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The Drone Bros of Golden Gate Park: Whose Drone is Hovering Three Feet from Your Bathroom Window? This Dude’s, near Fell

TweetHere’s the scene without any arrows pointing things out: And here are the arrows: And here are the bros: Now it could be that bro was just checking out his own pad using his new toy, but man, some people might have been surprised if they saw this drone hovering just outside their windows. The […]

The Most Hostile Tip Jar Notice I’ve Ever Seen: “Nice People Always Tip! [Smiley Face] Thanks!]

TweetHere you go: So, just logically here, uh, ergo: If you’ve ever failed to leave a tip in any tip jar you’ve encountered, you know, ever, then you can’t possibly be a nice person. Just saying…

Pack Mule Not Included: Used 1200mm Canon Camera Lens for $180K – “A Prodigious Measure of Ego Satisfaction”

TweetConsarnit, I remember back in aught-nine when a person could buy 47-inch focal length EOS camera lens for a mere $120,000, but these days? In these days, the very same lens will run you $180,000: Go ahead and slap it on your $400 Drebel – it’ll fit. No fancy IS Image Stabilization or nothing, but […]

Twitterloin Update: At the NeMA “New Market” Building Across the Street from Twitter HQ – A Dream Realized

TweetWhat have we here, in the historically troubled Mid Market Twitterloin area? We have luxury cars (Mercedes Benz, BMW, BMW), inane slogans, and $4000 a month studio apartments, not that I care. Mission Accomplished, I suppose. Somebody’s mission, anyway. Enjoy your New Market Street, everybody. This is How We Live Now, 2015.

Color Photograph: Sunset or Moonrise? Telegraph Hill, Sailboat, Norovirus Cruise Ship, Alcatraz, and Angel Island

TweetThe answer will amaze you, or not: This is the sun, as seen from a span of our troubled San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. It looked like the moon though. Believe that’s the troubled Star Princess, which should be norovirus-free these days. Let’s hope so.

The Infamous Fell Street ARCO Gas Station Offers Helpful Queuing Tips for Its Customers, Via an SFMTA Graphic

TweetAh, memories. Things are better now, at Fell and Divis, usually. We lost a few parking spaces on Fell, but, you know, the Needs of the Many, yada yada yada…

How the SFPD Rolls: Look Ma, No Hands!

TweetThusly: Not that I care, not that I don’t do the same myself sometimes: Anyway, FTR

Our Inefficient, Money-Hungry SFMTA Wants to Start Issuing Speeding Tickets, But Somehow “They Would Not Be Moving Violations?!”

TweetOh, this one’s easy  – we’re going to go from zero to Orwellian in ten seconds. Gentlemen, Start Your Engines: SFMTA Pushing For Speed Cameras In San Francisco To Improve Pedestrian Safety by Cate Cauguiran And here’s your nut graf: “SFMTA plans to present their proposal to the San Francisco County Transportation Authority later this week. The […]

Frisco Housing, the Way You Like It, With All Sorts of Tiny Details – You Know, Just for Decoration

TweetAs seen on Post, in the Western Addition: Little boxes on the hillside, Little boxes made of ticky tacky, Little boxes on the hillside, Little boxes all the same. There’s a beige one and a beige one And a beige one and a beige one, And they’re all made out of ticky tacky And they […]

Artisanal Gas: “The Tires In This Vehicle Have Been Filled With Nitrogen” – An Institute for Nitrogen?

TweetOMG: Here’s the spiel from the “Get Nitrogen Institute,” complete with a promotional video from Jay Leno. And here’s Click and Clack on this subject. And here’s a dude what says the whole idea is a scam. Now do I think the world needs a Nitrogen Institute? No, I do not. And do I think […]

Drivers Still Haven’t Gotten Used to the Unique Left-Turn Setup at Fell and Masonic

TweetAnd I don’t think they ever will. In this case, the driver of the blue Toyota SUV was trying to turn left to southbound Masonic from Fell. The problem was that this lane is straight-only, so the driver of the larger white SUV laid on the horn for more than ten seconds: Then the green […]

The SFMTA’s Current Approach to Bikes in the Broadway Tunnel Doesn’t Seem Better Than the Old Approach

TweetAfter years of work and study… BROADWAY TUNNEL BICYCLE PROJECT: Staff has sent a work order to the Signal Shop to have the bicycle symbol flash when turned on. (No updates) …this the result, eastbound – a blank, nonsensical, K-Mart-looking diamond what lights up when cyclists are sensed in the BT: The old method of […]

Marina District Pet Store Update: Is This a Hated Chain Store Like Pet Food Express or a Beloved Local Store?

TweetI can’t tell, and that’s sort of my point… One wonders about all this stress and strife… (One wants [or SHOULD want to, anyway] to live the sporting life)

Parking On The Lawn, Frisco-Style, Special Western Addition Gentrifier Edition, Complete with a Volvo Wagon

TweetI think a Smart Car could actually fit in this “parking space” in the Western Addition and I also think that this Volvo overhangs the public sidewalk on a daily basis for the past few years: Verdict: Yellow Card. This is a clever solution to saving money, but executed 100% proper.

Oh, So This is Why San Francisco Has a Gigantic, Wasteful, Expensive, Underfunded, Profitable Street-Sweeping Program

TweetHere’s a block on Laguna: Of course most blocks in San Francisco get swept waaaaaay too often, even after the recent relaxation in scheduling that some areas enjoy. So my conclusion is that street-sweeping isn’t 100% a scam for SFGov to make money, it’s just mostly a scam. And who’s going to pay for health […]

Surprise! Bicycle Use in San Francisco Has Stopped Growing on a Per Capita Basis, Per This Official Report

TweetHere it is, a brand-new SFMTA PDF, published in May 2015: Annual Bicycle Count Survey 2014 And here’s your nut graf, on the topic of Bicycle Use, as seen on Page 5: “2013 vs 2014: … 1% increase.” And here’s your summary, also seen on Page 5: Now let’s add in a little population growth in […]

Isaac Mukandi Mwangi Wins the 2015 Bay to Breakers Fun Run – Notable Costumes? The Season One Serial Podcast

TweetThere he is, in the middle, at about the middle of the race: I gotta say, man, the rich white aging homeowners of the Western Addition have really managed to suck a lot of life out of this event – take a look at fan turnout at the Fell and Masonic area just after the […]

Japantown Diner Evolution at 1700 Post: Denny’s –> Danny’s –> New Danny’s –> Minny’s –> New Minny’s –> ???

TweetDo I have that right? The record on Yelp ends in 2009: This is all the same place: Perhaps this location is now Ssisso and Dennys/Dannys/Minnys is gone? IDK, but I think the New Minny’s sign is still there I can’t see how New Minny’s is still in operation, so I’ll assume that the mall people […]

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