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Hillary Gets (More Than) a Little Help from Her Media Friends

Ruth Marcus is easily exposed as a partisan spinster in a quick check of a comparison of her treatment of Hillary Clinton and former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell.

Pre-Empting the Liberal Media

Why would any agenda-driven liberal reporter ever change his behavior? He wouldn’t, and he doesn’t.

The Voters’ Presidential Choice: Certainties and Possibilities

Sadly, there is only one choice: the one with possibilities rather than dead certainties.

Proof That Angry White Males Have Every Right to be Angry

The destruction, the annihilation, the conspiracy to destroy the middle class is real. The murder of the middle class is not a theory

The Theory of Nothing

Even if one is a skeptic or unbeliever, one is still the beneficiary of the common grace that has uplifted and informed the very society that seeks to disown its venerable heritage.

Hillary's Nightmare: FOIA Meets the Internet

The beauty of FOIA in enabling ordinary American citizens to obtain records from the government while being able to share those records with countless other individuals seamlessly via the internet has opened up a new dimension in representative democracy.

Judge Cancels Elections in Ferguson-Florissant School District

If a federal judge can suspend elections for a school board, can other elections be suspended by the feds based on the Civil Rights Act?

Obama’s Iran Strategy Creates Support for the Islamic State

Until we realize that every coalition action we take has multiple repercussions because of our “allies’” all-too-frequent misdeeds, we will continue to fail to bring any sense of calm to the Middle East.

Democrats Have Nothing to Fear but Losing Black Votes

Why are Democrats brought to such vitriol by Donald Trump's outreach to black Americans?

Making Trump Great Again

As more conservatives hop aboard the Trump Train because of his assurances to appoint conservative justices, some NeverTrumpers, like George Will, are saying not so fast.

Reconsidering the Female Franchise

Has female suffrage strengthened or weakened Western nations?

The Hegelian Roots of BlackLivesMatter

The philosopher the rioters never heard of nonetheless shapes their actions.

Americans Affirm Voter ID Laws

The voting public -- even Democrats -- approves of common sense voter ID laws.

The Foreign Policy Establishment’s War on Trump

We are led to believe that Donald Trump is unfit, reckless, or dangerous. Compared to Max Boot, Mike Morell, and the Clinton clique, Donald Trump looks like Edmund Burke

Why Trump has been right and Silicon Valley wrong on H-1B Visas

Both political parties over the last 16 years have left the Americans with a deeply flawed program, riddled with a multitude of loopholes and favoring larger multinational and outsourcing IT firms.

Child Terrorists on NCIS: Los Angeles

The NCIS franchise’s strange uses of Israelis get even stranger.

Britain and Islamic Extremists

If not imitating the action of the tiger, British policy against Islamic terrorism needs stiffening of the sinews.

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