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Dammit, This 21 HAYES Driver Didn’t Even Stop for Me – ARRRRGH!

TweetMUNI sucks! Ah, j/k. Well it does, but not in this case. I wonder if 38Geary is available… Collect them all!

Why Doesn’t Frisco’s Deadly Ocean Beach have Lifeguard Towers? – IDK – Here’s the Substitute, the BEACH PATROL

TweetWell I guess the basic answer is that having SoCal-style, LIFEGUARD ON DUTY structures in Frisco is that it would cost a lot of money. So there’s that. And I’ve also heard that having lifeguard towers around would send a message that OB is a safe place to swim. (And certainly it’s not. It’s not […]

Unloved Marissa Mayer Signage has “Taken a Beating” in Golden Gate Park – And Now Area Yahoo Uses Buffalo Paddock Sign as a Bottle Opener

TweetGet up to speed here, from a couple years ago. I still don’t know what people are doing to this sign in the Buffalo Paddock in Golden Gate Park. I don’t think the vandals mind her donating money – what, like $50,000? But I think they don’t like the idea of the thank you sign […]

Rented Segway Driver of the Year: Texting, Head Down, Going Maximum Speed Downhill in Golden Gate Park

TweetHeading west on JFK Boulevard towards Ocean Beach in front of the Buffalo Paddock: Segways are easy to drive, until they’re not. (I still feel sorry for this lady. She was just trying to have fun with her crew…)

Abraham Lincoln Brigade (16) Takes Market – Twice as Good as the Van Buren Boys (8) – Annual Nerd Conference Continues

TweetThere were warning signs: The entire Civic Center plaza is full of dorks eating box lunches and looking at their phones help — TK (@40goingon28) June 13, 2016 But I wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t prepared for this gang of blackshirts headed down Market: I was going to flash “16” to them to show I was […]

The Logo for My New Company: MISSION BAE – Just Kidding, But I Simply Wanted to Say, “MISSION BAE, MISSION BAE, MISSION BAE!”

TweetWhat should I sell – coffee? People seem to like coffee these days. Anyway, I ginned up a logo using Photoshop and the goofiest font what randomly popped up. Look, it’s almost legible: I think I have a tagline already too: MISSION BAE – LOVIN’ THAT LANDFILL LIVIN’ Best of all, the URL is totally […]

Life in Appointed Mayor Ed Lee’s Frisco, the Broken Car Glass Capital of the World

TweetAs seen in NoPA, at the Top Of The Hill: Don’t simply look at police statistics, just talk to people in the auto glass industry and ask how busy they are these days. Busy busy busy! But Ed Lee went to the law school, so he has a solution. He wants people to go to preliminary […]

Clumsy Rec and Park (RPD) Relents, Opens “Painted Ladies Viewing Area” at Alamo Square – Tourists Rejoice

TweetFirst it was all like this. All four square blocks of the Square were fenced off to one and all. Sad! But now, it’s all like this, as of Friday afternoon, so now you can follow our visitors in to gaze upon the (sort of) Full House houses: Expensive temporary signage to promote … our […]

Ugly New Statue Appears South of Market – Like the Goddess of Democracy But Without Arms – “Venus de Rent Control”

TweetMan, this thing is surprisingly ugly. Here’s prolly the best way to show it, with the perpetually-clogged 8th Street (considered “excess road space” by our corrupt SFMTA, somehow). A little closer and now it looks out of focus, non? The buildings in front and behind look to be in focus, but not the thing itself. And […]

It’s Apple’s World, We’re Just Living In It: Worldwide Developers Conference Runs June 13-17th in Civic Center

TweetSix flags over Frisco: As seen in Civic Center: WWDC is the annual Worldwide Developers Conference held by Apple in San Francisco, California. The 2016 conference will be held June 13–17. Tickets are priced at $1,599 and are being distributed through a lottery system.

Here It Is, the High-Profile, Quasi-Governmental, Republican-Approved “DOWNTOWN STREETS TEAM”

TweetYou see these T-shirts all over these days: I guess “downtown” is a generic term? ‘Cause I don’t know where Frisco’s downtown is. I know that “uptown” was supposed to be in the Tenderloin, but the attempt to get that new-school appellation to take off failed. Badly. Anyway, the DST is supposed to “leave the […]

Bad Dog? – “No, Bad Human” – Graffiti Artist Shames the Errant Dog Owners of the Western Addition’s “Alamo Square Historic District”

TweetI think leaving dog poo on the sidewalk is just as impermissible as tagging, but sometimes two wrongs make a right? Anyway, somebody’s fed up with some of the dog owners of the Between Alamo Square And The Projects part of town...

Some Pig! – Our Asian Art Museum Invites You to Take a Photo with #HAPPYDRAGON by Artist #HungYi

TweetThought it could have a been a pig… …but I was wrong: “Dragon on our steps? Don’t be alarmed! Here’s a peek at our newest friend, a VERY #HappyDragon by artist #HungYi So now you can to go to McAllister and Larkin in Civic Center to take photos like this and this. See it all at AsianArt.Org

Ugliest Bridge in the World – Spanning the American River with False Arches – Designed by Committee

TweetHere you go – the arches are decorative-only: File this one, this post-tensioned concrete box girder bridge under False Arch.

If You’re Looking for Rainbow-Colored, Electrified Paper Lanterns Hanging from Trees, Head Over to Market Street

TweetThe installation looked a bit tricky: ‘Cause you know, many Frisco street trees kill / harm people who aren’t horsing around in them. Our poorly-selected municipal sidewalk “forest” is tres fragile, non? (I would have expected an expensive ladder truck and an expensive crew of five or so SFGov workers. You know, now I’m starting to wonder […]

The Most-Improved Official Government Place-Name Sign in California, 20th Century Edition – Could Be Room For Improvement Though

TweetHere you go, from the Great Central Valley in 2016, a sign pointing to the American River: “Only the name remains on the opposite side of the river from where African American miners first started mining gold in 1849-1850. Negro Bar State Park is a reminder that a mining camp once bore a similar name.”

North Bay Techies and an East Bay Podcaster Want Us to Abandon Frisco’s Flag – Here’s Their Progress the Past Year

TweetUh nothing? That’s what they’ve gotten done the past year. Nothing. So this post from June 2015 is still as relevant as ever. Hey, were we supposed to have some competition of proposed New San Francisco Flag ideas last year, complete with an unnamed “San Francisco official” as one of the judges, you know, for color […]

Here Comes The Judge, the Taurus Judge, a Five-Shot Revolver Banned in CA But Promoted in Frisco – An “Everyday Gun”

TweetOn newsstands now, ‘neath pop star! and look chic! (And look, this isn’t a very special weapon for her, it’s just an “EVERYDAY GUN.”) You’d think the hand model would have a finger or two on the trigger, but no, for some reason. Now don’t try buying one in California as it’s considered a sawed-off shotgun: […]

U2’s Bono Quoted by Local Government Agency as If He Were Gandhi or Buddha or Jesus or Chairman Mao

Tweet Dear SFMTA: Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter. (One time, I couldn’t get to any music on my aging iPod Touch except for the latest U2 album, which of course I didn’t ask for. I don’t know why that happened.)

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