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Does This Existing Bike Rental Business on City Land Compete with This Other Bike Rental Business on Also on City Land?

TweetI think the Ford people (with the new blue FordGoBike rentals in the background) would say no and the legacy mom & pops (with regular blue rental bikes in the foreground) would say yes yes yes: Now, you’d think that if legacy bike rental outfits had cared about this, they would have gotten noncompete agreements in […]

Area Techie is SO SMRT

TweetDid you catch that? Oh, here it is: Imagine how many disappointed SmartCar owners would have loved to have been issued this license plate! That’s minus five points for Hufflepuff right there. But maybe I’ve made a huge mistake and this license plate is a Simpsons reference In that case, you’re promoted to Gryffindor.

Trouble with the Two Traffic Signals Paid for by Target Corporation on Masonic – One at Ewing Terrace, the Other at Anza / O’Farrell

TweetHere’s Ewing Terrace. It didn’t use to have a signal. Now it has a Target-paid-for signal, actuated by a car sensor pad on Ewing and also any of the four pedestrian actuators, and as here, for no reason at all. How many person-years have been lost already due to MUNI buses stopping for no reason? […]

It’s Not Just UBER and Lyft: Official SFMTA Taxi Driver Gets Group-Shamed After Seeing a Red as a Green at Bush and Divis

TweetThink Bro made it more than halfway across before he started slowly backing up. Anyway, this was a real red light running – there was no ambiguity here. The peds on the left stare, mouths agape: If it was me, I’d just make a right turn onto Bush and then get on with the friction […]

The Brand-New Traffic Circles of Euclid Avenue – Going in Right Now – Hey, How Come the SFMTA Allows Neighbors to Vote on These “Improvements?”

TweetWell, last part first. Our SFMTA used to allow residents living near the sites of proposed traffic circles to have a little mini-election. The problem with that was that the SFMTA got its ass handed to it when all the “trial” circles it had just installed on Page and Waller got voted down, by like […]

SETH MACFARLANE for INTERIM MAYOR – Well, This Poster Sure Makes It Seem He’s Running for SOMETHING

TweetHadn’t seen this one. Thought it might have been Mark Leno at first: Somebody should check and see if he’d pinky swear to step down, as promised. Somebody should check, on December 31st.

Were You Ever in NAM, Man? – IDTS – Well, I was in NAM, Man

TweetThat’s what this Mercedes seems to be saying: Spotted in its natural habitat, near Cal-Mart, right next a Porsche 911 convertible, deep inside Cotillion Country… Uh oh, flashback: We would circle and we’d circle and we’d circle To stop and consider and centered on the pavement Stacked up all the trucks jacked up and our […]

THIS is Why City Attorney Dennis Herrera Goes After Corporate Sidewalk Chalk Ads – Still Visible after 8 Months

TweetThat was then and this is now: The pink part is gone, but the black lettering is still there – this June 6, 2017 concert will live in infamy, looks like….

OMG: Fisherman’s Wharf Rain Forest Cafe Auction is December 19th – Furnish Your Pad the Rain Forest Way!

TweetBrace yourselves. Via Quonky: “SAN FRANCISCO, CA ONSITE Former Rain Forest Cafe Restaurant Liquidation Auction 12/19/17 ID: 7657 (265) Bidding Now! – ends Tue, Dec 19 at 12:00:00 pm ATTENTION: This is an ONSITE auction and all winning bidders MUST remove all items won within the designated load out times. If you are unable to […]

FLASHBACK: Mayor London Breed Speaking in 2013 on Chinese and Chinese-Americans Getting Subsidized Housing in Frisco – Yowzer

TweetYeah, uh, here’s the highlight of District Five Supervisor London Breed’s stream-of consciousness interview with Andrew Dudley of Haighteration, mind you, this was back in 2013: “What everyone talks about, as a gimmick, is “affordable housing.” I served on the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency Commission. Show More Summary

A SoMA Mystery: LOVENTRUMP – What Does It Mean? – I’m Stumped

TweetThere’s this. And there’s this. AFAIK, the locus of support of DJT is the precinct at McAllister and Fillmore in the Old Folks Home district. As stated, I’m stumped.

New Paint for “The Wiggle” – It Takes a Village

TweetA huge number of workers and white trucks were all about the upper Lower Haight area today This could be a sign that all the tinkering of the past few years is done: We’ll see:

Day Laborers, Thanksgiving Week 2017, Western Addition Paint Store, Full-Employment Economy – Compare with 2008

TweetIDK, about five people hanging about: Compare with 2008, decidedly not a full employment situation, on a similar day except nine years earlier – and this wasn’t everybody: Back then, there was a lot of talk about regulation, like designating specific places to hang out, like in Berkeley near 4th or in Frisco on Army […]

SFMTA Forces Pedestrians to Wait as Pickups Turning Left Get Priority – At Recently “Improved” Oak and Baker

TweetSo, this truck has priority and then a few seconds later peds may cross: This is similar to the design at masonic O’Farrell / Anza and Masonic, where peds also need to wait at the start of the signal, so about three or four drivers (assuming they’re paying attention – if they’re not sometimes only […]


TweetIT’S TOPS, baby: Have I been here? I forget, but maybe three or four times? Anyway, it’s gotta be better than the now shut down Lucky Penny, that’s all I know…

Continuing to Fail to See the Million Dollars Worth of Damage Due to the Koret Children’s Quarter Arson

TweetAll right, so I had this last week but I suppose I didn’t articulate myself so well, so here you go, this is what the “million-dollar” hole looks like at Koret Chil’rens Quarter some six months after the arson: Of course they’ve cleaned up a bit already, perhaps they’ve spent $100,000 so far, IDK, but […]

Only In Frisco: Shredding Though Costco #144 on a Skateboard

TweetThink it was Herb Caen who did Only In Frisco, or Only in Marin, one of those. In any event, as seen south of Market:

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