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Disturbia: Trail of “Bloody” Footprints on Hayes Leads to $5 Million House That Used to be a Baptist Church – Good Friday?

TweetNuala Sawyer of Hoodline just snapped this photo in the Western Addition – all the deets here: Disturbing Footprints Leave Neighborhood Concerned Via Nuala Sawyer: (Now I’ll tell you, whenever I’ve leave bloody footprints, the trail generally, how do you say, attenuates as I move on. Moving on…) Sure seems curious that this trail starts at the more-trafficked part […]

Frisco Goes Full Florida – What are All These Miami People Doing in Town All of a Sudden? Photographic Proof!

TweetI says to myself, I says, what is this, did all of Miami Beach come to the Western Addition? And then I see the Florida plates, and then comes the bluest Camaro I’ve ever seen: Oh, that explains that. Speaking of which, more Florida plates, this time in the 94102: (Florida plates, heh.) And what’s […]

So Sure, the SFMTA Regulates Corporate Buses, But What About the “Staging” Problem – Where Should They Park in SF When Idling?

TweetThis was the problem a few weeks back, when Facebook buses would “stage” on Masonic by double-parking in the slow lane. Staging means buses sitting and waiting for the next run to start. (It’s a necessary part of running a reliable “transit” system.) But where to stage has pretty much been left out of the […]

A Few of the Problems With Scott Wiener’s Announcement of a Massive Increase in Bay Area Bike Share (BABS)

TweetThe news of the day: Scott Wiener ?@Scott_Wiener 51m51 minutes ago We’re moving forward w massive expansion of #BikeShare in #SF, 4 other cities. Huge step forward 4 #BayArea #transit:  All right, I’ll bite. 1. Just listen to yourself, Scott Wiener: “Forward … massive … huge … forward” Are you running for re-election 24-7? […]

Tech Bros Use a Drone to Lasso Our Famous McKinley Statue with a Hula Hoop? Sure Looks That Way

TweetOf all the insults Bill McKinley has endured over the years, this has got to be the worst. Don’t say side-boob, don’t say side-boob… Now if you filled the hula hoop up with something, there’s a chance that could you impart enough momentum to toss it up there. But if this is just a regular, […]

An Expensive Jaguar Sedan and the Inexpensive Ford I Always Mistake It For

TweetIt’s hard to be a baller when ppl think your ride is a stripper Ford. Jag up front, doppelganger in the rear I’ll tell you, in my day, Jaguars looked like Jaguars. And that was the way we liked it. And we all know how painful that can be

Sign at Powell Street Cable Car Turnaround is Truthful But Unhelpful – A “Two Minute Walk” to a Less-Crowded Stop

TweetI suppose somebody is selling something here? Well, sure, the stop is less crowded, but at that point, the cable car itself is super crowded, right? And how many people are going to get off to make room for you, Gentle Reader? About zero, right? I cry foul. And the next stop up the hill? […]

Sauce for the Goose: Here It Is, Your Gigantic San Francisco Sheriff Mobile Command Unit – Biggest Ice Cream Truck Ever

TweetAs seen in Civic Center last week: It’s a giant ice cream truck, with less horsepower than some Honda Accords. Now the font on the side isn’t comic sans, but it seems a little bit comical to me: Didn’t realize we had one of these. Perhaps we received a little Homeland Security money to pay for […]

Here They Are, Our Brand-New “Beautiful. Functional. Rain Gardens” on Fell – Like Parklets, But for Weeds, Not People

TweetRemember the revival of “Victory Gardens?” I do. It peaked in 2009. But the new thang in urban gardening is upon us. As seen on Fell, looking inbound: (Oh, and the microfences already indicate that no bike parking is allowed. So what’s the PUC going to do? Ticket your ride? Cut off your lock and […]

Another Year, Another New Leader for SFPD’s Park Station – Read the Greetings from Captain John Sanford Jr.

TweetHere it is: “Greetings, My name is John Sanford Jr. and it is with great honor to serve as the new Commanding Officer of the Park Police district.  I am humbled by the opportunity to serve with the women and men of the Park Police district.  Park Police station is a very iconic station filled […]

Is the SFMTA Now a Paramilitary Organization? Here’s a Raged-Up Sergeant Yelling at an SFMTA PCO on Sansome

TweetSo, you can be a sergeant working for our inefficient SFMTA? Well that’s news to me. but see those stripes? Mmmm, I guess “Parking and Traffic” calls its supervisors sergeants, so this guy isn’t SFPD or any kind of peace officer? Any, Dude on the bike here was pissed because the PCO in this Interceptor […]


TweetYou know, back in the aughts, I was thinking that De Avila Elementary / Dudley Stone School was going to keep its name after it reopened to become a Chinese-language immersion school. But no, the name of this place, if you had to say it in just three words, is “CHINESE IMMERSION SCHOOL.” See? It […]

Tech Bro on an Electric Skateboard Thinks He’s a Car, Tackles SoMA Streets

TweetAt first I thought Brocephus was simply standing in the crosswalk, but no, he was waiting for the green in the #2 lane of 7th Street. And off he goes, looking like an Apollo astronaut exploring the Moon: Forward, ever forward…

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