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The Social Responsibility Of Social Media

The right to participate within the public dialogue has always come with responsibility. Television had its obligation to share the news. Radio and television participate in the Emergency Alert System. Newspapers have a self-enforced...Show More Summary

Light-Bulb Idea: Con Ed Should Build Up Its Social Media Infrastructure

I don't know about you, but I still find myself in a post-Sandy hangover. I realize that makes this a prolonged condition, but today's reason is the little Nor 'easter, which, while David to Sandy's Goliath, still dumped enough snow around here last night to delay the start of school until 10:30 a.m. Show More Summary

A (Social Media) Insider Look At IWearYourShirt

Many of us feel as if our lives revolve around social media -- that the lines between work and personal are nonexistent. For Jason Sadler, founder of IWearYourShirt, this is actually true. Since 2008, Sadler has been using social media to help businesses gain attention, attract consumers, augment search results and garner research. Show More Summary

Here Comes Sandy! Or, Facebook, Unplugged

Remember how quaint it used to be when rock stars like Kurt Cobain used to do a live "unplugged" set on MTV? It almost always felt more visceral than when the musicians actually plugged in all of heir amps, guitars and wah-wah pedals and turned up the volume. Show More Summary

Four Lessons For Social Media Preparedness From Sandy

The unfortunate reality is that we need to be more prepared now than we were 10 years ago -- no matter what part of the country we live in -- in the wake of more flooding, ice storms, earthquakes, blizzards, and tornadoes. Whether aShow More Summary

Facebook's Mobile Problem Suddenly Vanishes

So, remember that thing about Facebook's mobile problem, way back, say, six months ago? It's gone! Like that! Courtesy of Facebook's Q3 earnings report, which surprised the world into actually buying he stock. The next day, it hit a high of $24 share, about 25% higher than it was before the announcement.

'Return On Investment' Isn't The Same As 'Great Metrics'

With so many metrics at our disposal, it's incredibly easy for a social media marketer to simply focus on metrics instead of return on investment. But few of us get paid for good stats alone. Our businesses want us to make them money. Show More Summary

Binders - Or, Stop Me Before I Meme Again

Before I begin, forgive me for often being more into social memes than social metrics. But although I find it fascinating that a study released today says only 6% of alleged fans of a brand on Facebook actually interact with it, I'm actually more in the mood to talk about binders. Oh, sheesh, binders? That's so 36 hours ago.

Social Can't Succeed Without Experiential

Social marketers need to be event marketers. As a social media professional, if you don't have plans for event marketing in your 2013 budget, you'd better lower your projected metrics for the year.

In Social, Is A Picture Now Worth Lots Of Money?

After all this, is social really coming back back to the old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words"? Or maybe I should embellish a bit: "A picture is worth a thousand words -- and lots of money if it has an e-commerce button attached"?

Viral Isn't A Four-Letter Word

But the word "plan" is. I'm officially over talking about a "plan" for viral social engagement. This could be my Jerry Maguire moment, so prepare for either a rant or a manifesto -- you tell me which.

Why Don't We Pay Attention To Do-Not-Track?

I can safely say that the session on online privacy wasn't the best-attended offering at OMMA Social at Advertising Week on Tuesday. Sure, it was late in the day, but there's a part of me that thinks, in addition, it's because no one wants to talk about it. Show More Summary

Time To Treat Your Customers Like Cavemen

Let's party like it's 100,000 B.C. Psychologically, there are many ways we haven't changed much from that early man. The biggest failing of digital marketers is when we think of consumers as "digital consumers" instead of just "consumers."

Why Myspace Is Like Your Ex-Boyfriend

Maybe it's a sign of my pitiful life that I've spent part of the week thinking about Myspace. The musings about Myspace, which unveiled its redesign a few days ago, have gone like this: Should I write about the new, sleek Myspace? Is...Show More Summary

It's Google+ Vs. MySpace, Not Google+ Vs. Facebook

Here's the thing: There's only one social network that will topple Facebook, and that's Facebook. People like their homes. It's why Oklahomans don't move after multiple tornadoes. It's why Detroit keeps rebuilding. And, it's why I stay in San Francisco despite living through the '89 earthquake. Show More Summary

Why The Second Social Media Election Is The First Post-Paid-Media Election

Oh, for the good old days of 2008, when the presidential race between then Sen. Barack Obama and still Sen. John McCain was dubbed the "first social media election." Now let's fast-forward to 2012 and he second social media election -- the one where social gets ugly.

Trimming The Fat And Dropping The Pounds

Excess weight is on my mind today. It could be because I started a 90-day Fitness Challenge. Or because I bought a FitBit for the challenge. Or because the FitBit told me my body fat is 29%. Or it might be because I got the 5.5 pound, inch-thick Restoration Hardware Source Book in my mailbox. Yeah, that's probably it. So get ready for a litany of weight metaphors....

Does (Customer) Loyalty Drive Referrals -- OR Do Referrals Drive Loyalty?

The smart aleck answer is, of course, "yes." But let's dig further. That loyalty drives referrals is easy enough to recognize. We can see how (some) loyal customers become advocates for a product or brand, and choose to refer others....Show More Summary

Five Reasons Mark Zuckerberg Needs To Get Out More

Here's my takeaway from TechCrunch's Disrupt conference this week: Mark Zuckerberg needs to get out more. If you haven't watched the Facebook founder's half-hour sitdown the other day with Michael Arrington, the TechCrunch swami, then you should. Show More Summary

Why Pinterest Is Frozen Yogurt, And Not Ice Cream

"$138 million is not a lot of money." Yep, I said that. In a fit of frustration. Publicly. On video. You see, an audience member asked a question at the tail end of our panel at last month's Social Media Insider Summit. A question that presupposed Pinterest was overvalued and overfunded at $138 million in funding.

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