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Session 104: The Roundup - Eulogy Or Revival?

The forces opposing beer blogging have been around almost as long as there has been beer blogging. Early on, we got noticed. Soon after that in August 2006, BeerAdvocate declared against it perhaps sensing the end of the forum as a primary internet medium. Show More Summary

Session 104: Quick! Write... And Make It Good!!

Last month, I started my post for The Session this way. "It's the first bit of the month. Session time. I almost forgot." Seems like a number of you did. Then forgot it again as soon as it was done. The first Friday of the month is tomorrow. Show More Summary

Caleb Haviland Sold Lovely Drinks In 1798

Versions of this advertisement ran in newspapers in New York though the middle of 1798. This one is from the New York Gazette of 12 March. There is a reason the run ended when it did. On November 23 of that year Caleb Haviland's widow is granted letters of administration after he dies without a will. Show More Summary

Rebus Drinking In Scotland and England

In a large pub near the tube station, a barn of a place with walls painted torrid red, Rebus remembered that he had not tried the local brews since coming south. He'd gone for a drink with George Flight, but had stuck to whisky. He looked at the row of pumps, while the barman watched him, a proprietorial hand resting on one pump. Show More Summary

Forget Defining Craft - Here's What "Small Brewer" Means

It's here! It's here! The new phone book is here!!!! Well, OK... it's not that exciting but the Master Framework Agreement dated 22 September 2015. Last April I discussed the process of reforming Ontario's beer retailing. I won't really...Show More Summary

A Few More Limits In Ontario's Beer Reform

I am increasingly finding myself far more disinterested in the current reforms of the beer distribution system in Ontario than I am annoyed by them - but last week there were a couple of hints as to what is going on behind the closed...Show More Summary

Cream Ale: I Hate Records Revisited...

Adjectives from another time. How irritating. I mentioned this the other day somewhere folk were discussing steam beer. One theory of the meaning is its the vapor from opening the bottle. Another says something else. Me, I think it's the trendy word of the year of some point in the latter half of the 1800s. Show More Summary

Saturday Night In A Rain Soaked Beer Tent

I rarely think of things as being "Canadian" because "Canadian" is a bit elusive. Usually you need an American friend to let you know something is weird so that you can tell him "oh, that's Canadian." Sitting in a beer tent at long plastic...Show More Summary

It'd Be Nice To Get More Actual Spruce Beer Brewed

Because good beer is (i) a pleasure trade topic and (ii) a minor league one in the hierarchy of pop culture, you do have to accept this sort of thing: Spruce ice cream, spruce syrup and spruce-tip salads were hot culinary items this spring, but creating tasty treats with the needles of this northern evergreen is far from a new notion. Show More Summary

Conflict Of Interest In Good Beer Commentary In 1866

Craig sent me this link. It's from the The American Art Journal, Vol. 6, No. 9 (Dec. 22, 1866), pp. 136-137, from a column in the journal named "Literary Matters." It's a review of the verse bit in "Ale: In Prose and Verse" - a bit of a puff piece Taylor's Brewery of Albany, NY had written about itself and its recently deceased founder, John Taylor. Show More Summary

Three Judges And A New Beer Writing Contest

So, two weeks have passed since the grand announcement of the Prize For The Advancement Of Good Beer Writing. Behind the scenes I have been scurrying about doing three things: seeking out judges, clarifying the rules and drumming up funds for the prize. Show More Summary

Session 103: Dear Beer, Lie To Me. Again.

It's the first bit of the month. Session time. I almost forgot. A bit like my subject for last January's 95th edition of the Session when I last hosted, the question for consideration today posed by Natasha Godard at MetaCookBook is this: I’ll be hosting September’s Session with folks’ posts going up on Friday the fourth. Show More Summary

What If IPA Is Just Pumpkinless Pumpkin Ale?

The odd thing about the whole "oooh, I hate pumpkin beer and especially this early stuff" is how it is a complaint against homogeneity and bandwagoning. Consider this and then let's all gather back, shall we? They started piling up in my inbox in early August. Show More Summary

David Shrigley's "My Beer"

I heard this yesterday at about 3:30 in the afternoon on BBC 6. Afternoon off. Snoozing on a summer day. Or was it folding laundry. Catching up with chores or closed eyelids. David Shrigley is a Glaswegian, five years younger than me. Show More Summary

Once Again New Brunswick's Beer Law Leads From Behind

Once in a while I have to log my hours at work, keeping track of what's going on. I caught up with seven weeks worth of logs today. Mind numbing until I also noticed how I raced from the first few weeks of summer to the end of August. Show More Summary

A Prize For The Advancement Of Good Beer Writing

One of the saddest thing about the good beer world - amongst many - is the tension between the "be positive" struggling consulto-set and the grumbly "we're on the downside" one. Both have their leading voices and evidence to back them up. Show More Summary

Your Vital Links To Beer News For Wednesday Half-Day

Two days back off holiday and I am already taking an afternoon off. Slacker. Well, there was a need to do so but not really to do anything other than mind the wee one. Fortunately there's afternoon baseball to watch online and lots of beer news to catch up with. => First, the best news of all is that I may have figured out a cure to the spam war. Show More Summary

What Does One Learn In Maine The 23rd Time?

We've been heading to the southern Maine shore for about 23 years now. Sometimes we skip a year. Sometimes we go twice. I grew up east of Maine. Nova Scotia. We used to go to Maine to see how the well off lived. We heard about Maine on cable TV when it showed up in our rec rooms in the late 70s. Show More Summary

Session 102: Crossing The Landscape

It's the first bit of the month. Session time. Our host this month asks us to consider this: Our topic this month is, “The Landscape of Beer“. How do you see that landscape now? What about in 5, 10, or even 20 years? A current goal in the American Craft Beer Industry is 20% market share by the year 2020. Show More Summary

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