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Session #133 announced: Hometown glories

Host Gareth Pettman has announced the topic for The Session #133 is Hometown Glories. Which means? He suggests several staring points: – Describing the types of bars/pubs you have in your hometown, how popular are they? Has craft beer culture made much of a splash? – Are there any well-known breweries? Is there a particular […]

A hop blast from the past, and UK champion

I originally intended to include a few paragraphs about this in the next volume of Hop Queries but it grew a bit longer. The free newsletter will mail Friday. “Too bitter, rank and slightly unpleasant” in 1935. The winner in judging for the British Hop Awards for 2017. Can you name that hop? A hint. […]

Monday links: Balance, in commerce & community, as well as beer

BEER AND WINE LINKS 02.19.18 The Craft of Balance. This feels like a Noah’s Ark issue of beer links, with many related stories, mostly in pairs. But before getting to those, in my favorite of the week Pete Brown writes about balance. My wife Liz has much lower tolerance for chill heat than me. She […]

Different Days

We saw Jason Isbell (and The 400 Unit, with James McMurtry opening; pretty good deal) in concert last week. The playlist included his song, “Different Days,” and although the lyrics have next to nothing to do with what follows I heard his voice singing “Those were different days” when I came across this passage today. […]

Monday links: Real pubs, Southern Beer & under the influence

BEER AND WINE LINKS 02.12.18 Roger Baylor is returning to the publican game. And he is bringing his opinions. To be honest, I don’t care how much a customer thinks he or she knows following a quick electronic glance at the empty mental calories on Thrillist. Remember: miles wide, millimeters deep. The customer might yet […]

Monday beer links: Diversity, more diversity, and supertasters

BEER AND WINE LINKS 02.05.18 Diversity doesn’t happen by accident. If you somehow missed this terrific post from Melissa Cole, read it now. Think about how to support change, and the people who have been in the trenches for year. Think about how to initiate change. Nieman Labs points out that a lot of publications […]

Session #132: Here’s to frivolous (and Fred)

In the first two contributions to The Session #132 (Homebrewing Conversations) I read Boak & Bailey explained why their homebrewing kit remains in the attic and Alan McLeod wrote it was “no hobby for this old man.” And I thought about Fred Eckhardt (longtime “dean of American beer writers” until his death in 2015), talking […]

The Session #132: Homebrewing conversations

The Session, which was not conceived as something that would be around 11 years, wraps up 11 years on Friday. Host Jon Abernathy asks contributors to write about “homebrewing—the good, the bad, your experiences, ideas, (mis)conceptions, or whatever else suits you, as long as it starts the conversation!” The topic is timely, even if you […]

Monday beer links: The future of blogs and hops

BEER AND WINE LINKS 01.29.18 Earlier this month, The Awl and The Hairpin — neither of them sites to turn to regularly for words about beer — announced they would shut down. Last week, Eater recapped the troubled state of food media — where we can find words about beer (but only if they stay […]

Monday beer links: Do we know where we’re going?

The occasional reminder: Boak & Bailey provide links to News, Nuggets & Longreads each Saturday, Alan McLeod has made Thursday his day for recapping and commenting, Good Beer Hunting offers Read.Look.Drink each Friday, and more sporadically Timely Tipple focuses on history links. BEER AND WINE LINKS 01.22.18 Where is Bass from? Or that Goose Island […]

Monday beer links: News, terroir & finding new paths

NEWS/TRENDS – Front and center because the “underbelly of misogyny” still lurks. Related: Good Beer Hunting followed up its “What Boyz Like” post with several supporting essays last week, and in addition Austin Ray provided to link to this one with serious “questions of privilege, whiteness, power, and masculinity.” – Sobering details about the “craft […]

Monday beer links: To diversity and beyond

MONDAY BEER & WINE LINKS, 01.08.17 My take: There are problems to be solved. And changing the conversation by pointing to a different one does not mean the first (or second or third) suddenly isn’t one. Beyond that, there have already been enough words spilled over what was easily the biggest American beer story of […]

An emergency session of The Session convened

Jay Brooks rather hastily summoned us for the 131st gathering of The Session today. He has kept it simple, posing three questions. Question No. 1 “For our first question of the new year, what one word, or phrase, do you think should be used to describe beer that you’d like to drink?” I’ve answered this […]

Exit through the bottle shop

If a beer writer falls down in a bar and there’s no one there to hear it, do they make a sound? Or do they just Instagram it instead? – Pete Brown The photo at the top was taken at Altes Mädchen Braugasthaus, a sprawling brewery, bakery, restaurant, biergarten and bottle shop in Hamburg. (Customers […]

Monday beer links: Sexism, pastry stouts and pickle beers

MONDAY BEER & WINE LINKS, 12.11.17 Adminstrative note: Monday links will be on hiatus until Jan. 8. Get your weekly links fix from Boak & Bailey, consider the not-quite-every-week suggestions from Timely Tipple or Alan McLeod, or wander further afield with Read.Look.Drink at Good Beer Hunting. – That there are stories like this one about […]

Book report: ‘Beer is for Everyone’

Once you’ve condensed what might be an entire post to a blurb that fits on the back of a book it may not rehydrate easily, not even with a healthy dose of beer. So this is what I wrote about Beer is for Everyone!: “The value of a fresh pair of eyes — or in […]

Monday beer links: Monks, Dixie, and flutes

MONDAY BEER & WINE LINKS, 12.04.17 – “I guess we have to talk about Dilly Dilly.” No, actually, we do not. To his credit, Jeff Alworth, points out that we live in little silos. Dilly Dilly has not made its way into mine. This does not bother me. – I am, however, perfectly delighted to […]

Session #130: Ron Pattinson’s dream festival is good enough for me

Your dream beer festival? Free admission? Nothing but 100-point rarities you’ve never tasted before? Only local beers? Only brewers pouring? Only eight-ounce servings (or 1 or 4 or 16)? No lines? Host Brian Yaeger has asked us to write about designing “your dream festival” for the 130th gathering of The Session, providing a list of […]

Monday beer links: In search of the new(s)

MONDAY BEER & WINE LINKS, 11.27.17 Rather than finishing with something from Twitter this week start with this (click on the date to see the full exchange). The idea that a beer writer known for complaining is somehow important, but a producer of those beers sharing their own view is somehow “whining” is the richest […]

Beer or pie? You make the call

MONDAY BEER & WINE LINKS, 11.20.17 A few things I’ve read in the last week or so that you might be interested in. – Josh Noel suggests sugary pastry stouts are a sign craft beer is forgetting what beer tastes like. – And Michael Kiser at Good Beer Hunting concurs, adding some advice: “Offer a […]

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