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Path Deactivating Accounts. But Doesn’t (Really) Say Why. [Update]

I really like Path. It’s the social network I use the most on my mobile. That’s why I was very distraught this morning to hear from a Seattle based friend of mine, @PatrickByers, whose account was “deactivated.” by Path yesterday. The notice (below) implies that Patrick’s account should not have … Continue reading ?

We Have Moved

As you may or may not have noticed, I’m not posting here anymore. I’m currently in the process of moving the old content from here, to here and all future posts will be made here. I’d invite you to join me on my new site if you haven’t already.

Social Media Got Boring

It’s been quiet here. It’s not that I haven’t quit blogging, quite the opposite) it’s just that I’m not blogging about social media that much. Like I noted back in April, I’ve moved most of my blogging to Tumblr and am posting shorter posts, more frequently. So why the change? … Continue reading ?

Competition is just egoic posturing.

Competitive research. Espionage. Keeping up with the Joneses. Trying to put the other guy out of business. These are all egoic activities that excite our brains into thinking we’re doing something important.  When our egos run our actions, we define everything that’s not us as an “other” to be avoided … Continue reading ?

The Future of Social Advertising: Emotionally Charged and Interconnected

  Just over two years ago I wrote a post called, The Cloud Opened Up and Rained Marketing Data.  I put on my futurist hat and I wondered, “What is the worst thing that could happen with social media?” This is the blog post I don’t want to write in … Continue reading ?

The Social Business and Social Intranets

ReadWriteWeb has a fun little series called “What Ever Happened To…”. Their first post was about Start Pages (you can see my thoughts here) and today they’ve posted on Intranets. While I don’t actually think these technologies have totally disappeared, I do agree that they have, or are, radically changing. Most enterprise … Continue reading ?

Culturematic: Building Your Own Fast Fail Labs To Get Ahead Of The Change.

Grant McCracken is an anthropologist, but not one of those stuffy academic anthropologist. Grant is probably one of the biggest connoisseurs of pop culture there is. I really don’t know how Grant manages to be as active on social media as he is, watch as much TV as he must … Continue reading ?

Micropreneurs In The Crowd Are No Longer Just Techie Geeks

Over the last three years I’ve been watching, what I call, The Rise of the Micropreneur. There are a few factors here. One is what Clay Shirky talks about in his book Cognitive Surplus. People have more time on their hands and they want to do something fulfilling with that … Continue reading ?

The Future Of Technology: Get Involved Or Get Sidelined

This post is supposed to be a review of a new book out by Nick Harkaway called The Blind Giant: Being Human in a Digital World. Not one to bury my lead, I think it’s a great book and you should all go buy it right now. So with that … Continue reading ?

Discussing DIY Marketing with Rob Michael Hugel of ‘I Hate Being Single’

While Malcolm Gladwell made the “tipping point” a part of our shared lexicon over a decade ago, the desire to put a finer point on why one thing succeeds (and others fail) has been in our genes from the beginning. It’s only natural to want to pick apart the success … Continue reading ?

Path Deactivating Accounts. But Doesn’t (Really) Say Why.

I really like Path. It’s the social network I use the most on my mobile. That’s why I was very distraught this morning to hear from a Seattle based friend of mine, @PatrickByers, whose account was “deactivated.” by Path yesterday. The notice (below) implies that Patrick’s account should not have … Continue reading ?

Coming (Back) Soon

I’ve been on hiatus here for about a month. Only posting once a month is normal for some people, it’s a long time to go silent on this blog but I’ve decided not to totally give up on the blog. I’ve got some longer term goals and some bigger changes … Continue reading ?

I’m not here right now

You have probably noticed that it’s been exceptionally quite here. Or maybe you didn’t. I’m still posting, just not here. Being one to always experiment, I’m off experimenting. This isn’t the end of this blog (at least not yet). But after five plus years I’m questioning if this is the … Continue reading ?

Your Privacy Is A Commodity And You Will Continue To Give it Away

We live in a rapidly evolving time. It’s scary. We’re going from a time where we lived our lives in private to where we are increasingly living in public. What we did behind closed doors, what media we consumed, what conversations we had, who our friends were, what news articles … Continue reading ?

The Week In Links 4-1-12

Well it was a little bit of a slow week here on the blog precisely because it was such a busy week for me at work. Lot’s of client meetings and serious work stuff. But as it is Sunday it’s that time to share the best of the weekly links … Continue reading ?

How Will Gamification Really Work?

There’s still a lot of healthy skepticism around gamification. This is a good thing and totally justified. When I first read Game-Based Marketing: Inspire Customer Loyalty Through Rewards, Challenges, and Contests, I wasn’t immediately convinced. Gamification is a total buzz word that really doesn’t mean anything yet because there aren’t … Continue reading ?

First the Kindle Ate My Books, Then it Ate My Magazines

2011 was the year I started switching over most of my printed content to digital. I was a hold out on the Kindle and while I’ve never subscribed to a newspaper in my life, I’ve always had a soft spot for magazines. But recently I’ve moved two of my remaining … Continue reading ?

The Week In Links 3-25-12

This is my weekly roundup of the best links I’ve shared on the New Comm Biz Lite Tumblr site.  All of those links show up on Facebook, Twitter and in the stream to the left hand side of the blog here. But they don’t show up in the RSS feed and with so many links, you may … Continue reading ?

Warning Signs Your Team Might Be In Trouble

Here’s a great post from earlier in the week that I just stumbled on (h/t @marshallk). Based on data it shows how a great functioning team communicate, and it turns out it doesn’t much matter what they communicate about or how efficient they are in meetings. As leaders (because I … Continue reading ?

Path Still Has A Rocky Road Ahead

Despite early success Path, the newest social networking hit that has nothing to do with "pinning," still has a long way to go. Continue reading ?

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