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Oy Vey: “OyShaughnessy” – This is How Our PUC Spells O’Shaughnessy These Days

TweetWelcome to Frisco, SFPUC All right, I’m off to OyShaughnessy Dam for a little picnic with Miss OyShaughnessy.  I’ll pick her up at the Cathedral Building on California and then we’ll drive down OyShaughnessy and then go past the OyShaughnessy Seawall. And then I’m going to help track down her sister. Brigid seems real nice!

Endlessly Fascinating: People Who Queue Up at Frisco Costco to Buy JUST ONE THING – Why are They So Passionate About ____?

TweetI remember a lot of them, mostly from the Costco #144 (nickname: The Gross) in SoMA. The ladies’ man with the one bottle of Hpnotiq on a Saturday afternoon. Those lost souls desperately looking for “grass-fed butter.” And then there’s this guy, with the small bag of rice: What must be a very special bag of […]

Here We Go: SFPD Taraval Station Captain vs. SFDA George Gascon – Prop 47 and Car Break-Ins – “Bundle” Prosecutions?

TweetHere it is, a brand-new “Captain’s Message” from the Outside Lands. I’ve never seen anything like this. 1. Oh, so this is the beef from elements of the SFPD against George Gascon? News to me. 2. Here’s the referenced opinion piece from the ‘Xam. I’ll note that the writer is trying to sway opinion afore […]

Mysterious Machine Collects Data at the Intersection of Fell and Masonic

TweetHere’s the machine at work: And here’s the business end, way up high: It’s doing something like this. All the deets: “IDAX is a multimodal data collection company providing public agencies and private clients with accurate and meaningful data to serve any data-related needs that they may have. Our team of experienced professionals helps clients […]

WTF: Senate Bill 1465 – Spending Our Money to Pay for the 2024 Olympics in LA? Instead, Why Not Tax LA’s “Unexpected” Losses?

TweetRead it and weep, Frisco: SB 1465, as amended, De León. Public contracts: 2024 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Existing law provides specified requirements in awarding certain public contracts. This bill would authorize the Governor to sign agreements with the International Olympic and Paralympic Committee, as part of the site selection process for the City of Los […]

OMG, It’s FREE CONE DAY at Your Local Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop – Free Ice Cream from Noon to 8PM – BONUS: A Pictorial History

TweetAll the deets: “Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day | 2016 Tuesday, April 12, 2016 | Noon to 8 pm Ben & Jerry’s locations FREE Bay Area Locations: San Francisco Haight Ashbury – 1480 Haight Street at Ashbury (Haight) Macy’s Department Store (Union Square) Fisherman’s Wharf (Pier 41) Argonaut – 475 Jefferson Street (Fisherman’s Wharf) […]

Black Cars in Specific Whites: The Rich People of Pac Heights Don’t Like Colors – Ten in a Row on Broadway

TweetI’ll tell you, back in the day, in Japan, looking out the airport bus window, I was surprised to see a Nissan Fairlady Z police car but also I was surprised to see that most cars on the road there were plain-Jane white sedans, and it was like, “Oh yeah, most cars are white here […]

Sandra Lee Fewer Looks Unbeatable for District One Supervisor – Campaign Kickoff at Sutro Elementary

TweetI was in the nabe, so I dropped by at the campaign kickoff the other day: Left early, but it ended up looking like this: I’ve heard nothing from these people… Sherman D’Silva, Richie Greenberg, Brian Larkin, Jonathan Lyens, Marjan Philhour, Andy Thornley …so it looks like SLF is going to win come November. (Wake me […]

Parkmerced Update: The “Townhomes” of Infamous “800 Summit” (“From the Low $1,000,000’s”) are the McMansions of Frisco

TweetWell Summit 800 has certainly been getting attention the past week. (And I’ve commented earlier.) So now let’s take a visit Way Down South, even souther and wester than Parkmerced, which everyone would agree is pretty far south and west already, and make the case that these condos / townhomes / whatever are the McMansions […]

A Tale of Two Recent Photos: Distracted Driving – Supervisor (and “Urbanist!”) Scott Wiener(?) + SFMTA PCO + Uber Driver with Handicapped Placard

TweetLet’s start Future Senator and Current Urbanist Supervisor Scott Wiener, you know, if this from KevMo is accurate. I know why someone Living In America would own a car, but it’s surprising to a sanctimonious Urbanist operating one. Is this aging Nissan his car? Wow. Does Jane Kim do this? IDTS. Moving on, to this. […]

A View of the East Bay From Top to Bottom: Mt Diablo, Oakland, San Francisco – How an Accident of History Put Part of The City on Alameda Island

TweetHere you go: IOW: The Port of Oakland showed respect for the SF City Limits – can you see how the landfill project in the upper right ends abruptly? That’s the border. But the US military just didn’t care and it kept filling until it was satisfied. (You can see how the SF part looks […]

Why is Appointed Mayor Ed Lee So Unpopular, Ch. LXXVI: Owner of Popular Cassava Restaurant in the Richmond Questions Twitter Tax Break

TweetLet’s see if I can pay off on that headline here. So yeah, Ed Lee’s not popular these days, for a host of reasons. Look it up. And I believe this person could be described as an owner, of Cassava, which certainly is popular And Twitter Tax Break, well that’s a term people use. Here’s […]

Whistling-Blowing Park Ranger Harshes Owner of Unlicensed, Unleashed Dog in the Golden Gate Park Panhandle

TweetCamera left shows the Ranger and camera right shows the errant dog owner. I’ve never seen this: Reader Notes: I’m assuming the dog’s unlicensed, as the vast majority of canines aren’t licensed in Frisco and I imagine the rate for non leash owning dog owners is lower still. Don’t know if any woo woo or […]

Our SFMTA’s Plan to “Increase Access” at Twin Peaks WIll Actually Decrease Access – Trying to Figure the Figure 8

TweetIDK, man. On the one hand, SFGov promotes the 49-Mile-Drive, but OTOH, SFGov wants to make it more difficult. Take a look here down below – where are all these cars going to go after this plan gets going? The plan, advertised as one what would “increase access,” will decrease access, obviously. Parking areas will […]

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