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Immigration: The Refugee Scam

It’s one of those curious coincidences in history that the Left’s attitude toward refugees changed precisely when leftists discovered they could import voters who would empower them.

Tech Jobs and Female Privilege

Overall, women received 18 percent of Computer and Information Sciences undergraduate degree recipients in 2013, yet were 26% of the computing workforce in 2014 (PDF). Women make up 30% of the workforce at tech giant Apple.

Calls for 'Commonsense Gun Control' Re-Emerge after Virginia Shooting

Somehow, liberals like Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe are missing the main issue in the latest black-on-white race-motivated shooting.

Anchors Away

It is ridiculous to believe that the 14th Amendment was intended to allow those who commit a criminal act to give birth to a “citizen.”

The Holocaust Is Still with Us

A Catholic priest and forensic anthropologist has discovered shocking new evidence of the extent of Nazi horrors in Ukraine.

The China Syndrome

China’s 10 percent annual growth rate over the past three decades is turning out to be nothing less than one of the great frauds in global economic history.

ObamaCare's True Cost

A New York doctor reveals what the media won't.

Black Violence in Schools: White People to Blame.

The secret of disproportionate levels of black violence in schools is no secret.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Redefines 'Vulgar'

Debbie Wasserman Schultz believes that the babies of illegal aliens have no legal right to life, but do have a legal right to citizenship.

The Invaders: A Parable

I came home from a month-long cruise to find my property occupied.

Let's Offer the GOP Candidates a Conservative Manifesto

Instead of arguing about who is the most conservative candidate, or even the most electable conservative, let’s present each candidate with a short list of policy prescriptions for him or her to endorse -- or not.

Unraveling the Trump Enigma

The good old boys party has just been crashed by the bombastic persona of Donald Trump and his take-no-prisoners style of campaigning.

Taxes, Trump, and Shifting the Economy out of Neutral

We need to get the economy going, and an impediment to that are high tax rates and the maze of exceptions that go with them.

The Supreme Court Should Not Take the Jim Thorpe Case

It is time for the Supreme Court to make the easy legal call and stop the fight over Jim Thorpe's remains once and for all

Hillary and Alger

Bob Woodward has observed that Hillary Clinton is Nixonian. But before there was Nixon there was Alger Hiss, and Clinton’s tactics strongly resemble those of Hiss some sixty five years ago.

Yes, Take a Look at Yourself, Ruling Class

There's still a chance that Democratic historians will manage to whitewash the president's disastrously divisive policy failures as brilliant successes -- but not much of one.

A 'Classified' Voting Bloc?

How many current and former security clearance holders are there in America right now who are following Hillary’s deliberate and intentional treachery?

Thinking about Obamacare while in Cabo

While it’s true that third-party payer health insurance may not be the most efficient method of providing healthcare, any improvements are best left to the free market.

Is Trump the Perot of 2016?

The ghost of Ross Perot has re-emerged in political discourse. But would Perot's absence really have ensured a Clinton loss in 1992?

Can Immigration be Trumped?

U.S. politicians seeking power via an anti-immigration platform should be careful to avoid the problems arising from that mindset in Europe.

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