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In Support of Same-Sex Marriage

Edward W. Campion, M.D., Stephen Morrissey, Ph.D., and Jeffrey M. Drazen, M.D. Eleven years ago, Massachusetts became the first state in the country to give same-sex marriages full legal recognition. Today, same-sex marriage is legal, through legislative or judicial action or by popular vote, in more than 35 states and the District of Columbia. Show More Summary

Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans Should Oppose Fast Track Trade Bill

In 2010, the Census Bureau estimated that there were 1.7 million Americans of Arab descent. The Arab American Institute thinks this was an undercount, and puts the number now at about 3.7 million. The Pew Research Center says that there are about 2.4 million Americans who identify as Muslim. Show More Summary

GOP Budget Subsidizes Military Industrialization on the Frontier of Climate Change

Co-authored with: Josh Hoxie is the Director of the Project on Opportunity and Taxation at the Institute for Policy Studies, The United States spends about $600 billion on Defense per year, more than twice as much as the world's other top spenders -- China, Russia, and the United Kingdom -- combined. Show More Summary

Recent Gun Bill Is Bad for Ohio's Youth

My heart aches for the thousands of people who will lose their lives this year to gun violence. The thousands of families who will mourn their loved ones. The thousands of stories that will never be told, jokes that will never be laughed at, and memories that will never be made. Show More Summary

One Week, Three Lessons on the Exclusivity of Exceptionalism in America

Three events in the week beginning April 20, 2015, show convincingly that the American promise of national and global societal justice is a lie. They specifically show that in this new American century, one's economic status, access to power, and place of birth determine one's access to human rights and equal protection under the law. Show More Summary

Hillary's "Fix"

What significance should be attached to Hillary Clinton's recent statement that we should "fix our dysfunctional political system and get unaccountable money out of it once and for all, even if it takes a constitutional amendment?" It is easy enough to dismiss her solution by pointing to its limitations. Show More Summary

An Inconveniently Moral Argument for the Death Penalty in the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Case

It would be easy to muster moral arguments for the jury to take what some might consider the easy way out and give Dzhokhar Tsarnaev life in prison after being convicted of 30 charges in the deadly Boston Marathon bombing. The trial's...Show More Summary

President Obama: Catholics Oppose Fast Tracking the TPP

In an interview on MSNBC's "Hardball", President Obama defended the Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP)-- claiming only labor and some progressives opposed it. That simply isn't the case. For years, Catholics in particular have been consistently vocal in opposing several provisions of the far-reaching, multinational TPP trade proposal. Show More Summary

Jim Morrison's War Today

Cross-posted with "It just started out as a simple goodbye song," James Douglas Morrison told reporter Jerry Hopkins. "Probably just to a girl, but I could see how it could be goodbye to a kind of childhood... I think...Show More Summary

Senators Warren and Brown: Time To Let the Public In On the TPP

This letter from Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown sets the perfect tone for the debate on the TPP. It is respectful while at the same time not backing down an inch in their criticisms of the process so far. It lays out the case onShow More Summary

Return the Right to Vote for "Missing Men"

The New York Times last week published a startling statistic: there are "1.5 million missing black men" from the American landscape. It's startling for some, but for those living it - the men placed behind bars and the families of those...Show More Summary

Smaller Bank Accounts, Smaller Brains: The Ravages of Inequality on America's Children

In this age of increasing inequality, the wealthy can purchase bigger homes, bigger cars, bigger vacations... bigger just about everything. They also get bigger brains for their children. Research just published in the journal Nature Neuroscience by Dr. Show More Summary

'A Holiday in My Heart...Honoring Coretta Scott King as a Legacy Builder on Her Birthday

Today, April 27th, we celebrate my mother, Coretta Scott King's, 88th birthday. It has been a holiday in my heart for as long as I can remember, a day when I give thanks to God for the blessing and privelege of being her daughter. My...Show More Summary

Muslim American Organizations Are on the Wrong Side of History on the Armenian Genocide

During a lavish dinner and reception at the Turkish Embassy for leaders in the Muslim community several weeks ago, myself and some of the other more than two dozen community members found ourselves baffled at the presentations centered on denying the Armenian Genocide. Show More Summary

Five Things to Look for in the Same-Sex Marriage Arguments

Tomorrow the Supreme Court will hear oral argument on the constitutionality of bans on same-sex marriage. Oral argument in the Supreme Court can be opaque, especially for those who aren't well versed in the legal issues at stake or the precedents likely to be considered. Show More Summary

Why So Many Americans Feel So Powerless

A security guard recently told me he didn't know how much he'd be earning from week to week because his firm kept changing his schedule and his pay. "They just don't care," he said. A traveler I met in the Dallas Fort-Worth Airport last...Show More Summary

The Past is a Burden -- For Jeb, not Hillary

``Just yesterday, a leader from yesterday began a campaign for President by promising to take us back to yesterday.'' Marco Rubio (age 43) said that when he announced he was running for President this month, one day after Hillary Clinton (age 67) announced she was running. Scott Walker (age 47) hasn't actually announced yet. Show More Summary

Re-Claiming a Moral Profession in Unethical Times

A bitter irony unfolded in New York's budget process this year as Governor Cuomo, in his allegiance to hedge fund campaign contributors, managed to push through ethics reforms alongside an education reform package that stands as theShow More Summary

This Year's May Day Rallies Continue Tradition of Protests for Workers Rights

(Left) Union members, immigrants, and many others participate in the May Day march and rally in Los Angeles in 2013. (Right) Garment workers and activists participate in a May Day rally in Dhaka, Bangladesh last year. Unlike the rest...Show More Summary

Is America Still Exceptional?

PARIS -- Walking along the River Seine flanked by grand palaces and magnificent French Empire buildings, it's easy to think of how the French once ruled the world and captured riches galore. Just like the sun once never set on the British Empire. Show More Summary

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