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Frisco 2017 is Nothing But a Giant Construction Zone

TweetFBOW. And I’m talking mostly about streets projects. I’ve never seen things this bad. Or good, depending on how you look at it… Everywhere.

Hit and Run Driver (People Assume) vs. a Parked BMW in the Richmond

TweetPasersby in the Richmond, where the car is king, seemed real pissed off at this one. The debris trail tells the story – this ride must have been clouted at a pretty good clip and, of course, on the wrong side of the street: That’s life on the mean streets of San Francisco…

Judgment Day for the Former Bread and Butter Cafe in the 94117

TweetNot much happening at the corner of Hayes and Ashbury lately, not since this incident reported by Hoodline. But now it’s being cleaned out, with detritus propped up on the sidewalk. I says to myself, I says, “Man, that neon Heineken sign won’t last long, and that Sierra Nevada sign as well.” And they were the […]

Rec and Park’s Garbage Can Removal Campaign Proceeds Apace – And Here’s the Result

TweetAnd what’s the reply? Give us more money, most likely. Here’s how things go in now garbage can-free Dolores Park: “Rec & Park seems under the impression that garbage cans somehow create litter. No, really: Since cans often overflow and people have a habit of leaving garbage on top of or just off the side […]

The Somewhat Tame Western Scrub Jays of Golden Gate Park

TweetYou’d hold up a peanut or something and birdy here (Aphelocoma Californica) would fly over and land on your hand: Try it yourself – go out around Stow Lake holding up a peanut and just see what lands on your hand…

Remembering “Antioxidant” 7-Up Soda: “There’s Never Been a More Delicious Way to Cherry Pick our Antioxidant!”

TweetHere’s the thing – I’m old enough to remember Never Going To Give You Up / Rick Roll long before ppl started rickrolling each other, but I knew it was wrong back at the time. So you can’t pin that on me. (I thought, “Oh man, what the Hell is this? Is this what cable […]

The Only Known Shillelagh Juggler in San Francisco

TweetAnother great shot from Jim Corrigan on the streets of San Francisco A thick stick of blackthorn or oak used in Ireland, typically as a weapon.

Parallel Parking Grand Champion: There’s a Whole Lot of Right or a Whole Lot of Wrong in This Photo

TweetThose unfamiliar with Frisco, many ppl, have asked me if cars ever get stuck in street parking spaces, owing to no lines telling you where to park. Anyway, if Bro here, who’s now trying to escape, parked in this space without causing mayhem and then managed to expertly go on his way, well then BRAVO: […]

Stow Lake Love Triangle: Conflict Among Herons Above Stow Lake – 2017 Season Starts April 15th

TweetMama’s on the nest with Junior. The Interloper is being chased away by the Baby Daddy: Join the Heron Watch in Golden Gate Park starting halfway through April.

The Reason Some Businesses STRONGLY APPROVE of Unisex Bathrooms: Boy & Girl —> Anybody & Nobody

TweetI’ll explain: The Out Of Service one has been Out Of Service for MONTHS AND MONTHS. Half the bathroom = half the work, more or less

UNPROVEN THEORY: Proposed Designs for All “Local Interest” T-Shirts at City Target are 1) Phoned In, Literally; and 2) Never Rejected

Tweet[Gruff Man with Brooklyn Accent] So put in a Golden Gate Bridge with waves below and some fucking seagulls above and surround it with a heart. And then how about a California in Miami Blue except make it look like the Coca Cola script and then throw in some fucking trees like they have in […]

Frisco’s Narrowest Street has got to be Goldberg Lane, Right?

TweetI’m mean, c’mon, just look at it: Can I get a hell yeah? I think I’ve gotten one here. So step off, Elim Alley, and make way for the new king…

Mothership Connection: 16-Pack IT’S IT Ice Cream Sandwiches at Costco #144 for 62 Cents Each

TweetHaven’t seen these NYT-approved snacks on sale at the SoMA Costco (America’s First Urban Costco™) in years: A looooong time ago I sold frozen It’s Its to customers at a Landmark Theatre theatre for waaaaaay more than 62 cents, I’ll tell you. Was it $3 each? Wonder what they cost now… [Nostalgia Mode = OFF]

Troubled Anthony Levandowski’s PRIBOT Prius, Last Seen Banged Up in the Western Addition Six Years Ago

TweetWas reading this… Fury Road: Did Uber Steal the Driverless Future From Google? Inside the vicious patent fight over self-driving technology. By Max Chafkin and Mark Bergen …and that reminded me of this, the last time I saw PRIBOT, the ur-car, left forgotten on the mean Streets of San Francisco: Poor Pribot! In closing: “He’s […]

BEFORE AND AFTER: Bike Wheel-Swallowing Potholes on Market Filled in Tout de Suite by SFGov

TweetSo you don’t feel like waiting behind today’s wider MUNI buses turning right off of Market, say around 4th Street, so you hop into the “fast” lane but staying betwixt the right lane of the streetcar tracks and the peds waiting on the traffic island for the next bus and, oh, streetcar! Whoopsy doodle: That’s the […]

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