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Among House Conservatives, Indians but no Chief

House conservatives can’t find – or settle on – a leader. And that’s not good for the cause.

Bad China, Good China

Though they have a common culture, the two Chinas -- The People's Republic and Taiwan -- couldn’t be more different.

Was the Oregon mass shooting an Islamist attempt to assassinate Alek Skarlatos?

No evidence revealed thus far directly indicates Harper-Mercer was influenced by Islamic State, but plenty of evidence suggests the shooter was acting in furtherance of the Islamic goal of global jihad.

The Latest Skirmishes on the Inequality Front

Hillary Clinton is appealing to one of the vilest, basest forms of politics to shore up popularity.

Obama: Guns and Poses

It is Obama’s governing style to take credit for the good that happens, and take umbrage over the rest.

Hate, Terror, and the Holy Places in Jerusalem

The Palestinians have never lost an opportunity to lose an opportunity. Now, they’re ignoring the valuable political wisdom that when you’re in a hole, stop digging.

Who Will Save Middle East Christians: Obama or Putin?

When a former KGB agent turns around and professes Orthodox Christianity, it tends to raise some eyebrows.

Hillary Clinton's Multiple Personality Disorder

Most politicians change their positions for political purposes. Only one national politician routinely changes her own identity -- her accents, her name, her personality and even her height

Obama Is Going to Get a U.S. Pilot Killed

Obama's latest foreign policy debacle with Russia hugely raises the chances of one of our service members falling into ISIS's hands.

Crucifying Israel: Obama's Brave New World

Barack Obama keeps a special big smile for times when the people he hates most really get screwed.

The Center Holds

The Democrat nominee in 2016 is going to have a hell of a time appealing to the center, which the Republican can do effortlessly.

'Gun Control' Is Actually Conservative Control

The president wishes to politicize the deaths brought about by his culture, and that of his followers, to achieve total political domination through manipulation of the weak-minded.

Planned Parenthood: Why Fund These Killers of the Unborn?

Abortion is not only a detriment to the unborn children it destroys. It almost certainly also has destructive effects on society at large.

No Coherent Identityitis

In the way that the media frames mass shootings as a sort of ghoulish entertainment and ignores far more serious events, you might have missed the connection between the shootings in Oregon and Obama’s conduct this week.

Hatred of the Great Faith

The murder of Christians in Oregon and the grim silence of Benjamin Netanyahu at the United Nations are connected in a serious way.

New Climate Regulations Will Save Lots of Imaginary People

The EPA computers have spoken, and theoretical "premature deaths" will be averted.

The Last Time Europe Committed Suicide by Refugee

Although, like the Goths, many Muslims are peaceful, past behavior of Muslim minorities gives us a clue as to what to expect as the Muslim population grows

Clackamas -- the Oregon Massacre a Gun Stopped

Disarming the law-abiding to prevent such killings is like trying to fight drunk driving by making it harder for sober drivers to get driver’s licenses.

Abbas's UN bombshell proved to be a dud

One doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Abbas spoke not a word of truth.

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