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The Process Of Reforming Ontario's Beer Sales

Well, the members of the editorial board of The Globe and Mail are not impressed. At least that is reassuring: Politicians will be, more than ever, deciding who gets to sell beer and who does not, and which beer, where, when, how and at what price. Show More Summary

"To Search For What Is Best For The People Of Ontario"

I am not thrilled. Not really all that moved. The cornerstone of the big beer retail reform announcement that by two years from now there may be 150 grocery store licenses to sell beer to 13,000,000 Ontarians can quickly be boiled down. Show More Summary

Next Day: Still Off, Five Wineries And A New Brewery

See that there? That's a bit of a winery with a brewery popping up rapidly behind it. I raced through the east end of nearby Prince Edward County again today as I was getting itchy feet. Itchy feet from reading all of Stonch's posts about a Londoner's country hiking lifestyle, wandering from pub to pub and glass to glass. Show More Summary

Your Week Off Update - Beer Still Functions Well

it's getting to be a habit. I now take the week off around my birthday to do chores in the garden, to put off filling out my tax forms, to watch a lot of the new season of baseball and to have a beer on a Wednesday at 1:35 in the afternoon. Show More Summary

Albany Ale: Straw In Wheat Beer Is Next Big Thing

It's not quite like ten years ago when ones name could appear in The New York Times, but I got word from cousin Mike Malone of, amongst many other things, "Books and Beer" on 1460 AM radio WVOX that news of the May 16th event in Middleburgh, NY had hit the Ale Street News. Show More Summary

Scene From A Bar: Sandwich Tongs Or Not?

“Have you always been such a crank?” the bartender shouted with his back turned. I was used to this sort of thing. All I ask for is a proper pint glass for my beer and I get abuse. Same treatment every time. Who needs to drink their beer from a tiny glass trophy? Not me. Show More Summary

How Far and How Long Do These Debts Reach?

Stan has, I think, unexpectedly raised questions about the nature of the debts owed in good beer. It's in the comments under his Monday links. You can go look over there but it sort of is summed up by his own comment "Do you share because...Show More Summary

Beer And Art: Bruegel's "Return From The Inn"

A couple nights in Montreal leads to a lot of good things. A number of forced marches for the family through an alarmingly frigid city to this meal or that shop. Buying beer in a grocery store. Five new pairs of Converse sneakers for distribution across the clan. Show More Summary

Session 98: The Dawn Of Good Beer In Cans

This month's edition of The Session is being hosted by MicroBrewr who has asked "Cans or bottles?" Of course the answer is neither but one needs to keep the machine behind The Session going. Kids need shoes and all that. So, I thought I would look in the archives for something - anything - that could be shaped as some sort of response. Show More Summary

Is The Western US Drought 2015's Top Beer Story

We all drink dinosaur pee. Or at least the water we drink was also in the bladders of dinosaurs. Things come and go but the supply of water on the planet is stable. We have as much as there has ever been. But while stable it is also mobile. Show More Summary

Ontario: Windward Belgian Wheat, Stone City, Kingston

The last year has been the scene of many a revelation when it comes to my relationship with beer. Out of nowhere, two fabulous breweries opened up in my immediate vicinity after years of claiming town was the least served by fresh beer for its size in the northeastern bit of North America. Show More Summary

Things Other Folk Are Doing This Weekend

It's not often that I am jealous of others. I am a pretty happy guy. But when the tweets start flying around someone at noon each Friday I find myself seated at the office desk, hard soled tight laced dress shoes working on my plates of meat... Show More Summary

Did Father Duplessis Brew Quebec's First Beer?

You may recall that a couple of months ago I wrote a post about the first brewing of beer in New France describing how in 1617 Louis Hébert became the colony's first private land owner, farmer and a brewer. He is generally accepted as the first brewer. Show More Summary

Let's Stop Defining "Craft Beer" And Start Describing It

Bear with me as this is a topic a large piece of which means little to me. Why would it? It's 8:35 am on the first day of spring with more snow on the ground, sub-freezing temperatures and two weeks of laundry to catch up with. It's a good day to ponder fundamentally unimportant things like defining craft beer. Show More Summary

Are Snow Fort Beer Fests The Next Big Thing?

CBC Prince Edward Island posted this photo on Facebook. Click on it for a bigger view. It's from Lisa Arsenault of Summerside who captioned it "How East Coasters deal with 7' of snow!" I was saying how maybe I should check out my own backyard this weekend. Show More Summary

Ontario Loves Its Large Corporate Aggregations

This is likely the least exciting picture visually I have posted around these parts. But its content may place it among the most interesting. Click on it for the larger version. That's a couple paragraphs from a 1931 financial statement for E.P. Show More Summary

Sunday Morning Disconnected Links About Beer

I used to post regular bullet pointy points every Friday morning on my other blog... back when I kept up my other blog. I like this irregular bullet pointy points idea better. It's a lazier approach yet it surprises with delight. Maybe. Show More Summary

New York: Last Bar Seat, Allen Street Pub, Albany

I have to say that I did not expect it. Don't get me wrong. I have known for a long time I love neighbourhood bars in the US. I spent a great evening a decade ago with pals of a pal in Maine watching the All-Star game in a place down...Show More Summary

Notes On Turning Into A Book Fair Carny, Etc.

I had not expected to make myself into a book fair carny but forty-five quiet minutes into the four hour book booth manning at last weekend's NY State Brewers Association Festival I looked at Craig and said something to the effect of...Show More Summary

Session 97: A $40 Room And Maybe Free Beer

We are asked to write about up and coming beer destinations for this month's edition of The Session but I wonder if I'm living the rougher and readier reality. Beer travel? From what I see it often includes some sort of relapse into undergrad lifestyle. Show More Summary

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