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Hillary Is Right; Trump's Comments Are Horrifying

Prior to the final debate one had to assume Trump would continue to be nastier and more unhinged than ever. Insane he calling Hillary a 'Nasty Woman'. Judging by his past behavior it is apparent he can't help lashing out even if the result is self-destructive. Show More Summary

Donald Trump And The New Great Awakening

As this election draws to its increasingly anticlimactic conclusion, I find myself becoming less and less worried about the prospect of a Trump presidency. I don't want to jinx it, but Trump is going to lose on November 8. More than likely he will lose very badly. Show More Summary

Baseball, Politics and America

As the granddaughter of a man who is in the Michigan High School Coaches Hall of Fame for being a storied football and baseball coach, I come by my love of sports naturally. I grew up listening to the Detroit Tigers on transistor radios,...Show More Summary

Putting Away the Pitchforks

A lot of people have been shocked by Donald Trump's refusal to confirm that he would accept the results if Hillary Clinton wins the election. Actually, his reaction to the outcome is not that important. What will be more important is the reaction of his supporters. Mr. Show More Summary

Capitalist Ideology And The Myth Of The Individual Self, Part 2: Cooperating Interrelated Role-bearing Persons

Click here for Part 1: “Competing Autonomous Individual Agents” As soon as I re-enter my everyday life and cease thinking about myself in isolation and in the abstract, I can see clearly that I am a human being in the midst of specific...Show More Summary

I Spent The Past Month Trying To Become An 'Informed' Voter

I'm voting for the first time ever on November 8, in large part because I'm curious to see how it feels. I'm ready to witness how my identity, the ever-changing construct I like to check in on from time to time, conforms to the shape of Active Citizen in the most basic sense of the term. Show More Summary

A 'Nasty Woman,' 'The African American,' and 'A Bad Hombre' Weigh in on the Final Presidential Debate

Screen grab of final presidential debate on Oct. 19, 2016. Photo credit: Bill B. via Flickr Creative Commons 'Nasty woman' is my generation's new clarion cry By Angela Pupino There is a new clarion call for women across America: "Nasty...Show More Summary

Would You Rather Have A Beer With Donald Trump?

A few election cycles ago, many in our country decided that one of their main criteria for electing their president, leader of the free world and someone with their nuclear codes at their fingertips, was whether or not they would want to sit and have a beer with that person. Show More Summary

Real Americans

As the most divisive presidential election I've witnessed comes to a conclusion in a few weeks, I'm reminded of a tweet sent by former Congressman Joe Walsh during the tragic shootings of police officers in Dallas, "This is now war. Watch out Obama. Show More Summary

Trump Could Learn From King Midas

A few weeks before the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump left the American political stage for the amphitheater, following the trajectory of a Greek tragedy. The real estate tycoon who co-wrote Midas Touch: Why Some Entrepreneurs...Show More Summary

McCain: It's Not His Age. It's His Silence!

My issue with John McCain is not that he's been in office too long. It's that he's not listened to Arizonans for many of those 33 years. Arizona is the home of The Farley-Kluger Initiative, now known as The Sarah Grace-Farley-Kluger Act which adds loss of a child to the Family Medical Leave Act. Show More Summary

American Psycho: Sex, Lies and Politics Add Up To A Terrifying Election Season

When it comes to sexual predators, there should be no political bright line test to determine who gets a free pass and who goes to jail based on which candidate is better suited for office. Yet almost 20 years after Bill Clinton became...Show More Summary

PBS/NPR Host Maria Hinojosa: Latino/Latina Issues Among The Disappeared in Presidential Debates

After all the passion that has swirled around immigration in this year's election campaign, a curious thing happened in all three presidential debates: Latino-focused issues were hardly mentioned. When it came to real discussion, suggests...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Should Campaign Against Political Gridlock

Without taking her eye off the ball, Hillary Clinton (D-NY) should immediately start campaigning against gridlock. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) should nationalize the race for Congress on this issue. Same for Chuck Schumer (D-NY). The American people hate gridlock. Show More Summary

When You Watch The Presidential Debate With Your Kids..

"Mommy does the US have 20 trillion dollars? Are they richer than other countries? If they owe money, can't they print more? Does the US still print money? How old do you have to be President? What's the youngest you can be to be President? Who...Show More Summary


To me, The Nevadebate was like listening to a pair of amped up high school seniors, the super-smart egghead girl vs. the uncouth classless clown, going at each other in front of all their cheering and jeering friends in the hallway in...Show More Summary

2017: The Preview

After three presidential debates, the polls show Hillary Clinton the likely next president. I'm relieved, but I can't pretend the arguing has created a national consensus. Both candidates are about as popular as a 45-minute drugstore...Show More Summary

Women Should Be Seen And Not Heard

Democracy, which is a charming form of government, full of variety and disorder, and dispensing a sort of equality to equals and unequals alike. Plato, The Republic At first reading I thought it was probably one of the many whimsical ideas that is going around the internet during this election season. Show More Summary

Millennials And Social Issues Leadership: Hard Questions

"Leader" a word that is being used and misused in every conference, platform, meeting and place especially for millennials. Millennials are called the "Change Makers", "Social Leader" and people who will change the world. To me this is very scary. Show More Summary

Atoning For Slavery: An Institution Grapples With Its Original Business Model

It is altogether fitting and proper that, in this period of heightened racial tensions and resurgence of white privilege, it is a university, a seat of higher learning and a religious-based one at that, which seeks to atone for America's...Show More Summary

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