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Dr. Lisa Bardack’s Faustian Bargain

Dr. Bardack could have anticipated little downside to becoming Hillary Clinton’s personal physician. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton corrupts everyone who serves her.

Mainstream Conservatives and the Alt-Right

The toxic combination of mass immigration and unbridled multiculturalism is bad for America, but it doesn't have to be fatal.

How Trump Wins the Debates

Americans will be watching the presidential debates closely – not for policies or ideas, but for images and demeanor. So Trump has a natural advantage right out of the gate.

Hillary's Two Medical Minefields

As the final weeks of election season approach, things are not going to get any easier for Herself – or for the media operatives shilling for her.

Two Candidates, One Shot at Turning the Economy and the Nation

Looking under the hoods of the presidential candidates’ respective economic platforms makes it clear that Donald Trump understands what makes for job creation and economic growth.

Tainted by Suspicion: A Book Review

There never was a "golden age" of political decorum in the United States.

The Three Types of Men

What percentage of our country is made up of those who won't see evil until it's too late?

The Lie That Launched Black Lives Matter

Not enough attention has been paid to BLM's original lie, one that may eventually launch a thousand riots before it burns itself out.

Regarding Charlotte, Black and Blue Lives, and Lies

There are more of us who love God, our country, our national anthem and our flag than those who do not.

Hillary's Pneumonia Hokum: A Timeline

Going forward, there are two things that will be dogging Hillary if she is indeed hiding a neurological condition.

Trump and the Anti-Elite ‘Intellectual’ Moment

Many of the “intellectual class” are dumb indeed, so smugly sure of themselves that they simply insult those with whom they disagree.

Signs of the Times

Voters on both sides have gone into stealth mode out of fear and/or personal discomfort of being associated with either major candidate.

The Anger Is Real

It's not just Hillary Clinton's "deplorables" disgusted with both parties and the whole political system. It's broader than that.

The UN is coming for your E-cigs

As it happens time and time again with government, once a course of action is taken, all evidence indicating that the direction that has been taken may be a wrong one is quelled.

Did Christie’s ‘Islam Problem’ Lead to the Ahmad Terrorist Attacks?

What universe is Chris Christie living in, in which he believes that terrorists abide by geographic and law enforcement jurisdictional lines?

The Useless Left

If the federal government was reduced to the tiny size needed to perform its constitutional purposes, all the perverse silliness that is leftism in America, taken off Washington life support, would become useful or shrivel into a hollow dead husk.

Donald Trump and the Politics of Righteous Anger

With victory in his grasp, the question is: can Trump go too far? Can he whip up the rage, but not so much that it backfires?

Islamist Killers Do Not Have a 'Right' to Be Here

Those who believe that sharia law trumps the Constitution should not be allowed in. And those who look the other way should never become president of the United States.

Iran Sanctions Have Ended – and the Mass Executions Have Restarted

Nothing has been done to improve Iranians’ living conditions, and no social freedom or justice is on the horizon. On the contrary, tougher repression and mass executions are the only gift to the Iranian people after sanctions ended.

Ireland Will Not Bite the Apple

The Emerald Isle rejects a huge handout from the EU to defend job-creating Apple.

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