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Not Dixon Itself, the GATEWAY to Dixon

Tweet Someday, I’ll try your corn maize, Dixon: Dixon residents Matt and Mark Cooley, owners of Cool Patch Pumpkins, currently hold the Guinness World Record for “largest maze, temporary corn/crop maze”. The maze measured 163,853.83 m² or 40.489 acres.[18] In 2012, Cool Patch Pumpkins broke its own record with a 53-acre maze.[19] In 2014 Cool Patch Pumpkins […]

ONLY IN FRISCO: Playing Frisbee Golf in the Rain – “Watch For Flying Discs,” Man

TweetThere I was on an old bridle path in GGP and I came upon this: And dig it, man – ppl are playing frisbee gold in the rain today, man: Groovy, man. Look to the Skies for Signs and Wonders…

A Pyrrhic Victory on Ashbury: This Bicycle Chain Worked and Yet It Didn’t Work

TweetThis ride is mostly still here, but I can understand why it was abandoned by its owner:

SFMTA Incompetence on Display: Giving Over 30 Seconds of Flashing “DON’T WALK” on Wide Geary Blvd, But Just 12 Seconds on Wide Fell Street

TweetHere’s Geary: And here’s Fell at Baker, which flashes down from 12 after giving ppl over 30 seconds of green: Of course Geary is wider, but not all that much wider. This situation makes no sense. Now it might make sense to the SFMTA, which blows with the wind with its half-assed approach to safety. […]

Peak Frisco: 2017 is the Year of the Tower Crane

TweetAny prior statements of any other years being the “Year of the Tower Crane” are hereby revoked, as this is the most I’ve seen together like this A rush and a push and the landfill that We stand on is ours


TweetAs seen in the Twitterloin: And the crown is for King Donald? Poor DJT! It’s not easy being orange…

The Quiet Chaos Resulting from a CCSF Campus Not Opening Its Parking Lot for an Hour – Endless Double Parking and Blocked Buses

TweetIDK, I’ve never seen this, in all my years – people double parking near the CCSF John Adams Campus for up to an hour, ’cause somebody forgot to open the gate: And this is around the corner – it took this #21 Hayes driver a couple minutes of beeping / waiting to buck up the […]

Look Who’s Driving Down the Bike Lanes of Polk Street Now: That’s Right, It’s SFMTA Employees at the End of Their Shifts – Mercy Me, We Got Ourselves a CONVOY

TweetI still haven’t figured out how the SFMTA wants drivers to travel south from your greater Pacific Heights, Cathedral Hill, 101 Corridor, Polk Gulch, TenderNob, Twitterloin area. My latest theory is Hyde through the Tenderloin, but what I know is that Gough, Van Ness, and Polk ARE NOT the way to go. And guess who […]

Your Fire Fighters, Area Strippers, and Area Strip Clubs Unite for the 2017 Toy Program – (Yes, 2017)

TweetNo (further) comment. Just released: “Gold Club San Francisco and 9 Premier Adult Clubs Team Up with San Francisco Fire Fighters Local 798 Toy Program’s Annual Holiday Drive SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Ten premier adult clubs including the Gold Club, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, Penthouse Club and Restaurant, Condor Club, Hungry I […]

The “Good” Double-Parkers of Post Street, Six in a Row – But They Aren’t Selfish Church-Goers – One Simple Trick

TweetSo yeah, this sort of looks like, IDK, anywhere in Frisco, like the left hand lane of Bush in the Upper Fillmore where people see fit to park for like five hours at a stretch on weekends  and of course our SFMTA actively makes sure that any cars parked like that don’t get ticketed.) And […]

Oh, All It Takes to Turn GOLF into a SPORT is the Simple Addition of an Electric Bicycle

Tweet‘Cause I don’t think walking about and/or driving a cart is all that sporty, huh? As seen in Lincoln Park, where we pulled up grave sites to put up a golf course. Ah, golf.

Apparently, 25th Avenue and Fulton is Shaping Up to be Some Kind of Glorious Crossroads Area

TweetWe’ve already seen this hullaballo: And now more work continues to the west, thusly: A lot of aesthetics stuff ginned up to be some kind of safety-related effort. Already this intersection has more traffic congestion. (It could be that the National Park-style boulders “signal” to people that they should slow down as they enter a […]

A San Francisco Question: What Three Brands of Car are So Special They Don’t Need to Worry About Front License Plates?

Tweet1) Porsche. This brand has gotta be the #1 offender in Frisco. The funny thing is that Porsches in Germany have front license plates, but low aspect ratio American license plates apparently mar the good looks of these rides.   2) Tesla. I mean, they all look the same from the front without a FLP, right? […]

SFMTA PCO Doesn’t Have Time for the Long Red Lights of Geary – A Legal U-Turn, But Against the Red

TweetI guess this is like an “Idaho Stop,” but for Parking Control Officers. So you stop for a red on outbound Geary, see that it will take a long time for the light to go green again and then after that it will take a long time for inbound traffic to clear enough for you […]

LOS GIGANTES MEXICAN STYLE LAGER Remaindered Already, in the Wake of Day of the Dead 2017 – Anchor Steam Plus the Giants Equals…

TweetThese cans sure look bad-ass: Anyway, it’s nice to see AS and the Giants working together on something, as opposed to this land deal…

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