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Why Laws That Criminalize Buyers of Sex Only Make Sex Work More Dangerous

There seems to be an international push these days toward making the purchase of sex (but not its sale) illegal. In the 16 years since Sweden criminalized buyers of commercial sex, Norway, Denmark, Canada and most recently, northern Ireland have followed suit. Show More Summary

America's Political Arab Spring

American voters are awakening to the hard reality that U.S. presidents are not elected by "We the People..." or direct vote. The United States is a Democratic Republic as established by our Founding Fathers, land and slave owners, to...Show More Summary

Why I Am Not #BernieOrBust

While I am still open to Bernie Sanders pulling off a miracle upset to win the Democratic nomination, I am coming to the point where I realize I must do something very hard in the general election that I think is in the best interests of our nation. Show More Summary

If You Hate Trump's Foreign Policy, Wait Until You See Ted Cruz's

Donald Trump gave what was billed as a "major foreign policy speech" last week, with the aim of demonstrating that he has the knowledge, judgment, and temperament to be Commander-in-Chief. Trump failed the test. The first thing one has to do in evaluating any statement of Donald Trump's is to look at his history. Show More Summary

Medicare's Drug Payment Proposal Puts Patients First

A patient in your average doctor's office, Ms. Myers, has rheumatoid arthritis. Her physician, Dr. Jones, administers an injectable immunotherapy drug, Remicade, as her treatment. Medicare pays Dr. Jones 106 percent of the average sales price (ASP) for the drug, which comes to more than $3,000 every two months. Show More Summary

Sex Abuser Denny Hastert Gets 15 Months in Jail While Women Get a Lifetime

Denny Hastert, former speaker of the United States House of Representatives, gets 15 months, as it was announced on Friday. He sexually harassed his former high school wrestlers, when he coached them, that is, before he became speaker of the US House of Representatives. Show More Summary

Airlines to Congress: Stop Norwegian Air!

If there's any doubt Congress is beholden to the powerful airline lobby, this should settle it: An influential group of representatives has just introduced a bill that would effectively block Norwegian Air from operating between the United States and Europe. That's right, Congress is protecting our airlines from competition. Show More Summary

Trump Foreign Policy Like Others, Except for His Hyper-Nationalism

Most observers dumped all over Donald Trump's foreign policy speech last week, in part because whatever Trump says is taken as wrong by the many who fear his hate-strewn bombastic presidential primary campaign. Lots of the criticism,...Show More Summary

Trump's Top 3 Picks for a Female Veep

With 7 out of 10 women rejecting Donald Trump, will the misogynist-in-chief try to salvage his chances by selecting a female running mate? In keeping with opponents Ted Cruz and Carly "Look at that Face" Fiorina, he may indeed play the "woman card" that has given this country so many female presidents and vice presidents since 1789. Show More Summary

Leave Bubba Out of It

Years before the 2016 presidential campaign got underway, pundits and the public alike were debating "Clinton fatigue." Back in 2007, the Wall Street Journal even invented "Clinton Book Fatigue," to go along with the regular variety....Show More Summary

Can Corporate Leaders Be Good Citizens?

The owner of the Chobani yogurt company, Hamdi Ulukaya, made news last week when he announced that he will give his 2,000 employees a 10 percent ownership share when the company is sold. The average stake will be worth $150,000. Several...Show More Summary

Shot or poisoned? Does the choice of Trump or Cruz really matter?

Pippa Norris, Harvard University When asked to choose between the candidacies of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, a Republican senator from South Carolina, remarked, It's like being shot or poisoned. What does it really matter? But, in fact, it really does matter for the Republican Party. Lindsey Graham. REUTERS/Brian C. Show More Summary

Sunday Roundup

This week the nation got a glimpse of the future, as the frontrunners tipped their hands about what lies in store for us. After big wins in several states, Donald Trump proclaimed, to a sideways glance from Mary Pat Christie, that "the...Show More Summary

Presidential Campaigns Make U.S./Mexico Benefits Invisible

Much has been said during the 2016 presidential race about the need for a wall on the U.S./Mexico border, the asserted perils of the North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and the crimes attributed to undocumented immigrants. These opinions are formed primarily by candidates with little personal connection to the U.S./Mexico border. Show More Summary

Bathroom Bill Myths & Facts

This morning, I received a phone call from a voting parent in my district who is opposed to the so called bathroom bill, correctly known as Transgender Public Accommodation bill. I was fortunate that my constituent left detailed reasons...Show More Summary

From Cairo to Goldberg

Earlier this month "The Atlantic" magazine featured a cover story, "The Obama Doctrine", written by Jeffery Goldberg. Based on the author's many hours of interviews with President Obama, it represents an attempt to find a coherent framework with which to understand the President's overall foreign policy. Show More Summary

Confronting Voter Suppression in 2016

Ten years ago, when I started making an investigative documentary into what happened in the 2004 election in the deciding swing state of Ohio, I wondered what thwarting an election might look like and how I could even show such a thing,...Show More Summary

The Bob & Chez Show Podcast: Hillary Clinton Is the Democratic Nominee, Plus Ted Cruz Announces His Running Mate

Today's topics include: We Have a Democratic Nominee; Cenk Uygur and HA Goodman Hoping for the FBI to Make Bernie the Winner; Donald Trump is Close to the Nomination; The Woman Card; Nate Silver's Electoral Vote Tally; Ted Cruz Announces...Show More Summary

Friday Talking Points -- Lucifer or a Joe McCarthy-Dracula Love Child?

Boy, it isn't every day you get to write a headline like that! But those are the kinds of feelings Ted Cruz seems to bring out in everyone -- left, right, and center. On the right, doesn't John Boehner sound a lot looser and more relaxed...Show More Summary

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