-painted purple and saw an injury on its neck. It was a very open wound."-- Nan Parks of the Animal Rescue League of Berks CountyIt...Show More Summary

Miracle Maisy Is Bound and Tied, Soaked in Petrol, Sealed Up in a Plastic Bag, and Then Run Through a Trash Compactor but, Amazingly, Is Still Alive Today Thanks to a Pair of Compassionate Garbagemen

Maisy Drenched in Deadly Petrol "I was awake all night Tuesday (April 4th) hoping that she would just get through the night. This has been one of the worst cases I've dealt with. I was in tears most of the night worrying that she would...Show More Summary

Seventeen-Year-Old, Sickly, and Blind Orakel Is Abandoned to Fend for Herself in the Unforgiving Streets of Breitenfurt bei Wien

Orakel "Auch ihr fehlendes Augenlicht scheint sie nicht zu beeinträchtigen. Sie erkundet bereits neugierig ihre Umgebung und ist sehr geschickt, was den Schluss zulässt, dass sie bereits seit Lägerem erblindet ist."-- Wiener TierschutzvereinJust...Show More Summary

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