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How to Fight Back Against Feeling Overwhelmed About Blogging

Make a system In order to prevent needing to put out random forest fires, forest agencies engage in controlled burning. Reacting to sudden events can make you feel overwhelmed. Instead of putting out random fires as they pop up, you can engage in controlled burning. So you’re not doing things reactively and scrambling. Even if [...]

Should You Engage in Affiliate Marketing on a Business Blog?

I believe online businesses often benefit from diversifying their revenue streams. In plain English, that means you have more than just one way to make money. Just like an investor will advise you to diversify your investment portfolio in order to reduce risk, I’m suggesting you can do the same thing with an online business. [...]

The 5 Best Books for Business Bloggers

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly reading. My bookshelf has two kinds of books on it: fantasy and business. In the fantasy department, right now I’m rereading R. Scott Bakker’s Prince of Nothing series (P.S. – all the links here are affiliate links). On the business side, I’m really digging Srinivas Rao’s new [...]

The Most Important Question to Ask Yourself about Every Blog Post You Write

Let’s not mess around, here. I’ll tell you what the question is, straight away. Why would anyone ever want to read this? That is the most important question you could ask yourself about what you’re writing on your blog. Sometimes, you just have something to say and that’s good enough. But sometimes it’s not. Why [...]

Should You Use Emoticons on Your Blog?

There’s no single right answer to this, by the way. Let’s just get that out of the way immediately. You must decide for yourself if you want to pepper your posts with smiley faces, which are known as “emoticons” (a shortened version of “emotional icon”) or sometimes “emoji.” WordPress is happy to help you out [...]

WordPress Weekend: Tips for Using Categories in WordPress

In this edition of WordPress Weekend we’ll explore managing and using categories in your WordPress blog. If you’re like most people, you probably didn’t think out your categories too well at first. You also may have ended up creating far too many categories. If you’ve ever wanted to change the focus of your blog, dealing [...]

Get More Time for Blogging and Social Media by Improving Your Workflow

It’s not a matter of how much time you have, because we all have exactly the same amount. No, it’s a matter of how you choose to use your time. Let me share several “out-of-the-box” ways you can use your time. Before you know it, you’ll crankin’ out more blog posts (and good ones, at [...]

How to Understand and Manage Blog Comments

Blog comments can be very gratifying but also stressful. You want comments that are thoughtful and (let’s be honest) that make your business look good. Not in a shallow, flattering manner, but because a great discussion makes people feel positive about your brand. Conversely, a negative discussion makes people feel negatively towards your brand and [...]

4 Blogging Myths that Need to Just Die Already

If you’re brand new to something, you feel unsure of yourself. You look to the example of others for what to do. That’s natural. The problem is that you can’t keep doing that if you really want to succeed. Doing what everyone else does has never been a formula for success. Also, a sort of [...]

WordPress Weekend: 3 Resources to Improve your Admin Experience

You spend a lot of time in the WordPress dashboard, managing your online business. Shouldn’t it be a better experience for you? That’s the focus of this WordPress Weekend: resources to improve your administration experience. Three doesn’t seem like a lot, but I guarantee you can spend quite a bit of time making good use out [...]

Bloggers, You Have Permission… Be Ye Not Afraid

I was speaking with one of my Blog Reboot clients earlier today on Skype and when I suggested the changes to be made about his online business, and why, I heard a huge sigh of relief on the other end. “You have no idea how much I’ve been wanting to do that,” he said. The [...]

The Absolutely Foolproof Blog Post Checklist

Ever publish a blog post only to discover some glaring mistake you made, some thing you completely missed? Me neither! Ahem… But for everyone else, I’ve put together this absolutely foolproof blog post checklist. This post might be worth bookmarking or printing out to keep nearby. Grammar & spelling No shit, right? And yet so many [...]

5 Strategies for Retail Blogging

Do you sell physical products in a store and/or online? If so, there are specific blogging strategies that create desirable, relevant content to keep you at the top of your customers’ minds and encourage purchases. These strategies are based on what’s always worked in retail: People love a good deal People love exclusive “VIP” treatment [...]

WordPress Weekend: 5 New Plugins

Hope your weekend is going well. I’ve relocated to North Carolina where the weather is much nicer at the moment than Vermont, so I’m enjoying that. I’ve got a few new(ish) WordPress plugins for ya for this week’s WordPress Weekend post. I haven’t tested any of these. You can try them out on a test blog [...]

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