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King Barry

As our king burns the world down, it’s best that no one calls attention to it.

Netanyahu's Timely Warning on Iran

Our attention has been distracted of late by the medieval horrors of ISIS. But there is nothing ISIS has done that Iran has not done

Abraham Lincoln: 'The Judgments of the Lord'

Most inaugural addresses are mere boilerplate, words for the moment and no more. Not Lincoln's Second Inaugural address, whcih resopunds down the ages as a pure expression of the American purpose.

Please Stop Trying to Fix the Economy

Doing nothing is often the best choice Congress can make.

Oakland's $12.25 Minimum Wage Maximizes Children in Poverty

CNN’s “economists and experts”are selling minimum wage laws as the “right thing to do”.

The BBC's Sima Kotecha: Islam is 'a religion of peace'

On the issues of Islam and Muslims, the BBC doesn't even attempt to hide its bias. In fact the BBC (as a whole or editorially) simply takes it for granted that Islam is the religion of peace... and love.

Netanyahu Addresses the Free World

Benjamin Netanyahu speaks for the West, for democracy, and against the terrorism and barbarity of Iran.

Bill Nye on Muslim Terrorism: Jews Need to Get to Know Their Neighbors Better

A romantic may say that love conquers all -- and it does have transformative power -- but sometimes being too softly loving can lead to being conquered.

Women on the March to Islamism

The Western world needs to explore the personal and psychological factors that lead to female jihadism in the necessary attempt to control terrorist activity.

Reality Always Wins

Does ACA make health care more available and better? All evidence suggests otherwise.

Where Did All The 'Islamic Terrorists' Go?

A nice syllogism from the Obama administration and the MSM to show that there is no such thing as an Islamic extremist.

Why Vote Republican?

It seems not to make a difference who's running Congress. Would the presidency be any different?

The Fate of ObamaCare: Let the People Decide It

Senator Ben Sasse wants to provide a way for the American people to “repeal” ObamaCare at the ballot box in a national referendum.

Iran Poses an Existential Threat to Western Civilization

The Mideast policy emanating from Washington is based on ignorance regarding the causes of the conflict, history of the region, and religious motivations causing the violence. Obama refuses to acknowledge that the U.S. is engaged in a war against a totalitarian Islamic enemy and a fight for freedom worldwide.

Campaign Finance Disclosure Requirements Violate the First Amendment

Almost no one seems to know that the Citizens United case contained another ruling in addition to the one on corporate issue campaigns

I Want a President Who'll Dump the Stupid FCC

President Obama is such a gift to conservatives. He blunders into disaster after disaster, proving to the world that government is useless for just about everything except breaking things.

The Rhetoric of Genocide

The problem of genocide is beginning to envelope the administration as it limps toward the finish line of the second term.

Media Attacks and King v. Burwell

Many media outlets have relentlessly and aggressively advanced a theory that King lacks merit, the product of a vindictive Republican party. The resulting reasoning: the Court shouldn’t dignify the argument with a hearing.

Is it okay for Obama to Ignore the Constitution?

Those "Separation of Powers" and "Check and Balances" concepts enumerated in the U.S. Constitution are wonderful things, as is the establishment of the Supreme Court. They were put there by the Founding Fathers for a reason.

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