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Here's a Bold Idea for Hillary's Troubled Campaign

Hillary Clinton is ahead in the polls, but it's more due to Donald Trump's many blunders than excitement with Mrs. Clinton. She has benefitted from being the anti-Trump. But new allegations about the FBI finding another 15,000 missing...Show More Summary

US Foreign Policy: A Critical Choice

The conduct of American foreign policy is more critical today than at any time since the late 1980s. The next President of the United States must have extensive foreign policy experience with command of the issues and the process. In...Show More Summary

The Trumpsburg Address

Twelve score years ago our forefathers, all four of them, brought forth on this continent a newly constructed nation, conceived in competition and dedicated to the proposition that most people are losers and only a few of us get to be...Show More Summary


This is where we have been headed for almost eight years and you have the GOP to thank for all of this. From day one of the Obama administration, Mitch McConnell and his "patriotic" country of old white men (with the exception of John...Show More Summary

Ryan Lochte Speedo

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Radicalization Of U.S. Foreign Policy

This post was coauthored by Nake M. Kamrany, University of Southern California and Cole Kosydar, University of Pennsylvania. Ostensibly the hallmark or seal of Mr. Barack Obama's presidency is blemished with the radicalization of U.S. Show More Summary

The alt right: Barbarians at the Gates or Political Hyperbole?

The alt right's Emergence As campaign rhetoric intensifies with each side calling the other bigoted, an amorphous little known ideological umbrella movement, the alt right has emerged into mainstream political lexicon. The alt rightShow More Summary

The Democratization Of Health Care: Building Sustainable Communities

With competing crises dominating the daily news, the public may not be aware that healthcare policy is losing its way and that a new path forward is urgently needed. Recent news about healthcare policy has covered the cost of care, who would be reimbursed for what, and who would be able to afford access to care. Show More Summary

The Boarding House Society

This past week, I made my annual visit to the Pacific Northwest and to Portland, Ore. I usually will drive by and look at the two houses that I lived in while growing up. This year, I was shocked to learn that I couldn't afford to live in Portland any more. Show More Summary

Stop Using the Term "Alt-Right'!

Ten years ago I attended a conference in an upscale national chain hotel in a small town in Virginia, just outside of Dulles International Airport. Even though we were all wearing badges with our name and affiliation or place, it wasn't one of the usual academic conferences I frequent. Show More Summary

The Difficult Choice Between Narcissism And Habitual Lying In 2016

While I have never met the two people currently vying for President of the United States of America and don't tend to get involved with politics, as a national radio show host who regularly speaks with people whose lives have been destroyed...Show More Summary

Capitalism: A Death Story

"Democracy", Paddy Chayefsky wrote in the terrifyingly prescient movie Network, " a dying giant." I cannot say if that's true exactly, as it still functions moment to moment and day to day and on very human levels of engagement....Show More Summary

Legal Marijuana Is Inevitable - Here's Why You Should Vote In Favor

Legal Marijuana is going to happen, the only question is when. The most recent polls show 54% of Americans favor legalizing marijuana. Here's why you should get behind it, too. Photo Source Marijuana is packed with medicinal uses weShow More Summary

David Duke, Donald Trump and the dog whistle

Kirby Goidel, Texas A&M University ; Charles S. Bullock III, University of Georgia, and Keith Gaddie, University of Oklahoma David Duke, the blow-dried wizard of Louisiana politics, is back. This time he is running to represent Louisiana in the U.S. Show More Summary

Reporters Still Claim Donald Trump 'Talks Openly About Gay Rights' WTF?

I can't believe I have to write this again. But too many in the media continue to promote a shallow narrative about Donald Trump and LGBT rights. They engage in dangerous shorthand, which betrays a lack of real interest in the issueShow More Summary


Seems like yesterday when the Republican Party primaries were just starting. There was a novel feeling about the whole process due to the presence of a candidate who added special color. And that guy was Donald Trump. I remember that...Show More Summary

Will Johnson/Weld Revolutionize American Politics?

One of the great big lies of modern American politics has been the idea of the package deal--if you want social freedom you have to accept the regulatory state, high taxes and crony capitalism OR, if you want economic freedom you have...Show More Summary

"Make Government Work Better": What Every Democratic Politician Should Promise in This Election

With grassroots anger driving this presidential election---anger at government, anger at Congress, anger at Wall Street, anger at the elites and the establishment, heck, anger at everything---Democrats could make electoral headway by...Show More Summary

The Heart of Order

He'd left the water running, flooding neighbors' apartments. He'd been running around outside naked. By the time police arrived, he was standing in the window of his fourth-floor apartment on Farwell Avenue -- a few blocks from where...Show More Summary

Donald Trump was half-right about NATO

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is more right than he knows about our NATO pledge to defend member nations from aggression. His many detractors on that score are ill-informed. They are echo chambers of the multi-trillion...Show More Summary

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