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Not Paranoid Enough

The best biography written by a CEO is not a business biography.

Challenges to the Alt-Right and Identitarians

The identity constructed by white nationalists is inauthentic and has its critics on the right.

Morning Ed: Politics {2016.03.22.T}

Did being right on Iraq make Obama cocky? What's up with that right-wing German party? And more...

Respect Whose Authority?

Power, in the absence, of authority, can inspire some obedience, but no respect.

So Long, Keith Emerson

One of rock's greatest keyboardists has taken his own life.

Morning Ed: United States {2016.03.20.M}

A house in Detroit, a Supervillain Lair in Arizona, and the absence of goats in St Louis.

Trumworld: Nine Finger Revolution

Step 1: Observed. Step 2: Believed. Step 3: Internalized. Step 4: Institutionalized.


On the New Daredevil Season (well, specifically on The Punisher). Additionally, on Dirty Harry.


On the difficulty (and joy!) involved in finding the perfect game for you better half.

OSC: Southern Tech vs The SS

It's time for another Ordinary Sports Channel half-time report!

Linky Friday #158: The Scientific Darkness

This Week! Cities, Crime, Education, Government, Science, and Worlds!

Why the President Is Wrong on Encryption

President Obama took a position on strong encryption. He got everything wrong.


On Batching It. (When You're Not In Your 30's Anymore Edition)

A Guest Review of The Tribe: Love and Hate Need No Translation

Kimmie reviews The Tribe... a bleak Ukranian film without verbal dialog set in a school for the deaf.

Blast From The Past: My Problem With St. Patrick’s Day

Six years ago, one of the OG's had these thoughts about today's celebration of all things purportedly Irish.

Morning Ed: Anglosphere {2016.03.17.Th}

With our powers combined, could the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia form... a free movement zone?

Radical Reading: The Doctrine of Fascism

Mussolini's The Doctrine of Fascism and its relevance today. The third in a series discussing radical books on the left or right.

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