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Best iPhone or iPad apps (February 2017)

Kick off the new year with some of the very best productivity apps available for the iPhone and iPad. Deleting a built-in app is the same as deleting any other app, just press and hold on the icon on the Home screen until they jiggle, and then tap the X. Press the Home button when you're done. (Updated Jan 2, 2017)

Satechi USB-C Power Meter helps protect against blowing up your devices

A handy way to test for rogue, counterfeit or badly designed USB-C devices before they cause something to let out the magic smoke.

Is Apple out of the woods?

Apple's earnings for 1Q17 are out next week, and here are five things to keep an eye on.

How to care for your rechargeable batteries

Whether it's a rechargeable battery inside a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, here are a series of tips to help you get the most from it.

Toshiba unveils 6TB N300 high-reliability hard drives for NAS

The N300 series has been designed and for optimized for the performance, reliability, endurance and scalability requirements of 24/7 operation

Don't panic: Despite Galaxy Note 7 fires, batteries are incredibly safe

While Samsung may have dropped the ball with the Galaxy Note 7, there's little reason to worry about battery safety.

The headphone jack will vanish from most premium smartphones by the end of the year

Didn't think it was a big deal when Apple dropped the headphone jack from the iPhone 7? 2017 will see the humble 3.5mm port removed from a lot more devices.

Five things you shouldn't buy from Apple

The Apple Store - both virtual and physical - is an Aladdin's cave of technological wonders that can pound even the most bounteous of wallets. But there are certain products that Apple offers for sale that you should give a wide berth to.

Best laptops for $350 or less (January 2017)

Not every wants to throw down thousands of dollars for a new laptop. Here are a handful of systems, all priced under $300.

Top Windows 10-powered alternatives to the MacBook Pro (2017 edition)

Those who want a Windows powered laptop don't have to feel jealous of those who choose the macOS path, because there are some truly awesome Windows 10 laptops available.

The key to the success of the iPhone: Power efficiency

Some think it's remarkable that the processor and graphics chips in the latest iPhone 7 are 120 and 240 times faster than those found in the original iPhone. That's cool, but what's really remarkable is how little battery capacity has changed over the ten years.

iPhone: What will the next 10 years bring?

What will the iPhone of 2027 look like? Will there even be an iPhone in 2027?

CES 2017: Dell's 2-in-1 Latitude 7285, the world's first wireless charging laptop

Dell is spearheading a revolution that could see the laptop charging cord becoming a thing of the past and replaced with a charging mat. But is wireless charging a laptop really any more convenient?

CES 2017: AMD's new Vega graphics architecture goes far beyond gaming

We're months away from the launch of Vega-powered products, but AMD is pitching its new graphics architecture as a solution to more things that just better gaming.

Dropped your phone into water, mud, soup, or even beer? Here's how you might be able to save it

Here's a service that boasts a success rate of 84 percent, which is a much higher chance of saving your phone than the popular internet trick of putting it into a bag of rice.

CES 2017: Dell's Latitude 5285 2-in-1 is serious competition for Microsoft's Surface Pro

It's hard to tell the difference between Dell's new Latitude 5285 2-in-1 and the Microsoft Surface Pro. But there is one crucial difference.

CES 2017: Kingston unveils 'world's highest capacity USB flash drive'

Kingston's new DataTraveler Ultimate GT comes in 1TB and 2TB configurations.

CES 2017: Asus debuts sub $1,000, VR-ready compact PC

It's a VR-ready system that doesn't need an entire desk and which costs well under $1,000.

CES 2017: Dell's killer new XPS 13 2-in-1

Dell takes its highly successful XPS 13 and transforms it into a killer business 2-in-1 hybrid with a starting price of $1,000.

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