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The Law Of English Innkeeping In The 1700s

Again with the English Reports. In the 1700s, there is a subject heading for "Inns and Inn-Keepers". The law of what made an inn an inn was quite particular, in its way as distinct a topic as criminal law or contracts. An English inn in the 1600s and 1700s was not a place for locals. Show More Summary

Three 1700s English Court Cases About Hops

Have you even noticed I particularly like beer related stuff from before 1800. Have you noticed I like beer related stuff related to the law? Imagine then my joy when I came across a searchable database for the English Reports, the law reports series from the Magna Carta in 1215 to the Judicature Act of the 1870s... Show More Summary

Twelve Years Spent A-Writing About Beer

You can see it in the archives. The first post about beer I posted on the blogs was hoisted and foisted on May 23, 2003. Originally posted on my general blog before the schism of October 2004, the post was about the books on the shelf. Show More Summary

Massachusetts: Meadowlark IPA, Pretty Things

Ah, the upper corner of the stash. Up by the lightbulb. The perfect setting for an artistic moment. It's like my studio. And, like Mr Chimp Head, a family favourite. You value things like that after all these years. Cherish them. Well, without maybe the cobwebs. Show More Summary

Unlike Most Gimmicks Fog-Based Beer Is Real

I like the gimmick that are also based on something actual, a rare sight in the craft beer scene these days. Stuff like when thirty years ago I had a beer from the Falklands. And it really was. Fog based beer is apparently real as well:...Show More Summary

Photo Gallery: The 1780 Challenge, Middleburgh, NY

I made the five and a half hour drive from my home in Ontario down to Middleburgh NY yesterday. When we dipped down into the narrow valley cresting on Hwy 145, it was pretty obvious how the Loyalist raid of 1780 would have played out. Show More Summary

Hey! What Is “The 1780 Beer Challenge” Anyway?

I am heading down south this Saturday despite the 83 cent Canadian dollar. Yes, this event is so compelling that I am willing to buy US dollars at a 20% premium to attend it. What is “The 1780 Beer Challenge”? Here is how Craig described it in the press release: The Albany Ale Project, Green Wolf Brewing Co., and MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co. Show More Summary

Thoughts On The Introduction To The Anthology

Maybe I am a morning person after all. Again, I am up, wanting to write. The niggling thought in my head about how too much beer writing is sadly like what's found in the auto section, to quote a newspaper editor I know. I was thinking about this as well as the wee hidden essay I found in the e-book... Show More Summary

Your Saturday Morning News Not From Boak And Bailey

Six thirty Ay Hem. That's what you get when you go to bed early on a Friday. After having a nap around supper time. Three elections in a row this week plus, you know, the life of a desk jockey did me in. The first election last Monday in my former tiny jurisdiction of PEI saw my old law school prof get in as Premier. Show More Summary

Your Health May Depend On Slower Wait Staff

There is a simple answer. Scientists are writing studies about the people they selected to drink from glasses they marketed with squeaky markers but... There is a simpler answer: The results showed that the markings slowed the speed at which people drank. Show More Summary

"Selling Beer and Keeping Houses of Rendezvous"

One of the good things about being in my job is the records one comes across or co-workers with an interest in history share with you. I got this tidbit in my email last week. That's from first document I came across in a larger scanned file called "Tavern Inspectors Records 1849-1853". Show More Summary

Session 99: A Little Mild And A Little Excitement

This month's edition of The Session is hosted by Velky Al who asks us to consider American mild. Mild of the Americas? Pan-American mild? I am game. After all, the Western Hemisphere is the happeningist hemisphere if all. Mild. I actually have had two glasses of the stuff over the last few months. Show More Summary

Is The Data Overload Becoming An Issue?

It was a bit of a revelation. Well, a joke and a revelation. I have a brother who is a bookman who sends rare finds for birthdays and holidays. This year for my 52nd I got this book on cheese. Published in 1960, it is a simple thing....Show More Summary

Question: Does "Craft" Still Really Cultural Homogeneity?

In all this week's disagreement about craft beer events being held in strip bars, I wonder if it illustrates a reality about the road US craft industry has taken us all for a couple of decades. I tweeted Zak at the Olympic Tavern just...Show More Summary

The Process Of Reforming Ontario's Beer Sales

Well, the members of the editorial board of The Globe and Mail are not impressed. At least that is reassuring: Politicians will be, more than ever, deciding who gets to sell beer and who does not, and which beer, where, when, how and at what price. Show More Summary

"To Search For What Is Best For The People Of Ontario"

I am not thrilled. Not really all that moved. The cornerstone of the big beer retail reform announcement that by two years from now there may be 150 grocery store licenses to sell beer to 13,000,000 Ontarians can quickly be boiled down. Show More Summary

Next Day: Still Off, Five Wineries And A New Brewery

See that there? That's a bit of a winery with a brewery popping up rapidly behind it. I raced through the east end of nearby Prince Edward County again today as I was getting itchy feet. Itchy feet from reading all of Stonch's posts about a Londoner's country hiking lifestyle, wandering from pub to pub and glass to glass. Show More Summary

Your Week Off Update - Beer Still Functions Well

it's getting to be a habit. I now take the week off around my birthday to do chores in the garden, to put off filling out my tax forms, to watch a lot of the new season of baseball and to have a beer on a Wednesday at 1:35 in the afternoon. Show More Summary

Albany Ale: Straw In Wheat Beer Is Next Big Thing

It's not quite like ten years ago when ones name could appear in The New York Times, but I got word from cousin Mike Malone of, amongst many other things, "Books and Beer" on 1460 AM radio WVOX that news of the May 16th event in Middleburgh, NY had hit the Ale Street News. Show More Summary

Scene From A Bar: Sandwich Tongs Or Not?

“Have you always been such a crank?” the bartender shouted with his back turned. I was used to this sort of thing. All I ask for is a proper pint glass for my beer and I get abuse. Same treatment every time. Who needs to drink their beer from a tiny glass trophy? Not me. Show More Summary

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