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Western Digital paves the way for next-gen 'Big Data/Fast Data' smartphones

With 5G, AR, AI, and 360-degree streaming video upping the volume, velocity, variety, and value of data, Western Digital expands its 3D NAND portfolio.

Something is rotten at Apple

Last week was a long, bad week for Apple engineers. And for users of its products.

Top 12 Raspberry Pi alternatives

Here is a selection of single board computers for homebrew projects and automation, with prices starting at only $5.

Apple's patch for stupid root access bug breaks file sharing for some -- but the fix is easy

The patch that Apple rushed out yesterday to fix the root access flaw in macOS brings with it problems of its own. Fortunately, this new bug is quite easy to fix.

Best gifts: Gadgets to get you fit and healthy in the New Year

Let's be honest, many of us spend far more time sitting than is good for us. I know that's true for me, so I decided to use tech to combat the problem that tech had caused.

Best gifts: IT pro toolbox

If you're in the business of repairing PCs, smartphones, or tablets, then you need the tools to help you get the job done in a fast, efficient, and safe way.

Best gifts: iPhone accessories for under $25

Equip your iPhone with some the best accessories available without breaking the bank.

Best gifts: Top iPhone X/iPhone 8 accessories from $6 to $200

Kit out your new iPhone X or iPhone 8 with some the best accessories available without breaking the bank.

Check out our Thanksgiving tech support survival guide (2017 edition)

Get some much-needed down time over Thanksgiving (and the holiday season as a whole) by preparing in advance for the inevitable tech support requests.

iPhone X assembly carried out by students working illegal overtime

Apple confirms that high school students interning at Foxconn worked illegal overtime on the iPhone X production line.

New AMD EPYC-powered HPE VM server is breaking world records

The new enterprise-class server offers up to a 50 percent reduction in cost per VM than traditional servers.

Apple slips closer to becoming 'just another tech company'

Announcing products only to later delay their launch is something that other tech companies did. Now it's becoming something Apple does.

How strong are iPhone X sales?

In the absence of official figure, we have to go mining through third-party data to try to come to some conclusions.

Just how fast is Firefox Quantum?

Can Mozilla's new Firefox Quantum browser unseat Google Chrome as the fastest browser?

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your iPhone is going to get more cumbersome and overly complicated

Apple, a company once lauded for making the complex simple and easy to use, is making Wi-Fi and Bluetooth far more complicated than it needs to be.

Micron doubles capacity of NVDIMM memory

Larger capacity NVDIMMs means dramatically increased throughput and improved total cost of ownership.

'Supercomputing for all' with AMD EPYC

AMD announces the availability of new, high-performance EPYC-based PetaFLOPS systems.

iPhone X suffers first-generation teething troubles

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that a device as ambitious as the iPhone X suffers some teething troubles out of the gate.

How to get your smartphone, tablet or laptop battery to last for years

Here's how to get the longest, most trouble-free life out of the rechargeable battery inside your smartphone, tablet, or laptop (or anything else that contains a battery).

Intel turns to AMD for semi-custom GPU for next-gen mobile chips

It's been decades since AMD and Intel last collaborated, but pressure from Nvidia has the two chip giants teaming up once again.

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