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Big Brother 16 Episode 15

Nobody was surprised when Brittany was evicted in Big Brother 16 Episode 14, and then Zach and Frankie won (for lack of a better term) HOH.

Big Brother 16 Episode 14

Caleb won the power of veto competition but took the quick cash instead, allowing Victoria to save herself in Big Brother 16 Episode 13. That leaves Brittany on the block against Donny, and I can’t imagine any amount of editing making it look like there’s a chance Donny will go home.

Big Brother 16 Episode 13

Following the nominations of Victoria & Brittany and Jocasta & Amber in Big Brother 16 Episode 12, Jocasta & Amber won the battle of the block, leaving Victoria & Brittany in danger of going home. I’m not sure anyone would care about either of them getting evicted.

Big Brother 16 Episode 12

There was neither a lot of surprise nor tears when Devin was unanimously voted out of the house in Big Brother 16 Episode 11.

Big Brother 16 Episode 11

After Devin lost the veto competition, he was put up on the block as Jocasta’s replacement in Big Brother 16 Episode 10. Whatever enemies Caleb may be making, it seems more than just wishful thinking for Devin if he hopes to survive the night.

Big Brother 16 Episode 10

Caleb got himself nominated on purpose so that he could “save” Amber in Big Brother 16 Episode 9, as he and the heretofore (and still) invisible Jocasta lost the battle of the block to Amber and Donny.

Big Brother 16 Episode 9

Despite Zach’s blow up at the veto ceremony, the house got together and decided in Big Brother 16 Episode 8 to eliminate the truly big threat… Paola. Derrick and Nicole won HOH following the eviction. Derrick seems happy to be in this position. Nicole, not so much. That competition was so lame that the only way [...]

Big Brother 16 Episode 8

After Devin pretty much told everyone that he was going to keep them safe, he ended up removing his original target Brittany from the block and replacing her with fellow alliance member Zach in Big Brother 16 Episode 7. We now rejoin the chaos already in progress.

Big Brother 16 Episode 7

Devin nominated Paola & Brittany, and Amber nominated Hayden & Nicole in Big Brother 16 Episode 6. Hayden & Nicole won the battle of the block, leaving Brittany and her big mouth on the block against Paola, who may or may not have thrown the challenge.

Big Brother 16 Episode 6

Following Joey’s eviction in Big Brother 16 Episode 5, Amber and Devin won HOH, ensuring the continued dominanace of the Bomb Squad for at least one more week. It doesn’t really seem to matter for Cody whether he is HOH or not, but he makes a valid point. Devin is a ticking time bomb. Speaking of [...]

Big Brother 16 Episode 5

Donny won a spelling competition in Big Brother 16 Episode 4 that saved him from the block, while everybody else was unable to find all the letters to create any words. Not at all suspicious. In his place, Joey was nominated alongside Paola.

Big Brother 16 Episode 4

Caleb nominated Donny and Paola, and Frankie nominated Victoria and Brittany in Big Brother 16 Episode 3. Following the very first battle of the block, Victoria and Brittany were safe, while Frankie was put back into the potential nomination pool, having possibly made two new enemies for no good reason. As easy as it is [...]

Big Brother 16 Episode 3

Caleb became the week’s second HOH in Big Brother 16 Episode 2. Because there are two HOHs, they get to share a room. Frankie has a plan to be as fake as possible and pretend that he likes Caleb, despite his prejudged notions that he’s a conservative hick. Devin, who’s allied with half the house already, now [...]

Big Brother 16 Episode 2

A bunch of stupid twists started off the season in Big Brother 16 Episode 1, and Frankie ended up being the first person to win HOH this week. For those of you keeping score at home, today is Ariana Grande’s birthday. You don’t want to pass up this opportunity, CBS.

Big Brother 16 Episode 1

It’s time once again for the show everybody loves to hate. This year is the first season in HD, which means the producers must be getting more comfortable with their ability to rig competitions without getting caught. Early reports suggest more “controversial” houseguests. I can’t wait to be “upset” about people being “racist” again episode [...]

Jillian Michaels Quits The Biggest Loser. Again. (Again.)

Jillian Michaels is planning to leave The Biggest Loser again and will not be appearing as a trainer during the upcoming season 16 according to a report from Us. The last two times she left the show, it lasted for less than a year before she ended up coming back. Of course, the way things are [...]

Survivor: Cagayan Winner

How the heck did we end up here? Trish’s elimination in Survivor: Cagayan Episode 12 brought us down to the final four: Spencer Bledsoe, Tony Vlachos, Kassandra “Kass” McQuillen, and Yung “Woo” Hwang. Strangely enough, two of the final four come from the Brains tribe, the most inept, incompetent, and frankly dumb tribe quite possibly in [...]

The Amazing Race 24 Winners

Leo & Jamal were another surprise elimination in The Amazing Race 24 Episode 11, leaving us with a final three I don’t think anyone saw coming. I had counted Dave & Connor out early, but they have proved to be one of this season’s strongest teams, though they still think they deserve preferential treatment of not [...]

Survivor: Cagayan Episode 12

There was a glimmer of hope these idiots would stop doing what’s best for Tony’s game in Survivor: Cagayan Episode 11, but it was short-lived as Tasha was sent home.

The Amazing Race 24 Episode 11

The alliance may have been targeting and whining about Brendon & Rachel in The Amazing Race 24 Episode 10, but Leo & Jamal wanted to get rid of the bigger threats, U-turning and eliminating Jet & Cord instead.

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