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8 hours agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

White to move and win. This position is one of more than 170 problems that I composed three years ago for my beginning chess students. All of them have ten or fewer pieces.

Crashing Through

4 days agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

Although it is difficult to calculate more than a few moves deep in blitz, the positions created in such play remain instructive. White has a clear advantage in this position, but the final blow was not clear to me. I had White. White...Show More Summary

Crushing Attack

5 days agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

This position arose in Nigel Short's comments on Short -- Ye, Taiyuan 2004, Chess Informant 91/206. Ye played 17...g6. This position would have arisen had Black played 17...Rd8. Short also offers extensive analysis of lines that follow after 17...h6. White to move

Mate in Seven

6 days agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

This position arose in a blitz game in 2013. I have previously discussed this game in the post, "Improving through Blitz." Although I won in only a few moves from this position, I missed the checkmate in seven. White to move

Lesson of the Week

Some of my advanced students this week have been presented with this position that emerges from analysis of the conclusion of Drozdov -- Glek, Azov 1996. Black to move Some have also seen this simple position from the ending of one of my blitz games. Show More Summary

Battle in the Benoni

2 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

Jim Maki Annotates FIDE Master Jim Maki sent me this game for posting. His opponent is a rapidly improving high school student who is getting some coaching from Maki. I have played Travis Miller once. I lost. It is one of very few losses...Show More Summary

Knight Award Problems

2 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

The twelve problems for the Knight Award require some tactical understanding on the part of the student. One problem has two solutions that are checkmate in five. Another problem has two correct solutions--one safe, one risky. When testing...Show More Summary

Dear Chess Parents

2 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

I am certain that your child will enjoy chess club. Perhaps you think of chess as a game that your child enjoys, or perhaps you think of it as something more than a game. Benefits of Chess Chess may improve your child's academic skills, emotional skills, and social skills. Show More Summary

King's Gambit Fun

2 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

In the Spirit of Allgaier! Players of the King's Gambit are familiar with the Allgaier Gambit in which White sacrifices a knight for attack.1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 3.Nf3 g5 4.h4 g4 5.Ng5!? h6 and the knight is trapped, so 6.Nxf7+.Much safer, while still aggressive, is 5.Ne5.Here Black has several options.5...h5 is an old move with a dubious reputation. Show More Summary

The Final Blow

3 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

These positions are from old Chess Informants. In each, the player on move made the strongest move and won the game. Black's opening choice was the Sicilian Dragon in all cases. White to move Matanovic -- Soos, Titovo Uzice 1966 CI 2/346...Show More Summary

Bad Blitz

3 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

Blitz chess can be fun. It also can serve as part of a training regimen that develops chess skills. For several years, during the questions after IM John Donaldson's annual lecture in Spokane, he was asked whether blitz was helpful to a player's improvement. Show More Summary


3 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

Lesson of the Week With my beginning students this week, I went over one of my favorite miniature games. I.O. Howard Taylor in Chess Brilliants: One Hundred Games (1869) presents this position that he says he had against "a stranger" at the Philidorian Chess Rooms, London, February 1862 (121). Show More Summary

The First Move

4 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

How do you begin a chess game? Do you aim for a tactical game or a positional game?I tell beginners that they should begin with 1.e4 the first one hundred times that they have White. After they have gained an understanding of the types of positions that they encounter after 1.e4, they should switch to 1.d4 for another one hundred games. Show More Summary

Problem of the Week

4 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

My advanced chess students this week made efforts to solve this position from Botvinnik -- Capablanca, AVRO 1938. Botvinnik's win over Capablanca's resourceful defense has been judged by many masters since as one of the best chess games ever played. Show More Summary

Rooks and Bishops

4 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

Beginner to Advanced While teaching chess in classrooms several years ago, I searched my database for an instructive position in which each side had one rook and one bishop. I introduce one or two pieces in each classroom session and then let the children play with those pieces. Show More Summary

One Position, Two Games

last monthHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

Heinrich Wolf won an instructive miniature from this position in 1910. Black to move After 16.Qh3 16...Ng3+ 17.Qxg3 Qxg3 and White resigned in the light of 18.hxg3 Rh8#.However, White could have played 17.hxg3, leading to 17...Rg6 18.Bxd5!...Show More Summary

Cutting Off

last monthHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

Beginning chess players prefer direct attacks. In order to become adept at finishing a game with an advantage of overwhelming force, players need to learn to restrict the opponent's choices. Instead of endless checking, which leads nowhere,...Show More Summary

Lesson of the Week

last monthHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

Chess students are divided into two groups: beginners and advanced. Beginners range from those who do not know how to move the the pieces, but want to learn, to those who have been playing chess a year or more, but have not yet played in tournaments. Show More Summary

Converting an Advantage

2 months agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

My copy of Chess Informant 125 arrived on Monday and is already proving challenging. As a long devotee of the French Defense who occasionally adopts the Rubinstein, my attention fell quickly upon Alexander Morozevich's "Midnight in Moscow". Show More Summary

Tunnel Vision

2 months agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

It seemed to me that playing a thematic attack against the King's Indian Defense gave me a straightforward victory. However, post-game analysis reveals several errors in my game. My tunnel vision in pursuit of one idea led to missing a checkmate in one, another checkmate in two, and several better moves throughout. Show More Summary

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