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Not So Much A Bursting As A Great Dissipation

Ah, Mr. Chimphead. A serious point must be about to be made. But being August, there is not much out there to read, not much worth writing about. People rightly have other things to do. But Bryan Roth has posted a useful examination of the use of the word "bubble" that gets the juices flowing. Show More Summary

Pity The Canadian Olympian Running Today

Is there anything sadder than a life's work geared to one event that gets swept away by another bigger event on short notice? Our national public broadcaster has rightly determined that the last evening of Olympic coverage is going to...Show More Summary

Maine: Interlude 2007, Allagash, Portland

Twenty-four bucks? What was I doing last decade? I have only a few of these aged big bottles left. I gave up a long time ago on trying to keep the cellar up. One of the few beers left from the days of glory, the era of beer blog ad revenue. Show More Summary

Session 114: I Know Nothing About Pilsner

This month's edition of The Session sees Allistair Reece asking us about pilsners. I know zippo about pilsners. I never went on one of those five-day long weekend holiday to Prague that made me a drive by insta-expert. I never lived there spreading the cultural imperialism of English as a Second Language. Show More Summary

Could Cream Beer Actually Be Cream Beer's Ancestor? "handsome" I presume you mean the "other" one... Here's the thing. There is only so much I can lay out to support this idea so I might as well do it and admit that it is something of a reasonable hypothesis. To be fair, I rarely take a position that I can't later extract myself from. Show More Summary

Francis Perot Brewed 116 Times In 1821 to 1822

Brewing was seasonal in the early 1800s east coast towns. You see it in the Vassar logs from Poughkeepsie NY and again with the brewing logs of Francis and William Perot of Philadelphia of 1821-22. Ed Carson was good enough to scan them last fall and I am drawn back to them by this question about what "cream beer" might be at that moment. Show More Summary

Cream Beer Before Cream Ale In 1820s New York City

Look at that. Just look at that. It is a notice in the New York Gazette from 30 October 1821. James H. De Lamater had brought in a supply of Larer's Superior Cream Beer. Imported by the sloop David. Shipping is not any sort of surprise. Show More Summary

"...In The West Indies And In The Southern States..."

That is from the 3 April 1820 edition of the Albany Gazette. Harkening back to an earlier era when Albany ale had a reputation - "a great and high character" - in the West Indies and the southern states. I think this both confuses and confirms a number of things. Show More Summary

The Dreary Reality Of Those Disclosures

Even starting to type this post initially weighs upon me in my pre-coffee haze. Really? Has it come to this? Thinking about beer writing again? I suppose I am somewhat insulated from the quandary by being well past it. Few people consider the comfy role of the post-popular writer. Show More Summary

Nigerian Government Questions Silly Beer Health Claims

Is it fair to say good luck seeing this sort of puffery questioned in North America? The Council, in a letter signed by its Director General, Mrs. Dupe Atoki, listed some of the claims, which include that beer is not an alcoholic beverage...Show More Summary

Signs Of The Panic Of 1819 In 1820s NY Brewing

Not the cleanest image but obviously something was up in New York in the spring of 1820 if we are to believe the New York Mercantile Advertiser of 13 May 1820. What was up was the after effects of the Panic of 1819, the high point of...Show More Summary

Session 113: Observing A Mass Of Beer Drinkers En Mass

This month's edition of The Session finds me remembering when I was 19. See, when I was in my first or second year of undergrad, some guy sold a huge stash of original Penguin and Pelican books from the 1930s into the used book stores of my town, Halifax in Nova Scotia. Show More Summary

A Hearty And Robust People As Any In The World

The lead article in the The New-York Weekly Journal of 21 August 1738 began with the words "the health of mankind has often been a principle subject of public paper" which is true enough but it's that bit above on the second page that seems timely. Show More Summary

Now That It's Summer Do I Want Gin Or Beer... Or?

This is the sort of problem I have in summer. Which is another way of saying I have no problems. Summer in the yard. Digging slightly pointlessly until drenched with sweat. Watching the teens push the mower from the prospect of that chair and that shade. Show More Summary

Philadelphians Studying Barley Varieties In 1788 And 1819

A road block. As much a writer's block as a researching one. Spring is a rotten time to sit down to a computer in the evening. Softball games need being watched, exam sitters need being encouraged and the garden still remains not fully planted. Show More Summary

From “Beer Nerds” - Of All People

Shocking news from the front lines: He also reveals that the angriest mail he gets is from “beer nerds,” of all people. It happens whenever he drinks a big-brand beer on his CNN show “Parts Unknown.” “The angriest mail I get is fromShow More Summary

Session 112: What? Other Folk Are Working, Too?

This month's edition of The Session sees Carla Jean Lauter asking us all to consider all those working in support of the brewing industry. With the ripples of doubt spreading upon the waters since last month's edition of the session, it's a good time to pay attention to some of these sorts of realities and practicalities. Show More Summary

Is 2016 The Year That Craft Beer Became Boring?

It's a concern if this recent report is anything to go by: In the last four weeks, he added, the largest four BA-defined craft suppliers — Yuengling, Boston Beer, Sierra Nevada, and New Belgium — were down a combined 4 percent. “I don’t...Show More Summary

Beer And Brewing Regulation In New Netherlands

On the 22nd of March 1639, Cornelis van Tienhoven, secretary in New Netherland on behalf of the General Chartered West India Company received Gillis Pietersen van der Gouw, a 27 year old master carpenter who gave an account of the state...Show More Summary

Avoiding The Call Of The Content Control Clique

This is one of the sadder passages I have read about exploring brewing history in a long time. It's in an excellent article by Joe Stange in which he is kind enough to have mentioned me: At the recent Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia, there was an unusual morning roundtable totally devoted to historical beer styles. Show More Summary

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