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The Way Home

Life is a kind of magic trick the body does and once it’s over, you’re left with a hat with a hole in it and a white dove that’s flown away. And it makes you want to say,“That’s it? That’s all we are?"But you need to remember: That's not us.We're the dove, flying home.

The View From History Books

I think there's a way to listen to music late at night on your own that slowly turns you into dust.I think there’s good in every one of us.I think we need to forgive the people who hurt us.I think we’ve all been punished enough.

The Distribution Of Pain

No one tells you that when you forgive the person who hurt you, you have to take a moment afterwards, to forgive yourself, for letting yourself get hurt again.

The Despair Left Behind

Give yourself the space to be sad.Give yourself the chance to grieve.Descend safely, and let go of all that you don't need.Feel only what you need to feel.This doesn't need to hurt more than it already does.

North American Tour 2018

We're still putting the tour together so - leave the name of your city in the comments and if there's enough interest, I'll see you there.Thank you for your time and thank you for reading.Love,Me

The River Of Souls

You sleep on a river, made of everyone you’ve ever been, who carried you to where you are.Every movement up until this point by every one of your ancestors brought you here.You are a flame alive for a moment.A frame in something so much...Show More Summary

The You The World Waits For

If you are not authentically you, the real, original you, you will attract people who are not authentically themselves.You will attract and become attracted to things which aren’t real, which don’t matter.You will become frustrated and...Show More Summary

The Time-lapse Of Your Soul

I know right now it seems like you'll never forget, because this hurts, but one day you will. So I want you to tie some string around your finger, because I want you to remember something.I want you to remember that none of this beat you.I want you to remember that you were stronger than all of it.And this didn't kill you.You killed this.

The Poison Story

Here is a poisonous story you can tell a child:"The ground you were born on makes you better than anyone else. The ground you were born is so special, it must be defended at all costs. We must celebrate it with songs, and multicoloured strips of cloth that we can tie to poles. The ground you're born is special because of you, and you are special because of it."

The Sadness Of Comedy

Anyone looking onto the stage where we lived out our lives would've called us a tragedy, because we had good intentions. But we don't suffer the consequences of our good intentions. We suffer the consequences of our actions.

A Letter Before We're Gone

I know this is a bittersweet time of year for you because you remember too much.You remember too many Christmases for someone so young.There are lights on the tree and there’s water in your eyes, even though the soft glow of everything through a window as you drive past makes you happy. Show More Summary

The Way Strangers Laugh

People laugh faster than you.They laugh without thinking about it and they seem easier in themselves, like they were poured into their skin.Not like you.You feel like you're borrowing your skin, waiting for the owner to show up at a party, remember he lent it to you, and ask for it back. Show More Summary

The Story Of Everything Starts In All Of Us

Maybe the world isn’t all good, but if you hold my hand, I can prove to you that it’s not all bad either.There is good love in the hearts of a few, and a few is all you need.

The Truth Is A Medicine

Hate is the only illness you can choose to get better from.

The Waste Of A Good Heart

Who are you still competing with in your good heart, and will you really waste your last words on your deathbed to say, "Do you see? I won."

The Day My Reflection Took My Place

We were walking past the lake, when my reflection took my place.It held your hand and watched you slowly drift away from me.It threw a plate against a wall the night after you left, when it relealised you were never coming back.It drove...Show More Summary

The Living And The Brave

There is no bravery in a gun.Brave is saying no to the comfort that kills you.There is no bravery in a fist.Brave is singing Kumbaya softly to a screaming baby. There is no bravery in a flag.Brave is holding onto the air itself to stop...Show More Summary

The Good Engine

I know you and I know your engine. Your engine runs on truth and light and nothing else works, I've seen you try and fill it with the kind of lies people want to hear and it was like watching someone fill their gas tank with sugar. Sweet, but going nowhere.

The Sky Is On Fire

Tell them, “If you’re gone too long, I will light candles for you in the dark. I will burn down a forest just so that you see it." And maybe they won't go.

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