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Trump More Progressive Than Democrats On Warren Buffett Problem

Donald Trump made a rather startling proposal last week out on the campaign trail, but few in the media noticed. Perhaps this was due to the fact that Trump says so many startling things that the media can be excused for not paying attention to all of them. Show More Summary

Danger: If Congress 'Blows Up' the Iran Deal

As Congress wrestles with the question of whether or not to support President Obama's diplomatic agreement with Iran, there is a broad consensus over the need to confront Iran's dangerous behavior. Iran has been a destabilizing player...Show More Summary

Hillary: Please Do Not Try To Out-Trump Trump

"Now, extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups, we expect that from people who don't want to live in the modern world, but it's a little hard to take from Republicans who want to be the president of...Show More Summary

Why the War on Terror is Failing

A well-done article in the New York Times reminds us that four years after the United States assassinated American citizen and Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki (and his teenage son) in a drone strike, his influence on jihadists is greater than ever. Show More Summary

Donald Trump and Campaign Finance Reform

Some have recently commented that Donald Trump is the best thing that has happened to the campaign finance reform movement in years. I disagree. Donald Trump has made clear he has been a heavy user and beneficiary of the currently broken...Show More Summary

Stanley Fish on One End of a Log and Carly Fiorina on the Other: Can Schooling Get Any Better Than That?

Stanley Fish recently made a tongue-in-cheek endorsement of Carly Fiorina for Secretary of Education. OMG! Strange bedfellows indeed -- a philosopher, detached from the real world and an entrepreneurial opportunist thoroughly immersed...Show More Summary

The Problem With Poverty Statistics

After years of being swept under the rug, poverty is once again "above the fold." Journalists, politicians and academics are discussing the topic from every possible angle. A new study seems to come out every other week, not to mention the occasional bestselling book. Show More Summary

Testing the Limits of the Gun Industry Spin Machine

If I had a nickel for every time the NRA reminds us that gun violence is down while gun ownership is up, I wouldn't have to work for a living. Not that writing is such hard work, mind you, but my previous comment still stands. And the...Show More Summary

"Submit Now, Sue Later" Is not the Only Answer to Poor Police Conduct

"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government -- lest it come to dominate our lives and interests." This quote by American Revolution-era...Show More Summary

The 22, With 22, For The 22

Every day 22 servicemen and women who served in the American armed forces commit suicide, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. It's tragic that people who have volunteered to serve our country commit suicide sometimes as a resultShow More Summary

Moms Are Committed to Doing 'Whatever It Takes?' to End This Scourge That Threatens Our Families

Just hours after his daughter Alison, a Virginia reporter, was shot and killed on live television, Andy Parker passionately spoke out against the gun lobby and our nation's lax gun laws. And he is determined to fight until we see change in this country. Show More Summary

Market crashes and Migration Linked by Hot Money Flows

The collapse in stock markets and the surge in the number of refugees flooding into Europe captured August's headlines. There are many underlying causes for each phenomenon, but they are linked. Unprecedented flows of hot, or illicit, money are damaging most economies. Show More Summary

China's Stock Market Mess Belies Bigger Problems for the United States

The recent cratering of the Chinese stock market left some scars on our 401(k) plans and dominated recent headlines. Some called it a correction. I tend to think of it as another glimpse into the crazy house-of-cards economy in China. Earlier...Show More Summary

Tales From a Camp For Extraordinary Kids

This article is part of an on-going original series written by Caitlyn Jenner for WhoSay called "The Real Me," which explores issues and people in the LGBT community. Hi friends! Not too long ago I had the honor of visiting a very special place called Camp Aranu'tiq. Show More Summary

Real Men Don't Need the NRA

"Guns don't kill people. People kill people." This absurd gun rights excuse has been offered again in the wake of the highly publicized and utterly horrifying murders of a television reporter and cameraman in Virginia. Offensive NRA propaganda aside, I'll concede that the problem is indeed that people kill people. Show More Summary

Still Reeling: 10 Years After Katrina and My Journey to Biloxi

Biloxi as I saw it a few days after the Katrina. I watched the world shake and tumble on TV. Exactly 10 years ago today, as the people of New Orleans and Biloxi sought safety from Hurricane Katrina, I sat watching their plight, transfixed. Show More Summary

Millennials Split Over Clinton Emails

By Jordan Stephen For liberals, it is a broken record. For conservatives, it is proof of deceit. For the candidate, it is nothing but a headache. Try as she may, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton cannot shake the controversy over her use of a personal email account during her tenure as Secretary of State. Show More Summary

Comparing Bernie Sanders To Donald Trump, Like Comparing Apples To Oranges

Pro-Hillary Senator Claire McCaskill and Trump advocate Roger Stone made headlines for comparing Donald Trump to Bernie Sanders. "Both these candidates are outsiders, both these candidates are non-establishment candidates," Stone told CNN. Show More Summary

Vaudeville or Tragedy

Vaudeville and tragedy -- the two ways of experiencing American presidential elections. Entertainment for sure. The slapstick of Donald Trump, the antic comedy of the 17, the pratfalls of Jeb!, Hillary's self-caricatures. Tragedy inShow More Summary

Shootings, Guns and Public Opinion

Last week the country was shocked by the on-air shooting of a reporter and cameraman - shocked, but perhaps not surprised. Gun violence has become an all-too-common part of the news, and after each incident, a debate erupts over gun control. Show More Summary

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