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If Wyden's Tax Return Disclosure Bill Passes, Trump May Decide Not to Run, Saving the Republican Party... and the Free World

No, it is not preposterous. From the earliest moments of his campaign, when he volunteered he strives to pay no taxes, Trump has signaled that his taxes are a problem. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) has proposed that a nominee of a political...Show More Summary

The G7 Summit: A Paris Agreement Litmus Test

The G7 Summit in Shima, Japan, is the first occasion for the G7 Heads of States to gather since the Paris Agreement was agreed upon last December. One would expect affirmation of the Agreement, particularly given how prominent climate...Show More Summary

Why Bernie Sanders Still Can - and Should - Win the Nomination

A troika of the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and their echo chamber in the major media are laboring to assure everyone that the Democratic nomination process is over. They've failed to convince the people who actually vote and see Bernie Sanders wins in Indiana, West Virginia, Oregon, and a virtual tie in Kentucky. Show More Summary

New Economy, New Media - Same Old Power Relations

On the business pages in recent weeks we've learned about Amazon's "union avoidance techniques" that violate the spirit of the nation's labor laws (if not the letter); Valeant pharmaceutical corporation buying up the patents on two widely-used...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Is Not Who You Think He Is, That I Can Tell You

So Se Pyong, North Korea's ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, said it all the other day: There is no meaning, no sincerity to a word that Donald Trump says. Yet, somehow, this essential point that has penetrated the anti-reality...Show More Summary

A Country Worth Their Sacrifice

Over the past few years, every time I hear someone thank me for my military service, I've responded by asking that person about his or her career. Some tell me about their public service as police officers, firefighters, emergency responders, civil servants, teachers, and so on. Show More Summary

School for Crime: Part II

Recent events are proving the old theorem that a criminal record, or least the promise of a criminal proceeding, has become an essential requirement for holding or pursuing political office. Sexual scandal, of course, has always been...Show More Summary

How Hillary Can Win with White Males

Personality, politics and perseverance will be key to winning back voters who Clinton has so far ignored. With Bernie Bro's to the left of her, Trump dudes to the right, and far too few straight white males in her own column, you'd think Hillary Clinton would realize she has a white guy problem. Show More Summary

Fight Between Faith and Reason: Trump and the Consequences of Ignorance

We live in an age of denial perpetuated by a political culture of ignorance that willfully embraces anti-intellectualism. There are consequences to this, including real and present threats to our national security. Happy "400 Day" The earth, and its human occupants, reached an important milestone last week. Show More Summary

A 10-Minute Debate on War

"Look, nuclear should be off the table. But would there be a time when it could be used? Possibly, possibly..." This is -- who else? -- Donald Trump, flexing, you might say, his nuclear trigger finger in an interview with Chris Matthews, who responds in alarm: "OK. Show More Summary

Do Small Physician Practices Have a Future?

Written with David Squires There's a lot to absorb in the proposed rule for implementing "MACRA"--the sprawling, bipartisan law passed in 2015 aimed at moving Medicare physician payment from rewarding volume to rewarding value. One question attracting scrutiny is whether the reforms will favor larger practices at the expense of smaller ones. Show More Summary

The EU Referendum will Determine our Future

illustration by Ellie Foreman-Peck Britain and the referendum Great Britain is my adopted home. I have deep affection for this nation; for its people, for its great tradition of liberalism, its commitment to justice and human rights;...Show More Summary

Clinton's "Mistake"

As former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton nears her goal of securing the Democratic presidential nomination she once again is testing the loyalty of even her most ardent supporters. A State Department inspector general report, released...Show More Summary

Trump: The GOP's Creation

American voters are fed up with politicians. Seemingly, they do not trust and will oppose anyone who is a professional politician. Why? Thank you, GOP for shutting down Congress these past eight years. Of course, if Congress doesn'tShow More Summary

Bernie Sanders is Not a Movement, He's a Politician Trying to Reclaim Liberalism

Is the Sander's movement a movement of policies or a cult of personality? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by David Hood, Social...Show More Summary

Why Hillary Clinton is the Strongest Equality Candidate

Conventional wisdom about election 2016 holds that Hillary Clinton, an "establishment" candidate, is opposed by two "populist insurgents," Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, said to speak for working class voters. But a clear-eyed look...Show More Summary

Trump on Immigrants and Health Care Costs: Just Plain Wrong

Throughout the primary season, leading Republican presidential candidates vied over who could bash immigrants the hardest. And they were promising more than border walls. Donald Trump is the most extreme immigrant-blamer; according to his website, "Providing healthcare to illegal immigrants costs us some $11 billion annually. Show More Summary

Shock Poll: Trump Drastically Underperforming With Veterans

George W. Bush led John Kerry, among veterans, by 14 percent. John McCain led Barack Obama, among veterans, by 22 percent. Mitt Romney led Barack Obama, among veterans, by 24 percent. Donald Trump leads Hillary among veterans by less...Show More Summary

My Choice for President

I have my own blog, with many readers (approaching 27 million hits). Lately, the readers have been debating, sometimes fiercely, the current presidential race. Many have asked them where I stand. Here is my answer. I have been consistently even-handed in the presidential race in dealing with the candidates of the Democratic party. Show More Summary

Eight Lessons We've Learned About Money in Politics This Election

As we approach the end of the primary season, here are eight money-in-politics lessons we have learned midpoint in the elections. 1. The Supreme Court majority did not have a clue about what it was doing in the McCutcheon case. In the...Show More Summary

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