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My Two San Francisco Skunk Sightings: 1) Japanese Tea Garden, 2004; and 2) Mount Sutro, Yesterday

TweetFrom back before the time our Japanese Tea Garden cut down its free hours by about 90% – this was at about 7:00 PM or so, in 2004: And here’s yesterday up in UCSF’s so-called cloud forest: That shot was as I was leaving – it was the only time this critter looked at me. […]

MANSPLAINER: Flashing Lights and Sirens Doesn’t Mean PULL TO THE RIGHT AND STOP, It Means GET OUT OF THE WAY

TweetWhat does the DMV have to say about this situation? IDK, I forget. But I’m talking IRL here. And in real life these two drivers teamed up to block this fire truck from turning right for a little while. The right-side driver, who easily heard the sirens whilst driving the entire block, could have easily […]

You Might See a Bunch of GoBike Bikes Here, But All I See is a Bunch of Corporate Marketing, Sry

TweetMarketing to yoots, 1960’s: And marketing to yoots, 2010’s: Coda: The Real Reason Behind Ford’s Move Into Bike-Sharing – Why would an auto giant want to start an urban bike-sharing business? Here’s a hint: It’s not about the bi...

Dolores Park Looks Just Like This

TweetBro was still in denial phase at this point. Some were amused:

Where in Frisco Does UPS Just Leave Your Delivery in Front of Your House? Presidio Heights, That’s Where

TweetSee? It’s like this place is Mayberry R.F.D. In my ‘hood, that box would be gone in a New York minute.

Disobedient WIFE

TweetYou see, ’cause you gotta have a bike to go on this side, no jogging allowed, but it’s much easier to jog with the bikes than all the other joggers and tourists clogging up the East Side Enforcement is lax on the West Side, so bring it on with your skateboards, large dogs and whathaveyou […]

Just as the HAIGHT STREET RAT Coincided with EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP, The New Copy Coincided with SAVING BANKSY

TweetYou know, more or less. So, The Rat of 2010 appeared in conjunction with Exit Through the Gift Shop as The Rat of 2017 appeared with Saving Banksy. Look for an appearance from … San Francisco Board of Supervisors President London Breed(!) in the newer movie. I guess the new crew didn’t have red paint: And where Banksy […]

A Rough Start for Ford Motor Company’s GoBike Bicycle Rental – Let’s See What Users Have to Say

TweetOh, here’s one. Actually, ever since these new bikes came out I haven’t been able to cross The Bridge without seeing tourists on branded bikes heading to or coming back from Marin County. I suppose if they cost only $12 per hour to rent, then that price might seem reasonable compared with that charge by […]

Fire Boat vs. Humpback: SFFD Slows and Stops to Avoid Striking a Whale Beneath the Golden Gate Bridge

TweetThis was yesterday: With the whale down again, the San Francisco Fire Department boat then puttered away. We’ve had a lot of documented whale strikes lately, but this is the most care I’ve seen displayed by a boating crew.

USF Lone Mountain Campus in Lord of the Rings Font

TweetI said melon a few times, but it didn’t work. They should try Comic Sans next…

Well-Trained Blue Jay, Golden Gate Park: Will Pose for Photos for Peanuts – Just Hold One Hand High in the Air

TweetAs seem in the former Strybing Free Garden (which got replaced by the non-Strybing, non-free garden) in Golden Gate Park, back when it was still called Strybing Arboretum You’d hold up a peanut and then this Stellar’s Jay would fly over, grab the nuts, and then hang out on your hand for a few seconds, […]

It’s Inevitable that People Will Crash Into Whales on Kite Boards, Sail Boards and Boats – There’s No Whale Vision Zero

TweetAs seen from the Golden Gate Bridge: So here’s the deal – you’ve got sail boarders going back and forth from Crissy Field to Horseshoe Cove at the same time you have humpback whales going up and down getting sardines. This person knows that whales are in this area these days. If you see a […]

SFGov Paves Over Its Problems Up at the Twin Peaks Tourist Area, After Taking Away Most of the Available Parking

TweetHere you go, new pavement: Well, mostly. This was a couple weeks ago. Rec and Park is on a paving rampage lately, so maybe they’ve gone further by now, or maybe this is where they’re responsibility ends, IDK: Infamous TUTOR SALIBA is in the house. I can’t say that I understand NO PEDESTRIAN & TRAFFIC […]

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