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“The Grocery Tax” isn’t a Grocery Tax – Sry

TweetHere’s what Prop V is. And here’s how things are working out in Berkeley. Owner? Former owner? Current owner? Part owner? And is this the Mi Terra Market the “No on V, Enough is Enough, Don’t Tax Our Groceries, with Major Funding by American Beverage Association California PAC” people are citing? IDK. Anyway, perhaps it’s […]

San Francisco Had At Least _41_ Traffic Fatalities during the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year – Is This a Record?

TweetHere it is, the data from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016: BUT, this chart excludes “3 pedestrian light rail vehicle (LRV)-related deaths, which are not routinely reported to SWITRS, to ensure comparability between data,” whatever that means. I think it means that if the SFMTA runs you over, it shouldn’t be counted as […]

Here’s How the People at “WALKSCORE” Don’t Know Anything About Frisco – The Twitterloin as “Paradise”

TweetHere you go: WTF to that. By the numbers: “Walker’s Paradise – Daily errands do not require a car.” But they DO require great fortitude, right? “Rider’s Paradise – World-class public transportation.” Is this a joke? I think they’re talking about MUNI. “Biker’s Paradise – Flat as a pancake, excellent bike lanes.” Uh, the Twitterloin is as flat […]

Pumpkin House, Western Addition, Where Halloween is Every Day

TweetBoy, we sure were fancy a century ago, back when labor was cheap and “prevailing wages” didn’t exist:

The Absurdity of SFGov Promoting Its Impossible VISION ZERO 2024 Safety Campaign in Your Timeline

TweetSo what’s happening here? Are we not going to have SFMTA taxicabs in 2024? Oh, we will, but they won’t ever injure anybody ever, because…? Because why? VZ2024 is impossible, if only because SFMTA-regulated taxicab accidents will continue to occur in the future. So even something like Vision Zero SFMTA Vehicles 2024 is impossible. Sry. […]

Twitterloin Update: BIG BOY MARKET is Still With Us, Through Advertising

TweetFirst, the corner of Golden Gate and Leavenworth was all like this: But then it got hounded by SFGov, so it went away And then, oddly, it became 826 Valencia: But around the corner, you see that BIG BOY MARKET is still making money off of the intersection of Golden Gate and Leavenworth, through advertising: Hey, […]

SAVE THE DATE: Our Oakland Warriors Will Do _Something_ to Promote Their Move to Frisco on September 10th, 2016

TweetOne supposes. Somewhere around Golden Gate Park? Let’s see here, they just did their advertising deal with SFUSD. And the Panhandle blacktop backboards, well they’re all shut down now, getting refurbished. See? And the Oakland Warriors have been on a somewhat offensive charm offensive in Frisco lately, the better to do battle with these people, […]

The New 60-Foot Tall TENDERLOIN PEOPLE’S GARDEN Mural – Across the Street from the Asian Art Museum

TweetThis thing might end up being bigger than the garden itself, IDK Some people would get mad though, if they heard you say this building is in the Tenderloin…

The Amazing Extendable/Convertible Tourist Bus – But the Wheels are in the Wrong Place?

TweetHow does this work – you take the roof off the back of a regular bus and then tack it on the back to make a super-long, semi-convertible bus? Anyway, the rear wheels seem to be too far forward is all…

SFFD Ladder Truck Gets Blinged Out with Purple Lights

TweetIDK why purple: I guess it stands out under the glare of red lights? Keep up the good work, SFFD.

Frisco’s Very Own Sunken Radioactive Aircraft Carrier – See the USS Independence Courtesy of Dr Robert Ballard

TweetHere’s the history of the USS Independence wreck, down 2600 feet, near the Farallon Islands, and here’s the video feed live, like right now, or a little delayed, but good enough. Before Bikini Atoll: And after: And now live vid...

“I’ll Take BOXY THINGS WE DON’T NEED ANYMORE for $400, Alex!” – A Scene from The Richmond

TweetDo we need cars anymore? IDK, but we have more registered in the history of Frisco right now, just saying. Anyway, this boxy 1973 BMW 2002 is totally max: But the cathode ray tube (CRT) TV abandoned on the Avenues? Nobody wants that, obvs. And the USPS letter box? It doesn’t get so much use […]

“V-O-Cal?” – RPD Chain Gang, Twin Peaks – “You can make friends and earn community service hours!”

TweetHere’s the scene, located hundreds and hundreds of feet above us Frisco Flatlanders: And here’s the pitch, from the RPD, and from V-O-Cal (Volunteer for Outdoor California). IDK, man, I think they’re pushing this outdoor metaphor a bit far, you know, for an urban area: Friday 5pm – Registration and camping opens Saturday 7:30am – Registration, […]

So Much For Frisco’s Oversize Vehicle Overnight Parking Ban on Fell Street – Still Life in Mobile Homes

TweetThis was the promise, back in aught-twelve: In 2012 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors enacted a new violation in the SF Transportation Code to address inappropriate parking of oversized vehicles on city streets. SFTC Section 7.2.54 prohibits parking a vehicle over 22 feet in length or over 7 feet in height, or camp trailers, […]

Toyota Mirai Fuel-Cell-Car Spotted in the Wild

TweetThis is the second Toyota Mirai hydrogen car I’ve ever seen (unless it’s the first and it’s the same ride I saw inside the dealership on Geary last year): Anyway, these vehicles are out on the streets of San Francisco now, that’s the update…

Uh, the Homeless Tents are Back – On Division, Under the I-80 – This is Exactly What November 2015 Looked Like

TweetFirst one tent, then another, and then, around Thanksgiving 2015, there was a whole line of tents on both sides of Division, 13th Street, or whatever this French Connection-style road is called. August 20, 2016: At that time last year, I was thinking that the SFPD was going easy on the homeless having to do […]

Our Fell Street DMV is a Hotbed of Bicycle Theft, For Some Reason

TweetThis is from yesterday, but it’s been like this for decades: Back in the day, you’d see broken U-locks (which you didn’t necessarily want to leave on scene and you definitely didn’t want to get caught with) in the bushes. But these days, there’s less effort and more reward in leaving the lock alone and […]

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