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Mermaid Yarn (thought process)

I’m going to ramble about yarn. Brace yourself. I’ve ordered the tail yarn for the mermaid for the pattern example. Berroco Espresso – this time I got Pistachio. I’m waiting to see it in person before I order the rest of the yarn for her top, skin, and hair. Espresso is a 50/50 cotton/acrylic. This […]

Hello, World!

Right after I posted yesterday, Claire (the Air) slowed way way way down and started acting weird. I tried very hard to shut her down for a rest but she beat me to it…and wouldn’t turn back on. Logic board. So meet Claire III! Best Buy sales and a backup from 10:30am made my downtime […]

Weekly Wrap-Up: Lesson 2

I felt a little more cramped for time this week. We had hair cuts one morning and a new friend over during our usual school time one afternoon. Both events were totally worth it but effectively knocked out an entire day of school. We ended up doing a chunk of Language Arts work Sunday morning. […]


Her wig is knotted on through her scalp (like blanket fringe) and then tacked around the bottom of her head. It worked great. This one’s hair has three different yarns since I was using scraps, but I’ll find something for the pattern example that will help me get a more accurate idea of yards needed. […]

Two Arms to Hold You

I finished her arm! And then I started messing around with her hair! And THEN I thought, “Argh I forgot to take a picture!” So I took one: I’m trying something different with her hair than I did with the Girl’s hair. So far it’s not too heavy.

Studying China

Rounding out our study of China with Egg Drop Soup and Honey Ficken (‘ficken’ = fake chicken). Ellie helped cook. I promise that I’m working on that second mermaid arm. And a Rooster.

Weekly Wrap-Up: Lesson 1

Best. Week. Ever. We explored the five senses, talked about territory, started piano lessons, played a bunch of games, studied China, reviewed word families, sang songs, knit, recited verses, read books, composed sentences, had a friend over after school, went to Play Group at the park on Friday, and That’s not even everything. In case […]

Kitty Knitting

Just a sneak peek at what went on the first week of school: The little kitty pattern can be found at The Magic Onions. When I saw that post, I knew the scarf would just have to wait a week. Our only modifications were to seam flat across the top of his head (to make […]


I have a little bit of a crush on our school room. We’ve been hanging out up here a lot. I hope we like it just as much when school starts on Monday.

Course Work

It’s Meet the Teacher night at our local elementary school. (Look who’s not there!) I don’t think I ever talked about curriculum. Here it is: The Oak Meadow curriculum materials have just been re-worked and reprinted. The new books are attractive, the teacher books are spiral bound, and the whole system is easy to use […]

I Might Have It Framed

Ellie is finished with her practice piece and is ready for a real project. heeheehee


Not a lot of Mermaid progress – but I did convince Ellie to let me pull out her (the mermaid’s) body and make a couple changes – smaller bottom for starters. The school room is almost finished. All I’m really waiting on is the Cat Tree. I’m sure cat furniture is on at least one […]

Art Workshops

This summer, I planned to host three art workshops for some of our friends. This started because there were art experiences that I felt like Ellie was just not going to get in school and I figured other folks might enjoy the same thing. Plus kid art is more fun as a group. June completely […]

I Like Lists

Things I Missed During the 2014-2015 School Year Writing Baking Art with Kids Designing Toys Lots of Time with Ellie I’ve done all that stuff this week.

Home Improvements

Gran and Pop (my parents) were down this way last weekend so that Pop could help me with some Back to School projects. School starts in two weeks and we’re trying to get our school space in good shape. Pop and his bigger-than-the-Blueberry vehicle helped haul away the second bed in the schoolroom. This caused […]

What F is For

With all the lightning strikes (followed by internet and power outages) and water spills lately, I’ve not had a chance to show y’all what I’m working on. A little bit more of a traditional doll head this time – the Girl’s noggin and this one are interchangeable in case anyone likes one or the other […]

All Better

2 months agoHobbies / Knitting : Yarn Miracle

Look here, y’all! I was never so surprised. There was so much water when I shook her out that I thought Claire was a goner for sure. Yay! Only one question remains: What do I do with 8 pounds of used rice?

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