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Review of ShinHan Pass Hybrid Watercolor / Gouache

Here's a video showing how I painted a street scene on location in Phoenicia, New York (link to video).I'm test driving a new set of paint that the manufacturer sent to me to try out called ShinHan Pass Hybrid Watercolor/Gouache.It comes in a big set of 48 tube colors, far more colors than you need for any given painting. Show More Summary

Getting Even Watercolor Washes

Blog reader Kaos No Kamisama asks:"May I ask how do you get your watercolor to spread so evenly on the paper? I always end up getting different concentrations of pigment or those pesky dark corner-concentrations."Kaos, in my experience...Show More Summary

High Striker

I have only my pencils with me, so I can't capture the noise, the motion, or the color of the midway at the county fair. I look instead for the bones of the scene—the canopy with its fiberglass decorations, and the fanciful lettering...Show More Summary

Balloon Flight and Panoramas

The advent of balloon travel opened up a new way of seeing the world, and coincided with the invention of an immersive form of entertainment technology, the panorama: "No longer was the experience of landscape representation mediated by the baroque perspectival constructions of traditional city views. Show More Summary

Menzel's Technique

Traveling in beautiful nature. 1892. Gouache.[11 x 15 in.] Neumeister Auction House (NAH) Menzel's friend Paul Friedrich Meyerheim observed that Menzel’s technique was always different from other artists of his time. Painting in oils did not come easily for him, and he didn’t care very much for technical finesse. Show More Summary

Painting "Patches"

We arrive at the barn at afternoon chore time. It's raining outside and all the animals have been let out to pasture.The 4H farm girls see that we want to paint, and they have an idea. They offer to put a halter on a miniature horse and pose it for us. Show More Summary

To Draw Everything

My co-editor on the Adolph Menzel book, Christian Schlierkamp, joined me for a book signing yesterday. For the first 35 lucky customers, we included our favorite inspirational quotes relating to Menzel.Christian's quote was "alles Zeichnen...Show More Summary

Live Action Role Playing

Live action role playing. Watercolor pencils and water brushes.

Menzel and Photography

In the comments about yesterday's post about Adolph Menzel, Tom Hart wondered about Menzel's relationship with photography and mechanical drawing aids such as a camera obscura. Drei Ru?stungen und zwei Helme. [Three suits of armor and two helmets]. Show More Summary

Menzel the Sketcher

Adolph Menzel’s drawing supplies accompanied him everywhere, whether on a short walk or a long journey. He was always prepared to draw. One of his overcoats had eight pockets, each filled with sketchbooks of different sizes. On the lower...Show More Summary

Menzel Book Now Available

I'm pleased to announce that my new book on Adolph Menzel is now available, and you can get a signed copy today.Adolph Menzel (1815-1905) exhibited tremendous powers of observation and an interest in a wide range of subjects.This art...Show More Summary

Paramount Lighting

Paramount lighting is a lighting setup where a strong key light is placed above the camera or viewer, which lights the subject directly from in front. Marlene Dietrich, source Pinterest It got its name from the classic glamour shots of Hollywood celebrities like Marlene Dietrich, who insisted on it. Show More Summary

Guinea Fowl and Donkeys

Guinea fowl keets, watercolor, 5 x 8 inches Over in the barn, they've got another load of hay into the loft. The guinea fowl hatchlings (called keets) have moved into a larger enclosure. Peanut and the other donkeys got their summer haircuts. They spend these hot days in their barn stalls cooling off in front of the fans.

Ten Tips for Better Brushstrokes

Over on my Instagram page, Sean Walsh asks: "What are some tips for getting better with brushstrokes? Yours are so deliberate and telling. They do so much despite having almost no detail. Is it a "better with practice" sorta thing or is it something you've focused on specifically?"Thanks, Sean, and those are good questions. Show More Summary

Norman Teeling on Painting on Location

Dublin artist Norman Teeling (born 1944) describes the experience of painting on location. "When I paint a picture," he say, "I want to be elevated, I want to escape from the mundane and enter a world of the romantic whether it be an interior or a landscape."Thanks, Garin.

Joe Derrane (1930-2016)

Yesterday we lost one of the great Irish accordion players, Joe Derrane, at age 86. We saw him at the Paddy O'Brien festival in Tipperary soon after his triumphant return from retirement. Joe played the dance halls in Boston in the 1940s in a highly ornamental style that was all his own. Show More Summary

Splitting Color Illusion

This optical illusion by shows two identical, flickering colored stripes that remain the same throughout the presentation. As the background colors change around them, however, the stripe changes its appearance. Discoverer Mark Vergeer...Show More Summary

Reminder: Food Truck Challenge

Reminder: The Food Truck Painting Challenge is ongoing. The goal is to paint a vehicle used for mobile catering. It's free to enter and the deadline is August 15. This is an old milk wagon that I sketched when I was an art student.Read more about the Food Truck Painting Challenge.

Pencil Accents

Here's a sketch of a barn in upstate New York. After a quick lay-in where I carefully measure all the perspective and spacing, I lay down some big washes, very slightly warm and cool, with a few orange accents. The pencil then comes in to describe textures and accents, from the fine wires on top of the ventilators to the rough texture of the shingles.

Fine Art and Illustration

Blog reader Gary Gowans asks: "Where do you draw the line between fine art and illustration? How about galleries? Does it matter? I have been painting just short of photo realism and am in several good galleries BUT, I love the illustrators of the Golden Age as well as like Fuchs, English, and Robt. Show More Summary

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