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Art Workshops

This summer, I planned to host three art workshops for some of our friends. This started because there were art experiences that I felt like Ellie was just not going to get in school and I figured other folks might enjoy the same thing. Plus kid art is more fun as a group. June completely […]

I Like Lists

Things I Missed During the 2014-2015 School Year Writing Baking Art with Kids Designing Toys Lots of Time with Ellie I’ve done all that stuff this week.

Home Improvements

Gran and Pop (my parents) were down this way last weekend so that Pop could help me with some Back to School projects. School starts in two weeks and we’re trying to get our school space in good shape. Pop and his bigger-than-the-Blueberry vehicle helped haul away the second bed in the schoolroom. This caused […]

What F is For

With all the lightning strikes (followed by internet and power outages) and water spills lately, I’ve not had a chance to show y’all what I’m working on. A little bit more of a traditional doll head this time – the Girl’s noggin and this one are interchangeable in case anyone likes one or the other […]

All Better

Look here, y’all! I was never so surprised. There was so much water when I shook her out that I thought Claire was a goner for sure. Yay! Only one question remains: What do I do with 8 pounds of used rice?


Betty spilt water on the kitchen table. My laptop was on the table. Perhaps you’d all take a moment to hope for the best while I go to Winn Dixie for more rice?

Upsized Ginger Cat

I can’t BELIEVE I didn’t take a picture of the finished Great Big Cat! Not even with my phone! Argh! Just imagine his arms and legs.

Oak Meadow Family (What We’re Doing About School)

Ellie has been accepted to Oak Meadow, a distance learning program based in Vermont. She’ll work from home, but her school is in Vermont. Just like Michael works from home, but his office is in California. Or like I work from home and my office is where I’m sitting. I’ll be her main teacher, but […]

Summer Reading

I’m sure y’all remember the Summer Reading Program at your public library? Kids compete to see who can read the most books during the month of June. It can get pretty heated. Ellie set herself a goal of 100 books and completed it in a week and a half. So we did some math, factored […]

Travel Time

Last week was an out of town week. Ellie and I visited my parents and sister in Peachtree City. I made a Hippo. Then we came home, I washed a bunch of clothes, re-packed, and we went to spend the night at Mary Esther. I finished that Elephant. And knit a longer tail for the […]

Father’s Day

This year’s mug was created by Susan Altenau Pottery. Michael says that the lip is especially nice. Ellie likes the cat. I just noticed that she has a listing for a Cat Portrait Mug!

At Long Last

2 months agoHobbies / Knitting : Yarn Miracle

He’s done. I can hardly believe it. I’ve been working on this guy since May sometime. There were so many interruptions (and chenille is sooooo sloooooow AND I kept running out of yarn) that I really started to think I would never be done. Now that he’s all finished, I’m sad to see him go. […]

Ginger Cats

2 months agoHobbies / Knitting : Yarn Miracle

The main difference between chenille and a beautiful wool handspun (if anyone should ask) is that chenille drags its feet and wool is in a hurry to get where it’s going. I still love this yarn.

Making Changes

2 months agoHobbies / Knitting : Yarn Miracle

I’m making a few changes to the format over here. Cause sometimes you need a little color. It’s not done yet so y’all please hang in there while I break stuff. It’ll get fixed. Probably.

Girl Scout Camp

2 months agoHobbies / Knitting : Yarn Miracle

Ellie is off at Girl Scout Camp this week with her BFF. Just for the days – neither one of us is ready for overnight camp. It’s good to have something to look forward to anyway. On the front porch … Continue reading ?


2 months agoHobbies / Knitting : Yarn Miracle

The sheep I’ve been working on since around book fair time is close to finished. He’s only missing a head and ears. Oh, and a tail. Disassembled toys can be confusing to look at. Or maybe just disturbing. I used … Continue reading ?

Sinking Ship

2 months agoHobbies / Knitting : Yarn Miracle

Just a quick school update. Because I know you’re all on the edge of your seats. Special board meeting tonight where the Board President resigned (everyone is acting like this is a surprise). Also at the board meeting it was … Continue reading ?

Oh, Internets, How I Missed You

2 months agoHobbies / Knitting : Yarn Miracle

Look what we did while we were cut off from civilization! We’ve got these things here called “thunderstorms.” Maybe you’ve heard of them? On Tuesday morning, lightening came in through the phone line and took out the internet (and the … Continue reading ?

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