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Ontario: Windward Belgian Wheat, Stone City, Kingston

The last year has been the scene of many a revelation when it comes to my relationship with beer. Out of nowhere, two fabulous breweries opened up in my immediate vicinity after years of claiming town was the least served by fresh beer for its size in the northeastern bit of North America. Show More Summary

Things Other Folk Are Doing This Weekend

It's not often that I am jealous of others. I am a pretty happy guy. But when the tweets start flying around someone at noon each Friday I find myself seated at the office desk, hard soled tight laced dress shoes working on my plates of meat... Show More Summary

Did Father Duplessis Brew Quebec's First Beer?

You may recall that a couple of months ago I wrote a post about the first brewing of beer in New France describing how in 1617 Louis Hébert became the colony's first private land owner, farmer and a brewer. He is generally accepted as the first brewer. Show More Summary

Let's Stop Defining "Craft Beer" And Start Describing It

Bear with me as this is a topic a large piece of which means little to me. Why would it? It's 8:35 am on the first day of spring with more snow on the ground, sub-freezing temperatures and two weeks of laundry to catch up with. It's a good day to ponder fundamentally unimportant things like defining craft beer. Show More Summary

Are Snow Fort Beer Fests The Next Big Thing?

CBC Prince Edward Island posted this photo on Facebook. Click on it for a bigger view. It's from Lisa Arsenault of Summerside who captioned it "How East Coasters deal with 7' of snow!" I was saying how maybe I should check out my own backyard this weekend. Show More Summary

Ontario Loves Its Large Corporate Aggregations

This is likely the least exciting picture visually I have posted around these parts. But its content may place it among the most interesting. Click on it for the larger version. That's a couple paragraphs from a 1931 financial statement for E.P. Show More Summary

Sunday Morning Disconnected Links About Beer

I used to post regular bullet pointy points every Friday morning on my other blog... back when I kept up my other blog. I like this irregular bullet pointy points idea better. It's a lazier approach yet it surprises with delight. Maybe. Show More Summary

New York: Last Bar Seat, Allen Street Pub, Albany

I have to say that I did not expect it. Don't get me wrong. I have known for a long time I love neighbourhood bars in the US. I spent a great evening a decade ago with pals of a pal in Maine watching the All-Star game in a place down...Show More Summary

Notes On Turning Into A Book Fair Carny, Etc.

I had not expected to make myself into a book fair carny but forty-five quiet minutes into the four hour book booth manning at last weekend's NY State Brewers Association Festival I looked at Craig and said something to the effect of...Show More Summary

Session 97: A $40 Room And Maybe Free Beer

We are asked to write about up and coming beer destinations for this month's edition of The Session but I wonder if I'm living the rougher and readier reality. Beer travel? From what I see it often includes some sort of relapse into undergrad lifestyle. Show More Summary

Soon Men In Vans Will Be Rounding Up The Bloggers

Boak and/or Bailey tweeted the news from the UK: Publicans are being urged to share their views on the use of online review websites like TripAdvisor as part of a government backed probe on the impact of the sites. The Competition and...Show More Summary

I Never Go To Beer Fests... Except This Week!

This weekend will find me at Albany attending the New York State Brewers Association second annual Craft New York Brewers Festival. The most exciting thing is that it is being held at a place called The Desmond Hotel. It is exciting because I love 1960's first wave ska and, according to my notes, every band had to have a guy called Desmond in it. Show More Summary

Oh, What A Loverly Word Usage Graphing Tool...

See that? Click on the image and you will see it better. That is a word search for the word hop[pe]s in English language texts from a site called Early Modern Print: Text Mining Early Printed English which explains itself as follows:...Show More Summary

"Click Bait!" Not Really Code For Good Beer Criticism

This week's craft beer tantrum has come in reaction to a very well written personal essay attacking a number of specified effects of craft beer snobbery. In particular, strong reaction has come from the mixed revenue stream writer / consultant / appearance fee good beer personality seats in the audience. Show More Summary

One Brewery And The Problem With Records

I hate records. Well, I really like them. But I hate them. See, we are subject to their limitations... or at least two of them. Or three. The last one first. Finding them. For a while I have been grabbing images of maps including the sites of early breweries in Kingston. Show More Summary

The Beer On My Path To Owen Sound And Back

I had one of those happy sad events over the weekend, a remembrance of someone two generations older than me, forty-eight years older to be exact. I won't get into details but suffice it to say that anyone who ensured there was a good beer in the fridge was an ally as much as anything. Show More Summary

Not Beer: Welcome To Seed Catalogue Reading Time

I know I mentioned I am sick of winter but did I mention I am sick of winter? I did? OK. Did I mention that I am already gearing up for spring planting. With any luck, three or four weeks from now I will take out the bag of soil I keep in the basement all winter, dump it on the ground and ram in a bunch of pea seeds. Show More Summary

Your Beery Update For A Mid-February Monday

While I am not living the snowy hell of the east coast, I am simply sick of winter. It's not like it's been a long one. December and January were pretty soft. But the deep cold has driven me inside and down into the basement. Next to the gas stove. Show More Summary

Perhaps A Drop Of Sallet Oyle In Your Beer?

As a wee ripple wafts through the ether about the sweatiness of gose, it is good to be reminded that before a certain point not that long ago, beer was understood to be a product with functions, purposes. Having picked up the lad's bug...Show More Summary

"...Studies Linking Drinking And Stupidity..."

Well... yes, there is that: Rick and Schweitzer came to their conclusions after five experiments. In one, 109 participants were shown photos of actors holding a bottle of beer or a glass of water — with the beer-holding actors rated as "significantly less intelligent" but "no less likeable" than the others. Show More Summary

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