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How to tone down parent conflict during separation and divorce to help your kids adjust

Time and again, research suggests that parental conflict is a strong predictor of how children will do following parental separation and divorce.  Parents’ ability to cooperatively co-parent without exposing their children to ongoing...Show More Summary

Special Editorial: Meds, meds, meds…Do we really need them or is it all in our heads?

Okay, so the medication debate is not as black and white as the title may suggest.  It sure is worth having, however, as an article that came out this June in APA’s Monitor on Psychology about the inappropriate prescribing of psychotropic medication spells out.  Before I go any further, I am completely aware that medication [...]

Moms, Kids & Anxiety

We know that maternal depression can have a profound impact on children.  But what about maternal anxiety?  A recent article in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology suggests that mom’s anxiety may tend to transfer to her young children.  Before I start, however, let me be clear that this post is in no way intended [...]

Race and Spanking in the US: A Spank is a Spank is a Spank

Yes, it is no secret how we at feel about spanking.  Nestor and I have both posted on it before.  Still, there remain arguments that spanking is less detrimental for children when cultural context is taken into account.  That is, if spanking is more acceptable and part of the norm within a [...]

Special Editorial: Does your child need therapy? Thoughts on parental fears and why we need you involved

Historically, psychiatry has not been kind to mothers. Early (and mostly wrong) ideas about what ‘caused’ emotional/behavioral difficulties and psychiatric disorders made it easy for clinicians to blame parents for all childhood conditions. Autism is a classic example. In the 1940s Leo Kanner, one of the most influential child psychiatrists of the time, stated that [...]

I Need a Nap!

Have you had one of those days when there just wasn’t a good time to put your toddler down for the blessed afternoon nap?  Did his behavior and emotions look any different than they do after having a nap?  Take a moment to think about how you feel and react when you are sleep-deprived.  It [...]

It Wasn’t Me: How to Handle Your Child’s Dishonesty

Awhile back, I posted about some research done on lying in children.  A very brief explanation of the study was that kids lied more often and more effectively when punishment was on the line.  Because so many children go through a lying phase, or more than a phase, I am writing this post [...]

ADHD Outcomes: Being Rejected Can Have a Bigger Impact than Having Friends

As with any childhood disorder, we want to know what can protect the child from long-term negative outcomes.  When it comes to ADHD, studies demonstrate all sorts of long-term problems that we would rather prevent, such as delinquency, depression, and anxiety.  As I mentioned in a recent editorial, data from the Multimodal Treatment [...]

Special Editorial: Shooting Holes in the Argument for Ritalin

I became intrigued by an article that I read a few weeks ago in the NY Times and I keep finding myself coming back to it as I work with parents.  The topic?  Medication may not be as magical in treating ADHD as we had all hoped. Now before I go any further, let me [...]

My pediatrician wants my toddler to be in therapy!

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommended a few years ago that all young children, including infants, be screened for possible delays in their social and emotional development. Traditionally pediatricians have been concerned primarily with the physical development of children. Show More Summary

Special Editorial: The [Mis]Interpretation of Anti-Bullying Efforts

An article in the New York Times caught my eye last week.  Two first graders engaged in recess roughhousing and one classmate purportedly touched the upper thigh and/or groin of the other.  No witnesses.  The six year-old accused of the touching was promptly suspended from school for sexual assault.  “Sexual assault?!” you say? The author [...]

APA Guidelines for Parenting Coordination for High Conflict Separated & Divorced Parents

While splitting from a mate is rarely easy, it can be hugely difficult for couples that have children together. In this situation, it is most likely that you will still remain in one another’s life for a very long time in order to co-parent your children. For most couples, the stress and conflict of divorce [...]

Depression during pregnancy may lower your child’s IQ.

Can depression during pregnancy impact your child’s intelligence? How about postpartum depression? Maternal depression has some significant negative consequences on kids. Among them, some studies have shown that maternal depression may impact the cognitive development of the offspring. Show More Summary

Aggression in the Toddler Can Be Traced to Hostility in the Marriage

It makes sense if you think about it.  Mom and Dad are angry and at each other more often than they care to admit.  In comes junior.  It may not be so easy to put aside the hurt and anger caused by the marital conflict and turn toward the tot with a warm and patient [...]

Boys With ADHD and Their Dads

A couple of months ago, I wrote about a study that looked at moms and children with ADHD.  Some readers responded with wanting more information on the role of dads in their child’s ADHD.  Well, I found an article in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology that studied dads and looked at the [...]

Diagnosing ADHD: What every parent should know.

A few weeks ago the American Academy of Pediatrics published the new practice guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). These guidelines are supposed to help pediatricians and other primary care physicians in the care of kids with ADHD. Although I agree with most aspects of the guidelines, I am [...]

Put Aside the To-do List: How to Bring Mindfulness to Parenting

Mindfulness.  It’s practically a buzz word these days.  Even Oprah is talking about it.  So what is mindfulness, exactly, and why all the buzz?  In brief, mindfulness is the bringing of one’s attention to what is right here, right now.  It is inviting oneself to let the ruminating about the past go and the obsessing [...]

Liar, liar, pants on fire: How punishment can affect children’s honesty

Raise your hand if you’ve been there.  Your young child has just gotten into something that she knew was off-limits.  When met with an angry, red-faced you and the threat of punishment, she denies having done anything.  Now replay this scenario where she commits the forbidden act, but you approach her matter-of-factly and she knows [...]

Spare the rod, save the child.

Just some quick thoughts on some current events in case you missed it. This week I’ve been reading Steve Pinker’s wonderful new book The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined, which provides some compelling evidence about the drastic decline in violence throughout history. According to Pinker, we live in an extremely [...]

Special Editorial: Should I vaccinate my child against HPV?

Last week the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunizations recommended that boys as young as 9 years of age be vaccinated against the HPV virus, the most common sexually transmitted infection. HPV is also a leading cause of cervical cancer in women and throat cancer in men. Thus, according to the CDC [...]

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