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Mall Never Banned Moore and Other Lies

The facts about Judge Roy Moore may be unraveling the fiction as we speak.

Bill Clinton, the Media, and Sexual Harassment Armageddon

By absolving itself of Clinton-era sins, the press is setting the stage for something much more important: an all-out attack against President Trump.

Hillary's Boomerang

It can be called the one sparkling comment that felled the Queen of Pantsuits.

The Great Folly of World War I

World War I was the greatest folly by far to befall Western civilization. The second greatest was America entering the catastrophe.

On the Primitive Origins of the Russian Influence Myth

A no-holds-barred takedown of a ridiculous book. Grab your popcorn.

Military Shouldn't Be Empowered to Draft People's Daughters – or Their Sons

Amid news stories about the re-emergence of the draft for both men and women in the name of social justice, there are a lot of arguments against the idea of a draft at all.

Menendez Presumed Innocent, Moore Presumed Guilty

Lindsey Graham is one of those double-standard devotees who shows righteous indignation over Roy Moore's alleged sexual transgressions while looking the other way when it's a Democrat.

This Is What Anguish Looks Like: Victims of Black-on-White Violence

People in Baltimore and Chicago and hundreds of other cities have made their peace with black-on-white crime. It's a mountain of self-deception.

Sex Scandals: Who's Really to Blame?

The common denominator for Weinstein, Richard Dreyfus, George Takei, Kevin Spacey, Mark Halperin, and Louis CK is that all are Democrats.

Two Issues, Two Answers: Time for SCOTUS to Make Some Hard Choices

Two upcoming cases will have the Supreme Court ruling on some of our most fundamental rights. The justices' track record is cause for concern.

A Game-Changer in the House of Saud?

The media are babbling about a host of inconsequential things surrounding the purge of Saudi Arabia's princelings. Few have put their finger on the actual events and how they may reshape the Mideast.

The Fight for True Liberalism

Without liberalism – that is, classical liberalism, on which our country was founded – what's next?

Jonah's Off Target Again

The N.R.'s Jonah Goldberg is a socially liberal Republican and an urbanite who doesn't fancy the working-class and rural white constituencies that voted for Trump.

Who Are the Real Fascists in American Politics?

Fascists are throwing stones at President Trump. In doing so, they call our attention to their own adherence to the National Socialist Program millions died to defeat.

Is Jeff Sessions Trump's Gen. George McClellan?

The old Civil War general had a bad case of "the slows" in using the Union Army. Sessions may be a long lost descendant.

The Happy, Harmless Quran

Garry Wills extends his vast capacity for misunderstanding to Islam.

Hedy Lamarr and E Phones

The most beautiful girl in the world also played a huge part in the infowave.

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