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An Embarrassment of Riches

Embed from Getty Images When Governor Chris Christie famously said, "I don't consider myself a wealthy man," the $699,000 earner with a net worth of $3.8 million may be excused for his confusion; he didn't have this handy calculator to set him straight. Show More Summary

The Collateral Source Rule and Obamacare

The Collateral Source Rule is a legal doctrine holding that the damages being asked for by a plaintiff should not have payments coming from a source other than the defendant deducted from the damages the defendant would otherwise have to pay. Show More Summary

How Elections Work: A Few Helpful Hints for Bernie Sanders And His Less Earthbound Enthusiasts

Just a few helpful hints, tips, rules and general guidelines for that disturbingly confused faction of Sanders enthusiasts (and, apparently, Sanders himself): First and foremost, don't take things personally. A little humor and a bit of room for self-reflection go a long way. Show More Summary

In Hiroshima President Obama Can Help Save History

President Obama is going to Hiroshima. He could start to save history during his historic visit. Nuclear weapons disarmament commitments and aspirations which, date back to the first resolution of the UN General Assembly, have not been fulfilled. Show More Summary

Hillary Now Loses to Trump in Polls. Bernie Beats Trump by 10.8 Points.

For months, Bernie Sanders has told audiences across the country that he is the best candidate to face Donald Trump based on polls that simulate a hypothetical showdown in November. Sanders continues to hammer in this sentiment now that the other Republican nominees have withdrawn from the race. Show More Summary

Asian-Americans Could Lose the Most From an Obamacare Repeal

Asian-Americans may suffer the greatest loss in private health insurance coverage if the Affordable Care Act -- Obamacare -- is ended. The available data suggest that Asian Americans have obtained health insurance through the marketplaces created by Obamacare at a higher rate than other groups. Show More Summary

Answering Anxiety with Opportunity

In Southfield, just outside of Detroit, where I grew up, my family and many of the families around us didn't have a lot of money. But the American middle class was strong, and we knew that with a little sacrifice and a lot of hard work, my sisters and I could become whomever we wanted. Show More Summary

Republican obstruction creates new bamboo ceiling for Asian American judicial nominees

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month--a time to celebrate the accomplishments of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) in our nation, including the growing number of AAPI federal judges. In January 2009, there were only eight AAPIs in lifetime, federal judgeships throughout the country--out of 870 potential positions. Show More Summary

In an Age of Discovery, It Takes Real Guts to Be Optimistic

In aggregate terms, the human race has never had it so good. Life expectancy has risen by more in the past fifty years than in the previous one thousand. When the Berlin Wall fell, two-fifths of humanity lived in extreme poverty. Now it's one-eighth. Show More Summary

Clinton Versus Trump: Predicting The Electoral College

President Donald J. Trump? In this feverish year, the most recent symptom of distemper is media blather that -- based on polling nearly 6 months out -- America is on the cusp of electing Donald Trump. Before this conjures the megalomaniacal...Show More Summary

Donald Trump, Treasury Debt and the Dollar

The time has come to start weighing in on presidential candidate Donald Trump's statements on economic policy. In this post we examine his comments about U.S. government debt. After saying that he is the "king of debt" and that he "loves debt," Mr. Show More Summary

Obama Visits Hiroshima Amid Growing Risk of Nuclear War with China

Japanese school children contemplate ground zero in Nagasaki. A sitting US president who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his commitment to nuclear disarmament is preparing to visit Hiroshima. Mr. Obama is expected to visit privately with...Show More Summary

An Open Letter to Donald Trump: Release Your Tax Returns to the Public

It is critical that candidates for the highest office in the land release their income tax returns for multiple years, especially you Mr. Trump. After all, you are running for president based on your wealth and business ability. AndShow More Summary

Will Political Winds Favor the Libertarians?

The one common thread is this presidential election is how much voters dislike the presumptive candidates of our political duopoly. The reality is -- voters want more choices. Sadly, one area where Republicans and Democrats are most willing to cooperate is stopping third party efforts with rules and regulations meant to protect the duopoly. Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders on the Real Reason Hillary Clinton Backed out of the California Debate

Earlier today, Hillary Clinton backed out of a scheduled debate in California with Bernie Sanders. In his first sit down interview since learning the news, Sanders explains the "obvious" reasons she cancelled. For my full conversation with Sen. Show More Summary

On Welfare Reform, Moynihan Was Right

Twenty years ago, to acclamation in some quarters and disdain in others, Daniel Patrick Moynihan predicted devastation would trail in the wake of welfare reform, especially for children, whom he anticipated would be "put to the sword"...Show More Summary


There's a question on the minds of many Democratic Party leaders right now, which might be phrased: Will there be PUMAs? Or, to update it a bit: Will there be BOBs? Or maybe even PUMA BOBs? Perhaps you'll hear, at the convention: "I'm Bob Puma, glad to meet you"? Cheap acronymic humor aside, the question is an important one. Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders--Feel the Math

In sports and in politics--the old rules apply; win with ease and lose with grace. Early on in the process, Bernie Sanders surprised Hillary Clinton with a series of improbable wins, starting in New Hampshire and moving outward. ForShow More Summary

A Johnson/Weld Ticket Could Make the Libertarian Party Viable

Former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who unsuccessfully sought the 2016 Republican Party's Presidential nomination, reluctantly endorsed presumptive GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump, averring that the race between Trump and likely...Show More Summary

How Democratic Superdelegates Decided the 2016 Election

The effect of Superdelegates on the Democratic nomination process has never been more apparent than in the 2016 election. Created in 1982 largely by the party establishment, the superdelegate was to serve as a safeguard to ensure a populous candidate did not take the nomination, and keep the Democrats out of the White House. Show More Summary

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