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David Shrigley's "My Beer"

I heard this yesterday at about 3:30 in the afternoon on BBC 6. Afternoon off. Snoozing on a summer day. Or was it folding laundry. Catching up with chores or closed eyelids. David Shrigley is a Glaswegian, five years younger than me. Show More Summary

Once Again New Brunswick's Beer Law Leads From Behind

Once in a while I have to log my hours at work, keeping track of what's going on. I caught up with seven weeks worth of logs today. Mind numbing until I also noticed how I raced from the first few weeks of summer to the end of August. Show More Summary

A Prize For The Advancement Of Good Beer Writing

One of the saddest thing about the good beer world - amongst many - is the tension between the "be positive" struggling consulto-set and the grumbly "we're on the downside" one. Both have their leading voices and evidence to back them up. Show More Summary

Your Vital Links To Beer News For Wednesday Half-Day

Two days back off holiday and I am already taking an afternoon off. Slacker. Well, there was a need to do so but not really to do anything other than mind the wee one. Fortunately there's afternoon baseball to watch online and lots of beer news to catch up with. => First, the best news of all is that I may have figured out a cure to the spam war. Show More Summary

What Does One Learn In Maine The 23rd Time?

We've been heading to the southern Maine shore for about 23 years now. Sometimes we skip a year. Sometimes we go twice. I grew up east of Maine. Nova Scotia. We used to go to Maine to see how the well off lived. We heard about Maine on cable TV when it showed up in our rec rooms in the late 70s. Show More Summary

Session 102: Crossing The Landscape

It's the first bit of the month. Session time. Our host this month asks us to consider this: Our topic this month is, “The Landscape of Beer“. How do you see that landscape now? What about in 5, 10, or even 20 years? A current goal in the American Craft Beer Industry is 20% market share by the year 2020. Show More Summary

Who Was Joseph Coppinger, Early 1800s US Beer Geek?

The trouble with finding an old text in isolation like the one I wrote about yesterday is establishing some context. Without it, you are at the whim of the person's claim to fame as opposed to his or her place. It's as true today as it was in 1815 when Joseph Coppinger published his book on brewing. Show More Summary

Dorchester Ale: Esteemed When The Management Is Judicious

Fabulous. I think my new best friend is Joseph Coppinger. Sure he published his book The American Practical Brewer and Tanner 200 years ago... but so few people come by these days I don't care to notice such things. Like Velky Al did a couple of years ago, I came across an online copy of the book as I was looking for something entirely different. Show More Summary

How Little Beer May A Beer Writer Drink?

Can you write well about beer without drinking it? You certainly can without doing consulting to the trade on the side, doing corporate events. But can you without being in the bars every day, chin wagging? I mean even Rebus goes through...Show More Summary

Massachusetts: Spencer, St. Joseph's Abbey

Long time reader Brian was good enough to deliver this to me after having driven west for the 1780 Challenge back in May. The beer is brewed by the monastic community at Spencer, Massachusetts. Fortunately, they are a fairly prudent bunch as their beer comes in at just 6.5%. Show More Summary

Beautica Club... Beautility Beer...

Ah, Utica Club. Craig brought Utica Club. He brought a few other beers. Beers that even came in caged cork topped bottles. But he brought Utica Club. It's a funny beer. An old school macro lager made by a regional craft brewery. Is it hidden craft? Faux macro? Whatever it is, it's five bucks for three litres at central NY gas stations. Show More Summary

Why is Budweiser mocking craft beer? Why Not?

One of the things folk will look back on the 2007-2016-ish era of craft beer as a dominant form of branding will be its excruciating preciousness. Consider this silly article from Fortune magazine, itself one of the silliest places to...Show More Summary

Clowes, Newbury and Maddox, Bermondsey, London, 1827

The brewery of Clowes, Newbury and Maddox sat on Stoney Lane in Bermondsey, London. The late Georgian artist John Chessell Buckler created a number of images from the district of Bermondsey. The watercolour of Clowes, Newbury and Maddox was painted in 1827. Show More Summary

How I Actually Taste Beer According To Me

Once I used the phrase "the theatre of the mouth" and Stan liked the idea. Or maybe just the sound of the phrase. I was thinking about it today for some reason and realized that I had never described what I meant. Well, the phrase itself places one in the seat, the only place that ultimately matters. Show More Summary

Considering The Badness Of Beer In 1800s Britian

Hail, Beer! In all thy forms of Porter, Stingo, Stout, Swipes, Double-X, Ale, Heavy, Out-and-out, Most dear, Hail! thou that mak'st man's heart as big as Jove's! Of Ceres' gifts the best! That furnishest A cure for all our griefs: aShow More Summary

Was There Foreshadowing Of CAMRA In The 1880s?

Was there a movement lobbying for the political protection of something analogous to real ale in the Victorian era? I came across the idea in this passage in a book entitled England as Seen by an American Banker: Notes of a Pedestrian...Show More Summary

Considering The Gold v. Beer Exchange Rate

While it's not quite in the ranks of my favourite court case name, Gold v. Death, the chart setting out the annual the beer purchasing power of gold index is fairly instructive: Many comparisons from everyday life show that gold is currently not valued at an excessively high level. Show More Summary

Three Mugs Of Beer For The Servant Girl

Let's dissect the trial of Michael Martin and Hannah Farrington for grand larceny held on 15th October 1729. It starts out pretty clearly enough. Michael Martin, and Hannah Farrington, of St. Giles's Cripplegate were indicted for feloniously stealing two Gallons of strong Beer, value 2 s. Show More Summary

Session 101: Bottles, Caps and Other Beer Detritus

It's the first bit of the month. Session time. Our host this month asks us to consider this: For this month's The Session theme, I'm asking contributors to share their thoughts on these things, the tangential items to our obsession.Show More Summary

Ale Tunners And Tunner's Ale in 1500s Leicester

People don't give municipal records the respect they deserve. Where the rubber hits the road, that's what a municipality is. Consider this from the Records of the Borough of Leicester Being a Series of Extracts from the Archives of the...Show More Summary

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