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Ted Cruz Just Disqualified Himself for President, Part II

For a person who wants to be President of the United States, Sen. Ted Cruz is sure not acting presidential. When he was Majority Leader, Harry Reid called Ted Cruz a "schoolyard bully" on the Senate floor. I won't go that far, because...Show More Summary

Reflections on the Anniversary of Medicare

The 50th anniversary of the enactment of Medicare and Medicaid on July 30 celebrates programs that have made an incredible difference in the lives of millions, particularly women. While the programs share a birthday, they are different in important ways that make Medicare far more stable and secure than Medicaid. Show More Summary

Koch Donor Fest Underway in Monarch Bay

Donors and staff of the Koch brothers political network are descending on the St. Regis Monarch Bay Resort for their yearly summer seminar. Tables have been brought out onto the Grand Lawn; security personnel roam the halls; and Charles...Show More Summary

Free Speech Is No Threat to Gun Ownership

Doctors and medical personnel throughout Florida will soon be under new orders: Talk to your patients about gun safety and risk losing your right to practice medicine. Two federal judges, who last year ruled that "patient-privacy" and...Show More Summary

The Unexpected Legacy of Cecil the Lion

The growing outrage about the killing of Cecil the Lion has sparked a heated discourse questioning the sudden surge of attention about his killing when there are other larger issues in the world than the poaching of one lion. It is remarkable to see how quickly people are making the killing of Cecil an either/or issue. Show More Summary

Can the U.S. Counter ISIS on Social Media?

The continued success of ISIS in using social media platforms for global recruitment has frustrated American officials. In an internal State Department memo published by the New York Times last month, undersecretary of public diplomacy...Show More Summary

Puerto Rico's Symbolic Power

In Puerto Rico, July is the cruelest month. It opens with an ironic bang on Fourth of July weekend, with U.S. Independence Day also a holiday, despite the U.S. territory having its own independence movement--no fireworks, but plentyShow More Summary

Free Speech or to Be Free of Speech?

A string of recent events has once again brought debates over free speech back to the forefront. Confederate flags, football mascots, political candidates, and an Asian rock band are in a swirling controversy of overlapping constitutional...Show More Summary

China Muscles Way Into the Indian Ocean Through Its Silk Road Link With Pakistan

LONDON -- In most countries, governments change and policy follows. In China, where the Communist Party is determined to stay in power for perpetuity, the government can lay down policies and carry them out over the long haul. The long-term...Show More Summary

Ahead of Strategic Dialogue, Egyptian Authorities Take Further Steps to Restrict Independent Human Rights Organizations

On the eve of the U.S.-Egypt Strategic Dialogue, scheduled to take place in Cairo on August 2, the Egyptian authorities are demonstrating that they have not been paying attention to the broader efforts to counter violent extremism advanced...Show More Summary

An Open Letter to Congresswoman Yvette Clarke

I write to you in reference to the proposed nuclear deal with Iran. A few months back, during a ride back from an important Jewish event, I had the privilege of discussing the pending deal with you in depth. I conveyed to you the community's...Show More Summary

Heart of the Nation

The iconic view is gone, unsettling mind and heart: The Capitol Dome has vanished under scaffolding and white sheets. Corroded in more than its cast iron roof, the foundation was laid by still-unacknowledged human slaves. Can it really be repaired? I walk east to west through Capitol Hill. Show More Summary

Selling Out the Kurds

U.S. policy on Iraq, Syria and the surrounding countries seems to have been left solely in the hands of amateurs in the White House. That is not a partisan statement, for it applies to both the current and previous occupants. The next...Show More Summary

Most States Can Easily Comply With the EPA's Clean Power Plan, So Why Are Some Trying to Kill It?

Wisconsin's Scott Walker and five other governors are refusing to comply with the Obama administration's plan to curb electric power plant carbon emissions. Next week, the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to announce whatShow More Summary

Stabbing at Gay Parade Shows Flaws in Netanyahu's Security for Israelis

The Orthodox Jewish terrorist who stabbed several people at a gay pride parade in Jerusalem did the same thing ten years earlier. He was let out early, before the parade, serving a fraction of the time Palestinians are sentenced for attempted murder. Show More Summary

Let's Make Good Use of This Crisis

By Paul Scham and Ilan Peleg The phrase "No good crisis should be wasted" is by now a cliché, but it is very much applicable to the current situation, following the Iran nuclear agreement signed in Vienna on July 14. The agreement constitutes a potentially game-changing development, not unlike the 1993 Israeli-Palestinian Declaration of Principles. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Has A 'White Liberal' Problem That Will Help Bernie Sanders Become Democratic Nominee

The new talking point among political wonks who never imagined Bernie Sanders possibly winning Iowa and New Hampshire, or seriously battling Clinton for the Democratic nomination, is a belief that Vermont's Senator only appeals to "white liberals." Therefore, let's forget for a moment that Killer Mike, Lil B The Based God, Dr. Show More Summary

Be Careful What You Wish For: Citizens United and the GOP

You have to be a real NFL junkie or an embittered Philadelphia Eagles fan like me to remember the name: Norman Braman. Braman is a billionaire businessman who owned the Philadelphia Eagles from 1985-1994. The former Philadelphian now...Show More Summary

As China Awakens, America -- And Pakistan -- Should Take Note

BEIJING -- "When China wakes, she will shake the world." Napoleon's famous comment on China has had China-watchers scratching their heads for two centuries as to what exactly he meant. Was it a warning to Europe of a potential threat...Show More Summary

The Only Thing We Know For Sure Is That We Share Tears

Turkey, Sunday, 26th of July. Olives from a village nearby. Cucumber, tomato, cheese and eggs from the farmer in the nearby village, as well as bread baked by his cousin. With this, we drink Turkish tea. We have bought five magazines that we read. Show More Summary

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