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Frisco’s 2.5 Yelp-Starred RAINFOREST CAFE at Fisherman’s WHARF Just SHUT DOWN with NO NOTICE to EMPLOYEES

TweetCrowd-sourced Yelp knows the score, already: Yelpers report this location has closed. And Redditors, there were the first to report: Rainforest Cafe at Fisherman’s Wharf evidently closed overnight. Anyone know what happened? But let’s go to the official website – Frisco is GONE-ZO, leaving Cali with just two locations, both in SoCal: But hey, wasn’t this […]

THE FUTURE IS NOW: New “CITIZEN” App, fka “VIGILANTE”(!), Hits Frisco – Real Time Crime Reports on Your Smartphone

TweetFKA being, of course, Formerly Known As. Anyway, this app is now operational and available in San Francisco. Lets check it: Well, this certainly could be true late night at a 24/7 McD’s: “MAN BRANDISHING KNIFE IN McDONALD’S” So it seems to be working, FBOW. Maybe in the future, it’ll let us know about nearby […]

Marketing 101: Don’t Call Your LUXURY CONDOMINIUMS LUXURY CONDOMINIUMS until AFTER They are Built

Tweet‘Cause not everybody agrees that what our Richmond District needs is (any?) (more?) LUXURY CONDOMINIUMS. The Alexandria? Man, I saw E.T. here, man!  And I’m not exactly sure what LUXURY CONDOMINIUMS are, actually. (And even non-LUXURY CONDOMINIUMS can go for over a million dollars these days.) In closing, SORT OF OUTER RICHMOND LUXURY CONDOMINIUMS FEVER […]

TEO-TI-HUA-CAN Looks EX-CEL-AN-TE at Our de Young Musuem, SEPT 30 – FEB 11

TweetHere it is: Teotihuacan: City of Water, City of Fire – September 30, 2017 to February 11, 2018. Check the video and prepare for your visit with the Digital Story. (And, in part due to Rec and Park getting electricity for less than market value from Hetch Hetchy, we’ll leave the light on for you.) See […]

That Escalated Quickly – Life in the GGP

Tweet And then about 20 minutes later: SFGov used to roust people in Golden Gate Park at about 4:00 AM and then take them to a temporary processing station. Some ended up on buses with a Homeward Bound ticket that afternoon. IDK if they do that anymore…

Double Illegal Parking, in Golden Gate Park

TweetThe first problem is that the car is pointing the wrong way. The second problem is that you can’t park here on JFK: It’s going to take a looooong time before people figure this out, maybe a few decades…

Apparently, Some of Our Tourists Have NO PROBLEM Paying MORE THAN $12 Per Hour to Rent Ford Motor Company GoBikes

TweetOf course, there are still some tourists who misunderstand that they have to check their rental bike back in every 30 minutes and end up getting billed more than $100, after paying $10 or so for a “Daypass.” So yeah, that still happens. But what also happens is other tourists do the math and say […]

A Close Shave in Golden Gate Park

TweetBut Rec and Park has gotta mow Speedway Meadow and sunbathers have gotta sunbathe, I suppose Seemed a bit close tho…

A Mystery Resolved – Or, How the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill Reverse Commute to the Sunset Daily

TweetFor some reason dese boids live in Frisco’s northeast but then commute southwest on a daily basis. So in the morning, you see them over the Western Addition going southwest and then in the evening, you see them heading back northwest, as here over the Golden Gate Park Panhandle, as seen a while back: I […]

Forlorn, 2.5 Yelp-Starred Western Addition Taco Bell/KFC is Now Beloved, 4.5-Starred JANE THE BAKERY

TweetCan you see the fast food traces, like the blackened KFC Bucket on the left or the Taco Bell bell on the awning on the right? Anyway, it’s JANE THE BAKERY now. (It’s just like ALICE THE RADIO STATION or TOAD THE WET SPROCKET, non? And it reminds me of SPORK, which wore its Valencia […]

Know Better Your Richmond District Bike Thieves – Caught in the Act, Left Tools Behind – A Car Jack Hack

TweetI’ll tell you back in the day, bicycle thieves aspired to take your whole bike, so they’d carry around Volvo car jacks the better to pry open your old-school Kyptonite U-locks. Then U-locks got better and the parts market became bigger, so now we’re in the Era of Frankenbikes with people stealing, tearing down, and […]

It Begins: Rec and Park Finally Gets Around to Painting Crosswalks onto the Panhandle Bike Path – But Who Has the Right of Way?

TweetHere you go – this is this morning: And here’s the result. Crosswalks are laid out all the intersections this multi-use path has with Shrader, Cole, Clayton, Ashbury, Central, and Lyon, as I was just talking about a couple days back. So, who has the right of way at these intersections – is it bike […]

How Many Months Should Donors Give SF’s Famous RV Family to Leave Town? Getting a Lot of New Parking Tickets Now

TweetHere’s your background, from last month: SF family’s RV was their home. Then it got towed  SF donors help wandering family rescue their RV home from tow yard So yeah, they’ve got their RV back, but the RV is still here, racking up a brace of new parking tickets. And, per an area City Family […]

The Economics of Ford Motor Company GoBike Rental Theft – And Who’s Been Charged $1200 for Stolen Rentals?

TweetMan, a lot of Ford’s GoBike rentals have been stolen already, huh? (Sometimes you gotta wonder why somebody’d check out a bike rental only to push it around. That wasn’t a hill or anything. And this is going away from the nearest station.) Anyway, wouldn’t you rather have a regular stolen bike instead of a […]

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