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The Sale Of Porter In New York City, 1750 to 1783

On 2 December 1783, James Hearn had a noticed placed in the New York Morning Post for his new business, opening the next day in Maiden Lane. Hearn's Porter-House would offer wines, spirits and porter as well as a variety of dishes hot and in any quantity the single gentleman might desire. Show More Summary

Are We Approaching Peak Hard Cider?

The All About Beer column by John Holl posted today begins "Hard cider continues to climb in popularity and now the largest producer in the country, Angry Orchard, has its own place to welcome customers...." This is odd because of the...Show More Summary

A Few More Thoughts On Craft Brewery Buyouts

I quickly write this over at the beer blog's Facebook page and though it was clever enough to repeat: With respect, the main point is being missed. The disassembling of the US craft beer market is itself the bursting of the bubble. The "big macro v. Show More Summary

E.& J. Burke And A Barrel Of Straw And Stout

This post is just an excuse to post this picture from 1889. Careful readers will know that I play a game or two of 1860s base ball each summer. One of the players on our team, Jordan Press, forwarded this post from MLB historian, John Thorne, on baseball - and even base ball - in art. Show More Summary

Your 2015 Xmas Photo And Writing Contest Is Here!

The Annual Public Service Announcement!!"Look!! He's published this year's rules!""Didn't he just do that last year?""Well, yes, I suppose he did. Have you gotten 57 Down yet?You know it's been years since you started that puzzle...""You...Show More Summary

New York: Har(r)ison and Leadbetter, The 1760s Odd Couple

What an odd story. As we know from our history as well as right up to today, brewers usually go in the direction from rags to riches - starting out in sheds and garages to become multimillionaires all the while pretending they are still small operators working on the level of a craft industry. Show More Summary

New York: The Elusive Medcef Eden of Golden Hill

The latest project without all that much particular point is turning out to identify the brewers of New York City during the American Revolution aka the War of Independence. So far we have learned about: - William D. Faulkner; - The Lispenards; and - The Rutgers. Show More Summary

Session 105: Double Double, Toil and Trouble

Apparently my theatre of the absurd approach worked and The Session continues. This month's edition is hosted by the Kaedrin Beer Blog which has posted the question in part in this way:...your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to drink two beers, compare and contrast. Show More Summary

News Flash: One Beer Less Bad Than Buckets Of Wine

I have see some silly claims but beer markets holding themselves out as medical professionals but this image has to be the most obviously fibby. Apparently, sayeth the Daily Mail, a pint of 4% beer has lower calories than a 250 ml glass of wine. Show More Summary

An Anti-German Anti-Lager NYC Riot In 1840

The map of the city of New York from 1839 shows the extent of development in grey. The streets north of 14th street are newly settled, sitting north of the established municipal wards. They are twice the distance from the tip of lower Manhattan that the rural Lispenard estate and brewery was just fifty years before. Show More Summary

Panicky Non-Local Craft Objects To Local Craft Law

What a weird press release: (Toronto – October 29, 2015) - Steam Whistle Brewing and other independent Canadian craft breweries, were blindsided yesterday by the Alberta Government’s triple-pronged changes to beer mark-ups, in which it seeks to take $39 million from consumers’ pockets via higher alcohol prices. Show More Summary

Sensible Judge Meets Oddly Useless Lawsuit

I don't know what it is about good beer that attracts such thin thinking. Sure, it's the alcohol... but is that all? Certain corners of the crossroads of alky fanboy and consultant communicator have latched upon the recent ruling inShow More Summary

The Site Of Rutger's Brewery, New York City, 1776

This is quite the thing: In the summer of 1776 there stood on the northern side of Maiden Lane near where Gold Street now enters it, a large Brewery, with its attendant dwelling, malt-house, sheds, storehouses, etc. The premises extended...Show More Summary

The Brewing Lispenards Of New York City

Lispenards. For a few days I have had Lispenards on the mind. We've seen them before. In Upper Hudson Valley Beer, Craig and I wrote this: After the war was won and New France conquered in 1760, William Johnson continued to import beer into his western Albany County estate but the records indicate that his choices were not local. Show More Summary

So...There Was An Exporting Albany Brewery Before 1790

It's been a busy time. Busy at work. A family matter to attend in the States. A federal election to fret about. Baseball playoffs to obsess over. Hardly time to play around with newspaper databases. Ah, well. Winter is coming. There will be time for that. Show More Summary

US Justice Dept Takes Interest In Beer Trade

Seems that AB InBev has attracted the notice of the U.S. Department of Justice for buying out bits of the beer trade - and not the craft breweries: The U.S. Justice Department is probing allegations that Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI.BR)...Show More Summary

Massachusetts: Hopsters, Newton Corner, Bostonish

A spare hour and a need for a feed saw me wandering around Newton Corner looking for a big screen with the AL Wild Card game between the Yanks and Astros. I noticed Hopsters as the taxi drove by earlier in the evening. Big bright windows facing the street corner. I paid about $6.50 a U.S. Show More Summary

Session 104: The Roundup - Eulogy Or Revival?

The forces opposing beer blogging have been around almost as long as there has been beer blogging. Early on, we got noticed. Soon after that in August 2006, BeerAdvocate declared against it perhaps sensing the end of the forum as a primary internet medium. Show More Summary

Session 104: Quick! Write... And Make It Good!!

Last month, I started my post for The Session this way. "It's the first bit of the month. Session time. I almost forgot." Seems like a number of you did. Then forgot it again as soon as it was done. The first Friday of the month is tomorrow. Show More Summary

Caleb Haviland Sold Lovely Drinks In 1798

Versions of this advertisement ran in newspapers in New York though the middle of 1798. This one is from the New York Gazette of 12 March. There is a reason the run ended when it did. On November 23 of that year Caleb Haviland's widow is granted letters of administration after he dies without a will. Show More Summary

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