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John Oliver Just Called Out 50 Congress Members. Is He The New Face Of Political Activism?

3 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

This feels like it's getting repetitive, but John Oliver did amazing stuff on his show again last night. Specifically he exposed the terrible conditions surrounding chicken farming. Not for the chickens, but for the farmers. Last Week Tonight lays out...

Netflix's Best Ladies' Night Alternatives to 'Pitch Perfect 2'

4 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Pitch Perfect 2, as I hope I already convinced you, is not a good movie. It is, however, (and time for major gender-based stereotypical generalizations here!) perfect fodder for those nights when you and all your fellow woman-folk want...

5 Shows After Dark: Raise a Glass With Don Draper One Last Time

4 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

2015 Billboard Music Awards on ABC at 8:00pm ET. The Simpsons on Fox at 8:00pm ET. 26th season finale. With the news that Harry Shearer is leaving the show (or is he? Still a little unclear) I am hoping that...

Everything To Know About Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Video

4 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

The Billboard Music Awards are airing tonight on ABC and the marquee event for the evening is the premiere of the video for Taylor Swift's song "Bad Blood." Some of you who are not Taylor Swift fans or fans of...

Cut SNL Sketch Reveals the Truth Behind Louis C.K's Success

4 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

As Dustin mentioned earlier, Louis C.K hosted one of the stronger recent episodes of Saturday Night Live last night. But there were a couple weaker sketches, that maybe could have been replaced with this cut digital short showing Louis C.K...

Terrible Parents Make for Excellent Television

4 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Television revolves around conflict. If you don't have conflict between characters or between characters and their environment, you have no drama, no narrative arcs, no action. This is one of the biggest reasons why healthy, happy relationships are so rare...

Louis C.K. Hosted an Outstanding 'SNL' Season Finale

5 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

This may be the first time I've said this all season, but this is not an episode with which to catch the highlights the next morning. It's an episode you should watch in its entirety, because even the lesser sketches...

Mellie, Claire, and Hillary: The Ambitious First Ladies of Television

5 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

This post contains spoilers for all aired seasons of Scandal and House of Cards, including Scandal's recent season finale. Proceed with caution. There's not a lot you can say that House of Cards and Scandal have in common. One is...

How Queen Latifah Brought 'Bessie' To Life

5 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Most of you know that I like to tell you whats on TV during the week. I don't usually during the weekend, but I wanted to make sure I mentioned that HBO's Bessie starring Queen Latifah and Mo'Nique will be...

Charlize Theron Explains 'Mad Max: Fury Road's' Feminist Credentials

5 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Mad Max: Fury Road has taken the internet by storm. There is almost universal praise for the film, which is apparently a rip-roaring action movie with two incredibly strong leads anchoring the chaos. I say "apparently" only because I, personally,...

Grab Some Coffee and Cherry Pie, 'Twin Peaks' on Showtime IS Happening

5 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

There's been a lot of rumors going back and forth about the revival of Twin Peaks on Showtime. The last news seemed to be that negotiations had broken down and it wouldn't be happening at all. But, last night David...

Simon Pegg Was Tortured By Tom Cruise on the 'Mission: Impossible' Set

5 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

This week on The Graham Norton Show we had Simon Pegg, Kylie Minogue, and comedian Michael McIntyre. Simon was there to talk about the new Mission: Impossible but the clip online is mostly about how he and Tom Cruise were...

HBO Looks to Be Gearing Up to Give Us One of the Year's Most Incredible Performances

6 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

When it came to Oscar nomination snubs last year, I thought that David Oyelowo's omission for his role in Selma was as inexcusable as Ava DuVernay's. I know some people didn't think his performance as Martin Luther King Jr....

A Treasure Trove of Deleted R-Rated Scenes From 'Can't Hardly Wait' Was Hidden From the World

6 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

You know how sometimes you'll be watching a movie, and a character will drop a "damn" or a "hell" or a "golly" (no, never mind, no one says that), when their mouths definitely say something much more decorous? That's...

One Final 'Mad Men' Prediction: A Poetic Bookend

6 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

The Mad Men finale arrives this Sunday, and I have limited most of my wild Mad Men theorizing to Uproxx, but I had one more thought on a potential finale and decided to spare the readers of that site and...

Woody Allen's 'Irrational Man' Is Stubbornly Inept and Pig-Headedly Out of Touch

6 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Irrational Man marks a turning point in cinema, for it is the first film to be one hundred percent devised by algorithm. I'm told that once Woody Allen had come up with the equation "(Match Point/Crimes and Misdemeanors x jazz...

Yes, We All Wish Natalie is Freezing Was a Real Band

6 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

There are a lot of immensely talented fictional bands in television, from Sebastian Bach's Hep Alien (Gilmore Girls), Dr. Funke's 100% Natural Good Time Family Band Solution (Arrested Development), to the Mayberry Band in Andy Griffith. They're all great...

Thank God, Music's Greatest Hero Has Returned to Us

6 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

A few years back, the world of music found a savior, a phenomenal talent we weren't ready for. Voice of an angel, the most original sound any of us had ever heard and a pop culture presence that could best...

Woody Allen's New Amazon Project Is Already a Disaster

6 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Dustin reminds us that everyone on Mad Men is terrible except Peggy, and that Peggy deserves ALL the good things, and that all of this has been true since day one. (Uproxx) Is Charlize Theron doing some Mad Max...

Exclusive: Get the Details on 5 Upcoming 'Mad Men' Spin-offs

6 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Fear not, Mad Men fans! The series may be ending Sunday, but already, creator Matthew Weiner and others are working on give spin-offs. Here's an exclusive look at the in-the-works TV shows and predictions on how long they'll last. Wichita...

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