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A Hater’s Guide to the San Francisco Geography of Pixar’s “Inside Out” – Realistic Enough, But Sort of Generic SF

TweetDid I say “hater?” Nah, that’s not the case, as Inside Out is a fine film. But as far as far as portraying a realistic San Francisco, it’s no Big Hero Six. Let’s get the Lloyd Bentsen-style sanctimony out of the way – let me school this new movie: Inside Out, I served with Big […]

AARON THE GIANT HAS A POSSE: How Aaron Peskin Would Beat Interim Supervisor Julie Christensen, Were the District 3 Election Held Today

TweetHere’s your Aaron Peskin running hard, once again, for Supe of District Three: As you can see, Aaron has a posse. Have you seen the polling? The thing is that gaffe-prone Julie Christensen, the Sarah Palin of SF politics, still has a few more months to introduce herself to her constituents and we still don’t know what […]

Postcard from Sacramento County: “DOES THIS ASS MAKE MY TRUCK LOOK BIG?” – NOT an Obama Voter, Certainly

TweetI think food manufacturers test-market a lot in Sac County ’cause it’s like a small snapshot of America, demographically speaking. Anyway, here’s one voter: (This was right by the freeway what has, about 80 miles away, a metal highway clean-up sign thanking “FRIENDS OF OBAMA” – I’ll have to try to get a shot of […]

Blaming the Suburbs: A CityLab Urbanist Parachutes into Frisco to Diagnose Our High Rents – Oh the Urbanity!

TweetHere it is: The Biggest Problem With San Francisco’s Rent Crisis – The Suburbs, by Henry Grabar This is in Slate, so it can’t be ignored, right? Read along with me, by the numbers. 1. “Crisis.” Well, our current sitch of high inflation of rents and property values is a crisis for some, but not for […]

Jupiter Descending, Over a Benihana – Along with la Luna y Venus – Conjunction, What’s Your Function?

TweetCheck it, it’s the moon together with Jupiter, the Gas Giant, up high and Venus, the Evening Star on the right, all converging, equilateral trianagularily, over a Benihana Japanese Steakhouse. As seen during Summer Solstice 2015: Merry part.

How to Live Rent-Free in San Francisco: Get an RV and Then Park It In Front of a Church (and Not a House)

Tweet‘Cause if you sleep in your RV in front of a house, its millionaire homeowners will, hackles raised, not rest until you are gone gone gone. But churches are a different story – you’re less likely to have to deal with the SFPD / SFMTA. (You might trigger an internal debate about why we even […]

Old People, They’re Just Like Us! – Taking the 21 Hayes to a Safeway in the Inner Richmond Near Golden Gate Park – In 1938

TweetHere it is, a crop from your Western Neighborhoods Project, the OutsideLands.Org “21 Hayes line streetcar on Fulton Street at 5th Avenue, with Safeway grocery in 1938. Courtesy of Jack Tillmany link to this image…“ Of course, the Safeway is now a Lifestyle Store, and it’s moved a few blocks out, and the 21 Hayes is […]

How We Live Now: Parked Cars at the Dreary Geary-Divisadero Hospital-Medical District

TweetAs seen from Geary – look, it’s a parking lot game like what you can play on your iPhone A normal town would deal with this, but Frisco don’t, oh well. (If you’d like to make a go of the very unused building at the northeast corner of Geary Divis, be my guest – a […]

Vaunted “Box-Spring” Revealed to be the Scam That It Is

TweetI’ve always wondered this, I’ve wondered of what use is a box spring. People tell me, “It’s to support the mattress.” And I think, oh, the way the floor would? Now for all I know, the Wiki entry has been hijacked by the North Carolina Box Spring Institute, but here we go: “The purpose of […]

The Doomed Houses of Westlake, Daly City, USA – A Legacy of Hank Doelger

TweetDown to the Sea Again – A Real Cliff-Hanger in Daly City “In the 1950s, however, when Henry Doelger was building Westlake Palisades, we knew little about coastal erosion, the ongoing Mussel Rock landslide, or the San Andreas Fault. Despite the futile efforts of the Ocean Shore Railroad to maintain a roadbed across the flowing […]

Passive-Aggressive Wayfinding for the Letter Carriers of Clayton Station: 1500 Page, 1500 Page, 1500 Page, 1500

TweetSometimes in the 94117, your mail gets bounced for no good reason. The cure is to write a note to your letter carrier politely explaining that you do in fact live at your address. I’m srsly. And to make things even simpler, you can be excessively redundant. Thusly:


TweetThe news of the day, for those in the 94124 and 94134: SUPERVISOR MALIA COHEN AND INSTACART PARTNER TO EXPAND GROCERY DELIVERY TO SAN FRANCISCO FOOD DESERTS Grocery delivery now available in Bayview Hunters Point and Visitacion Valley Neighborhoods San Francisco, CA – Supervisor Malia Cohen and Instacart today announced a new partnership that will […]

The Horrible Pedestrians of San Francisco, Chapter CXII: Special Richmond District Edition – The Right Way and the Wrong Way to Jaywalk

TweetThis person never looked. This person shouldn’t be jaywalking: But bygones, moving on, ever so slowly moving on… …to this. Starting across Geary with a cane, waaaaaay too late: Assuming you start when it’s legal, then tout le monde need to wait for you. But if you start too late then you’re just another jaywalker. […]

If the SFMTA Wants to Ban Most “Private Vehicles” from Turning onto Market Between 3rd and 8th, What About Drivers with Handicapped Placards?

TweetGet up to speed here. So “Safer” Market Street is going to ban “private vehicles” including Lyft and Uber-type vehicles, but does that include rides with properly-displayed handicapped placards? IDK. It seems our SFMTA doesn’t want to deal with this issue. (Actually, it seems our SFMTA deals with embarrassing issues discussed on the SFMTA website […]

If You Have a Motorcycle (or Something Smaller Like a Moped), Feel Free to Travel Through the Golden Gate Park Panhandle

TweetYou know, the way everybody else does. As here, on the “300 block” of Ashbury, or what would be 300 block but for the Golden Gate Park Panhandle being there. But no matter, just wait for the light and then head north or south on the walking paths: This will save you all kinds of […]

SFMTA Study Mocks Rideshare Services with a Joking Reference to “KidnapMe.Org”

TweetThis study from 2013 is sort of obsolete already, but here you go, page ii: “While initial limousine entrants such as Uber appear to maintain high standards in screening and supervising their drivers, it is only a matter of time before incidents and problems surface, especially among later entrants who may seek to compete on […]

What Happened to All the Tesla Roadsters of the Bay Area? They’ve Disappeared – Why’s That?

TweetI’ll tell you, there was a time when most of the Lotus Eliseses I saw in the Bay Area were Lotus Eliseses. Then a few years back, most of the Elises I saw, were Tesla Roadsters. And then, starting a year or two ago, most of the Lotus Elise I’ve seen on the Bay Area, […]

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