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Did You See That Ludicrous Display Sunday Night?

16 hours agoHumor : Cake Wrecks

Now that we've all had a day to recover, let's review: The Panters: played the Bronchos: (Dangit, now I want brownie nachos.) in the annual: Poopy Party!! That, or maybe the Bronco's played the Phanters: At the Super Bwol: Which makes me want to play the Princess Bride "Mawwaige" speech again. There were some... Show More Summary

The Bananas Are Totally Helping: Women Weirdly Wearing Cake

yesterdayHumor : Cake Wrecks

Since I started this blog I've seen my share of cakes crammed onto real live ladies. Here's a croquembouche dress: (Ballsy.) Here's a cupcake skirt: (I'd eat that.) And here's an edible wedding dress guaranteed to make you never want...Show More Summary

Superb Owl Sunday Sweets

2 days agoHumor : Cake Wrecks

As I'm sure most of you know, it's Super Bowl Sunday. To those of us who aren't fans of sportsball, though, it's Superb Owl Sunday. Our day has less cheering, sure, but what it lacks in beer and hot wings it more than makes up for with...Show More Summary

Friday Favs 2/5/16

4 days agoHumor : Cake Wrecks

Some of my favorite new submissions this week: Anna writes, "I spelled it out three times for them over the phone." See, there's your problem right there, Anna: that you had to spell it in the first place. This bakery display has really...Show More Summary

No Body Is Better At Wedding Cakes

5 days agoHumor : Cake Wrecks

Last Sunday we saw how bakers used fashionable dresses to inspire some stunning cakes. So TODAY... We're not going to do that. See, cakes that look like actual dresses-on-bodies keep popping up, and they tend to be rather creepy. How...Show More Summary

Evolution Of A Big Bird Wreck

6 days agoHumor : Cake Wrecks

Stage 1: Excitement " simply pipe seven thousand individual strands and you're done!" Stage 2: Compromise "Well, it's still kind of feathery..." Stage 3: Apathy "Meh, just spray it yellow." Stage 4: Passive Aggression "We call it, 'Big Bird In A Snow Storm.' "And that'll be $37.99." Thanks to Anony M., Rose T., Anony M., & Shannon B. Show More Summary

Chasing Shadows, Deja Vu The Third Again

last weekHumor : Cake Wrecks

[alarm clock clicking to 6:00 AM] [Sonny & Cher caterwauling to I Got You, Babe] Ok, Campers, rise and shine! 'Cuz it's Groundhog Day! Or, as Brenda here knows it: " Groad Hogs Day" Today is the day that we celebrate the.. having...Show More Summary

These Bakers Either Have No Idea What Football Is, Or They're The Best Trolls Ever

last weekHumor : Cake Wrecks

And I can't be the only one hoping they're trolling, right? How To Make Football Cakes When You Have No Idea What Football Is: Step 1) Keep it simple: Step 2)... but happy! Step 3) Maybe try making a football? [...] [...] Or better yet,...Show More Summary

Sunday Sweets Inspired By The Red Carpet!

last weekHumor : Cake Wrecks

Ever see a wedding cake modeled after the bride's dress? (By Sugarland) SO COOL. In fact, fashion-inspired cakes are a Sweet new trend, from celebrity red carpet looks: (By Zorica's Cake Art) To runway fashions! (By Cake Mistress) IShow More Summary

Playing The Name Game

last weekHumor : Cake Wrecks

Sure, names are hard, and with folks naming their kids Kyd and Blendrr and "Jennifer with one N", you can't really blame the poor bakers for getting it wrong. Unless it's really funny, of course. Think "Eva" is easy to spell? Well it is. Show More Summary


last weekHumor : Cake Wrecks

Tell you what, bakers, I have a great idea: Forget decorating, just throw anything on there! That's right, go nuts! Cookies? Sure! Individually wrapped & stickered cookies? Even better! Lollipops buried in icing? Why not? An empty ice...Show More Summary

Flakes Welcome

last weekHumor : Cake Wrecks

"Hi, I'd like a cake, please, and could you put a 'happy birthday' plaque on it?" "No, no, I mean one of those plastic things on a spike - you know, a 'happy birthday' pick?" "Maybe we should start over." "Could you write, 'Over theShow More Summary

Lip Service

2 weeks agoHumor : Cake Wrecks

Allison ordered a cake for her boss Lisa's 50th birthday. To make it a little more fun, she asked the bakery to shape the cake like a big pair of lips. ... ... Uh... ... [side eye] ... ...guys? 0.o Thanks to Allison W. for all the mandatory sexual harassment classes her office has to take now. Show More Summary

These 9 Bakery Windows Are All The Warning You'll Ever Need

2 weeks agoHumor : Cake Wrecks

I'm always amazed by the amount of cake wrecks in shop windows. It's almost as if the bakers themselves are trying to warn us off, in an "abandon hope, all ye who enter here" kind of way. That or they're operating a secret meth lab in...Show More Summary

It's A Sweet Day For A Winter Wedding

2 weeks agoHumor : Cake Wrecks

Hey, if you can't beat the cold, celebrate it!(Says the girl in Florida. :D) Besides, sparkly ice and swirling snowflakes are PERFECT for a fairy tale wedding: (By The Caketress) See? The frosted branches and glittery "snow" on eachShow More Summary

Friday Favs 1/22/16

2 weeks agoHumor : Cake Wrecks

A few of my favorite new submissions this week: An oceanography institute held a dessert contest for their employees, but someone apparently decided to cheat a bit, aaaand: ....hilarity ensued. I like how this person immediately threw the store under the bus. Show More Summary

National Cowboy Poetry Week, 2016

2 weeks agoHumor : Cake Wrecks

Not gonna lie, minions: Cowboy Poetry Week is one of my favorite weeks of the year here on Cake Wrecks. Because you just never know how much fun writing cowboy poems is 'til you try... and fail spectacularly. EMBRACE THE BAD, MY FRIENDS. My...Show More Summary

Grim Prospects

2 weeks agoHumor : Cake Wrecks

Ever get the feeling something bad is about to happen? You know, just a general, inexplicable feeling of foreboding? And then people start giving you strange advice? Or acting like they know something you don't? Regret is a dish best...Show More Summary

The Write Stuff

3 weeks agoHumor : Cake Wrecks

For Handwriting Analysis Week I thought we should take a fair, unbiased look at what kind of sick, twisted deviants could be writing on our cakes with their sick, twisted piping bags. For SCIENCE! Exhibit A. One can observe from theShow More Summary

When Winnie-the-Pooh Poos Day

3 weeks agoHumor : Cake Wrecks

? Winnie-the-Pooh! ? "Whee!" ? Winnie-the-pooh! ? "Ho ho!" ? Chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff ? [load fart] ? He's Winnie-the-Pooh! ? "Oh, dear..." ? Winnie-the-Pooh! ? "Excuse me..." ? Willy nilly silly... "...would you mind...Show More Summary

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