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I Never Go To Beer Fests... Except This Week!

This weekend will find me at Albany attending the New York State Brewers Association second annual Craft New York Brewers Festival. The most exciting thing is that it is being held at a place called The Desmond Hotel. It is exciting because I love 1960's first wave ska and, according to my notes, every band had to have a guy called Desmond in it. Show More Summary

Oh, What A Loverly Word Usage Graphing Tool...

See that? Click on the image and you will see it better. That is a word search for the word hop[pe]s in English language texts from a site called Early Modern Print: Text Mining Early Printed English which explains itself as follows:...Show More Summary

"Click Bait!" Not Really Code For Good Beer Criticism

This week's craft beer tantrum has come in reaction to a very well written personal essay attacking a number of specified effects of craft beer snobbery. In particular, strong reaction has come from the mixed revenue stream writer / consultant / appearance fee good beer personality seats in the audience. Show More Summary

One Brewery And The Problem With Records

I hate records. Well, I really like them. But I hate them. See, we are subject to their limitations... or at least two of them. Or three. The last one first. Finding them. For a while I have been grabbing images of maps including the sites of early breweries in Kingston. Show More Summary

The Beer On My Path To Owen Sound And Back

I had one of those happy sad events over the weekend, a remembrance of someone two generations older than me, forty-eight years older to be exact. I won't get into details but suffice it to say that anyone who ensured there was a good beer in the fridge was an ally as much as anything. Show More Summary

Not Beer: Welcome To Seed Catalogue Reading Time

I know I mentioned I am sick of winter but did I mention I am sick of winter? I did? OK. Did I mention that I am already gearing up for spring planting. With any luck, three or four weeks from now I will take out the bag of soil I keep in the basement all winter, dump it on the ground and ram in a bunch of pea seeds. Show More Summary

Your Beery Update For A Mid-February Monday

While I am not living the snowy hell of the east coast, I am simply sick of winter. It's not like it's been a long one. December and January were pretty soft. But the deep cold has driven me inside and down into the basement. Next to the gas stove. Show More Summary

Perhaps A Drop Of Sallet Oyle In Your Beer?

As a wee ripple wafts through the ether about the sweatiness of gose, it is good to be reminded that before a certain point not that long ago, beer was understood to be a product with functions, purposes. Having picked up the lad's bug...Show More Summary

"...Studies Linking Drinking And Stupidity..."

Well... yes, there is that: Rick and Schweitzer came to their conclusions after five experiments. In one, 109 participants were shown photos of actors holding a bottle of beer or a glass of water — with the beer-holding actors rated as "significantly less intelligent" but "no less likeable" than the others. Show More Summary

Session 96: Eight Years On I Skip Most Fests

I find beer fests messy drunken things. Most people seem to remember the first or second hours when folk are still noticing how good this beer or that one is. I seem to remember the final hour as much as any. Well after someone started talking in too loud a voice. Show More Summary

Are Better Times For Good Beer Buyers Here?

Quite a useful article in The New York Times today that takes the way forward for the business of US craft beer well past the "trust me, there is no bubble" stuff that passes for analysis too often. Let me ruin the conclusion for you to prove my point:...the question for brewers like Mr. Show More Summary

Or Is The Oddest Thing Dismissing Common Answers?

Further to last week's post, it appears now that Ontario has a special cultural strength, dismissing the common and obvious answer before all the facts are even in! Witness: Wynne says changes are coming to the way beer, wine and spirits...Show More Summary

Your Super Bowl Sunday Beery News And Notes

Ah, Sunday. The first in February which means... baseball is not far off. I am not a huge NFL fan but will watch the game with some interest. Not a fan of either team, though. Not much into the Gruit Day thing either. Gruit was a form...Show More Summary

Are The Oddest Things In Ontario The Solutions?

That's a video posted in the Toronto Star the other day summarizing where this Province sits in its own internal debate about the retailing of beer in Ontario.Its attached to a story titled "Time to take ownership of the Beer Store:Show More Summary

"Grain Suffisanment Pour Faire De La Biere"

The footnote quoting a text from 10 August 1620 actually reads in full: Nous avon du grain suffisamment pour faire du pain and de la bière That statement was written by Denis Jamet, Récollet missionary at Quebec in New France. When I...Show More Summary

The Eight Years Reign of "Craft" Beer Ends

As with many of the words and ideas hovering around good beer for the last decade, we all knew for a while that "craft" beer has been a bit of a loser. Yesterday on social media, two of the biggest voices in good beer publishing affirmed its relegation. Show More Summary

Looking Out The Window Of A Pub

It's one of my favorite things to do, sitting looking out the window of a pub. This was last Monday afternoon. The Bow Bar in Edinburgh. I was just getting used to the time zone and would fly out the next day. Two guys standing at the bar in the small one room space were providing the background track to the seat with a view. Show More Summary

Is It Even Possible To Be A Beer Expert?

Jeff wrote an article for All About Beer this week called "Why Beer Experts Matter". I commented by Twitter that it set out a "good argument by @Beervana but expertise is key, not the "experts" - personifying a body of knowledge just limits it." Discussion ensued. Show More Summary

Back From That Trip To Scotland That I Mentioned...

I was away for a week on a business trip to Scotland. A whole week? Well, as I am the son of two of those Scots who took to the four corners of the world, did add a couple of days of vacation but, much to my surprise, it took 33 hours of travel to get from where I am to where I was going and then, for unknown reasons, 20 hours to get back. Show More Summary

Your January Monday Evening Beery News Roundup

Ah, the holidays are over. Time to relax, write a few thank you notes, mail out the prizes for the photo contest and... go on an unexpected five day four night trip to the UK for work! This never happens to me but it has thrown everything that is normally dull this time of year into hectic disarray. Show More Summary

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