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I Need Your Help Crowdsourcing Blog Topic Ideas

I have just over a week left of “National Just Write Month” and I was sitting here trying to plan out the rest of my posts. I’ve been able to come up with a few ideas but nothing that I’m super excited about. I also have a dozen ideas sitting in draft form, but they’ve [...]

Humanizing Your Business Is Your Greatest Challenge. Here’s How To Do It.

One of my favorite perks of being a blogger is getting to read free copies of business books that the publishers then hope I’ll write a review on. I don’t always write reviews of the books and because I’m such a slow reader I never write them on time (close to launch) but inevitably something in the [...]

Could Gamification Replace Management?

What’s your immediate response to the idea of replacing all management in your company with leader boards and badges? Does it scare you? Does it make you angry? Does it seem so ludicrously Machiavellian that you laugh in disgust? Good, me too.  The more I think about this the more I like it the more I LOVE [...]

Netflix Trying To Buy Back Customer Loyalty By Resurrecting Arrested Development. Works For Me

Netflix is pulling out all the stops. After getting their assets handed to them by dissatisfied customers and having to pull a whiplash-quick about face on their plans to separate the streaming business from their rental business they’re doing everything they can to reverse the bleeding. Show More Summary

Week 3 of National Just Write Month: You Think Too Much

We’re in the home stretch now. Three weeks down of writing everyday. How do you feel? I feel pretty good. This last week was kind of rough. There were multiple things going on at work that conspired to stop me, but I kept with it. I know this week isn’t going to be easy, but [...]

Experiment on Your Normal Friends to Figure Out What’s Next

I’ve warned you all before that you’re all part of one big experiment for me. But I’ve promised to always share the learnings from said experiments in forms of blog posts (which further propagate the experiment). But ultimately what am I trying to find out? I came across a great answer today while reading Neal Stephenson‘s new book, Reamde (which [...]

When Location and the Mobile Web Breakdown

A year and a half ago the GeoWars took front stage at SXSW. For the next year the war would wage with dozens of of apps fighting for this small niche they all believed would be huge. But eventually Foursquare won out. Any LBS company, service or app still out there had to pivot. Even [...]

When Things Get Hard, Remember The Larger Goal.

I’m about half way through both National Just Write Month and #Movember. Two weeks in is about the time you hit “the wall” on a daily commitment. Doing something consistently is hard. Humans are not consistent. We’re creatures of habit and we might behave predictably sometimes but to ask us to do something everyday consistently, [...]

A Shed Load of Global Social Media Stats

If you’re like me you’re always having to pull together presentations and training decks for a variety of reasons. Today I was pulling together a bunch of social media stats specific to Europe (bellow) and was recommended Social Bakers and Factbrowser. Both are amazing! Factbrowser is basically your one stop shop for any fact you’ve heard but [...]

Tuesday Tips: SM101 – business strategy, go where it matters, and get a policy

Today’s video series is provided y our frequent contributor @katlen. Katlen’s day job is a as a community manager for Microsoft’s World Wide Partner Group. Today she shares some tips with us on developing a social media strategy.  In my day job, I manage the community for Microsoft partners – a vast ecosystem of technology [...]

America Succeeds Because We Fail A Lot

In the nearly five months I’ve been working in EMEA I’ve already been to London, England; Munich, Germany; Paris, France; Edinburgh, Scotland; Johannesburg, South Africa and am already making travel plans for Turkey, Finland, Ireland and Italy. When I go to each of these location I make a point to spend at least a full [...] Great For Fake Girlfriends, Bad For SEO

Today we’re pleased to have another guest post from @ben_beck.  If you’ve wondered what you can get for $5 these days, look no farther than The site is simple, everything costs $5, and It is amazing to see what creative lengths people will go to for $5. Some of the most creative offerings on [...]

How to Market Using Facebook – According to Facebook

I mentioned that last week I went to the Adobe Social Analytics UK launch event last week. For me the most interesting part of the conference was the talk by Facebook’s Gavin Sathianathan @gavinho (he actually didn’t provide his Twitter handle but others found it). What I took away from Gavin’s presentation were some tips on [...]

Could the British Isles Save Netflix?

Netflix got their assets handed to them this last year. I love Netflix. I was very sad that I had to cancel my subscription when I moved over. I wasn’t mad about the pricing change and while I didn’t like the name, I thought the Qwikster strategy was a good one – long term. It obviously [...]

Week 2 of National Just Write Month: Why Should You Write?

Along with a lot of other people, I challenged everyone to dedicate this month to the written word. I’ve even decided to publish everyday this month here on the blog. But why? Who cares? I’ve written a lot about change and more importantly how you can adjust to change and I can tell you that [...]

Everyone in social media needs to chill out!

Stress is an amazing thing. We actually do better as humans with a certain amount of stress. We perform better, we’re more productive and we’re actually happier with some stress in our lives. And we can cope with an immense amount of the stuff. But no one in the world we live in today is at [...]

Social Analytics Tools are Finally Getting Serious

I had the pleasure of attending the #AdobeSocial Analytics UK launch event yesterday. This was one of the better product launch events I’ve been to. The St. Pancras Hotel where the event was held is amazing. It’s a gorgeous Victorian building inside and out. Very impressive. Adobe were great hosts, the information was rich and the attendees [...]

What’s Next In Social Media?

Social media is maturing, it’s becoming ubiquitous. It will mature the exact same way as every other marketing channel. Efforts will be optimized, ROI will be maximized and organizations that really embrace social media/social business will transform their industries. But all of this is going to happen at two levels. The granular, ‘how do you get [...]

Every American Should Have to Live Overseas and Everyone Should Visit America

The most important thing I’ve learned living and traveling across Europe and Africa over the last five months is that we are all more the same than we are different and that we all think we’re more different than we really are. With the exception of a few brainwashed portions of the World, the rest [...]

Stale Ideas, Emotional Narratives and Limited Options #SIC2011

Today we are privileged to have another guest post from @MattWhiting. The recap of #SIC2011 sounds great, I’m sorry I missed it. Last week I spent two days at the first annual Seattle Interactive Conference, a massive gathering of design, marketing, communications and web development professionals that focuses on the question of how to best break through to [...]

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