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A lot of what Apple does is 'user-hostile and stupid' -- and we have only ourselves to blame

Opinion: If Apple does drop the headphone jack from the iPhone, that will indeed be a "user-hostile and stupid" move. But that's nothing new for Apple.

AMD working on 48-core processor

Codenamed Starship, the server chip will be feature 7-nanometer architecture.

Being open source is killing Android

Most of Android's problems stem from the fact that it is an open source operating system.

10 tips for the professional tech troubleshooter

Do you troubleshoot tech problems for a living? Here are some tips to make your life easier.

If Apple won't give you wireless charging, add it to your iPhone yourself

Waiting for Apple to add wireless charging to the iPhone so you can be like your Android buddies? Here's how to add the feature for yourself.

Here's how much it costs to charge a smartphone for a year

How much does the electricity needed to charge a smartphone over the course of a year cost? Under a dollar? A few dollars? Tens of dollars? Hundreds of dollars? Let's find out.

Nest to brick Revolv smart hubs on Sunday, and there's nothing owners can do about it

If you own a Revolv smart hub, then Sunday is the day that Nest will pull the plug on it, and you can kiss your $300 gadget goodbye.

How to download and install Android N Developer Preview 4

Here's how you can get the Android 7.0 "N" Developer Preview 4 up and running on selected Android devices right now.

10 alternatives to the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi might be the name that springs to mind when people think of single board computers for homebrew projects, but there are other boards out there worth considering.

12 built-in iOS apps you should replace with third-party apps

iOS 10 will give iPhone and iPad users the ability to delete stock apps such as Mail, FaceTime, and Music and replace them with apps of your choosing. But which apps should you choose?

Will your iPhone or iPad run iOS 10?

Excited to get your hands on all the cool features unveiled for iOS 10? If you run an older device, then you could be out of luck.

Should you unplug your smartphone charger when it's not in use?

How many smartphone and tablet chargers do you have? Ever wonder how much it's costing you to leave them plugged in 24/7? Ever wonder if you should unplug them when they're not being used?

Yes, you can build your own smartphone

Forget the iPhone or the latest Samsung Galaxy handset, and build your very own custom smartphone, complete with touchscreen and built-in camera.

Over 8 billion devices connected to the internet

And it's smartphones, not PCs that make up the bulk of that 8 billion devices.

Gimmicks and buzzwords won't save the smartphone industry

Folding displays, augmented reality, modular handsets - Lenovo goes all-out with the gimmicks. Problem is, gimmicks don't have a very good success track record.

Google Chrome hacks: Make your browser faster, more efficient, and boost your productivity

Simple hacks to make your installation of Google Chrome better, faster, more RAM efficient, and to help make you more productive.

Why your next laptop should be a Chromebook

Chromebooks are good. Very good. If you're looking to replace a laptop then you really should take a look at them.

The era of tech firms 'copying Apple' is coming to an end

With billions of dollars in the bank, and 35 percent net operating margins you'd think every tech firm would want to be like Apple. But according to analyst Neil Cybart, the envy is wearing off and tech firms no longer want to copy Apple's playbook.

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