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Linked: “Barack Obama and Doris Kearns Goodwin: The Ultimate Exit Interview”

via VanityFair: “Sometimes I carry with me that perspective, which tells me that my particular worries on any given day—how I’m doing in the polls or what somebody is saying about me … for good or for ill—isn’t particularly relevant. What is relevant is: What am I building that lasts?” This was a fantastic interview... ?

Linked: ‘How Much Suffering Can You Take?’

via NYTimes: Competitors may choose one of two ways to mete out their self-flagellation: do one Ironman-length triathlon a day for five days, abiding by a 17-hour cutoff, or do all of it continuously — a 12-mile swim, followed by a 560-mile bike ride and a 131-mile run — stretched out over five and a... ?

Linked: “Survivor of Deadly Crash Found Almost 30 Hours Later” (YouTube)

via YouTube: Kevin Diepenbrock survived the crash and the hours-long wait for help. Kevin spend 30 hours off a ravine at Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee. I’ve driven the dragon and my plans to ride it in November were squashed by major forest fires in the area but I plan on riding it in... ?

Linked: “Why AirPods Are The Best Place For Siri…”

via FastCompany: The ear-based personal assistant isn’t a completely new idea. “Apple’s AirPod device … is a significant step forward toward a new interface paradigm that has long been anticipated in science fiction,” says Ari Popper, founder of the futurist consulting and product design firm SciFutures. “The movie Her is an interesting articulation of this.”... ?

? Technology: Is the Birdi Smoke Detector System Vaporware?

I spent a few hours reading about smoke detectors in October. No two are alike and some just let you know when your house is going to burn down and others have all kinds of special features. If you want a smoke detector that’s ‘smart’, this narrows the list of options down significantly. If you’d...

Linked: “Can We Put the 16GB “Pro” Myth to Rest?”

via Zdiarski: Here’s a list of everything I ran at once: The result? I ran out of things to do before I ever ran out of RAM. I only ever made it to 14.5GB before the system decided to start paging out, so I didn’t even have the change to burn up all that delicious... ?

? Technology: Is Swarm safe from Foursquare’s Demise?

Back when I joined in 2007 until today, Foursquare has been a utility. It is in essence indispensable. I believe in Check-In services so much that I even worked at Brightkite back in 2010 for a short sting before the service was closed mostly in part due to Foursquare’s dominance and compounded when Facebook entered...

? My House: 1-04-2017 Update Found more things to spend money on

Today, we discovered the room addition that was made by the last buyers was not done properly. No sheetrock, improper framing and gasp, no insulation on the walls or ceiling. We were just going to replace the windows in this room and ignore the fact that the room had no electrical or light fixtures but...

Linked: Micro.Blog Kickstarter

via KickStarter: I first set out to build a new service just for microblogs. It has a timeline experience like a social network, with replies and favorites, but it’s based on RSS, with the main posts pulled from independent sites. + it appears to be $10 to reserver your username and $100 for 12 months... ?

? Site News: Migrating to a faster server this week

The entire AdamChandler suite of sites is going under migration this week. If emails to me get a delayed notice or you can’t get to my site, it’s all a part of the process. I migrated a year ago and while I’m staying with the same web-host, I’m going to a much faster system. 100GB...

Linked: “Media’s Next Challenge: Overcoming the Threat of Fake News”

via NYTimes: The Times article revealing Mr. Trump’s nearly $1 billion tax loss in 1995 drew some 5.5 million page views. That’s huge. The Washington Post doesn’t share its numbers, but behold the more than 13,000 online comments attached to just one of David A. Fahrenthold’s articles about how Mr. Trump ran his charity in... ?

Linked: “Trump Has Ruined Twitter As We Knew It”

via ParisLemon: I don’t know about you, but for me, using Twitter the past couple weeks has been painful. Yes, it’s a painful reminder of the reality of the election, but that’s not what I mean here. It’s just painful to use because it seems like every single tweet is about one thing: Trump. I’m... ?

Linked: “We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here’s What We Learned”

via NPR: Some of these people that we … bait is probably the right word — are often — let’s call them the deplorables, right? They’re not the safest crowd. Some of them I would consider domestic terrorists. So they’re just not people that I want to be knocking on my door. and What can... ?

? Announcements: Trying out Patreon I just renewed my VPS for 2017 a few hours ago. $360 + $40 for extra IP Addresses and $30 for SSL Certificates to keep this blog, photos, beer blog, Micro-Blog and other services alive. It’s not a lot of money and I’ve had a VPS for a few years and each year, the...

Linked: “Wither on the Vine”

via ParisLemon: (A Medium Blog) The service was still about six months away from public launch. I had gotten access to an early alpha build (version 0.1.7?—?user #22) as we were evaluating an investment in Vine for CrunchFund. It’s easy to say with hindsight that I “got it” immediately, but my first email to co-founder... ?

Linked: “Journalistic and economic values are, unfortunately, not correlated. For Now.”

via Monday Note: (a Medium blog) The first part of this tragic developing story involves endless updates on the aftermath of the crash: mourning the victims, circumstances, causes (largely unknown in the first 24 hours of the incident), speculative comments from legions of experts hastily lifted from oblivion. Important as they might be, these are... ?

? My House: 12-20-2016 Update (Framing Begins

Windows will go in over the next few days then stairs are completed. 

Linked: “Half of U.S. smartphone users download zero apps per month”

via Recode: Apple recently announced that its iOS users alone have downloaded more than 140 billion apps since the App Store launched in 2008. But the app market, as we’ve noted, is still a challenging one. Half of all U.S. smartphone users download zero apps per month, according to comScore’s latest mobile app report. This... ?

Linked: “Relearning Bright Eyes”

via I must admit here that I, like many people I know, felt this connection fade as I got older. As my own urgency leveled out, Oberst continued to make music that was stunning and emotionally layered, but felt distant from my own needs and concerns. Listening to all of his works in order... ?

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