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Make Some History Like My Mother-in-law

The news came through on my iPhone between loads of laundry on my day off. “Nevada Senator Won’t Back Senate Health Care Bill.” It was big national news because Senator Dean Heller is a key moderate vote the GOP leadership needs in order...Show More Summary

Health Care Must Remain A Right

This post is not so much why the current Senate (draft?) bill, “Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017” (“Better Care Act”), represents one of the most destructive pieces of legislation to come out of the halls of Congress in decades...Show More Summary

Will Gardner Again Vote Against Planned Parenthood?

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) built his political career in Colorado, and rallied grassroots Republican support, by opposing abortion, even for rape and incest. Part of that, of course, has meant that he’s opposed and vilified Planned...Show More Summary

Speaking Of 'Rigged'

Within the last two weeks, much of the African American community has been thrown into abject pain yet again. The police officer who was seen shooting Philando Castile, killing him in front of his girlfriend and four-year-old daughter, was acquitted. Show More Summary

Friday Talking Points -- Trump Did Not Deny Tapes Exist!

Every so often, we have a certain reaction to a bit of political news. We then fully expect at least a few other political commentators to have the same reaction, only to be surprised when it seems that nobody else read things the way we did. Show More Summary

By The Way, Are We At War With Syria?

While the country has been fixated on the ever-growing Trump- Russia scandal, healthcare and the latest wacky Trump tweets, we’ve quietly begun to go to war with Syria. Earlier this week, a US F/A 18 fighter jet shot down a Syrian regime...Show More Summary

Trump Is Complicit In Saudi Arabia’s Extortion Of Qatar

Today, Saudi Arabia and its sycophant allies (Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt) have resorted to extortion in their dealings with Qatar. This internal dispute among the six members of the Gulf Cooperation Council was joined...Show More Summary

Can The Democrats Come Together In 2018?

The Democrats came close in two special elections in Georgia and South Carolina this week. While they didn’t win either race, they did significantly narrow the gap between the parties in both contests. Given that both districts wereShow More Summary

An Open Letter To President Trump

Dear President Trump, Since I never received a reply to the letter I sent you during the 2016 Presidential Campaign season, I was hesitant about writing to you again. However, as one who cares passionately about the future of this great country of ours, I feel compelled to reach out to you whether you respond or not. Show More Summary

An Open Letter To Rabbis, Pundits, Priests, And Imams

Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked. (Psalm 82:3-4). Dear servants of God, in this holy month of Ramadan, I appeal to you to come together and stand against fear. Show More Summary

Trump Team Disgracefulness Power Rankings - Week 3

Obviously, Republic Report is super-busy and doesn't have time to do its regular job and still publish Trump Team Disgracefulness Power Rankings every week, but there's been so much disgracefulness this week that we don't have time to...Show More Summary

News Roundup for June 23, 2017

Well, at least it’s the weekend tomorrow. 1. Four senators say they cannot vote for Trumpcare as it is currently written. This means one tiny amendment and they can flip their vote to a yes. More here. 2. Trump is bothered by Muller’s friendship with Comey. Show More Summary

What It’s Like To Be The First Openly Trans Mayor In Texas

The New Hope town hall is a squat, one-room meeting space on Rockcrest Road. A small green park sits behind it, where a young father is encouraging a little girl to come down the slide. The roughly six-acre “municipal district” of New...Show More Summary

The Matter of Message: Republicans Win On Bias and Fear While Democrats Eat Their Own

I cannot believe that Democrats are claiming that the sole cause of their electoral problems is Nancy Pelosi and her San Francisco residency. ~ Joy Reid Nor can I. But that’s how this goes. The caterwauling has begun. Or, rather, continues. Another...Show More Summary

The NRA Doesn't Care About Philando Castile's Gun Rights

The National Rifle Association is still silent about the death of Philando Castile, and this is yet more proof that the NRA is all about gun rights...except when they aren't. Last Friday, Officer Jeronimo Yanez of St. Anthony, Minnesota...Show More Summary

Yes, Trump Really Said That...

Donald Trump held one of his patented campaign-style love fests in Iowa Wednesday night, complete with blatant lies, belittling, bombast and bluster. Like him or not, at least with his rabidly loyal base, these events are a religious experience. Show More Summary

Five Months Of Trump: The Tipping Point

Five months into the Trump regime, we’ve reached the tipping point. It may take more than a year to play out, but the presidency of Donald Trump is coming to an end. Meantime, congressional Republicans ? acknowledging the administration...Show More Summary

Fearing Border Tax, Retailers Boost Lobbying 31 Percent

by Kennett Werner It’s been a remarkably tough year for the retail sector. So far in 2017, retailers have set a record pace for bankruptcies and store closings. Household names are faring no better than small shops: J.C. Penney saidShow More Summary

Republicans Keep Trying To Shut Women Down

Last week, it happened again. In the midst of Attorney General Jeff Sessions testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Committee Member and Senator Kamala Harris fired a series of rapid questions to Attorney General Sessions to answer. Show More Summary

To Understand Health Care Repeal, Follow The Money

American politicians are supposed to pander. The whole point of our legislative branch is to select officials who will represent what their constituents want in the halls of Congress. Why, then, is Congress rushing to pass a bill that...Show More Summary

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