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Books I Read In 2015

11 months agoTechnology / Mobile : Symbian Guru

When I was a kid, I read books. LOTS of books. I regularly knocked out the Texas Bluebonnet reading list, and even volunteered at my local library. As a grew up, I slowly lost this pastime, like many others do. So in January 2015, I used my Christmas money to … The post Books I Read In 2015 appeared first on

Wednesday Watch: POLIS

12 months agoTechnology / Mobile : Symbian Guru

POLIS, today’s Wednesday Watch, is just over five minutes long, but it’ll grip your attention immediately. It’s also thankfully on its way to becoming a feature film, so you may get to see more at the theatre soon.   The post Wednesday Watch: POLIS appeared first on

Wednesday Watch: Zerogon

12 months agoTechnology / Mobile : Symbian Guru

Trip out with today’s Wednesday Watch called “Zerogon”. It’s about a dude-spider alien thing that…well…you really need to watch to the end.   The post Wednesday Watch: Zerogon appeared first on

Wednesday Watch: Don’t Call It A Comeback

In today’s Wednesday Watch, our friend Andrew here is having a great evening, and is about to get lucky with Maria, who he’s just met. But don’t worry – he doesn’t get too far before he straight up dies. Luckily, Reginald is there to help him get his life back……sort … The post Wednesday Watch: Don’t Call It A Comeback appeared first on

Wednesday Watch: Tall Tales Part II

If you’re a parent, you’ve been there: your kid asks a question, for which you would normally answer something along the lines of “because I said so”. However, it’s the fifteenth time your kid has asked this question, and you’re in a bit of a creative mood. Unable to resist … The post Wednesday Watch: Tall Tales Part II appeared first on

Wednesday Watch: HENRi

Old becomes new in today’s Wednesday Watch called HENRi. This short film features an intelligent spaceship (played by Keir Dullea, known as 2001: A Space Odyssey’s Dr. David Bowman) decides that it should build itself a body, so it can feel more alive. Bonus appearance by Margot Kidder, of Superman … The post Wednesday Watch: HENRi appeared first on

Wednesday Watch: Time Trap

Today’s Wednesday Watch focuses on a cyborg who travels in time to repair his ship. However, he has a bit of trouble finding the right materials, and has to be creative to get it done. Enjoy Time Trap, which is from director and VFX artist Michael Shanks.   The post Wednesday Watch: Time Trap appeared first on

Wednesday Watch: Wanderers

I’ve always been pestered by a bit of wanderlust – that nagging desire for something new, something unseen. Today’s Wednesday Watch is called Wanderers – it’s a short view of some real places around our solar system, narrated by Carl Sagan, reading an excerpt from his own reading of his book … The post Wednesday Watch: Wanderers appeared first on

What I’ve Learned After 21 Podcast Episodes

This January, I started a podcast, the Paterfamilias Podcast. I’d actually been trying to start a podcast for a few years. I tried with my good friend Rita El Khoury, but trying to match schedules around the globe just didn’t work out. I tried again with my friend Jason Harris, … The post What I’ve Learned After 21 Podcast Episodes appeared first on

Shower Rocker – I-Venstar S406 Speaker Review

One of the [few] things that I miss about working at RadioShack is the endless samples of new gadgetry. Towards the end of my career at “The Shack”, we were really focused on audio, so I got new Bluetooth speakers all the time, like the SOL REPUBLIC DECK (a personal …

The Venstar Taco – A Bluetooth Speaker Review

I’ve used/reviewed lots of Bluetooth speakers. From the SOL REPUBLIC DECK to the Skullcandy Air Raid and the Beats Pill, I’ve seen them all. Or so I thought. When I was contacted by I-Venstar and asked if I wanted to review “The Taco“, my curiosity was piqued, and I said …

I Own Three Selfie Sticks – A Review

That’s right. I officially own three different selfie sticks. The first one I bought back in 2008 – we didn’t call them “selfie sticks” back then, it was an “extendable handheld tripod”. The second one I got two weeks ago, at SocialFresh 2015, as some hand-out swag from Cision. The …

iClever 6-Port Fast USB Desktop Charger Review

One of the downsides of being a tech nerd is keeping all those devices charged up. Until a few months ago, I maintained a collection of power strips and USB wall adapters, which I had setup in a few places – my bedside table, my office at work, and a …

Intocircuit 2nd Gen Power Castle Portable Power Bank Review

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of portable power banks. My first one came from Proporta, and I dearly loved it. While I was working at RadioShack, I had the chance to test out at least a dozen different models there, and am known to travel with no …

Wednesday Watch: From Acorn To Tree

Timelapse is a wonderful invention, enabling us to get the “big picture” of things that normally would take seemingly forever to unfold. This video shows the growth of an oak tree, starting with the lowly acorn.  

Wednesday Watch: Norm Macdonald Says Goodbye to Letterman

David Letterman is no longer doing late night TV, and longtime friend Norm Macdonald gave one of the most heartfelt monologues to send him off. I’ve always been a fan of Norm Macdonald, from his awesome performance in Billy Madison to his time hosting the “Weekend Update” on Saturday Night …

Spotify’s New Personalization Could Be Awesome

The big news today is that Spotify is not only adding video content, but also a much more personalized music experience for its users. Mobile music is something I’ve been obsessed with ever since I bought an iPod Classic years ago to bring my entire music collection on the go. I …

Wednesday Watch: The Last Goodbye

All these years later, after both the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit trilogy, it’s fun to go back and revisit these movies. What better way to do so than with a song sung by Pippin himself? The Last Goodbye, as sung by Billy Boyd (who played Pippin) …

Wednesday Watch: Best. Tree. Swing. EVER.

It’s official: the “tree swing” ante has been upped. Officially, don’t try this at home. Unofficially, I fully expect at least 3 of you to not only try this yourselves, but to spend some time trying to figure out how to make it even better. And I sincerely hope you’ll …

Wednesday Watch: If I Die On Mars

The Mars One mission is an excursion currently being planned by a non-profit that offers 4 people a one-way ticket to Mars in the future. Reading that statement, you’re probably wondering, “why on earth would someone volunteer for a one-way trip to another planet?” Thanks to The Guardian, you can kind of …

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