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Endgame Training

Eight to ten years ago, I played out one hundred pawn endings against the computer. I am now working through the same set of problems a second time. These one hundred problems are the first of three sets made available as PDF files by Michele Deiana at DejaScacchi. Show More Summary

A Dubious Line

3 days agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

A French Miniature Blitz may serve as training for testing ideas that arise in the course of study. As noted yesterday, I have been going through all of the French Defense, Steinitz variation games ever published in Chess Informant. One line that caught my eye leads to an imbalance of three pawns for a knight. Show More Summary

A Batch of Games

5 days agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

I was lucky to get a draw against an underrated youth player in late summer 2014 in the Spokane Falls Open. Happily, this same event went much better for me the following summer (see "Winning an Open"). Against the youth player, we reached...Show More Summary

Mamedyarov -- Caruana, Tata Steel 2016

Can Fabiano Caruana catch Carlsen? With three rounds to play, Fabiano Caruana stand one-half point behind Magnus Carlsen in the Tata Steel Chess Tournament in Wijk aan Zee. In today's games, Carlsen has White against Hou Yifan. She opted for a Petroff Defense, which often functions well as a drawing weapon. Show More Summary

Tata Steel Chess 2016, Round Ten

I like blogging Grandmaster games while watching them live on the internet, but it can be exhausting. This morning, I considered blogging Navara -- Mamedyarov in this manner. They are playing in the Tata Steel Masters that is holding today's round in the Railway Museum in Utrecht, Netherlands. Show More Summary

Smashing the Berlin Defense

Tata Steel 2016, Round 9 The Berlin Wall variation of the Spanish (or Ruy Lopez) has been popular since Vladimir Kramnik employed it in his World Championship match against Garry Kasparov in 2000. Most games in this line have ended in draws, but not often quick draws. Show More Summary

Navara -- Caruana, Tata Steel 2016

2 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

At the Tata Steel Masters Tournament in Wijk aan Zee, David Navara assisted Magnus Carlsen today. After an opening novelty, Navara maintained pressure against Fabiano Caruana throughout the game. Caruana had several opportunities toShow More Summary

Caruana -- Ding, Tata Steel 2016

2 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

After six rounds, three players shared the lead. Two play each other in round seven. Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, and Ding Liren shared first place with 4/6. In round seven, Caruana -- Ding was an important game.Caruana won the game!I...Show More Summary

Carlsen -- Tomashevsky, Tata Steel 2016

2 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

A London Model Game Magnus Carlsen does not have an ambitious opening repertoire. Rather, he consistently reaches a playable middlegame outside of any deep opening preparation of his opponent and then plays chess until there are no resources left in the position. Show More Summary

Tomashevsky -- Eljanov, Tata Steel 2016

2 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

Blogging Round FiveThrough the first four rounds of this year's Tata Steel Chess Tournamnet, I started my blog post each day the previous night and scheduled it to post at 3:30 am. The games begin at 4:30 am my time; 1:30 pm in the Netherlands. Show More Summary

Training with Caruana

2 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

Lesson of the Week We know from the broadcast of Giri -- Caruana, Tata Steel Chess 2016 (see my blog post on the same) that Fabiano Caruana could have maintained his winning position with 55...Ra3, instead of 55...Rxh3. His move led to a draw that Anish Giri executed easily. Show More Summary

Giri -- Caruana, Tata Steel 2016

2 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

Fabiano Caruana currently leads the Masters Group at the Tata Steel Chess tournament in Wijk aan Zee. Today, he is playing Anish Giri, the current number three on the FIDE rating list. Caruana is number five. Giri has White in today's...Show More Summary

Wei Yi

3 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

Tata Steel Chess 2016, Round Three After two rounds, the leaders in the Masters Group of this year's tournament in Wijk aan Zee are Wesley So, Fabiano Caruana, and Ding Liren. Nonetheless, the focus today will be on the first game between current World Champion Magnus Carlsen, and probable World Championship contender, Wei Yi. Show More Summary

Tata Steel Chess 2016, Round Two

3 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

When was the last time that two Americans shared the lead with a Chinese player in Wijk aan Zee? Loek Van Wely and Sergey Karjakin had four draws at Wijk aan Zee before Karjakin's win in 2012. Karjakin then won again in 2013 and 2014. Show More Summary

Tata Steel Chess 2016, Round One

3 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

Last night, in preparation for today's opening round of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament, I reviewed previous encounters for each of the pairs of contestants. Although the overall strength of this year's event is down from prior years, there will be some interesting match-ups. Show More Summary

Read Critically

3 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

The Art of the Middle Game (1964) by Paul Keres and Alexander Kotov is an often recommended classic. I have the old Penguin paperback edition with an introduction by Harry Golombek, who also translated the book. This book is worthy of detailed study. Show More Summary

Refuting a Beginner's Error

3 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

While running a youth chess tournament on Saturday, I played a short game with a young student. He opted for Damiano's Defense, a not uncommon beginner's error. Some of my students this week are gaining experience by playing both sides of the position after 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 f6?! (see "Opening Disaster: Damiano's Defense"). Show More Summary

Lesson of the Week

3 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

Remove the Guard The students in my beginner's group solved nine problems on a worksheet and one on the demo board. Among the printed problems were two designed to help the young players perceive the solution to this position. WhiteShow More Summary

Using Pins

last monthHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

ChessBase indices offer instructive access to the high quality games published in Chess Informant. Using the endgame index in my database of all Informants, I found this instructive position where Mikhail Tal simplified into an elementary pawn ending. Show More Summary


last monthHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

Working through Practical Chess Exercises: 600 Lessons From Tactics to Strategy (2007) by Ray Cheng, I came to this position: Black to move Two moves occurred to me and I examined both. As it turns out, my two candidate moves are the engine's top choices. Show More Summary

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