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It is Time for Trump to Unify the Party

While many in the Republican Party rally to his side -– albeit with varying degrees of enthusiasm -- Trump continues to make it almost impossible for large swaths of the party’s voters to join the Trump train.

Donald Trump Is Right To Think That Something Is ‘Very Fishy’ About The Vincent Foster Death

The lead prosecutor investigating the Foster death for the Office of Independent Counsel resigned and wrote, “the existing FBI interview reports and USPP interview reports do not accurately reflect witness statements.”

General Petraeus and Victorious Jihad

The goals of Long War aficionados are “stability” and “nation building” and other such vagaries. Success or military victory is not part of the discussion.

Back to 1980: Could Trump put Humpty Dumpty back together again?

In many ways the problems that currently face the American economy are far deeper than those that were staring at Ronald Reagan after he won the 1980 election.

Love Sins: The Reality of Love Versus Modern Romanticism

When large denominations like the United Methodists have nothing more to offer the modern world than that world’s own problematic concept of love, one has to wonder why they even bother to exist.

Attention, Deirdre McCloskey: Here’s the Big Thing about the Bourgeoisie

When you are not that interested in power, you find that the whole world opens up to you.

Eighties America Through the Eyes of KGB Deep Cover Agents: The Americans

The FX Cable Network series seen on Wednesdays explores deep waters through the eyes of Soviet agents posing as a normal, middle class American couple.

A Memorial Day Reminder (and a Thank You)

A tale emblematic of the strain of honor and bravery that still permeates the American character

BDS and Free Speech

Is BDS free speech, a democratic movement to effect change in the Mideast, or anti-Semitic discrimination intended to destroy Israel?

Trump, Thomas More, and the Short Route to Chaos

“And when we die, and you are sent to heaven for doing your conscience, and I am sent to hell for not doing mine, will you come with me, for fellowship?"

What Heroes Do

Two stories of incredible courage to commemorate our troops.

The American 'Idiocracy' and Eastern Europe

How to alienate your allies by allying yourselves with the aliens.

Sacrifices and Exemplary Lives

No one person can presume to actually understand the mental and physical toll military service takes on a soldier.

Why is only Bill Clinton’s ‘Dirty Laundry’ Off Limits?

For the first time, Bill and Hillary Clinton’s dirty laundry will be on full display to the world.

Five Clarifying Months

The beauty and benefit of the coming five months is that Trump will have the field to himself, so we can get a very good idea about what kind of president he will.

Russia, Solzhenitsyn, and the Reset Button

If Russia is an enigma, it is due to Western blindness, a blindness that is largely due to spiritual cataracts.

Islamic Discrimination Against Women

Islamic Sharia law is incompatible with conventions on human rights regarding the place of women in the legal order and in all spheres of private and public life.

Turkey on the Road to the Precipice

Turkish president Erdo?an's ambitions are clear: a new Ottoman Empire. His maniacal plan will lead his nation into disaster.

Why Morality is the Only Thing We Should Legislate

Everyone advocating legislation seeks to impose a conception of morality or, as modernists are wont to put it, a “values” set.

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