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The One Question That All Democrats Should Have Asked Judge Gorsuch

[Senator Charles] Schumer said Republicans should slow down the proceedings, given that the F.B.I. has confirmed that the campaign of President Trump is under investigation for possible connections to Russian interference in the 2016 election... Show More Summary

State Department Snub To The Press Corps Is A Dangerous Precedent For Press Freedom

By Robert Mahoney, CPJ Deputy Executive Director For many countries a visit by the U.S. Secretary of State is still a big deal. And in those countries where the independent press is struggling or where journalists are jailed for their...Show More Summary

Reason And Justice Address Realities

It is not just Donald Trump whose rhetoric is chronically bereft of reality. Politicians, reporters, commentators and academics are often similarly untethered to hard facts, albeit not for narcissistic enjoyment. There are many patterns...Show More Summary

President Trump, Let's Make A Deal... To Save AmeriCorps

I believe that when Americans – especially young people – have meaningful opportunities to serve their community and country, everyone wins. Driven by this belief, I’ve spent the majority of my life working to create opportunities for such service. This month the White House released its 2018 budget blueprint. Show More Summary

Comey Rebuke Weakened Trump And Opened GOP Eyes

Why, exactly, is anyone surprised? FBI Director James Comey did as Congress asked on Monday when testifying before the House Intelligence Committee. He confirmed that neither the FBI nor the Department of Justice have any information...Show More Summary

Trump's First Two Months

You’ll have to forgive me for writing this so early, since the tradition is to give a new president 100 days before such an evaluation, but these are not normal times. It’s only been two months since Trump took office, but it certainly feels like a lot longer than that. Show More Summary

Do Not Delay: Implement Marijuana Legalization In California

On time and intact implementation of California’s Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, is critical to realizing the benefits of legalization and reducing the harms from decades of prohibition that have resulted in the mass...Show More Summary

The Cycle Of Terror Resumes In London: Stop Playing Whack-A-Mole

Attack. Terror. Lock down. Those all too familiar words are resonating once again through a world grown weary. Something has gone horribly wrong when a terror attack, instead of shock and revulsion, brings déjà vu and a leaden despair. We...Show More Summary

Republican Change To The ACA: A Health Care 'Minimum Income'

A key piece of the American Health Care Act is changing the ACA’s income-based subsidies to a blend of income- and age-based tax credits. For consumers under the income-eligibility threshold, this essentially creates a health care “minimum income.” The term “minimum income” has been used in more and more policy circles in recent years. Show More Summary

The U.S. Shouldn't Fear Russia: America Is Vastly More Powerful

Listen to folks in Washington talk about the supposed Russian threat and you’d think America was a small, third-rate country — friendless, stuck in Moscow’s shadow, possessing a tiny, obsolete military. The paranoia seems strongest from Neoconservatives who otherwise demand that the U.S. Show More Summary

Angela Merkel Doesn't Need Your Outrage Over Trump's Rudeness

Trump’s abominable behavior during German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to the White House caused outrage on my Facebook feed. But Merkel doesn’t need your outrage. She’s taken on plenty of outsized egos with her signature steely patience, from Nicolas Sarkozy to Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Vladimir Putin. Show More Summary

When Your Best Friend Runs for Congress

In some ways the California 34th Congressional district is like many districts in the nation. Intensely gerrymandered ? Republican voter registration is in the single digits ? a Democrat is virtually guaranteed to hold the seat in Congress. Show More Summary

Trump Puts Republican Congressmen Between A Rock And A Soft Place

President Trump has informed his Republican colleagues in the House that they have a serious problem. They need to vote for the current draft of the American Health Care Act or they will face repercussions in 2018. Congressmen appear to face a dilemma if they do not believe that this bill is best for their constituents. Show More Summary

Democrats Aren't Playing Politics -- Scrutinizing Gorsuch's Nomination Is Their Job

It is time to dispel, once and for all, the sheer distortion that Democrats scrutinizing the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Neil M. Gorsuch are playing vindictive, schoolyard politics. Because the Senate is supposed to offer its advice...Show More Summary

The Hayes Effect: How Badger Basketball's Wins Became Political Statements

Student athlete memes joke about how it’s also a lifestyle, but for Wisconsin basketball star Nigel Hayes, college basketball goes even beyond that — it’s become a political mission, too. The Badgers senior has had a stellar last three...Show More Summary

Let’s Become Militants Of Nuance: Even With Milo Yiannopoulos

After Milo Yiannopoulos lost a 250,000 book deal and an invitation to CPAC, all media outlets celebrated the fact that he had finally been ejected from a mainstream platform. But is this really good news? As a liberal French and American...Show More Summary

Truth In Politics: This Way Lies Madness

I spent decades in public office and know the political vagaries of truth as well as anyone. People advocate, tweak, argue, spin and more. But there’s been little patience for lies. Truth is hard to define. It’s not opinion, and it’s not fact, and it’s almost impossible to know in a particular controversy. Show More Summary

All Women Should Have The Right To Safely Give Birth

Women’s rights are important to me, not because I am a woman, but because I value all women. Labor and delivery gave me an inside glimpse of how real the disparity is. Some women can’t afford birth control, prenatal vitamins, or prenatal care. Show More Summary

In The Age Of Laissez Faire Regulation, The Ground Is Shifting Under Consumers. Here's What It Means.

If the recent news from Washington isn’t a little unsettling, maybe you should look again. A new administration has brought some unconventional thinking to the Oval Office, and the repercussions could be felt for years by American consumers. Among...Show More Summary

For Effective Resistance, Keep It Nonviolent, Respectful, And Clean

Third in a series, Annals of Resistance With anti-Trump resistance “bursting out” across the country, as The New York Times describes it, some rules of the road?or rather, of the street?are in order. They are simple and have been historically...Show More Summary

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