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Flip the Byrd Rule

The Senate needs to return to the days of majority rule where winning elections meant something.

The Cultural Roots of Trumpism

Trump has sparked a cultural earthquake in newfound respect, self-esteem, and optimism for working-class citizens, rural and urban, similar in important ways to what was seen in the 1840s.

#SchumerShutdown: Is This Trump’s Decisive Battle?

The problem with conservatism over the past 50 years is that, when it came to the crunch, the conservative leaders would always cringe.

International NGOs back Haiti's Undermining of Dominican Sovereignty

Haiti's naked ambitions to bring the Dominican Republic's sovereignty under submission are backed by people with billions and considerable influence.

Conservatism and Chronological Isolation

What movement conservatives now profess is far less conservative than what they used to believe.

The Democrats' Unforced Errors

Have leftists learned its lessons from the last ten years of losses? If anything, they are more hysterical, irrational, anti-American, and ideologically driven than ever, and therein lies their weakness and our opportunity.

A Different Perspective on DACA

Suppose we look at DACA as an opportunity and not a problem?

Disabilities R Us

Academia has expanded the definition of "disabled" to include any and every invented student excuse. The result is chaos.

Psychiatrists against Trump: A Strategy to Make Soviets Proud

The parallels are striking between the persecution of Donald Trump in America and the Soviet Union's way of dealing with dissidents.

Wasting Away in Chuckschumerland

With the DACA shutdown, Chuck Schumer, whose surname is "a nickname from Middle Low German 'good-for-nothing,' 'vagabond,'" revealed how aptly he is named.

1940: American Inaction and the Tragedy of European Jewry

During 1940, three of the most significant Zionist leaders in the world visited the United States, hoping to gain a measure of support for the creation of a Jewish army to help fight the Nazis.

Godlessness, Leftism, and the World's Holes

The indecorous term "s-holes" tends to apply to those places infected and infested with leftism, which comes with its own assortment of vices and evils.

Social Security's Death Knell Is Ringing. Can You Hear It?

Social Security is, barring an immediate and massive overhaul in how benefits are paid, on its deathbed.

Shallow Reality in America

It will take a lot more than fat bank accounts and the latest gadgetry to cure what ails America.

Martin Luther King Believed in the Civil Rights of the Unborn

Martin Luther King would be leading the charge for the repeal of the wrongly decided Roe V. Wade, a decision no more rooted in moral law than was Dred Scott.

So what if the President Trump did use that word?

Who really isn't sick to death of people being ungrateful nitpicks who cannot say thank you for all the benisons bestowed by this president, no matter his alleged blue tongue?

Defense Department-Amazon Deal Risks Chinese Espionage

The United States cannot allow Chinese espionage to extend its tentacles from American business to national defense.

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