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I Support Bernie Sanders Because He Supports Me

"I wish he'd go away already." From fellow Democrats, the refrain's relentless. Why's Bernie running? Why won't his naïve supporters get real? Some of my female friends supporting Sanders are implored with special force and added frustration: Get in line! The socialist has no chance. Show More Summary

Do Not Target Our Children, Do Not Make Our Teachers Government Puppets

In a request to the Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Representative Bennie Thompson called on a complete review and privacy assessment of the FBI's "Don't Be a Puppet" web-based program, including its use of the Violent Extremist Risk Assessment (VERA). Show More Summary

Ask the Clintons to Release Their Paid Speech Transcripts

The best question at last week's Democratic debate originated not with the moderators but apparently from a voter through New England Cable News who asked whether Secretary Clinton would release the transcripts of her private speeches...Show More Summary

Baring It All for Campaign Finance Reform

When hundreds of women marched topless through the streets of New York and other cities last summer - part of the 8th Annual GoToplessDay - their protest on behalf of gender rights exposed far more than bare skin. That's because they...Show More Summary

Clinton Supports Contorts Queer History to Attack Sanders' Record

In an article penned by Chris Johnson of The Washington Blade, "Clinton surrogates pounce on Sanders over '82 marriage resolution," Clinton supporters NYS Senator Brad Hoylman (through his chief of staff, Peter Ajemian), former NYC Speaker...Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders: America's Mainstream Candidate

It may not be what you've been told by your local, trusted corporate news conglomerate, but it's true in the hearts and minds of the majority of Americans: Bernie Sanders is the more favorable candidate for the Democratic Party's Presidential Nomination. Show More Summary

How Hillary Can Stop Bernie-mentum

Mr. Sanders' attacks on the Democratic establishment have been powerful both because Ms. Clinton is so deeply embedded in that establishment and because her response, essentially that she is not part of the establishment because she is a woman, is one that resonates with almost nobody. Show More Summary

Don't Be Fooled: Marco Rubio And Rick Santorum Are Two Of A Kind

Some were taken by surprise when former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum endorsed his former opponent Marco Rubio as soon as he dropped out of the Republican presidential race on Wednesday. But it shouldn’t come as a shock that the...Show More Summary

Identity and the Future of America

The following is extracted from Travels with Harley - Journeys in Search of Personal and National Identity... Americans are more worried and anxious about the future than ever. Sure, every generation seems to think, for one reason or another, that the place is going to hell in a hand basket. Show More Summary

Hillary vs. Bernie: The View From Berkeley

It's Super Bowl week on the Left Coast but the number one topic of conversation is not the Broncos or the Panthers, it's Hillary versus Bernie. That's a big change from three months ago, when we talked about the Warriors and the awfulness of Donald Trump. Show More Summary

The Ebb and Flow of the Road to the Nomination

The brilliant author Joseph Campbell once said, "You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you. If the path before you is clear, you're probably on someone else's." This is as true in our politics as it is in our personal lives. Show More Summary

The Interview That Should End Donald Trump's Candidacy

(This essay is being jointly published with at this link.) Donald Trump just gave an interview that any potential Trump supporter should not miss. In his own words, Trump lays bare the very reasons why he would be such a disastrous choice for president. Show More Summary

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

The U.S. Military Bombs in the Twenty-First Century  Cross-posted with Here’s my twenty-first-century rule of thumb about this country: if you have to say it over and over, it probably ain’t so. Which is why I’d think twice every time we’re told how “exceptional” or “indispensable” the United States is. Show More Summary

Michael Moore's New Film Features Portugal's Groundbreaking Policy of Not Arresting People for Drug Use

Filmmaker Michael Moore never shies from taking on tough issues and challenging the status quo. His latest film "Where to Invade Next" is a clever spoof of U.S. foreign policy that encourages our military leaders to "invade" other countries...Show More Summary

Perfecting Presidential Primaries

America has been the beacon of democracy since its founding. It demonstrated to the world how popular sovereignty and stable governance could be reconciled. We confirm that fundamental truth every four years in the election of a constitutional ruler who serves as custodian of the Republic. Show More Summary

New Yale Study on Guns Asks The Wrong Questions

A new study conducted by researchers at Yale University and covered in The Trace appears to confirm a truism in how people develop and hold opinions, namely, the more you want to believe in something, the more you can make yourself believe in something. Show More Summary

A Much Better Way for Hillary and Bernie to Compete

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have a great opportunity to advance the Democratic cause, but to seize it they'll have to think differently about their contest. A Shadow Over The Democratic Race This opportunity grows out of a shadow that hangs over the campaign for the Democratic nomination. Show More Summary

More Flints to Come

The unfolding water crisis in Flint, Michigan, is a sign of things to come. Flint was one of a number of Michigan cities run by an emergency economic manager appointed by the Republican governor, Rick Snyder. It was an emergency economic manager who oversaw Flint's switching of its water supply to the badly polluted Flint River in 2014. Show More Summary

Get Your Game Face On

I love sports with a passion and follow many teams here in the Bay Area and around the country. I'm also a political junkie, and since my uniform reads Practically Republican, I focus less on individual stats than I do on the success of the team -- in this case Team U.S.A. There are so many fascinating parallels between politics and sports. Show More Summary

5 Myths (And One Big Truth) About Hillary's 2002 Iraq War Vote

Although Hillary Clinton has many advantages in the current Presidential campaign (advantages of policy, programs, and, yes, personality) surely her greatest strength vis-à-vis her principal primary opponent is in the area of foreign...Show More Summary

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