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Recalling (Again) the Close Call United Flight 863 had with Mount San Bruno Back in 1998

TweetHere’s an excellent report from the WSJ back in 1999. And here’s a more better photo than I had in back in aught-nine: Same mountain, same antennas, same general direction for the plane (except the 1998 incident occurred at night and with fog/clouds). Anyway, United Airlines took things seriously and aviation is the better for […]

It Takes a Village (of SFMTA PCOs to Monitor Just One Intersection During the Evening Drive)

TweetConsider 1st and Market here: Sometimes they have four Parking Control Officers here, to do what, watch the lights turn green yellow red? Well actually I think they’re there to make sure frustrated commuters dont block the box of First and Market. But I think just one could get the job done, srsly. And consider […]

Havana 94118, 2016

TweetThey come and they go, these old cars at the end of Turk Street: It’s a very Frisco kind of thing…

Bay Area Bike SHare / FORD GOBIKE Sneaks In a PRICE INCREASE – Surprise! – A 28% Increase for 2016

TweetSee this here? It used to say $7 for 24 hours. Oh well. I’m thinking this price increase went in around September or October. Didn’t see any notice about this. I’ll look for it again, Gentle Reader…

Transit Not First: Bay Area Bike Share (aka “FORD GOBIKE”) Freely Double Parks on Market, Blocks MUNI Buses

TweetLet’s see here, oh, still an abysmal 2 star rating from Yelp. The Ford GoBike / BABS people could easily fix this situation by changing the wording of their marketing, BUT they don’t feel like it, Man, obvs. Anyway, they’re still double parking their Mercedes Benzes on Market, and sometimes that causes problems for MUNI […]

“LEGION CORPORATION” Spotted in the Twitterloin – Using SFChron/SFGate to Spread Your Message in a Post-CWNevius World

TweetIt’s sort of funny how a man who likes to threaten to sue the San Francisco Chronicle ended up with this, this thing placed(?) on SFGate to praise him. (And now with CWNevius gone, how else will this character get such laudatory coverage, one wonders.) Anywho, this is the LEGION CORPORATION what paid for the above to […]

Embarcadero Center Holiday Ice Rink 2016-2017 – Not That Busy Yet – Runs Through January 8, 2017

TweetAll the deets. Yelp here. Not too busy yet, as you can see. (Healing Brush used to get rid of a big old light pole, as you can see, near the bottom and up high on the bridge cables. Good enough for a half-assed One Click Fix.) Open November 2, 2016 through January 8, 2017 […]

“IF ONLY” Bus Ad: What?

TweetOK, I’ll bite. Oh. No sale. But WTF to this: “Shakira’s gown from the “Get It Started” video: $3,000? So you’re not selling an aging pop singer’s dress, you’re selling the experience of buying the aging pop singer’s dress? And this: “I encourage my friends to join nonprofit boards, collect art and buy great houses.” […]

“LEGION CORPORATION” Spotted, in the Twitterloin – How to Use the SFChron/SFGate to Spread Your Message in a Post CWNevius World?

TweetI don’t even know how to describe the webpage what appeared on SFGate not too long ago. Anyway, this is the LEGION CORPORATION in the flesh, or the sheet metal as it were. What’s the point of all this effort to praise the current state of the Tenderloin, one wonders…  

FuelPanda is Here – “Your car refueled every week while it’s parked” – Is This Real Life?

TweetHere you go – FuelPanda Oh I see – the gal popped the fuel filler door on the day she knows the panda would drop by. I suppose that (sort of) takes care of the key issue, and I’m sure there might be other ways to handle it. Well, this is new.

Official Governmental Art Gets Credit for ACKNOWLEDGING ISSUES in Mid Market ‘n Stuff, But How Does It Help?

TweetIf you consider graffiti to be a leading indicator for life on the street, then our San Francisco Arts Commission would appear to be a lagging indicator. As seen in the Twitterloin:

The Last Time Anybody in Frisco Wanted a Phone Book, It was for the RAINBOW GROCERY Coupons Inside

TweetBut those monthly coupons are gone now, long gone. So why do we still have phone book deliveries in 2016?

19 Points About CW Nevius

Tweet“Retirement” looms. How San Francisco’s progressives overreached “Progressive wing of San Francisco’s Democratic Party” Chuck should just use the terms left of center and right of center, but he doesn’t and here’s why this is a problem. Show More Summary

Giant Facebook Ad, Frisco

TweetThese 17 foot tall “kiosks” are simply giant ads – they’re said to pay for public toilets on the street that you need to pay for, ‘except where’s the toilet? You see what I’m saying? I know there’s one atop Twin Peaks, and in Civic Center, and I think there’s one near the cable car […]

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