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Still Not Backing Down For Four Hundred Years

What a great ad. It basically sums up everything about American brewing for the last four hundred years. It's so absorbing you hardly notice how weird the music is. Part movie soundtrack when Gene Hackman smashes the Mopar though downtown. Show More Summary

Session 108: Getting Snowed, In Or Otherwise

For this month's edition of The Session, Jon at The Brew Site has asked us to consider the role of snow, of winter and how it pertains to beer. I am a bit at a loss. Now is the winter of our discontent? As a Canadian, I am very aware of winter. Show More Summary

Yesterday The Rutgers Motherlode Fell Into My Lap

So, last October I posted about the location of Rutgers' 1700s brewery in New York that seems to have ended its days in a fire in the 1780s - and then went off looking at other stuff from the same era related to other families and other breweries. Show More Summary

New York: The Fifty Year Disappearance Of Clean Brewing Water

What a horrible diagram. It's just a sketch but it's a dog's dinner. It illustrates the expansion of New York City from 1660, almost forty years into the life of the settlement, to 1839 just before the arrival of the fresh water in Lower Manhattan via the Croton Aqueduct. Show More Summary

The Spruce Beer Brewery At Catherine Street, New York

The further down the rabbit hole of the breweries around New York in the decades around the American Revolution, the further you get from success. For many of the brewers of the Hudson Valley from Long Island to Albany, brewing led to riches and political power. Show More Summary

About That Later 1700s Brewery At Brooklyn Bridge

This clean living is killing me. Up at 5:30 am on a Saturday after an eight hour sleep. What a choir boy. What a goodie goodie. As far as I can tell, Lew is still up from the night before boiling beef and pounding ales to wait out the winter storm down there. Show More Summary

What Has The Last 35 Years Been About Anyway?

What an ugly diagram. Jeff posted a hypothesis to describe the last ten years in good beer and it caused me to come up with an ugly diagram. A scribbel. See, I don't agree with him but I am not that concerned with agreeability. Not that I am not nice. Show More Summary

According To Me: Forget Units, Embrace Millilitres

Remember last July when I explained how I actually tasted beer? This is another one of those posts. Not looking to convince you of anything but just to set out what I actually do. First, let me get this out of the way. One of the oddest things about beer is how it triggers a particular sort of outrage. Show More Summary

Is This One Way Big Craft Might Be Dying?

There is nothing more certain about the brewing trade more than the history is defined an extraordinary limited set of patterns. Those who think that the owners of big craft breweries are special know nothing about the rise of lagerShow More Summary

Finally... 2015's Yuletide Beery Contest Results Are In!!

OK, let's get this done. There was a longer than usually delay. Every one of the 12 Days are in the past. It's seven weeks to March for heaven's sake. But there was a need as you will see. There was... some drama in the writing portion of the contest. Show More Summary

Was Hanseatic League Beer The First in England?

Ah, the Hanseatic League. Remember the Championship game of 1922? That was great. Gordie won the Cup. That chart above is from Britain and Poland-Lithuania: Contact and Comparison from the Middle Ages to 1795 published in 2008 and co-edited by every beer history nerd's favorite professor, Dr. Show More Summary

The Curse Of Nutritionism And Good Beer

From a book blurb: Popularized by Michael Pollan in his best-selling In Defense of Food, Gyorgy Scrinis's concept of nutritionism refers to the reductive understanding of nutrients as the key indicators of healthy food—an approach that has dominated nutrition science, dietary advice, and food marketing. Show More Summary

What The Heck Was Going On in 1680s Staffordshire?

That's my new favorite quote about sulfurous brewing waters from around Burton. It's from The Natural History of Staffordshire from 1686 by Robert Plot. It's slightly misleading as the beer was brewed as a local health tonic but I love that it was available at the Brimstone Alehouse. Show More Summary

Does Canal Based Burton Ale Defeat Coastal Ales?

Dependencies. Things change in large part because other things have changed first. In the mid-1980s, change happens to beer because other things have changed that lay the groundwork first. Cable TV has brought Julia Child, The Galloping Gourmet, Jacques Pepin and then the Frugal Gourmet into the home. Show More Summary

So What Was Northdown Ale In The Later 1600s?

Before the curse that is social media was thrust upon us, one key promise of beer blogging was collective research. With the most welcome news that Lew is back into the beer blog game, he reminds us of the point of doing this day after day: A bit over two years ago, I stopped writing this blog. Show More Summary

Your Twenty-Two Holiday Photo Contest Finalists

Jeff was giving me the gears on FB yesterday. Where are the contest finalists? Where are the contest finalists? Man, oh man. Here's the top twenty-two entries. Based on my excruciatingly ethical evaluation ("Triple E") standards. Which are that I like them. Show More Summary

Session 107: Are Brewers My Friends? Really?

For this month's edition of The Session, Dan the in-house blogger with Community Beer Works of Buffalo, NY has asked this question of us all: The topic I want you all to write about: “Are breweries your friends?” To be in business nowadays you pretty much have to have a social media presence. Show More Summary

Platinum Pints 2010-15: Best Trend In Good Beer

ne word: diversification. When I look back over the last half decade there has been one clear trend. Things are getting a bit out of the control of central command. Turning and turning in the widening gyre / The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.... Show More Summary

Platinum Pints 2010-15: Best Beer Book Writer

We are half a decade into... the decade. The twenty-tens. Time to reflect and to reflect on a longer time span than the annual keek. Have their been arcs to trace? Have past achievements been already lost? That's what the Platinum Pint awards are for. Show More Summary

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