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Mini Me – Card Stock Mode

3 years agoTechnology : Joe Tech

A few years ago, I Got my first 3d version of myself in the mail. Had I bought it, I figured the cost to be about $80. Last week, I got a much more affordable version from While this one is not nearly as life-like, it does have some likeness and a bit of [...]Show More Summary

Concerned About Network Security? Hire a Hacker

4 years agoTechnology : Joe Tech

If you’re worried about your network security, then you may think the last thing you should do is to invite someone to hack your network. However, one of the types of cyber protection you may not know about involves hiring teams of so-called “ethical hackers” to discover your system’s vulnerabilities. Beware of Cute Cats What [...]Show More Summary

Samsung Chromebook XE303C12 Reviewed

4 years agoTechnology : Joe Tech

What if you use Google for everything, you’re hearing more and more about all this “computing in the cloud” business, and you need a laptop that doesn’t cost more than a car payment? Sounds like a reason to look at a Chromebook. I looked at purchasing one in the past but hesitated for various reasons. [...]Show More Summary

How Replace A Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD XT912 Screen

4 years agoTechnology : Joe Tech

Using a spudger (or guitar pick), carefully release all the clips around the edges. The back is affixed to the phone with double-sided adhesive tape. Carefully pull from each corner and edge until it comes away from the phone. With the battery revealed, remove the three screws along the bottom, the two on the [...]Show More Summary

Win A Free Google Nexus 7 Tablet

4 years agoTechnology : Joe Tech

Title:  Enter Brand New Google Nexus 7 16GB Giveaway This is your chance to enter to win one of the brand new Google Nexus 7 (16GB) tablets that was just announced on July 24th and they began taking orders on July 30th.  This tablet which has the best specs currently on the tablet market includes [...]Show More Summary

How To Replace A HTC EVO 3D Digitizer

4 years agoTechnology : Joe Tech

When electronics break or malfunction there are two things you can do if you don’t want to pay for repairs. You can sell it cheap or you can fix it yourself. I like to fix it myself if I think I can, so when I saw an HTC EVO 3D at a garage sale for [...]Show More Summary

Snugg iPad Keyboard Case Review

4 years agoTechnology : Joe Tech

A prominent, and valid complaint about the Apple iPad is the on-screen keyboard. It’s not that it’s bad for an on-screen keyboard. It’s just not a great solution for typing long term. This is why I’ve been wanting a iPad case with a Bluetooth keyboard since I bought my iPad. This week, I reviewed the [...]Show More Summary

Dedicated, Hybrid, or Cloud – Which Is Best?

4 years agoTechnology : Joe Tech

In addition to programming, I am also very interested in data science, the art of manipulating “big data” to extract useful information from it. But what does this mean for hosting? Should I have a dedicated server, cloud hosting, or a hybrid solution? What Is A Dedicated Server? A lot of people have traditional shared [...]Show More Summary

Hands On With The OUYA Open Source Gaming Console

4 years agoTechnology : Joe Tech

At the risk of losing some of my geek cred, I must admit that I’m not a big gamer. I love to code and, well, there’s just not enough hours in the day. Still, I couldn’t help but get excited about the possibility of a sleek, small, open-sourced gaming console that runs on Android when [...]Show More Summary

Databases Part 1 – How To Select The Right Database

4 years agoTechnology : Joe Tech

So you want to build a data driven web site but don’t know what database to use? Maybe it’s an IOS or Android application and not a website at all. Either way, if you collect data, you’re going to want to determine the best way to store it for later. In this article, I’ll talk [...]Show More Summary

Learn About The Web And Programming

4 years agoTechnology : Joe Tech

Look around you… I mean online. Everything you see is powered by some form of web technology. Every day, you interface, indirectly, with MySQL databases, PHP code, and HTML that makes it all show up. Almost everything you touch on the web could be created by you, too, with some time and the right education. [...]Show More Summary

How To Get A Free Education

4 years agoTechnology : Joe Tech

With a recent career shift, I’ve found myself in search of all the knowledge I can absorb and I am truly amazed by all the free resources there are to learn on the Internet. My focus is on web programming, but I’ll include information about learning in other areas as well. Before we start, don’t [...]Show More Summary

Evernote User Accounts Compromised

4 years agoTechnology : Joe Tech

Evernote, today, reported that they detected and blocked suspicious activity on their network. As a precaution, they say, they’ve implemented a password reset for all users. When I first read about this, it sounded as if they had already reset your password and you would need to have it emailed to you. Instead, an email [...]Show More Summary

Sony DCR-SX45 Camcorder Review

4 years agoTechnology : Joe Tech

While most reviews are for products sent to me for review, this one is based on my experience purchasing a camcorder for use in creating future reviews. I had done a little research and locked myself into a budget of $200 or less. My purchase had to be for a camera that provided good quality [...]Show More Summary

Luvvitt iPhone 5 Case Review

4 years agoTechnology : Joe Tech

I’ve reviewed so many iPhone cases that go over the $20 mark (sometimes way over) that it’s nice to see one come in just under twenty bucks. I had to wonder if low cost meant a cheap product. Find out in this review of the Luvvitt Clearview iPhone 5 case. To answer the first question [...]Show More Summary

The Web Before There Were Graphics

4 years agoTechnology : Joe Tech

Have you ever wondered what the web used to look like long before the browser wars? Today, another developer in my office reminded me of how we used to see the web twenty years ago. Back then, Google hadn’t been envisioned yet and Yahoo! was just a couple hundred or so links indexed by hand. [...]Show More Summary

Serious Shredding With The #FellowesInc 73Ci

4 years agoTechnology : Joe Tech

This post brought to you by Fellowes. All opinions are 100% mine.   Have you ever shredded paperwork one sheet at a time?  I have, and I hated it.  With the old shredder at my office, we would let the papers pile up and eventually pay a nephew to come in and shred.  I keep [...]Show More Summary

Lazy-Hands – Take That, Gravity!

4 years agoTechnology : Joe Tech

Last month, I tried to squeeze thousands of displays at CES into just a couple days. That meant a lot of skimming past the same old stuff and stopping, occasionally, for the unique and noteworthy. Usually, it was some flashy thing with lasers that did the trick, but in one instance, it was the genius [...]Show More Summary

Drive ‘n’ Talk Coda One Hands Free Bluetooth Speaker Review

4 years agoTechnology : Joe Tech

I hate when I’m driving in the car with my phone in my pocket and it starts ringing. Not only am I going to miss the call, but I also have to wait until I reach my destination before I can find out who was trying to call me. Yet, for some reason, I never [...]Show More Summary

How Technology And Lack Of Caring Ruined Protection One

4 years agoTechnology : Joe Tech

Everything was going great. I had been a Protection One client for a couple years and carried our service over to our new home when we moved across town in Phoenix. Then I got a great job offer in Detroit and had to move pretty quickly. That’s where my nightmare with Protection One began. (image [...]Show More Summary

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