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Hillary and Misogyny

Hillary Clinton professes to support women, but she actually supports those who treat women atrociously, from her own husband to the woman-hating "religion of peace."

ISIS and US: Believers vs. Agnostics

Ideological castrati are now the ascendant leadership cohort in Europe and the Americas. Mohammed’s madmen, in contrast, are motivated by belief, ideas for which they will die.

The Yik-Yak Revolution

The attitude of many of the students now disrupting college campuses resembles the popular social media app.

Einstein, Your GPS (and Me)

Thanks to Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, we are able to use Global Positioning Systems. But without a small discovery of your author, they would not be accurate.

GMO Crops and 'Organic' Crops

Look forward to the day when we might even see the world's first certified-organic, genetically-modified crop.

New Breastfeeding Studies: Mainstream Media Still Ignores the Obvious

The liberal media have for decades either ignored, or worse, deceived the public on, the abortion/breast cancer link.

After Paris I Understand Winston Churchill's Relief

For me, each new terror outrage is a good sign. It tells me that we are getting closer to the inflection point where we demand that our glorious leaders “do something” and realize that the War on Radical Islamism must really be foug...

The Alien Nation on Its Way

Liberalism can liquidate a society. It cannot build one. The Syrian refugees are an opportunity for Liberals to push further toward liquidation of the American Experiment.

The Amazing Life of Frederick Forsyth

An interview with the man whose real life covering the greatest events of the twentieth century is twice as fascinating as the thrillers he has written.

Trump a Liar? The Real Story about Deceit in Racial Crime Numbers

Even the most ardent Critical Race Theorists have trouble denying the enormous disparity of crime rates among races. But...

Thought Terminated: Kafka at Kansas University

The university’s essence has been reversed. No longer a haven of philosophical detachment and open discussion, it is now the foremost exemplar of the mob mentality

The Strange Case of the Secular Progressive-Islamist Alliance

You'll see the similarites between these two seemingly completely different groups if you look closely.

Muslim Immigration Now vs. Jewish Immigration Then

In the opinion of some, we must let in all Muslims now to atone for our refusal to admit Jewish refugees from Nazism then.

Harvard Plans Divisive Anti-America Conference

Another splenetic conference where the participants can express their self-righteous indignation at the so-called oppressive status quo.

Paris, ISIS, and the Externalization of Evil

The conclusions France and the West have drawn from the Paris massacre are not only wrong, but likely to guarantee more of the same.

Why Kids Can't Read

The biggest challenge we have in education is to make people take responsibility for what they are allowing.

Feminist Teacher's Lesson Plan: Discriminate against Boys

Legos are now girls-only, and kindergarten boys can play with them "when Hell freezes over."

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