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An American Coup

It was not so much that he made America great again, but when Donald Trump was elected president on November 8, 2016 he transformed the United States in ways that few, including he, could have imagined. Right from the start establishment politicians and pundits just never understand Trump. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Says Brexit Is Good For Business -- Is He Right?

CO-AUTHORED BY HILLARY FERGUSON The day after Britain voted to leave the EU, Donald Trump boasted that Brexit would be good for--who else?--Donald Trump. "The pound is going down," he said, stepping off his plane in Scotland. "This will...Show More Summary

The Supreme Court Throws Kryptonite At Democracy's Supermen

There are Supermen (and Superwomen) among us. They work for the Department of Justice, and they have the unenviable job of prosecuting corrupt politicians. They must speak truth to power on a daily basis, trying to keep elected officials...Show More Summary

Make America Brave Again

You don't have to convince me that fear sells. I'm a marketing professional, well aware that I can sell you everything from hand sanitizer to Hummers by preying on your anxieties. Donald Trump, ever the expert salesman, has exaggerated...Show More Summary

Undemocratic Environmentalism

Environmentalists in Senator Bernie Sanders' progressive, Left Wing camp are demanding some major reforms in a way more akin to a dictatorship than a democracy. They want the 2016 National Democratic Platform to include an immediate total ban on the widespread natural gas extraction process known as fracking. Show More Summary

We the People versus Donald Trump

Donald Trump is an unhinged con man who regularly fans the flames of racism, sexism and xenophobia. Yet disturbingly, he has become the presumptive Republican nominee for president of the United States. Part of what appears to be bolstering...Show More Summary

Brexit: Is Britain the New Pakistan?

When I was 13, at the Lycée Mignet, in Aix-en-Provence, France, my new friends told me I had to decide. Was I for the dream of a United Europe or against? "Oui" or "Non"? What you chose decided who your friends would be for the rest of the year. This was 1958. Show More Summary

CDC Official Exits Agency After Coca-Cola Connections Come to Light

A veteran leader within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced her immediate departure from the agency on Thursday, two days after it came to light that she had been offering guidance to a leading Coca-Cola advocate who was seeking to influence world health authorities on sugar and beverage policy matters. In her role at CDC, Dr. Show More Summary

Countering Violent Extremism--End Government Extremism

There is a simple and cost-free strategy to diminish or slash the incidence of violent extremism in the United States: end government extremism, including the initiation of gratuitous wars not in self-defense that kill, injure or displace...Show More Summary

From ZIRP to NIRP?

Unlikely. ZIRP is the acronym for the Federal Reserve Board's nearly 90-months of "zero interest rate policy." For seven-plus years, the federal funds rate (what the Fed charges its member banks for short-term, overnight loans) has been...Show More Summary

Democratic Party Committing Suicide

More than 12 million mostly young people voted for Bernie Sanders. The results of the California Primary are still up in the air. When mainstream media declared Secretary Clinton the winner of not just the California primary, but the day before the primary, the Democratic Presidential nominee, there would be 2.5 million votes to be counted. Show More Summary

Run, Don't Walk to the Nearest Brexit

When the people of Great Britain decided to leave the European Union has energized populist movements around the globe. Some Americans wonder if Brexit previews a Donald Trump presidency. The presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, is playing up the possibility. Show More Summary

Clinton, Warren and the Democratic Party: "Stronger Together"

Last week the New York Times opined on its news pages that Hillary Clinton would not put Elizabeth Warren on the ticket. Its primary reasons, among others: a lack of "personal chemistry" between them, the need for gender balance to appeal...Show More Summary

A Teleprompter Can't Save Trump

On Wednesday, June 29th, Ed Rollins, a good man and central Trump strategist was quoted by the Wall Street Journal as follows about his candidate for President, Donald J. Trump: "He's gone from severe rhetoric to staying pretty consistent...Show More Summary

One Coin, Two Sides: Brexit and Trump

That any voter would support Donald Trump to become leader of the free world seems beyond comprehension to many, a phenomenon outside the realm of understanding. That voters in the U.K. would approve a referendum to leave the EU seems perplexing given the chaotic and costly aftermath, clearly predictable prior to the vote. Show More Summary

Jeb's magnificent super PAC: an autopsy

by Alec Goodwin Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in happier days, shortly after announcing his campaign for the White House in 2015. (Flickr/Michael Vadon) Super PACs can churn through a lot of money. Exhibit A: Jeb Bush's Right to RiseShow More Summary

The Right To Bear Courage

Behind the "right to bear arms" lies concealed the right to make money. You know, a lot of it. The right to... I pause here, torn apart by the political sacredness of these words. We have the right to speak freely and worship the God...Show More Summary

Dangers Of Demand Driven Capacity Development

As seen in my blog IMF in Denial to the Realities of the World one of the greatest challenges facing organizations at international, national and local levels is the inertia and apathy of the civil servants within those organizations,...Show More Summary

The Op-Ed Bernie Didn't Write, But Should Have

Yesterday, Bernie Sanders was given the chance to write an op-ed in the New York Times. He had a golden opportunity to write a campaign-changing piece, and he whiffed. His piece focused on Brexit as a warning to Democrats to take seriously the negative economic impact of the global economy. Show More Summary

Terrorist Attacks Are a Battle of The Media

This morning I woke up to Facebook notifications of friends checking in okay in Istanbul. Scrolling down my timeline I saw all relevant hashtags about people #prayingforturkey. A few hours later my friends were changing their profile...Show More Summary

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