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Has anyone else ever seen this? My smartphone has taken to replacing the word “color” with the word “delBySFR.” Even going so far as to change URLs from Colorado to DelBySFRado and then giving me a 404. It doesn’t happen in all my apps, but does consistently on my RSS Reader, across all of my…


The NON Superbowl thread. Instead, we can talk about the whole Game of Thrones thing. (Warning, contains spoilers of stuff that happened years ago.)

Black Mirror 103, “The Entire History Of You”

Want a chance to re-do your past? Get a grain, relive all your life, share it with your friends. All you'll lose is the ability to forget and move on. By zic.

Review: A Most Violent Year and Memories of New York

I had a favorite t-shirt when I was 12 years old. I wore it as often as possible and it was a t-shirt that only a 12-year old could really love. The t-shirt was black and had the words “Welcome to New York” scrawled on it. Below this salutation, there was an image of a…


The joys of going home again. Well, dying again. Well, more like being dead again.

Roger may be commissioner, but Marshawn is king

There's something important happening in the lead-up to the Super Bowl. The Seattle Seahawks, led by Marshawn Lynch, are finally sticking it to the corrupt NFL.

Chait Responds

Jonathan Chait has written a response to some his critics, claiming many of them don’t disagree with him as much as their denunciations of him suggest. I am becoming disabused of my previous charitable reading of Chait on this count: he doesn’t seem interested in drawing lines between tactics that are positive and ones that…

Ticket brokers and the Super Bowl

This article caught my interest.  It addresses speculation in the market for Super Bowl tickets. In ticketing, short selling works like this: A speculator offers to sell a ticket they do not own, for a price above where he thinks the market will ultimately end up. At the time of the sale, this may seem like…

Somethin’s Gotta Give

A traditional conservative irresistible force meets a traditional conservative immovable object in Texas.


There is, apparently, a sporting event this weekend.

Open to the Conversation

With recent conversations about who is and who isn't a feminist, and why, on my mind, this passage from an interview with Netta Elzie caught my eye.

Linky Friday: Century Edition

Celebrating 100 Linky Fridays! This week: Crime, Culture, Children, Capitalism, Politics, Body, Mind, and Space

Review Of The Charges

A close look at the law and the allegations suggests that outrage about the Tiny Boo prosecution may be based on incomplete information. Burt Likko dissects the charges and the law for your review, compares that to the advice of his colleagues, and then finishes his nightcap.

A Meathead Watches Gilmore Girls (“Sadie, Sadie”)

Damn those moments that make this show so good, especially when there are so many that don't.

Other people make mistakes, including you and me.

It's even easier to see opportunity than it is to see danger, but you have to be looking.

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