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Can A Woman In Her Forties Dance The Nutcracker?

"Raising The Barre" is Lauren Kessler's account of the months she spent preparing to dance The Nutcracker with a professional dance company. An exceptional challenge for a forty-something, non-dancer! Read our review of the book.

16 Performance Habits That Guarantee A Great Show

3 weeks agoArts / Dance : Dance Advantage

Backstage, every dancer must do their part to make sure a performance runs smoothly. These 16 behind-the-curtain habits should be as much a part of your routine as the choreography.

How To Prepare Yourself For Dancing On An Unfamiliar Stage

3 weeks agoArts / Dance : Dance Advantage

When your first time on a new stage is to perform on it, it's hard to feel prepared. Here are four things dancers do to feel more comfortable before the show goes on.

How One Dance Studio Is Promoting Healthy Body Image

4 weeks agoArts / Dance : Dance Advantage

All That Dance studio tells us about Love Your Body Week at their studio and how they are helping students develop a greater appreciation for their bodies while encouraging teen leadership.

Combining Barre & Burlesque: An Interview With CABARRET’s Creatrix

last monthArts / Dance : Dance Advantage

CABARRET combines ballet barre with a fitness twist and burlesque dance in one workout. Learn about the program's creatrix, Nicole LaBonde and the online teacher training program.

What is Intuitive Eating and Why is it Good for Dancers?

2 months agoArts / Dance : Dance Advantage

Dancers tend to trust their physical body but rely on external cues when fueling it. Learn the principles of Intuitive Eating and trust your body when it comes to food.

How To Cultivate And Keep A Winning Mindset

2 months agoArts / Dance : Dance Advantage

A dancer’s most important tool is a winning mindset. Here's how to develop a positive mental attitude so that you're at your best every time.

Teaching Students to Use Breath to Enhance their Dancing

2 months agoArts / Dance : Dance Advantage

Young dancers need help learning how to connect breath to movement. Here are 4 ways dance teachers can encourage this development in dance class.

Ballet Takes A Thrilling Leap In The Suspense Novel “Dark Turns”

2 months agoArts / Dance : Dance Advantage

Dancers and thriller fans will appreciate the twists in "Dark Turns," a new novel by Cate Holahan, whose research on ballet went inside the dance studio.

Foam Rollers: Flawed Fad or Functionally Fundamental?

2 months agoArts / Dance : Dance Advantage

Seems every dancer's doing it but what is the purpose and value in using a foam roller? And, should you be doing it too? Here's the 411 on fascia and foam rolling.

Tips To Improve Your Split Leaps

3 months agoArts / Dance : Dance Advantage

What better day to work on improving your "split leaps" than Leap Day? Here are 10 tips to help dancers soar every day of the year.

10 Things To Do Before You Even Think About Selling Your Studio

3 months agoArts / Dance : Dance Advantage

Your dance studio isn't "just a business" but if you're even thinking about selling, you have to be prepared to look at it as one. Here's what you'll need for a quicker, easier sale.

3 Lessons Dance Teaches Adults About Life

3 months agoArts / Dance : Dance Advantage

After returning to dance as an adult after a hiatus, Jennifer discovered that the lessons learned in dance class often apply to daily life too.

Laying The Path To Your Best Work in Dance And Education

3 months agoArts / Dance : Dance Advantage

A year ago Heather wanted to quit teaching dance. She's back but with new purpose after reevaluating and evolving. Find out what it took to find her way back.

How to Create a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

3 months agoArts / Dance : Dance Advantage

Creating crowdsourced campaigns for dance project funding is easy, but simply posting a project online and waiting for the donations to roll in is not enough. Find out what works.

The Importance Of Mentorship In Dance

3 months agoArts / Dance : Dance Advantage

Having a mentor is important for any young dancer new to a career. Tips and advice on how to find a mentor and how to nurture a relationship that is fulfilling for both parties.

Picking The Perfect Summer Dance Program

4 months agoArts / Dance : Dance Advantage

Students from Houston Ballet Academy and the school's director, Shelly Power share tips and advice on picking a summer dance intensive that's the perfect fit.

Alla Osipenko: The life of a Kirov ballerina

4 months agoArts / Dance : Dance Advantage

Alla Osipenko was one of the great Russian ballerinas. Her name calls to mind Soviet dancer defections, the KGB and the Cold War. Learn more about her in this review of Joel Lobentnal's enthralling biography on this unique figure in dance.

Tap Dance Legend: Eleanor Powell

4 months agoArts / Dance : Dance Advantage

With a style unlike any other female dancer of her time, Eleanor Powell left a legendary mark as an actress, a charity advocate, and of course, as the Queen of Tap Dancing. Learn about the life and legacy of one of the world's greatest tap dancers.

What Charlotte The Spider Knows About Nurturing Champions

5 months agoArts / Dance : Dance Advantage

If Charlotte can take a small, lonely, frightened little pig and turn him into a healthy, strong, confident winner, so can you. With lessons from "Charlotte's Web," dance teachers can learn how to turn their dancers into real champions, not just in competition but in life.

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