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There are two versions of the iPhone 7 -- did you end up with a fast one or a slow one?

It's not just storage and screen size that differentiates between the different iPhone 7 models. There are also significant performance differences between the different models.

Macs are up to $543 cheaper than PCs, claims IBM

IBM continues to challenge the popular myth is that Macs are more expensive than PCs.

New Macs to be unveiled at October 27 event, claims report

With Apple expected to refresh the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro before the end of the month, it makes now just about the worst time to buy a new Apple laptop.

It's time to stop obsessing over PC sales

With PC sales now in decline for two years, it's time to stop wondering when things are going to start getting better, because that's probably not going to happen. But while there's a huge thundercloud towering over PC sales, it does come with a few silver linings.

Every day carry pocket tools and gadgets

Here is a tour of some of the useful tools and gadgets that I carry around with me on a day-to-day basis. Updated with reader suggestions.

Owners are still using recalled Note 7 devices

Despite the full recall and the real risk of fire, owners are still using their Galaxy Note 7 phones.

Who's benefitting from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 meltdown?

Where there are losers, there are also winners, and Google and LG are coming out top from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle, but Samsung isn't doing too bad either.

Now the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is dead, here are some alternatives

Now that Samsung has finally pulled the plug on the Note 7 and has issued a full recall, owners are once again in the market for a new smartphone. Here are a selection of less combustible alternatives.

Drobo debuts 'world's first' self-managing USB-C storage array

As devices and computers become smaller and thinner, USB-C will gain more and more traction, and Drobo wants to be ready for the future.

$300 (or less) laptops for work and play

Not every wants to throw down thousands of dollars for a new laptop. Here are a handful of systems, all priced under $300.

Google destroys the Android fan myth that the iPhone is too expensive

Think the iPhone is expensive? Take a look at Google's new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones.

Move over Raspberry Pi, here are a dozen, better alternatives

The Raspberry Pi might be the name that springs to mind when people think of single board computers for homebrew projects, but there are other boards out there worth considering.

iPhone 7 fails to live up to iPhone 6 demand

The iPhone 7 launch might have been big, but data suggests that demand for the new smartphone is not as great as it was for the iPhone 6.

Top Android smartphones (October 2016)

Don't like the iPhone? Don't worry! There are plenty of Android smartphones that can beat the iPhone at its own game.

iPhone 7 comes last in battery test against Android smartphones

If you want a smartphone with a long battery life, then you're far better off going with an Android device from HTC, LG, or Samsung.

Transform your smartphone into three interesting, unusual and useful gadgets

Your smartphone is a very versatile tool. Here are some interesting, unusual and useful things you can make it do, from fixing your car to diagnosing a heart condition.

How to permanetly wipe your iPhone or iPad

Planning on selling your old iPhone or iPad to make some cash to buy some shiny new tech toys? Here's how to do that securely.

How to save a phone that's been dropped into water, mud, soup, or even beer

Here's a service that boasts a success rate of 84 percent, a much higher chance of saving your phone than the popular internet trick of putting it into a bag of rice.

Here's why you're going to be waiting weeks for your jet black iPhone 7

If you really must have a jet black iPhone 7, then you better be patient because you're going to be waiting weeks for it

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