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Differences of Opinion (Fits With Shims)

"My saddle fits every horse I put it on!"If there's a phrase that triggers my eye-roll reflex, it's this one. Any guesses as to how many times I hear this? Let's just say, "Lots." And guess what? It doesn't. Ok, so maybe my definition of "fit" is a bit different than the average person's. Show More Summary

A Word About Widths

"My saddle fitter said my horse needs a wide tree. So I got her one, but it sits too low and hits her withers." "My saddle fitter said my horse needs a medium tree. So I got her one, but the saddle is sitting really pommel-high." "My...Show More Summary

Put the Irons Down (Location, Location, Location)

PUT THE IRONS DOWN Recently, I received a saddle from a lovely woman I had worked with in my previous saddle fitting life. I'd sold her her saddle (long-distance), and adjusted it regularly for her (again, long-distance) whenever it needed attention, and things had always gone well. Show More Summary

Rolex and Other Updates

ROLEX Guess who's been asked to go to Rolex?Yup. Me. WOOT! Nikki Newcombe asked me if I'd be interested in coming down to help out at the Bliss of London / Loxley Saddles booth, and since I've never been to Rolex, I jumped at the chance. Show More Summary

Fitting Assessment Photos and Conformation Shots (Throw Me a Bone)

When I'm doing long-distance fitting, I require quite a bit of information from you, my customers. Since I can't get my hands on the horse and saddle, you have to provide a lot of input and answer dozens of questions. You also have to...Show More Summary

The First Year

Well, I'm pleased to report that Panther Run Saddlery has finished its first year in pretty damn good trim. In spite of a few nay-sayers, and a few who did their best to throw a monkey wrench into the gears (as Ma used to say), things have gone far more smoothly than I expected, and I have a viable business on my hands. Show More Summary

Having a Fit: Hoop Tree Vs. Standard Tree

As often happens in my life, things seem to come up in bunches. The latest "bunch" has been Broad Horses and the Saddle That Fit Them (or Don't). I've gotten several templates lately that look as though someone traced a propane tank....Show More Summary

Saddle Fitting Course - What We'll Cover

Thought you all might be interested to see a rough outline of what will be covered in the saddle fitting course April 11-13, 2014. There will be "classroom" theory as well as hands-on work, so come prepared with horse-friendly clothes and shoes (and be prepared for mud... Show More Summary

April 11-13: Saddle Fitting Course

Well, I've certainly been threatening long enough (since 2012, according to this), and it's finally come to fruition (WOOT!!). April 11-13, 2014, I'll be teaching the long-promised saddle fitting course. It will be held at the Pullman Farm (former location of the shop where I used to work), 657 Trumbull Hill Rd. Show More Summary

All You Have to Do is Ask

One of the nicest perks of being a saddle fitter is helping horses and riders find the saddle that works for them. Another great perk is having a network of other fitters and saddlers with whom to collaborate, exchange ideas and geek on about saddles for hours. Show More Summary

Video Tutorial: How to Take a Template of Your Horse's Back

The "how to take a template" video is done and up for public viewing! Huge freakin' kudos to: 1) My husband Hasso for his professional guidance in piecing this project together, for shooting and editing it, and for his ability to psychically interpret my harum-scarum gesticulating, barking, hooting, and random input. Show More Summary

Fitting from Afar

As we advance in life we learn the limits of our abilities. Henry Ford Today's post is brought to you by yet another bulletin board comment...This time, I ran into Someone, who was sharing her sad tale of a less-than-optimal experience with long-distance saddle fitting. Show More Summary

Panther Run Saddlery Web Site Issues

I love owning my own business. I get a long well with the boss and love what I do, and I'm always learning and experiencing exciting new things. Yet sometimes, those new things are exciting in a way that I could live without. For example, today brought the new experience of having the Panther Run Saddlery website go down. Show More Summary

Bye-Bye, UDBB

Cruised by the Ultimate Dressage bulletin board, and saw this message: "This site is being closed under current management. It has been a long run, and there where some good times, but my mind and heart are no longer in this effort.Show More Summary

Closing and Opening: Contact Info

“The difference between school and life? In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.” - Tom Bodett As many of you already know, I've had to open new email accounts due to some rather serious security issues with the old ones. Show More Summary

Whose Blog is it, Anyway?

In the hustle of trying to get Panther Run Saddlery organized, I haven't had time to add to (or even stop by and check on) this blog... and I find I really miss it. So I made some time today to check my stats, which I haven't done in weeks. Show More Summary

Panther Run Saddlery (Coming Soon)

It's a work in progress (the site isn't live yet, but I'll let you know as soon as it's up). I'll be offering the same services as before: long distance fitting using templates and photos, barn calls, sales, consulting, and reflocks/repairs. Show More Summary

The More Things Change ...

The shop at the Pullman Family Farm, summer 2012 This year has brought some pretty dramatic changes to my life. This summer, we had to put our dear old Tanka dog down due to the infirmities of old age. Then, Edie passed away on Sept....Show More Summary

Crazy Little Thing Called "Sandy"

In case any of you have spent the last few days away from any sort of news or social media, the northeastern US is supposed to get hit with Hurricane / Tropical Storm Sandy. The forecast says it will come in from the east, make landfall...Show More Summary


Reggie and Edie Tschorn Yesterday, the world was diminished. Edie Tschorn, my mentor, neighbor, former employer, friend and hero passed away, eleven months after being diagnosed with brain cancer. She was one of the kindest, most giving...Show More Summary

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