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Beginners needn’t bother with the fancy flogs and paddles. Stick with the most simple and useful sex tool: Your hand. Try cupping your hand instead of keeping your palm completely straight. This will hurt less and make an awesome, dramatic sound, explains

– Babeland sex educator Cristen Kennedy on the ins-and-outs of consensual adult spanking in the bedroom, from our post: Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Blisstree’s Guide to Sensation Play During Sex Post from: BlissTree Beginners needn’t bother with the fancy flogs and paddles. Show More Summary

Youngest Bodybuilder is Back: Is It Better or Worse Than Child Beauty Pageants?

The world's youngest body builder is back, and this time his parents have put together an even more disturbing video. His name is Giuliano Stroe, and now he's six years old — but at the time this video was put together, he was only four. Show More Summary

Forget the Body Scanners: The Real Radiation Risk Comes From the Sky

Lately, some fliers are up in arms over the new full-body scanners that are being used at airports, because of the dose of radiation and the invasion of privacy. But it turns out that the real radiation worry could be coming from the sky, not the scanners. Show More Summary

You Can Be Married to Your Job, But What About to Your Co-Workers?

A post last week on Lemondrop reported on the emerging trend of "work spouse" relationships among Americans. Essentially, a work spouse is an office best friend, only on a more intimate level. Think of that one person you actually look forward to seeing at work every day – the one with whom you can talk and be yourself. Show More Summary

Would You Take a Fat Studies Course?

A post on The Frisky today highlights a new type of college course that is being seen in universities all over the country: Fat Studies classes. Similar to women's studies classes, these courses are being touted as a part of the body acceptance movement. Show More Summary

Catty Catch-Up: 10 Best Posts on TheGloss Last Week

Computer trouble last week? Here's a quick catch-up of what our gal pals over at our sister site TheGloss were up to while you were offline: 1. Who Was Your First Childhood Crush? 2. 10 Celebrity Chicks Who Look Hot In Glasses 3. Gallery: Inappropriate Birthday Cakes... More » Post from: BlissTree Catty Catch-Up: 10 Best Posts on TheGloss Last Week

10 Things We Want to Do This Weekend

We've been excited about this weekend since last weekend ended. Here are 10 things we've got planned for the next few days — what's in your datebook? Up until this week, we thought some food ingredients were healthy when they actually aren't. We've got some pantry re-evaluating to do.... More » Post from: BlissTree 10 Things We Want to Do This Weekend

I’m a hybrid. I try to eat as local and organic as possible wherever I am, but I don’t know that anything is an all-or-nothing game. I drive a car and fly on planes, so who am I to criticize? We live in a complex, demanding world, and I try to harness wha

– Chef, author, TV host, and green living expert Renée Loux on how to live and eat in as environmentally conscious a way as possible Post from: BlissTree I’m a hybrid. I try to eat as local and organic as possible wherever I am, but I don’t know that anything is an... Show More Summary

Evian's Special Edition Bottle: Expensive and Not Eco-Friendly

When we saw that Evian was putting out a special-edition water bottle, we were impressed that a bottled water manufacturer would make a reusable bottle. Is it BPA-free? we wondered. Will it be dishwasher safe? Then we realized we were...Show More Summary

(Un)Graceful Aging: 10 Celebrities We Wish Hadn't Gotten Plastic Surgery

Aging in the spotlight can't be easy, but we wish there were a few more graceful role models in Hollywood to look up to: Whether they admit it or not, it seems like the vast majority of stars are turning to botox, lip injections, face lifts, and boob jobs to stay youthful. Show More Summary

10 Best Blisstree Posts of Last Week

Talk about a confusing weekend. With LAME-i-cane Earl and the Labor Day holiday, we're not sure whether to board up our windows or make potato salad. While you're braving the "storm" (and possibly eating an entire peach pie that was intended for your entire family), catch up on our 10 best Blisstree posts of last week. Show More Summary

Sponsored Post: Easy A: Episode 1

In the new movie Easy A, Olive (Emma Stone) decides to reinvent herself using fashion. In this episode of The Easy A Guide to Navigating High School, hosts Clay and Alexander (the fashion design duo popularly known as Clander) hit the...Show More Summary

The Healthiest Human in the World Listens To NPR Health On Doublespeed

A.J. Jacobs, editor-at-large at Esquire Magazine and author of several books, including The Know-It-All and The Year of Living Biblically, gave the folks at Social Workout a few pointers on health-conscious living. The guy should know,...Show More Summary

Red and Gold Wedding Ritual: Photo of the Day

Most Westerners wouldn't dream of wearing bright scarlet on their wedding day, but this bangle ritual from a traditional Indian wedding in Singapore shows a completely different custom. Would you rock red and gold on your wedding day?... More » Post from: BlissTree Red and Gold Wedding Ritual: Photo of the Day

Mark Twain on the Dangers of Being Healthy

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint. – Mark Twain Post from: BlissTree Mark Twain on the Dangers of Being Healthy ... More » Post from: BlissTree Mark Twain on the Dangers of Being Healthy

Eco-Friendly Shopping: "Clean" Water Bottle Is Easy to...Clean

A while back we really nerded out over the eco-friendly Alex bottle — a reusable, BPA-free water bottle that screws apart for easy cleaning. And it looks like we’re about to have another geek attack, because Lifehacker found another eco-friendly, easy-to-clean water bottle. Show More Summary

BP Oil Spill Waste Heads to Landfills – Is This a Good Thing?

More than 50,000 tons of boon and other debris from the BP oil spill is being put in landfills or incinerators — and that’s only about 7% of the total waste that will end up in landfills, according to The Huffington Post. All the landfill sites meet EPA standards, but three... More » Post from: BlissTree BP Oil Spill Waste Heads to Landfills – Is This a Good Thing?

Put Down Your iPod To Avoid Brain Fatigue, Say Researchers

Put down your iPod and go to the park, if you want to avoid brain fatigue. Although there are some serious benefits to getting online (like being able to read Blisstree), researchers claim that our constant use of technology and electronics is causing brain-drain, and impairing our ability to learn,... Show More Summary

Your Doctor Is Broke: Why The U.S. Is Running Out Of General Practitioners

If the thought of a doctor’s salary being too low sounds like total bullshit to you, you’re not alone. But according to a recent article in TIME Magazine, primary-care physicians are a dying breed, mostly because they don’t earn enough money. Show More Summary

Juliette Lewis Is Buff and Your Sister Makes You Healthier: Morning News Roundup

The New York Times hates bad gourds: Video guide to choosing the best watermelons. Thank your sister: AOL News says she's probably improving your mental health. Are doshas and dry-brushing for you? Lemon Drop's ayurvedic diet test drive...Show More Summary

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