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It's About Time! The 2014 Xmas Photo Contest Is On!!!

Important Public Service Announcement!!"Look!! He's published this year's rules!" So here we go. Another year, another set of photo contest rules. And if you look back to 2013 you will see that this notice is virtually identical. But,...Show More Summary

Some Uses Of Beer In Early 17th Century Newfoundland

Richard Whitbourne is one of those guys probably a few people know a whole lot about but a whole lot of people know nothing about. He fought against the Spanish Armada in 1588 and then spent the next thirty years of his life involved with the Elizabethan whaling fleets off and, later, colonization of Newfoundland. Show More Summary

239 Years Ago There Was This Tavern And These...

"Settling the Affairs of the Nation"... that is what it's called. After yesterday's 1919 barroom scene from New York City, I was looking for an earlier characteristic tavern scene. Sadly, photography did not exist in 1775 so this print will have to do. Show More Summary

Ninety-five Years Ago There Was This Bar And These...

This image flashed by my eye this afternoon. It's apparently a bar in New York the night before Prohibition comes into effect in 1919. A little less highbrow perhaps than this one. What I find really interesting is how there is so much going on that is really different from what bars are like now. Show More Summary

Beer Math: "Micro>Macro>Craft, That Works"

I am watching and commenting on an interesting Facebook thread started by Maureen Ogle this weekend that was triggered by the article "A Not-So Nefarious History of Craft and Crafty Beer" by Daniel Hartis. It also triggered some thoughts from me which I am pasting here as both a place holder and to see if I can build on them. Show More Summary

Like Arguing Your City Should Form An Army

So, this is interesting: Vancouver council candidate R.J. Aquino thinks city hall has an important role to play in ensuring customers get what they pay for when they order a cold pint of beer. It was an idea Aquino chanced upon while brainstorming ways to address the two former issues. Show More Summary

A Question: A Xmas Beer Photo Contest For 2014?

How's the water where you are? Here it is fine. Sure. Me, too. No? You don't run a beer photo contest every year at Christmas? You don't. You really don't?? Funny, I thought everyone did. Part of Christmas. Sure it's a slog and takes up a lot of time. Show More Summary

My Weekend With MacKinnon Brothers Brewing

I visited a brewery today. Barns filled with brewing equipment. No one was there. Walked into the keg storage building and saw kegs. Tried a door with a padlock on it. Padlock was open as it turned out. Even had the key still in it. Went in and looked at all the fermenters. Show More Summary

Sour Studies: Timmermans Oude Gueuze 2013, Belgium

Session beer. 5.5% and sufficiently sour that a personal sized 750 ml gives at least two hours - or four laundry loads - worth of sips. It pours a slightly clouded golden straw. Plenty of must and funky tang when the nose is rammed into the nonic. Show More Summary

Session 93: Do I Travel For The Beer Or Not?

When I travel I usually find beer there. It's something that I notice. There's pretty much beer wherever I go. Hmm. This month's host for The Session at The Roaming Pint asks why it's important to travel to where the beer is made. But beer is made everywhere. Show More Summary

Certain Georgian Drinking Habits In Pre-Reform Upper Canada

As a careful reader of this blog may have picked up, I have a certain preference for the pre-lager pre-Victorian world of British Empire beer - if only because it's so widely ignored. As beer writers and nano brewers are now painfully aware, too many claims against too little content makes for thin rewards. Show More Summary

Wish I Knew What I Know Now When I Was Younger

The more I read them, the more these continuing reactions to the cover of The New Yorker are making me cringe. I mean, really... do stamp collectors associate themselves to closely to stamp collecting that a representation of their hobby could evoke such emotion - especially emotions in the guise of analysis. Show More Summary

Beery Things Seen On The Web As I Await Game 7

A lazy post. Everyone love the lazy post of links to things. Or hates it. Or has not a very strong opinion one way or another. What makes this one even better is (i) there is no theme and (ii) the tangent is thematically woven throughout. Show More Summary

POV Test: What Do You See In The Image?

This cover image for the upcoming edition of The New Yorker has a lot of people talking. And saying a lot of things. Rather than discuss my thoughts, I am going to just present it in an exercise in reviewing not only its substance but its effect, to see if you have any interesting reactions. Show More Summary

In Days Of Yore Beer Came In Mainer Goblets

One of the sillier things I have seen pass across the internets lately came up as part of the anti-shaker campaign. You will recall that the function of that campaign is to convince you, the beer buyer, that an 8 oz serving of beer for...Show More Summary

What Use Is Beer When Facing Truly Horrible Things?

It's a bit hard this Thursday to think of something I'd like to write about given the events of yesterday in Ottawa, just up the Rideau Canal from my home town here in Kingston, Ontario. Beer is fairly unimportant at any time. It is really unimportant at times like this. Show More Summary

"There’s No Such Thing As An Evil Milkshake"

Jordan knocks one out of the park in his column for Canada's Sun newspaper chain by cutting to the chase about the "meaning" of craft beer. Forget about it: Let me suggest something to you: “Craft beer” has served its purpose as an idea and we need to move past it. Show More Summary

How I Feel Now That I Have Nickelbrook's Wet Hop Ale

That's a new photo for me. It is from Halifax's Victory in Europe Day parade in 1945 apparently before it became the VE Day Riot. Click for more of the photo. I have mentioned the Halifax riot of 1945 somewhere around here but can't find the link. Show More Summary

If Everyone Else Is A Beer Expert - Why Not Me?

I have been seeing the term "beer expert" recently, mainly in the non-nerderatti press aimed at the general population. Like this: IGA is proud to be working with beer expert Philippe Wouters to assist their customers in discovering a variety of flavours. Show More Summary

A Good Beer News Roundup For An October Tuesday

"Ah!" That's what I hear you all say... "aaaaaahhhh!" Feet go up. Glasses get adjusted and you tuck yourself in for another fabulous edition of the unscheduled beer news roundup. See, Stan may post a round up every Monday while Boak and Bailey do the same most Saturdays. Show More Summary

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