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TweetAs much Werner Hertzog as you can possibly handle: “SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART AND SAN FRANCISCO FILM SOCIETY ANNOUNCE WERNER HERZOG AND ECSTATIC TRUTH STARTING FEBRUARY 9 AT SFMOMA’S PHYLLIS WATTIS THEATER Second Season of Modern Cinema Runs for Three Weekends in February and Explores the Nonfiction Work of Herzog and Several of […]

Over The Line: When Passing SFMTA MUNI Buses on the Left Goes Too Far

TweetI’ve been there myself, occasionally, on the wrong side of the double yellow lines: These days, it’s harder to get past MUNI buses, and streetcars, and unnecessary street sweepers and water sprayer trucks and whathaveyou, oh well. Anyway, this maneuver might save you a minute, or two…

Mysterious Ambulance, 94117 – Schnelleinsatzgruppe is NOT FOR HIRE, Currently – Waiting for the Big One?

TweetThis ride would make more sense to me with a Euro license plate: Anyway, seems it is reserved for big emergencies, not somebody’s broken leg…

An SFPD Crackdown on Drivers in Haight-Ashbury, Lately

TweetYou never used to see this, regular SFPD patrol cars enforcing traffic laws. Typically, the Motor Patrol (motorcycles) would get you – they’d enforce traffic all the live long day. And if you got a ticket from a regular patrol car, well, you must have really messed up. But these are the days of enforcement […]

Say What You Will About Frisco Cab Drivers, But at Least They Know Where They’re Going – Two UBER / Lyft Drivers, Lost in SF

TweetIt’s like this is the first day in their lives they’ve encountered SF, and who knows, maybe it is. As seen on Post, just before two illegal u-turns, a TNC pas de deux: I’ll tell you, both these outfits _reduce_ my own particular “mobility,” not that you should concern yourself about it. But I think […]

Sinful Parking, Every Sunday, Northbound Webster Bike Lane – Such Behavior is FULLY Endorsed by Our SFMTA

TweetSunday church parking, they call it: A “complaint-driven” process they call it, as if they’d go out and ticket all these rides if only somebody’d call them up on a Sunday morning…

Kiosk-Enabled Open Air Bicycle Chop-Shop on Market Near Second is Now Out of Control

TweetParts from many stolen “donor bikes” are here – maybe a couple dozen? And how many Franken-bikes could you build with the parts here? IDK, maybe a half-dozen? On It Goes…

American Beauty-Style “Dancing Bag” Appears at 3rd and Market – It was Roundly Ignored by Passersby, Oh Well

TweetSomebody(ies) was horsing around with a plastic bag yesterday, but nobody noticed AFAICS. You know, like in American Beauty First it was all like this: And then it was all like this: Next time I see this, I’ll have video for you, Gentle Reader. Sadly it was NOT the most beautiful thing I’ve ever filmed…

If You Liked the (Now-Banned) COSCO Busan, You’ll Love the COSCO Fortune – It’s Twice as Big – As Seen From the Bay Bridge

TweetThe Cosco Fortune is twice as heavy as the infamous Cosco Busan, so I’d call that twice as big. Anyway, let’s hope we learned our lesson from a decade ago…

Residential Parking Permit Program Area Q a Huge Success, or Failure, Depending – But Certainly It’s Having an Effect

TweetDepending on how you look at it, of course. I myself am burdened by the study of the Economics, so excuse me if I don’t wave my pom poms for this 2015 creation of the SFMTA: Pre-2015, you’d never see this, all these empty spots. (People have moved their rides west, on the other side […]

Eight Day Laborers, One Jogger, Kelly-Moore PAINTS, Divisadero, New Year’s Eve, 2016

TweetAs seen south of NoPA (Northeast of Panhandle Area), aka DivCo, aka the Western Addition:

You Can’t Say the SFPD Doesn’t Patrol the Heck Out of Union Square and SoMA During Christmastime, Because It Does

TweetJust milling about 5th and Market at the end of December Responding to shoplifting calls and protecting yhe out of town sheep mostly, one supposes. There was also a ton of popo hanging out on Mission near 4th, as if Dreamforce was going on…

Most of the Front Doors of Our Flagship Nordstrom Mall Were Out of Service Just After Christmas

TweetJust saying Why is this? Poor design, heavy use, lack of maintenance and or the hard-knock life of a high crime area? IDK

Market Street’s New-Style Hot Dog Carts are Very Compact – Can Just Anybody Operate This Kind of Biz?

TweetI’m used to seeing much larger, Manhattan-style carts. Possible mothership: This is How We Eat in 2017…        

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