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Union Pride Becomes Gay Pride

Among the once-unimaginables in the New America is the image of blue-collar union guys marching arm-in-arm in solidarity with gay comrades in Gay Pride marches.

How the Left Fails

Is there anything else the left can possibly do to put American dreams and traditions further and further out of reach?

Donald Trump's Criminal Illegal Immigrants

The real fear of Trump’s critics is that their scheme of international human trafficking will be revealed to the American voters,

Gay Marriage and the Death of States Rights

The erosion of the power of the Tenth Amendment should be of grave concern to all Americans.

Dying on the Sidewalk of Nancy Pelosi's Sanctuary City

An illegal immigrant barred from having a gun shoots at sea lions and accidentally kills a young woman -- and Nancy and Barack have nothing to say.

The Nightmare of the Islamic State

The increased danger for the west is that IS, through its surrogates, is expanding its activities

I Want a President Born on the Fourth of July

Just in time for the fireworks, Gallup reports that the share of Americans that are “extremely proud” of America is down to 54%. It was 58% when America elected its First Black President

The Donald's Scarlet X

The neo-puritans of the left are on a rampage, with sundry scarlet letters flying.

Choosing Misery: The Culture of Victimhood and Ingratitude

We are fast becoming a nation of lazy, spoiled weaklings, incapable of introspection

The Rocky Road to Ending Judicial Tyranny

How to take a crack at beating the judicial tyranny under which Americans are currently suffering.

Gay Whale Swallows JONAH

The abolition of any attempt to treat homosexuality as anything but inborn, much less remediable, took a giant step forward in a little-noted court case last month.

Carbon Tax, Value Added Tax, Sales Tax -- and Puerto Rico

Wha do Chuck Schumer, Rand Paul, and Nancy Pelosi all have in common? Hint: grab your wallets.

The Party of the Head vs. the Party of the Heart

The technique of getting out in front of your opponents and creating a negative image has been perfected by the Democrats.

The U.S. Must Help Egyptian President Sisi

The Sinai has turned into a hotbed of terrorism while international authorities moon over the Palestinians.

The Penumbra School of Law

A confused, ignorant, and corrupt society requires a confused, ignorant, and corrupt legal system.

ICE's Transgender Care Memo

"Send me your tired, your poor, your sufferers from Gender Dyspohora, previously known as Gender Identity Disorder (See footnote 5.2)...

President Francis and Pope Obama

The alliance between two men who greatly resemble each other.

ObamaCare and America's Death Spiral

Utopianism is so intoxicating because it allows a decidedly imperfect world to shoulder personal shortcoming with no duty to internal self-improvement.

Whom The Gods Would Destroy: How Madness Rules Our Age

What happens to a man when reason has fled? We declare him mad. What then do we do with Western Civilization?

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