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The Average Life Expectancy Could Soon Reach Above 90 Years Old In This Country

Scientists once thought an average life expectancy beyond 90 was impossible

Here Are the Health Benefits of Pilates

11 hours agoHealth : Time: Healthland

You’ll improve core strength and stability—and maybe a lot more.

How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

16 hours agoHealth : Time: Healthland

Losing weight is tough, but keeping off the weight over time is even harder. The vast majority of people who lose weight gain it back, which is why weight loss maintenance is an area scientists and doctors are always looking into. Now, in a new study, researchers suggest that special programs designed for weight loss…

Americans Are Still Stressed About the Election

Republicans and Democrats are expressing stress over the future of the nation

How a New Psoriasis Drug Is Different From Others

People with psoriasis who haven’t seen improvement with standard treatments now have a new option. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the injectable drug Siliq (broadalumab) for the treatment of moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis in adults. Because of an association with suicidal thoughts and behaviors, Siliq will be sold with a “black box” warning…

Why ADHD Isn’t Due to Bad Parenting

It’s listed in the manual of psychiatric disorders as a validated mental health condition, yet there’s a lingering sense that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), especially among children, is in part due to poor parenting or parents who aren’t disciplining their children enough. People with ADHD have a difficult time concentrating and often act out…

Dreamy Sleep Gadgets

SENSE $149, HELLO.IS This voice-activated alarm clock wants to be your better-sleep concierge. To help you engineer the perfect sleep environment, its internal sensors can assess the temperature, humidity, light and even air quality in your bedroom, alerting you to any problems that may impede quality rest. The alarm clock, which you can program with…

The Extreme Ways Man Has Tried to Cheat Death

Eating monkey brains, drinking blood and 22 other ways man has tried to cheat death

How Silicon Valley Is Trying to Hack Its Way Into a Longer Life

How Silicon Valley is trying to hack its way to a much (much, much) longer life

Why Do People Want to Live So Long, Anyway?

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel is famous for a lot of reasons. He’s an acclaimed bioethicist and oncologist who advised President Obama on health care and has two very well known brothers, but another thing people always seem to remember about him is that article he wrote in 2014: “Why I Hope to Die at 75.” More…

Where Will All the Old Folks Live?

If you’ve ever been a caregiver to aging parents, you’ve likely been through the battle over when to move them out of the home they love and into something more suitable to their changing needs. That’s only going to get more common as the U.S. population ages. Demographic experts say the population over age 65…

What 3 Things Can I Do to Extend the Length of My Life?

Somewhere out there is a bunch of people who are going to live to be 100. In the U.S. alone, there were more than 77,000 centenarians in 2014. Still, that number is very small: centenarians represent less than a quarter of 1% of the entire U.S. population. So how do you get to be one…

Do Cranky People Really Die Younger Than Pollyannas?

Judging from pop culture, old age turns even the most charming socialites into lovable but grumpy misanthropes. The elderly often appear in films as lonely neighbors, grumpy grandpas and cranky cabdrivers. But if you look at the scientific data, it turns out that most older people are not actually crankier than younger people–it’s just that…

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