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New Deadites! Everything You Need To Know About The New Evil Dead Show

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Evil Dead is back. Starz is digging up the original Evil Dead franchise (along with the creators and star) and giving the horror comedy its own series. But how will this work? Where is Ash? What happened to the Deadites? We got all your questions answered. Read more...

Sorry, Interstellar, We Just Saw Some Of The Martian And It's Way Better

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Holy hell, the adaptation of Andy Weir’s The Martian looks good. True, this movie is also about Matt Damon trying to survive alone on distant planet, but unlike Interstellar, no one is crying the whole goddamn time. Seriously, it looks amazing. Read more...

Blue Food Coloring Could Be Better For You Than You Ever Imagined

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Coomassie Brilliant Blue, or Brilliant Blue G, is a dye first manufactured in 1913 as a way of staining cloth. Over time, and with testing, it made the jump to food. Is it bad for you? No. In fact, it’s so good that doctors may one day use it to treat spinal cord injuries. Read more...

The 8 Most Intriguing Theories About Skyjacker D.B. Cooper

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Who is D.B. Cooper? The question has persisted since November 24, 1971, when a mysterious man hijacked a flight from Portland to Seattle, demanded parachutes and $200,000, and skydived into folk-hero history. Cooper’s identity and fate remain unknown — and many theories about both abound. Read more...

True Crime Legend Ann Rule May Have Been Robbed By Her Own Sons

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Prolific author Ann Rule has written some of true crime’s best-selling classics, including Ted Bundy tome The Stranger Beside Me, inspired by her friendship with Bundy long before his serial-killing ways were known. She’s now 83, in not-great health, and is apparently being ripped off by two of her own sons. Read more...

Can Superheroes Assert Legal Rights Without Revealing Their Identities?

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Welcome to the All-New, All-Different Postal Apocalypse! It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before, unless you’ve actually read my silly little mail column before. I have a superhero legal question that is going to blow your mind — seriously! — followed by The Force Awakens, Batman V. Superman, Game of Thrones and more! Read more...

Castle Hangnail Is A Perfectly Wicked Bedtime Story For Kids Of All Ages

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Ursula Vernon’s latest book, Castle Hangnail, may be aimed at middle-schoolers, but it’s a delightful story for anyone who has wondered about the practicalities of running an evil castle. In this case, a young wicked witch must protect her new home from real estate developers, magical bureaucracy, and a truly evil rival. Read more...

Geologists Unveil New Map Of Magma System Under Yellowstone Supervolcano

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Geophysicists have discovered a second, even more massive magma reservoir feeding the Yellowstone supervolcano, providing researchers with the most comprehensive picture yet of the volcanic system beneath the park. Read more...

"This Started as a Joke, But Now I Want It To Be Real So Badly…"

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

This is something that happens to me a lot when commenting on things that I’m a fan of. Inevitably, I start by making a joke— like, say, that Maisie Williams should play Spider-Man or that the world desperately needs a Pokemon/Game of...Show More Summary

The 5th Wave Really Wants To Fill The YA Alien Invasion Gap

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Last night, Sony premiered the first-ever look at that teenage alien invasion movie The 5th Wave. And what started out as a boy-meets-girl, high school love story got fairly dark fairly fast. But we’re still not sure what to think about this movie. Read more...

The Curiosity Rover Looks Incredibly Lonely When Seen From Space

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

On the 949th day of its Martian mission, the Curiosity Rover was spotted by its space-based companion, the Mars Orbiter. Read more...

Today's Best Deals: $2.50 LED Bulbs, Kitchen Upgrades, GoPro, and More

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Here are the best of today's deals. Get every great deal every day on Kinja Deals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to never miss a deal, join us on Kinja Gear to read about great products, and on Kinja Co-Op to help us find the best. Read more...

It Finally Happened On Arrow, And It Was Awesome

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

During the flashback in last night’s episode, “The Fallen,” a deadly bioweapon is released because of Ollie’s butterfingers and no one cares. No one cares, because the A-plot gives us something we’ve been waiting for. Hell, we’ve been dying for it. But never in a million years did we think it would happen like this. Read more...

Author V.E. Schwab Is Here To Talk To You About A Darker Shade Of Magic

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

In April, the io9 book club read V.E. Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic. Today, from 11:00 - am - noon (Pacific time) she’ll be here to answer your questions about writing about magic, imagined cities, and anything else you want to know. Read more...

Summer Movie Preview: 28 Movies To Geek Out On!

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

The biggest movie explosion of the year is almost upon us. This year’s summer movies include superheroes, post-apocalyptic warriors, dinosaur bikers, and some strange and wonderful fantasies. Here are 27 movies to watch out for this summer. Read more...

DC Is Creating A Female-Focused Superhero Line Just For Young Girls

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

DC Comics path towards a female-friendly image has been rocky to say the least — but it’s taken some great steps forward with the surge of popularity in comics like Batgirl and Gotham Academy. Now they want to take it a little further with a new initiative that highlights their female heroes. Read more...

Today's Best Media Deals: Story Bundle, Jurassic Park, and a Lot More

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

The newest Story Bundle lets you name your own price for 11 crime-inspired eBooks. Several titles are locked behind a $16 minimum, but that's still a fantastic price for this much reading material. [Story Bundle] Read more...

Here Are The Top Five Kids Rumored To Be Marvel's New Spider-Man

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

And man, do I mean kids. These five actors are very young — as is necessary to play the new, high school-aged Peter Parker that Marvel is supposedly dead set on. So here’s the list of our potential friendly neighborhood Spider-Men: Read more...

Recover Memories Of Monsters Only You Can See To Survive Apocrypha

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

In the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game by Mike Selinker, the world is beset by monsters only some people can see and a looming apocalypse only some people know about. We talked to Mike about Apocrypha’s connection to the Pathfinder card game, how it can be both a card game and an RPG, and what The Cure’s Disintegration album has to do with it all. Read more...

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