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TweetHere’s the bumper sticker: And here’s the TaxiMemoFinal from our ineffectual SFMTA: QUESTIONS: Boy, this memo sure is hard to find. Any reason for that? Is the bumper sticker aimed at the SFPD, reminding them of how to enforce traffic laws? Or is the bumper sticker aimed at SFMTA PCO’s, reminding them of how to enforce […]

Oh, I Guess the Hated / Beloved Pedestrian Bridge over Geary at Webster is Going to Stay After All? – Geary BRT Update

TweetLook at all this stuff our SFCTA was going to do: Note “Roadway redesign – mid 2016” Well guess what – the SFCTA / SFMTA recently caved, so the Bridge Over The River Geary will remain at Webster. So all these meetings were a big success, or a huge failure for the SFCTA, depending on how you look […]

Area NIMBYs Erect a Statue of Themselves Saving the World by Holding Up Their Hands

TweetAs seen on Gough in Specific Whites. Srsly: Dude in the middle is standing in front of a bulldozer, prolly, and I think the other two are arguing for preliminary injunctions. All these ppl are millionaires now, of course. Or dead. One or the other.

I Need a New iPhone Case, Man, So I’ll Go to the “APPLEMEISTER” Store in Chinatown – NO PROBLEMS HERE!

TweetHere’s what you do, you take the Apple logo, complete with a bite out of the right side and then you combine it with, IDK, how about Mickey Mouse, and then you call your electronics store on Grant near Broadway Applesomething and BABY YOU’RE IN BUSINESS! Let’s take a peek inside: It’s sparse, baby: (I […]

Our SFMTA Lacks the Energy to Keep Up with the Foot of Golden Gate Avenue, So Unofficial Orange Cones Mingle with White Posts

TweetFor a few days anyway, you’d see just a pair of white safe hit posts from the SFMTA here at the foot of Golden Gate near Market. But then along comes the unofficial SFMTrA to put the unofficial orange cones, which instigated the SFMTA into putting in the white posts, back up. So this is […]

Why Do So Many ZIPCAR Rental Cars have Out-of-State License Plates?

TweetMy first impulse, upon seeing this rental car in my ‘hood, was to exclaim: ‘Sup Arizona? How you likin’ the rain, girl? My second impulse was to ask, again, “What’s up with all the ‘Zona plates, Avis?” Is it so much easier to register your ride in Arizona? IDK Do regular Californians have the right […]

IT IS WRITTEN: “San Fran” If You’re an Out-Of-Towner and FRISCO If You’re a Local

TweetSee? I’ll tell you, the term Frisco is having a hell of a decade. As seen at Grant and Fresno. “Filthy Animal,” “See You In Hell,” and “FRISCO,” natch.

Chinatown Park and Ride: Not a Bad Deal If You Want to Park in the Financh on Weekends for $3, Sort Of

TweetHere’s the sign: And here’s the program. And here’s what Yelp has to say. I didn’t know about this deal- now I know why people are lining up to get into the Golden Gateway Garage before it opens on Saturday mornings. Seems like a good deal for those who want to while away the hours […]

SFMTA Inspector Pledges “Safe Streets” But Runs Red Lights on Market

TweetI guess he sort-of-stopped in the middle of this crosswalk on Market outbound near Jones… …like you can see more than one red here, when the light is against you… …but a second later he was off again, to wait for the reds at 7th: The signals at the goofy intersection of Market, McAllister, and […] Sends Gift Card in Enormous Box, for Some Reason

TweetI’m sure they could have fit 1000’s of gift cards in this cardboard box, but they chose to only include one and nothing else:

Facepainted Pokenmon-GO Player on Mission – This is How We Live Now, in 2016

TweetLet’s see – he’s got the shirt and the visor and matching blue hair and blue beard. I think he just might be playing PG. GO Catch all those Pocket Monsters!

Word on the Street: “BIGGER BUSES COMING TO THE 5R FULTON [LIMITED] RAPID” – Is This a Good Thing?

TweetIDK, man – 60 foot buses on McAllister? Muni Forward: Bigger buses coming to the 5R Fulton Rapid They’ll be like the Mammoth Car from Speed Racer, non? They’ll be just like this monster: Hello, Backwards MUNI. Hey, what are some of the downsides of this plan? Oh, none, none at all? Well, that’s reassuring. But […]

Tiny Grant Avenue Gets Blocked for Minutes as Tourists Hop On and Off a Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

TweetAt the entrance to Chinatown: And here’s the reverse angle of the same bus at the same place, with people still hopping on and off minutes later: How long is this process supposed to take, BigBusTours?

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