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What To Get The Cook???

Just in time for the holidays - or really, any occasion, a selection of five vegan cookbooks to consider.

Cost Of Becoming Vegan

When people think of organic vegetables and fruits, they think, “It’s too expensive.” On the contrary, you will find that transitioning to plant-based nutrition will cost less.

Vegan Parenting Priorities

Yesterday my husband took our son to a birthday party. The party had cow cheese pizza. My husband explained to our son that the pizza was not vegan and that my husband was not going to eat it. He said to our son, however, "You can choose to eat it if you're hungry." Our son thought for a minute and then decided...

AR 2014: So Much!

The 2014 Animal Rights Conference went LARGE in numbers, in sponsors, in enthusiasm.

The Largest Animal Neglect Case In U.S. History

Turlock is a documentary about one singular animal rescue story. But instead of a story about one dog or a handful or piglets, this story is about the rescue of THOUSDANDS of chickens. Turlock is the story about the largest animal neglect case in U.S. history.

Veggie Grill Heads For Carlsbad

Time to cheer! The popular plant-based Veggie Grill is opening its 23rd location in Carlsbad.

11 Articles About Meat & The Environment

A vegan asked for "some good articles about the effects of the meat & dairy industries as a whole on the environment." So I offered this list and thought you might like it, too.

Two Kinds Of Vegans

I hear a lot of people saying that veganism is a boycott. They say the reason to be vegan is to lower the demand for animal products. Is that true? Is that why you're vegan?

Care More About Animals Than People?

If you're a vegan, vegetarian, or animal advocate of any kind, you've probably heard someone say to you, "You care more about animals than people." Whatever your position, there are a few good ways to handle the common criticism.

Laughing At Ourselves

Vegans have a persistent reputation for being humorless. Many of us are not. Can we turn it around?

Book Review: Whole, By T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., With Howard Jacobson, Ph.D.

"Whole" gives us a lot of information to chew on, and does it in a way intelligent laypersons can understand.

Fast Food According To Jeff Novick: Volume 2

In volume two of Jeff Novick's "fast food" series we learn how to make healthy, inexpensive, fast burgers and "fries".

Fast Food According To Jeff Novick: Volume 1

Jeff Novick, often an entertaining speaker on nutrition, offers three DVDs on "fast food" that is vegan, healthy, and quick, easy, and inexpensive to make.

Book Review: Corvus Rising

Book One of "The Patua' Heresy" is a fantasy about an island of crows and a special group of humans who speak crow.

Foie Gras Exposed

A Mercy For Animals undercover investigation reveals a system of malicious animal torture at Hudson Valley Foie Gras in New York—an Amazon foie gras supplier. Learn more about the investigation and what you can do at

Can We Fix The System From The Inside?

If a system is extremely oppressive, as is the system of animal agriculture currently is, is it possible to improve the system from within or should we abolish the entire system?

Veganism: The Only Ethical Lifestyle?

Vegans and nonvegans alike ask, "What about societies that subsist in environments relatively inhospitable to plant growth?" They think it's unfair or immoral to promote veganism as THE most ethical lifestyle for EVERYONE. Here are my thoughts...

Tasty Tasty Bites

Tasty Bite has added some new products to their line. The new products are microwavable pouches of various styles. They heat up in just 90 seconds.

VEGAN BOSS To Perform In Pasadena’s Animal Advocacy Museum

Rapper VEGAN BOSS will perform at Pasadena's Animal Advocacy Museum for the launch of the "Maze of Understanding" exhibit.

Vegan Vacationing Made Easy

It's hard enough being vegan at home where everything is familiar. Being vegan on the road can be more challenging.

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