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The Bad, The Bad, And The Badder

last weekHumor : Cake Wrecks

The following cakes were made by professionals, and paid for with actual money. Do not adjust your screen. Vicky W. wanted this cake, only in pink and white. Hm. I wonder how it turned out? Oh, that's right! This is Cake Wrecks. BAM! This next cake is not the wreck. It's actually what Mary J's half sister's other sister wanted for her wedding. Show More Summary

Whatever Happened To Sprinkles?

last weekHumor : Cake Wrecks


Write 'Em, Cowboys!

last weekHumor : Cake Wrecks

Hey guys, it's time again for our Annual Texas Cowboy Poetry post! (My apologies in advance to Texas, cowboys, and poetry in general.) Ahem hem hem. swirling poo vortexmoistly encircles my horse keep it off the boots. There once was...Show More Summary

Why Suzy Needs Therapy

last weekHumor : Cake Wrecks

"Mo-ooom! Have you seen Giselle?" "Suzy, what did I tell you about leaving your dolls lying around?" "I don't know." "You don't know? So you're telling me you don't remember any of the HUNDRED times I've warned you about leaving your...Show More Summary

The Cake Cannibals

2 weeks agoHumor : Cake Wrecks

Once upon a time, a baker decided to ice a giant baby butt on a cake. And so she did. The rest of the bakers gathered round to congratulate her, and before long they'd all agreed: baby butts were surprisingly appetizing. Reeling from...Show More Summary

The Cake Wrecks Guide To Facebook Unfriending

2 weeks agoHumor : Cake Wrecks

Warning: Adult subject matter. Kinda. Not really. Sometimes we just have to sit down, reflect, and finally ask ourselves, "Who the heck is this guy, and why am I Facebook friends with him?" Now, I can't tell you EXACTLY who to unfriend,...Show More Summary

There, I Fixed It

3 weeks agoHumor : Cake Wrecks

"Aw, rats. I forgot to capitalize the H on this birthday cake." "Hm." [scrapescrapescrape] "There! Perfect." "Madison did such a great job, earning her brown belt in Karate! Oh, but wait...she's a GIRL, isn't she? Oops. Huh. This graphic has two boys on it." "Well, no problem. Show More Summary

Wedding Wrecks, Vol. 345

3 weeks agoHumor : Cake Wrecks

They wanted bubbles: They got sprinkles. Mm, crunchy. They wanted this: They got... this: ("Hang on, you can still see some icing. BRING MORE FLOWERS!") And finally, Jessica wanted this: ... but what she got was so bad that her photographer...Show More Summary

Funny Business

3 weeks agoHumor : Cake Wrecks

NOTE: Getteth thine kiddies hence! (Translation: today's post is not for the youngun's!) These clowns seem pretty excited about their cupcakes. No, I mean really excited. No, no. I mean REALLY excited. "Oh! Uh. Hi, guys. Heheh. So, what's up? "What are we doing? Who - us? Uh...nothing? Yeah, nothing. Show More Summary

Wedding Wrecks, Vol. 215

4 weeks agoHumor : Cake Wrecks

It's your wedding day. Of COURSE you want sprinkles. Er... Did the camel sneeze? Brides-to-be, want your cake to convey a sense of elegance in addition to the fun, campy style normally reserved for peanut vendors and clown cars? Then have I got the cake for you! (Levitating tiers come standard. Show More Summary

My Naughty Valentine

last monthHumor : Cake Wrecks

NOTE: Mildly suggestive humor ahead - so get your kids to explain it if you have any trouble. NOTE THE SECOND: I'M KIDDING. Clear the area of innocents! Valentines' day is a celebration of love, and of the people we love, and of the many acts of love that we all... Oh, look, a ding-dong! No, no, YOU rock MY world, baby. Show More Summary

Mardi Gras Hide N' Seek

last monthHumor : Cake Wrecks

It's that time of year again, when the Naked Mohawk-Baby Carrot Jockeys abandon their icing carrots and instead go for a spin on giant, bead-covered donuts. Check it out: this one's even on a pool-float boogie board: Somebody get this...Show More Summary

Sunday Sweets: Be My Valentine?

last monthHumor : Cake Wrecks

Today I got you a very special valentine. Yes, you. No no, not you - YOU. [waggling eyebrows] Now, it might look like a regular Sunday Sweets post, but it's filled with awesome Valentines cakes. Just the way you like. Yep. (Who loves ya? Huh?) Check it out. Show More Summary

10 Wildly Inappropriate Come-On Cakes

last monthHumor : Cake Wrecks

NOTE: No, really, these are wildly inappropriate. Not safe for kids! (Work should be fine, though.) And now... 10 Wildly Inappropriate Come-On Cakes for International Flirting Week Looking for love this month? Then why not try baiting your love hook (ew) with cake? Punny and to the point. Show More Summary

Valentines Strategery

last monthHumor : Cake Wrecks

Valentines Day is next week, so it's a good idea to start strategizing now. I mean strategerizing. I mean stratavarigizing. I mean WHATEVER SPELLCHECK YOUR NOT THE BOSS OF ME. [What you're not seeing - other than me yelling at my screen like a madwoman - is that spellcheck is telling me "strategizing" is spelled wrong but "your" is right. Show More Summary

A Minor Oversight

last monthHumor : Cake Wrecks

Your first mistake, my dear Wreckies, was in being so positive and supportive of yesterday's post that some of you even asked to see some of the posts John won't let me publish. So again, in my defense: you asked for it. Here's one that's...Show More Summary

A Team Effort

last monthHumor : Cake Wrecks

Ever wonder how a Cake Wrecks post gets written? Well, sometimes, it's like this: Me: "I need a post idea. Any funny holidays coming up?" John: [googling] "Hmm. Oh. Here we go: it's National Self-Help Group Awareness Month." Me: "Isn't...Show More Summary

Chasing Shadows, Deja Vu The Third Again The 2nd

last monthHumor : Cake Wrecks

[alarm clock clicking to 6:00 AM] [Sonny & Cher caterwauling to I Got You, Babe] Ok, Campers, rise and shine! 'Cuz it's Groundhog Day! Or, as Brenda here knows it: " Groad Hogs Day" Today is the day that we celebrate the.. having...Show More Summary

I Eat Terror For Breakfast

last monthHumor : Cake Wrecks

Assuming "terror" is another word for cake, of course. Which, at least with these cakes, I'm pretty sure it is. Sure, this may look like a fuzzy potato wearing a Skeletor mask and a literal banana hammock, but I think it's supposed to be a monkey. Show More Summary

Throw The Bouquet (Away)

last monthHumor : Cake Wrecks

I can't tell you how many wedding Wrecks I've seen salvaged with nothing more than a few well-placed bunches of fresh flowers. These...are not those saves. Believe it or not, that's a 3-tiered cake. See how effectively the gigantic seed...Show More Summary

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