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Samsung announces Galaxy S III with a focus on natural interaction

Companies need to differentiate with experiences and initial reactions are that Samsung did just that with the Galaxy S III and a focus on enhancing human-smartphone interactions.

Be careful with MVNO plans, their unlimited plans are limited too

I thought I would save some money and go with a MVNO plan, but after less than a month I am already on their black list with just about 2GB of data usage.

Nokia sues HTC, RIM, and Viewsonic for unauthorized use of their inventions

It seems that everyone sues each other in the wireless space and I know we are all tired of the lawsuits, but in some cases there are legitimate complaints to be discussed. We will see if this latest Nokia lawsuit is valid or if they are feeling the heat as their stock tumbles.

HTC One X is the best HTC device I have ever used (review & gallery)

HTC is focusing on quality instead of quantity this year with the HTC One series their premier launch device line. The HTC One X is fantastic and I have never used a better HTC device.

BlackBerry Dev Alpha device and BB World demos show RIM isn't out of the game yet

RIM needs to do something soon and if we see them launch BB OS 10 this year with hardware similar to the Dev Alpha device then I think they are still in the game and may even take the third spot behind iOS and Android.

Galaxy Nexus, Titan II, Google Drive (MobileTechRoundup show #267)

Kevin and I both have the Galaxy Nexus and are quite happy with this ICS smartphone and are pleased to see Google selling it again for just $399 with no contract.

Nokia loses global cellphone lead to Samsung for first time since 1998

Samsung is a force in the smartphone world and just ousted Nokia for the global cellphone lead, which Nokia has led since 1998.

HTC beats Nokia in the camera game with the Titan II (review & gallery)

The Nokia Lumia 900 seems to be getting all the attention, but HTC also launched their new Titan II and after using both I personally prefer the HTC Titan II.

HTC Frequencies; discovering the other 90% of the iceberg

HTC held an event last week to hold open and honest conversations with mobile enthusiasts from around the world. The discussions were engaging and extremely educational.

Google once again selling unlocked Nexus devices, Galaxy Nexus just $399

Google tried selling their first Nexus device online, but it didn’t do that well at $529. They are now trying again with the Galaxy Nexus at just $399 with no contract and an excellent ICS experience.

Skype for Windows Phone is basically useless

You cannot accept any incoming calls unless the Skype app is open and active on your phone, unlike the way Skype works on all other mobile platforms.

AT&T and Amazon out of stock of Lumia 900; Nokia succeeding in the U.S. so far

I continually say that you have to try a Windows Phone device to appreciate it and given the excellent sales of the Nokia Lumia 900 it looks like people are finally figuring out it is a great mobile OS.

T-Mobile HTC One S is their best Android smartphone (hands-on gallery)

T-Mobile is the first carrier to secure one of the new HTC One series devices with the One S. It is a beautiful device that will appeal to many consumers.

Nokia Lumia 900, HTC One X and S, Galaxy Note (MobileTechRoundup show #265)

Both of us used the Nokia Lumia 900 for a couple of weeks and I had the HTC One X and One S international models too. I also made another purchase thanks to my cohost.

Windows Phone is great, so why aren't more people buying them?

Lately, I have been using the HTC One X, One S, and Samsung Galaxy Note. These devices have fantastic hardware specifications and they overwhelmed me a bit so I was having second thoughts about my HTC Radar 4G and the Windows Phone platform. I then listened to Joshua Topolsky on The Vergecast and read a [...]

Hands-on with the HTC One X and One S international models (review and gallery)

The HTC One X and One S are fantastic new smartphones and I can’t wait to see the US models released over the next couple of months.

Apple could learn from Nokia as they take immediate action with Lumia 900 connectivity issues

Some Nokia Lumia 900 owner experienced connectivity issues so Nokia is taking drastic steps to resolve the issue, replace phones, and offer $100 AT&T credit to all Lumia 900 buyers.

Grab your Nokia N8, Microsoft rolls out native Office applications

My Nokia N8 stays in my collection for the fabulous camera and now I can grab it and my HDMI cable for a complete mobile Office experience.

Reviewers overwhelmingly like the Nokia Lumia 900, consumers will too

The Nokia Lumia 900 goes on sale at AT&T this weekend and at a $100 price it will do well. Reviewers nearly all agree it is an excellent product with an average score of 8/10.

The HTC EVO 4G LTE may have me changing carriers yet again

There are not a ton of devices I change carriers for, but a couple years ago I went to Sprint for the HTC EVO 4G. This solid successor may force my hand yet again.

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