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SFGov Shut Down 325 Kearny in February, Because It was So Unacceptable – Now, Meet 323 Kearny – “TABLE SHOWER?”

TweetAll right, here’s your background on “Queen’s Health Center.” And here’s a quote: “If a place says ‘table shower’ at least three times on the outside, you know” it’s not surprising that it’s a brothel The joint looked like this: So that was three long months ago. You can see what’s left in the upper right […]

Twitterloin Update: Hibernia Bank / ONE JONES has a New Friendlier Fence – Was This a Good Investment of $20 Million?

TweetIDK. Anyway, this usually empty hulk has some new marketing signs out front… …and here’s the new see-through fence: Here’s a good one, from last year, from Area Realtor CWNevius: “The overhaul will surely have a positive effect on the neighborhood…“ I’ll tell you, I have a beef with just about every part of this […]

I’m Glad I Got My Giant Heron Nesting Photos Done BEFORE Camera Thieves Took Over Stow Lake

TweetHere’s the news: SFPD INVESTIGATING RASH OF CAMERA ROBBERIES IN GOLDEN GATE PARK Here’s my effort, from a few years back, when dese boids nested on a different island, taken with a 12-pound lens on a spindly tripod. Isn’t beautiful? You’re welcome.  

It’s Official: Frisco Now has More Cars, Drivers Than Ever – DMV Sez We Now Have Over 500,000 Vehicles

TweetHere it is, your brand-new DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES ESTIMATED VEHICLES REGISTERED BY COUNTY FOR THE PERIOD OF JANUARY 1 THROUGH DECEMBER 31, 2016 The figure on the right shows our full one-half million vehicles. Cf. the data for 2015: est_fees_pd_by_county. Of course this count includes motorcycles and trucks and trailers, but the vast bulk of that […]

How 90-Degree Parking and Double Parking are a Bad Combination on Busy Baker Street – A Turned Head of Disapproval

TweetProlly there shouldn’t be 90-degree parking here and there should be a white zone here in front of this large institution on Baker so that your relatives or taxi drivers or Paratransit drivers or even some of those hated UBER Lyft drivers in economical Priuses can come by and drive you someplace, but our SFMTA […]

Hornblower Vessel Appears to Go Woo Woo in Our San Francisco Bay

TweetHere it is, docked just north of the Ferry Building as it was ejecting some clear liquid astern, fine,… …and some brown liquid up front: So what’s this stuff? IDK

Frisco’s New Tourist Parking Ban at Coit Tower is a Huge Success, or Failure, Your Choice! – Let’s Take a Look

TweetIt took me a while to figure this one out: So residents are allowed to park but tourists, or “visitors” euphemistically, well you can all go to Hell. I can see how touristas should be limited to two hours or whatnot, but the top of Telegraph Hill is special, apparently. Anyway, the real reason you can’t […]

Lyftpocalypse Now: How Our SFMTA Could React to the Rise of UBER with One Simple Trick at Oak Octavia

TweetYou know what a pigeon drop is? I sort of do, but I still don’t get it, not really. I’d be like, well, how is this going to work. And it was the same thing with the Octavia Boulevard disaster, which pitted a handful of landed millionaires of Hayes Valley against all the little people […]

The City of Bell Police Visit Frisco

TweetTaking in the sights with some youth group or auxiliary cadets or something (EXPLORERS?), in a large body-on-frame van. Man, Bell, CA has a lot going on for being just a population 35,000 city, that’s for sure. (Who knows, maybe SFPD detectives put on their badges and drive Frisco yoots down to SoCal, IDK.)

When SFGov REALLY Wants You to Stop, It Uses an EXTRA LARGE Stop Sign

TweetThusly: Believe this is a 48 incher – much larger than the standard 24 incher…

Remembering When The Ball Player Statue in Golden Gate Park Went Hula

TweetOur National Past Time (The Ball Player), 1889, by Douglas Tilden as seen in Golden Gate Park back in the day, complete with hula grass skirt and lei. A more dignified view here and here. Click to expand: “Presented to the Golden Gate Park By a Friend of the Sculptor As a Tribute to His Energy, Industry and Ability”

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