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This Is How Trump Won

I have observed many ideas about and reactions to the election since November that perplex me. One idea that stands out among Hillary fans is that Bernie was too dirty in the primary and has a lot of ground to make up if he is to win the support of the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party going forward. Show More Summary

The Climate Post: EPA Administrator Says United States Should Exit Paris Agreement

In an interview last week, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator (EPA) Scott Pruitt said that the United States should “exit” the Paris Agreement—the first time such a high-ranking Trump administration official has so explicitly...Show More Summary

The Supreme Ugliness Of The Deportation Regime

It is ugly today, it will be uglier tomorrow and months from now, it will be even uglier. The relentless rounding up of undocumented people living in the United States is the horror that can be ended, if there was a will to end it –Show More Summary

If HB 4 Passes, Hawaii Will Have The Weakest Sick Leave Policy In The Nation.

HB4, Relating to Health, is up before the Hawaii State Legislature’s Conference Committee tomorrow. Unfortunately, as currently written, this legislation would put Hawaii on the map for having the weakest sick leave policy in the nation. Show More Summary

The Stubbornness Of White Supremacy

It is at once fascinating and troubling that white supremacy just will not go away. A news story today said that the president, in the annual Easter Egg roll held at the White House, did not include or invite school children who attend D.C.’s public schools. Show More Summary

Tomi Lahren, Before She Was Famous

Tomi Lahren has made a name for herself as an outspoken far right political activist. Her views are often considered inflammatory and have even earned her the nickname “White Power Barbie.” When Tomi isn’t attacking people on socialShow More Summary

A De Facto Death Sentence For An Iowa Father

Allison Rice’s dad was a 64-year-old, church-going Iowan father of four who owned a leasing business, got into financial trouble and broke the law trying to get out of it. He was a danger to no one, ever. Clarence Allen Rice died of cancer, in prison instead of at home with his family, because the system didn’t work. Show More Summary

News Roundup for April 20, 2017

Happy 4/20 y’all. 1. Bill O’Reilly lost his show on Fox due to a loss of ad revenue. It probably should have been cancelled because of the harassment... More here. 2. Israel says Assad still has chemical weapons. Trump’s “warning” didn’t work. Show More Summary

How To Overcome The Power Of Big Money

In a recent blog, “Can the American People Overcome the Power of Big Money?” I wrote “the common denominator that prevents the enactment of real, positive solutions to practically every issue Americans face is the power of Big Money.”...Show More Summary

Is Donald Trump Morphing Into A Neocon Interventionist?

Candidate Donald Trump offered a sharp break from his predecessors. He was particularly critical of neoconservatives, who seemed to back war at every turn. Indeed, he promised not to include in his administration “those who have perfect...Show More Summary

California Considers Historic "Weed Sanctuary" Status

A bill has been introduced in California's state legislature which would prevent the state's law enforcement officers (and any other state resources) from being used to: "investigate, detain, detect, report, or arrest a person for marijuana...Show More Summary

Moving Backwards On Middle East Arms Sales

The Trump administration is charting a new direction on arms sales. Unfortunately that direction is backward. The administration recently notified Congress that it wants to sell a dozen attack aircraft to Nigeria, intends to sell 19Show More Summary

What Are The Super-Rich Democrats Waiting For?

Democratic Party loyalists are always complaining about the big-money fat cats behind the Republican Party’s candidates and platform. Over the last few election cycles, the Democratic Party has lost most state legislatures, governorships, the US Senate, the US House of Representatives and the White House. Show More Summary

The Democratic Party’s Anti-Bernie Elites Have A Huge Stake In Blaming Russia

After Hillary Clinton’s devastating loss nearly six months ago, her most powerful Democratic allies feared losing control of the party. Efforts to lip-synch economic populism while remaining closely tied to Wall Street had led to a catastrophic defeat. Show More Summary

Are We Witnessing A Turning Point In U.S. Health Care?

A key debate among Republicans on the American Health Care Act — the now-pulled Affordable Care Act replacement bill — was whether to cut the law’s “essential health benefits” for individual health insurance consumers. The AHCA, putShow More Summary

250 Donors Shelled Out $100k Or More For Trump’s Inauguration, Providing 91 Percent Of Funds

by Ashley Balcerzak What does it take to stage a welcome-to-the-neighborhood blowout? President Trump raised $107 million for his inaugural festivities, shattering previous records. The former titleholder, Barack Obama, raised half that,...Show More Summary

Alex Jones’s Defense

This post first appeared at You may have heard of Alex Jones of Austin, Texas — the fellow who markets his own brand of “BRAIN FORCE” and “SUPER MALE VITALITY” pills on the radio. He’s the guy whose website...Show More Summary

The Time I Hired Bill O'Reilly's Gardener

“No man is a hero to his valet,” goes the old proverb. In the case of Bill O’Reilly, no man’s a hero to his gardener. O’Reilly’s high profile job loss reminded me of an incident that occurred during the first year of his Fox tenure.Show More Summary

100 Days Of Broken Promises

As President Donald Trump closes in on his first 100 days in office he is scrambling to defend his inept performance so far in office. Perhaps this is best illustrated by his announcement last week that he was sending an armada toward...Show More Summary

We Can’t Protect National Parks On Shoestring Budgets

President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased and not impaired in value.” It is not surprising that the father of American conservation would believe this. Show More Summary

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