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The Impeachment Of Hillary Clinton

Satire. February 20 – House Judiciary Chair Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) announced today that the impeachment proceeding against President Hillary Clinton would proceed directly to a vote of the full House. “We know everything we need to know,” said Goodlatte. Show More Summary

'Blacks For Trump 2020' Is Trump’s Latest Con

They had the best, closest and most visible spot in the crowd behind Trump at his much-touted recent pep rally in Melbourne, Florida. “They” being the handful of blacks that enthusiastically waved the “Blacks for Trump” signs behind him. Show More Summary

We're A Nation At War, But Will It Ever End?

Last week, Army General Raymond “Tony” Thomas, head of U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), expressed his dismay about the Trump administration. “Our government continues to be in unbelievable turmoil,” Thomas opined. “I hope they...Show More Summary

Trump And The 75th Anniversary Of The Japanese Internment

Today marks the 75th anniversary of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s signing of the executive order that authorized the internment of 120,000 men, women, and children of Japanese descent during World War II. As we contemplate the actions...Show More Summary

Trump's Actions Speak Louder Than His Words

There are many theories about how Donald Trump was elected president. One explanation is to take a saying that Trump is fond of and flip it: Many Americans had lost so much—decent jobs, a secure retirement, their homes, and the confidence...Show More Summary

Trump's Sixth Sense Moment With The Seventh Estate

Trump continues to prosecute his war with the media, the so-called “fourth estate”calling them an “enemy of the people,” but it is the “seventh” estate, the bureaucracy, that will be his real undoing. The fourth estate is the media. The fifth estate are the bloggers. Show More Summary

Friday Talking Points -- Stress Conference

Before we begin, two quick notes. That subtitle above isn't ours, but when we heard what CNN's Brian Stelter called the hot mess we saw yesterday, we had to agree it was the perfect description. Stress conference indeed! Secondly, our...Show More Summary

Hic Sunt Dracones

The Hunt-Lenox Globe, built in 1502, carried this phrase, “Here there be dragons”, in an area of unchartered maritime waters. Since then what dragons there be, great whales, or who knows what, have been sighted and cataloged (that is...Show More Summary

Weekend Roundup: Europe May Break The Brexit-Trump Momentum This Year

After Brexit and the victory of U.S. President Donald Trump, the widespread expectation is that continental Europe will follow suit and bring populists into power in upcoming elections there this year. Yet one repercussion of the early...Show More Summary

Poll: Americans Favor Investigations Into Flynn Resignation, Russia Ties

Americans may still be divided about President Donald Trump, but large majorities favor a congressional probe into the resignation of his National Security Advisor and allegations of Russian tampering with the 2016 election. Those majorities...Show More Summary

What The Resistance Movement Can Learn From Occupy Wall Street

There’s a lot we can learn from the Occupy Wall Street movement as we continue onward together. In 2011 I had the privilege of observing and documenting a group of parents and their kids who were involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Show More Summary

As The Wheels Of The Trump Juggernaut Come Off

Say this for Donald Trump: He sets records. It took more than a year of Warren G. Harding’s administration before the Teapot Dome scandal of 1921-22 brought down his Interior secretary for taking a massive oil company bribe. A half-century...Show More Summary

News Roundup for February 17, 2017

Welcome to the end of American democracy, everyone. 1. What could have been Donald Trump’s attempt to save face yesterday turned into a nuclear level meltdown. It was glorious and terrifying to watch. More here. 2. Former British PM is calling for the people of Britain to change their mind about Brexit. Show More Summary

Death Eaters In The White House

Last January, after Katrina Pierson, Donald Trump's spokeswoman at the time, Tweeted a blatantly racist message about President Obama and Mitt Romney, J.K. Rowling Tweeted back, "Death Eaters walk among us." What a difference a year makes. Show More Summary

Less Worried About Trump. More Concerned About His Aftermath.

For the last few days, since the Mike Flynn bombshells and that press conference disaster, I’ve found myself slightly less worried about a Trump presidency and more concerned about the aftermath. I’m going to make a now unoriginal prediction: I don’t think he makes it through his first term. Show More Summary

We Won’t Make America Great Until We Trump Addiction And Mental Health

With millions of Americans potentially losing access to health care, and an addiction crisis that’s draining our resources every day it goes unaddressed, we must take a moment to reflect on those American ideals and ethics that we hold...Show More Summary

Killer Presidents

During the presidential campaign, when he was still battling an array of Republican heavyweights for the party’s nomination, Donald Trump indulged in a bit of hubris that would have buried a more conventional candidate. “I could stand...Show More Summary

Republicans, Where’s The Backbone?

Congressional Republicans, we watched you at the White House Thursday. Just before Donald Trump’s rambling, manic, often snarky press conference — delivered more in the manner of a churlish insult comic than leader of the free worldShow More Summary

Thoughts On The Repeal Of The Affordable Care Act

By Valerie Bogart, Director, Evelyn Frank Resources Program, New York Legal Assistance Group There is much we do not know –- and won’t know for months- – about what comes next now that Congress has taken initial steps toward the apparent repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Show More Summary

Congress Intends To Destroy Your Rights And Hopes You Won't Notice

If you’re wondering why Republicans in Congress seem disturbingly complacent about the unhinged President and the exploding Watergate-level (or worse) constitutional crises starting to brew, check out the February 15 Full Frontal show on TBS. Show More Summary

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