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“OOOOH, Barracuda” – A Classic Plymouth with Heart – Mopar Madness in Golden Gate Park

TweetSing along: Barracuda   Know your Plymouth ‘Cudas. Ooooh, street cred, sort of: “In 2009, it was named the 34th best hard rock song of all time by VH1.” Catalyst: “Ann Wilson revealed in interviews that the song was about Heart’s anger towards Mushroom Records’ attempted publicity stunt involving her and her sister Nancy Wilson in a […]

Know Your Japantown Holidays: “Unagi Eel Day,” July 24th – It’s Hot, So Let’s Eat Fatty Seafood

TweetParts of Webster and parts of Post are nice and flat, so the intersection of these streets is a kind of crossroads for lazy people who like avoiding unnecessarily arduous hill-climbing in the Western Addition. Anywho, this is where you’ll discover the Good News of Eel Day: I first read this as a reference to […]

To Its Credit, the “Green Roof” of Our California Academy of Sciences is Looking Pretty Brown These Days – “Drought Conversation” Coming August 14-15

TweetThis is the brownest I can recall see the Living Roof (aka Green Roof) of our CalAcademy Building in Golden Gate Park since it was first getting established about 7-8 years ago: IDK, maybe it’s been browner at some point, but it’s never been and it will never be as green as some thought it […]

Hard at Work or Hardly Working? – On Patrol in Golden Gate Park, Sort Of – Look At Our Toys!

TweetAs seen on JFK Drive: Most outfits, including the SFPD, would use dirt bikes for this mission, just saying…

Bicycle Activists vs. the SFPD: “Wiggle Stop-In Event” Coming to the Lower Haight on Wednesday – “Advanced Media” Unwelcomed

TweetLook, a petulance parade: “On Wednesday July 29th from 5:30-6:30 pm, please join us for our first Wiggle Stop-In event. We want to gather 50-100 cyclists to ride around the Wiggle/Lower Haight and stop at every stop sign in single file order. We want to make the point that, in fact, requiring cyclists to come […]

Forget About That Blue and Gold Dress: Do You See Two Cats or a Cat and a Pig?

TweetThe one on the left is definitely ID’ed as a cat, but I’m seeing a lot of bear or pig or bear-pig in the unlabeled and supposed “cat” on the right: Bears have muzzles and piggies have muzzles, but cats don’t have muzzles, right? See for yourself at our CalAcademy in GGP

Here’s What Your Bicycle Needs: A Gasoline Engine, So You Can Sound Like a Motorcycle – But Where’s the Helmet?

TweetBro just goes around the block around the block lately, with no particular destination in mind – or so it appears. Anywho, in CA, you need an approved helmet to legally operate this kind of motorized bicycle:

“NO SCRPT” License Plate – A Techie or a Creative? These Days You Just Can’t Tell

TweetBrowser protection advocacy or improv promotion: In this town in 2015, I could go either way…

Tour de France, Tour de Manche – Pedaling Downhill Through the Golden Gate Park Panhandle as Fast as You Can – Why?

TweetJust asking, Bro. What’s the speed limit on the Panhandle bike path? What should it be? How fast do you think you can go heading west downhill on this bike path, with you out of the saddle, on your expensive lightweight bike, with skinny high-pressure tires, with your muscular thighs, with a strong tailwind? Bro, […]

Gratuitous Window Pentagram, 94117 – The Giant Star of Clayton Street

TweetI’m thinkin’ Wiccan, but I could be wrong. Cf. the star-less window below: (Hey, Did you know that you can get a pentacle put on your tombstone at Arlington National Cemetery, you know, if you’re a Wiccan soldier? News to me!) Anyway, some tenant did an art project in the bustling Haight Ashbury, so passersby […]

Know Your Illegal Sidewalk Stencils: “STALIN.ORG – WE ARE COMING” – Oh, It’s a Band – Red Dawn 94117

TweetNot to be confused with The Stalin, it’s just Stalin.   Four octaves? Well, that’s got me beat Anyway, if you advertise your product/service in this way on the sidewalks of Haight Ashbury, The Man (City Attorney Dennis Herrera) just might come at ya, Josef. Oh, what’s that, it’s chalk and it comes right off? […]

New Electronic Arts Corporate Bus “Wrap” Allows You to Meet EA’s Characters – A Family Portrait

TweetFirst I’ve noticed this one: I like it better than this one, which, in any event, reminds me of the Deflate-gate cheaters…

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Wants Its Members to Vote Away Members’ Voting Rights? – A Rebellion

TweetThe Vote is On at our San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. Let’s take a look: “Why is the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition updating its bylaws?“ “In response to concerns from our members, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s Board of Directors proposed an update to our bylaws that bolsters members’ privacy.” Bolster member privacy? How are you […]

High Altitude Ice Ice, Baby: A Recent 22-Degree Halo Over Frisco – A Full-Circle Rainbow, All The Way!

TweetHere it is, a noice 22-degree halo on a Dreaded Sunny Day in the 415: And look, the ‘bow has an arrow, a chemtrail. Whoops I meant to say contrail. The power of their source? The crystal… The ice crystal… The crystal Look – “chemtrails” all the way back in the 1940’s. It’s like, “Forget […]

This is What an SFPD Pedestrian Enforcement Action Looks Like at Oak and Masonic, Where Peds are Injuring Themselves Lately

TweetThe past few months we’ve had at least three jaywalkers/jayjoggers blow across Masonic on the north side of Oak against the ped signal only to end up getting hit and injured by a vehicle. Therefore, Park Station had a pedestrian-focused enforcement action a few days ago. Here you go, here’s a Stanfoo grad hopping down […]

Ranger in Golden Gate Park Takes a Dim View of This Kind of Creative Parking Job

TweetI think this one will run the owner more than the ticket for “parking on the grass,” which will only cost you $22 these days. Anyway, this approach to parking is unique

Poor YAHOO!: Arm-Twisted Into Paying Money Into the Corrupt SFMTA

TweetIMO. Of what possible use is this ad and others like it, like on the sides of buses? Yahoo awareness? Or, “Yahoo? What a silly name! What’s that? I’m intrigued.” Or something like, “Oh, Yahoo – I’ve been meaning to get me some of that.” Yahoo would get more bang for its buck by simply […]

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