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I owe you an appology

Dear readers, I’m sorry that if you follow my on one of my blogs or one of the social networks you are part of my continuous experiments. I am constantly testing how people react to the posts I write on New Com Biz, Wall Notes or /tacanderson. I experiment between the New Comm Biz Facebook [...]

The Economy is Still Broken Because No One Has Actually Fixed Anything

All The Rules Have Changed But Companies and Governments Are Still Trying To Play The Same Game As I’ve stated before I’m not an economist but I’m starting to think that not being an economist, but being a participant observer, makes me a better judge of what’s wrong and how to fix it. So with [...]

Reporters Using Quora as Story Source. What Does PR Need To Know?

Dorothy Pomerantz, @DorothyAtForbes who is a staff writer at Forbes and writes the Show Me The Money blog, recently posted a question on Quora: What franchise could replicate the success of the Harry Potter movies? She then took those answers and used them to write her story: Some Ideas for Replacing ‘Harry Potter’. Quora is a natural platform for [...]

How Correlated are Social Media and the Recession?

We talk a lot about the recession. We talk a lot about social media and it’s disruptive nature. I’ve noted before that the industry of social media has only benefited from the recession. And I’ve always believed that entrepreneurs had the most to gain and that they are our best way out of this. It [...]

Why Is Change So Hard?

There’s a lot of talk in the business world about “change management.” There are countless books about it out there. Change management books are about as effective as diet books. And strangely they’re both dealing with the same root problem: People don’t like to change. Change is scary. We are programmed to avoid change. It [...]

When Businesses Die

This was a hard post for me to write. I tried 3 or 4 times over the last few days to write it. I’d start and stare at the plank page (page meaning my computer screen), I’d write something and delete it (something I rarely do). I tried writing in my Moleskine, which is usually [...]

Are You Lucky Or Do You Just Think You Are?

I came across this great article on HBR a few weeks back and have been meaning to do a quick post on it. It’s about those really lucky people in business that we all know. The ones who work hard and always seem to catch a break. Yeah, you know where this is going. Yes [...]

Being a Selfish Blogger.

If you want to have a really popular blog, don’t follow my example.  According to all the blogging “experts”, if you want a famously successful blog make all your posts about your readers and the benefit to them. Write nothing but top 10 lists and 12 steps to better whatever posts. Basically spoon feed all [...]

Hand Crafted Marketing

What is quality? I have this debate all the time with my creatives. I don’t believe that quality means more expensive (necessarily). But you watch a video like this and you can’t help but appreciate the craft and the time that people put into building or making something by hand. UP THERE from Jon on [...]

The Future of Digital: Clients Advisory Presentation

Last week I had the opportunity to present to a group of our clients that represented multiple verticals across Europe. The topic I was asked to speak on was the Future of Digital. You know, no pressure. And actually my presentation is more about how companies can deal with environment that our digital world is creating and [...]

The Big Difference Between Startups Now vs During the Last Bubble

There’s a lot of talk about the next tech bubble. And while I’m sure there will be market adjustments (as there always is) I think there are a lot of things that are more over inflated than the tech world. Like education, personal debt and I still think the housing crisis isn’t over. I said [...]

What Should Big Book Retailers Do To Stay Relevant? What Would You Do?

In the news today, Borders is closing all remaining stores. It was unavoidable that a few of the big bookstores were doomed. But even Borders larger competitor, Barnes and Noble is struggling. Both have launched eReaders to challenge the Kindle. B&N’s Nook is doing better than the Borders backed Kobo (which still lives on). The [...]

The Rebirth of Tom Anderson, Founder of MySpace on Google+

Is this the first Google+ post on Techmeme? As I do every morning I check Techmeme to see what’s up – or more accurately since I moved to London, what happened in the tech World in the States today. The title of the post caught my attention but then I noticed the source was Google+ and a [...]

The Flaw In My Digital Book Plan

We’re out and about in London today. The girls (@jenxmusic & @Emma_Lorene) are out shopping in Coventry Garden for Emma’s birthday. The first stop we made this morning was Waterstone’s bookstore. It’s a great place in a cool building and we picked up about 5 books. The we went to lunch. Emma wanted burgers for [...]

Your Privacy Was An Illusion Even Before Social Networks

I’ll start this article by telling you the number one way to keep your privacy: Don’t be anyone worth finding. I’m not a very private type and I apologize to those of you that are and admit that I don’t have the same perspective you do. And to make matters worse, I’m American and the [...]

Mobile Monday: Consumer Impact, Android Trouble, Tablet Trends and Gaming [10 Links]

I know I just did a 10 Links post last Monday but I couldn’t help myself. And if there’s one category that’s dominated my 10 Links posts, it’s Mobile. Admittedly, I love mobile. I love the phones (all of them). I love the apps (not all of them). But what I love the most is [...]

3 Tips From A Brit to Americans on Doing Social Media in Europe

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of my video posts. For those who may not have seen one yet, I always try and keep these around 2 minutes or less and I don’t edit them at all. It’s all done in one take and what you see is what you get. This time [...]

Challenge: Read Everything You Share. Comment on Half of What You Share.

As was pointed out yesterday, the amount of sharing is increasing at an exponential rate. The fact is that most of it is rubbish (I’m practicing my ‘English’). As is highlighted in recent posts by Ray Augie and Gavin Heaton, “Likes” don’t mean much and if you want real value you need to move beyond surface level [...]

Social Networking is at an Inflection Point with Exponential Growth in Sharing.

My quick take on the Skype/Facebook partnership is that it doesn’t sound like much, but this will be huge, especially for families. I can guarantee this will push @jenxmusic’s parents over the edge to finally join Facebook so they can talk to their grand kids. (Disclosure Microsoft is a client, we’ve done work with Skype on the [...]

What Is Your Value Timeline?

I have a confession. I’m actually not a big Seth Godin fan. I like him well enough and I think he’s talented at coming up with great analogies not coming up with anything new. I don’t mean to disrespect him, I just don’t think he’s as great as most in the Marketing World seem to think. But [...]

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