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Schumer's Choice: To Succeed Reid, He Must Back Iran Deal

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has announced that he will not run for re-election. Reid has endorsed Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) to succeed him as Democratic leader. But in order to succeed Reid as Senate Democratic leader,...Show More Summary

Ted Cruz Is Trying and Failing to Weasel Out of His Obamacare Duplicity

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is now apparently undecided how he'll buy insurance, backing away from his Obamacare announcement earlier in the week. Either way, Cruz is a master at what Al Franken used to call "weasel words" -- talking points that are carefully constructed to sound legitimate but really aren't at all. Show More Summary

Bridging the Gap: Setting an International Precedent for Universal Gender Equality

For years, the international community has attempted to establish universal gender equality through international laws passed through the United Nations and through the U.N. Millennium Development Goals. It is now 2015, the target year...Show More Summary

Was It Worth It, America?

Earlier this week I sat and listened to Afghan President Ashraf Gahni as he spoke at the Pentagon to acknowledge the sacrifices that the U.S. has made to support his country. As the wife of a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan, IShow More Summary

What Pat Moynihan Actually Said

The problem with the entry of the now pervasive word "narrative" into the parlance is its congeniality to the straw-man fallacy: "Narratives" being matters of "construction," they can be constructed in a manner that makes them easy to...Show More Summary

U.S. Leadership on Global Food and Nutrition Security: We are Making Serious Progress

Despite encouraging progress combating food and nutrition insecurity over the past years, one in nine people worldwide still live in extreme hunger. This number can be further reduced by empowering small-scale producers and women through initiatives and programs that are sustainable and effective. Show More Summary

It's Time to Start Talking Seriously About Basic Income

Let's start with the bad news: The robots are stealing our jobs. That may sound like science fiction hyperbole to many of you, but it really shouldn't -- it's been happening for years, and there are now hundreds of jobs disappearing every day. Show More Summary

Nobody Wants Sewer Money Stinking up Congress... Except Congress

America is the richest country in the world. We have the resources to improve our education system, reduce pollution, feed the hungry, and more. Instead we spend $1.4 trillion for fighter planes like the F-35 that "can't turn, can'tShow More Summary

Dolly Decorator, or: How to Lobby for Laws That Bully Your Competition

The class bully is an archetype of American childhood. Maybe he was the biggest kid in the fifth grade. Maybe she cut class and stole lunch money. Today, school bullies are more skilled in the digital art of mental abuse, using venues...Show More Summary

The Provocateur: Cruz Goes Hard Right on the Influence Spectrum

Listen to this companion podcast from SiriusXM POTUS 124. In contests of most any kind, it's often best to go second. Particularly if you think you're the better player. But if you're the weaker, then surely you should go first. This week, with single-digit polling numbers, Ted Cruz, the junior U.S. Show More Summary

Scary Stupid Senators' Stunts

Republicans seem to act first, and think second; or not at all. They fail to look at the consequences of their actions. The most recent example of this behavior occurred when Sen. Tom Cotton, and his 60 days of experience, penned a letter that was signed by 47 senators and sent to our adversarial foreign leader. Show More Summary

When a Superpower Blurs the Line Between Church and State

One of the founding principles of American democracy is the separation of church and state. The United States is prevented by its Constitution from establishing or endorsing any particular religion. Its founding fathers knew all too well the dangers of religious power and endeavored to make sure America would not be led down that path. Show More Summary

It Will Take More Than a Cup of Coffee to Address the Thorny Issue of Race in America

Over the past couple weeks, much of the mainstream media and bloggersphere had been abuzz with frenzied commentary to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz's efforts to encourage baristas to discuss the issue of race with customers. Reaction ranged from sympathetic, mildly supportive to cynical to outright critical. Show More Summary

Israel: America's Bad Brother

Most families contain a problem relative: an addled elder, schizophrenic sister, or troubled brother. That's the status of the state of Israel: a member of the US family but, these days, the bad little brother who is a constant headache. Since...Show More Summary

The Scandal Machine -- When Will We Ever Learn?

In 1999, I published a book describing my experiences as White House special counsel in dealing mostly with the various campaign finance accusations against the 1996 Clinton presidential campaign during my tenure at the White House, from 1996-1998. Show More Summary

The Price That You Pay for Rocking the Boat

Last month, I gave this tribute to Aaron Swartz, an internet activist, when I hosted a special Capitol Hill showing of the documentary Killswitch. Aaron was targeted for prosecution for his political views and, facing decades in prison, he killed himself. Show More Summary

Natural Born Mockery

In the world legislated by a God of evangelical religious thought, fairness would rule. And, Rafael Edward Cruz would deserve to be treated as the flimflam circus act that he is, wagoning his vitriol around the country with snakes in hand and selling his snake oil remedies for societal pandemic problems as he selfishly self-promotes. Show More Summary

Time for Justice for Children in New York

CO-WRITTEN BY MELANIE HARTZOG EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, CHILDREN'S DEFENSE FUND-NEW YORK Under New York’s juvenile justice system a child as young as seven can be arrested for a crime, and a 16-year-old is automatically charged as an adult. Show More Summary

The Growing Right Arm of For-Profit Prisons

Co-authored by Sarah Callahan The US incarcerates more people than any other country in the world. The unprecedented increase in our prison populations happened over the last 30 years, and in part is because of the prison industrialShow More Summary

Protect Our Troops

Simply put, the A-10 is the best plane ever designed to support troops in combat. By any nation, anytime. The U.S. Air Force is trying for the second year in a row to get rid of it; there are holes in their arguments. The A-10 was uniquely designed to assist ground troops in battle. Show More Summary

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