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Dear Candidate For Office: About your environmental policy…

Over the last five months, and with increasing frequency, I find myself listening to candidates for office talk about their environmental policies. I’ve looked at the policies of candidates for Minnesota Governor, for US Congress in three different districts, and for Minnesota Senate and House in numerous districts. Show More Summary

Why the Next Democratic President will be a Celebrity

And, more to the point, the Democrats will not be electing a president until they elect a celebrity. I seriously doubt Donald Trump will be re-elected president in 2020, but not because he will lose to a Democrat. Rather, he’ll be replaced...Show More Summary

SimCity is Real!!!!

This is a three year time lapse photo of Seattle form the Space Needle. This is going to be really interesting if the Mega Quake happens during this project and the Space Needles stays standing and the camera rolling. The post SimCity is Real!!!! appeared first on Greg Laden's Blog.

Is There Evidence of Life On Mars?

At present, the evidence suggests that life may have existed in the past on Mars, or not. However, the scientific consensus is that we assume life never arose on Mars, and will continue to do so until evidence pops out and bites us in the mass spectrometer. Show More Summary

A Possible Problem with CRISPR

Viruses use the DNA of their hosts to help themselves reproduce. Bacteria have counter-attacked viruses by grabbing some of the DNA from viruses and using this to identify them and kill them back. That as an oversimplified description of an eons old arms race between viruses and bacteria. Show More Summary

Which happens more often: Trump tells a bald faced lie, or a cop kills a citizen?

During the last 347 days of the Trump presidency, Donald Trump has lied 1,950 times, according to the Washington Post, which is keeping track. The same newspaper tracks the number of times the police in the US shoot and kill a person. Show More Summary

A Resolution Concerning Town Halls (The Erik Paulsen Amendment)

A suggested resolution for Minnesotans attending their precinct caucuses this year. WHEREAS: Elected members to the United State Congress sometimes forget that they were sent to Washington DC to represent the people of their district,...Show More Summary

Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz punches the Nazi

I remember learning a long time ago that in places like Germany, places that had recently been ravaged, nearly totally destroyed, with much death and misery, by Nazis and other fascists, it was illegal to do things like display a swastika. Show More Summary

New Trump Book Breaks Trump, Popcorn Shortage Expected

A meme for you: Apparently Donald Trump is going full on conniption over this new book. Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolf is the latest, maybe the only so far, tell all of the early days of the Trump White House. Show More Summary

Writing Software for Writers

This is especially for writers of big things. If you write small things, like blog posts or short articles, your best tool is probably a text editor you like and a way to handle markdown language. Chances are you use a word processor...Show More Summary

Books Cheap Two

Two current deals on Kindle books you might like. Everyone loves Freakonomics Rev Ed: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything and it is now three bucks minus one penny on Amazon. I can’t vouch for Ask a Science Teacher:...Show More Summary

The DFL Environmental Caucus has Endorsed Rebecca Otto for Governor!

This just in: The DFL Environmental Caucus today announced its endorsement of State Auditor Rebecca Otto for Governor. “Rebecca Otto is a powerful voice for the environment and for a better Minnesota economy,” said caucus chair Veda Kanitz. Show More Summary

Orrin Hatch Will Retire

Senator Orrin Hatch, the oldest sitting Republican in the Senate, is not running for re-election. He’ll leave at the end of his term. Batter up: Mitt Romney. The oldest Senator of the party in control is normally the president pro tempore of the Congress and thus in the line of presidential succession. Show More Summary

How America Ruined Its Own Election System, and How to Fix It

This is a topic I’ve been hoping to someday write extensively on, and the truth is I’m not quite ready to do so. But I have an observation that is so startling and so much in line with my thinking on this issue that I thought I’d share...Show More Summary

Twin Cities Area Energy Transition Event

A citizens action group I’m a member of is hosting an event that I wanted to tell you about. Here’s the info: What: “Great River Energy – Leading Cooperatively toward a Cost-Effective and Carbon Constrained Future” When: Tuesday, January...Show More Summary

How to do amateur sky-watching. NOT!

In the very beginning, dad admonishes a kid, I think, with the phrase “nothing flies randomly…” Then shit starts flying randomly. Trigger warning: Shocking event just after 1:13. The post How to do amateur sky-watching. NOT! appeared first on Greg Laden's Blog.

How to fix the fake-news problem.

Did you know that truck drivers in Puerto Rico did NOT actually go on strike during Hurricane Maria relief efforts? Or that a former Obama White House official did NOT actually confirm that they wiretapped Trump Tower? Or that the sexual...Show More Summary

When investigating Trump, Look Both Ways

My advice to students I’ve had the chance to supervise is extensive, but includes the phrase “look both ways.” In that case, I refer specifically to library research. This worked better when most of our research was done using dead tree fragments. Show More Summary

Cheap Books

Just in case you got an Amazon Gift Card for Christmas, here is a way to spend it VERY SLOWLY on cheap Kindle books, selected because of their potential interest to readers of this blog: Hero: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia...Show More Summary

About One in Five US President Dies, is Killed, or is Wounded in Office

Over one third are involved in something fatal or injurious to someone, themselves or another. A very small percentage leave office during their term because of their misdeeds. Presidents can leave office for a number of reasons, including getting tired of being President, or hitting term limits. Show More Summary

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