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American Psycho: Sex, Lies and Politics Add Up To A Terrifying Election Season

When it comes to sexual predators, there should be no political bright line test to determine who gets a free pass and who goes to jail based on which candidate is better suited for office. Yet almost 20 years after Bill Clinton became...Show More Summary

PBS/NPR Host Maria Hinojosa: Latino/Latina Issues Among The Disappeared in Presidential Debates

After all the passion that has swirled around immigration in this year's election campaign, a curious thing happened in all three presidential debates: Latino-focused issues were hardly mentioned. When it came to real discussion, suggests...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Should Campaign Against Political Gridlock

Without taking her eye off the ball, Hillary Clinton (D-NY) should immediately start campaigning against gridlock. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) should nationalize the race for Congress on this issue. Same for Chuck Schumer (D-NY). The American people hate gridlock. Show More Summary

When You Watch The Presidential Debate With Your Kids..

"Mommy does the US have 20 trillion dollars? Are they richer than other countries? If they owe money, can't they print more? Does the US still print money? How old do you have to be President? What's the youngest you can be to be President? Who...Show More Summary


To me, The Nevadebate was like listening to a pair of amped up high school seniors, the super-smart egghead girl vs. the uncouth classless clown, going at each other in front of all their cheering and jeering friends in the hallway in...Show More Summary

2017: The Preview

After three presidential debates, the polls show Hillary Clinton the likely next president. I'm relieved, but I can't pretend the arguing has created a national consensus. Both candidates are about as popular as a 45-minute drugstore...Show More Summary

Women Should Be Seen And Not Heard

Democracy, which is a charming form of government, full of variety and disorder, and dispensing a sort of equality to equals and unequals alike. Plato, The Republic At first reading I thought it was probably one of the many whimsical ideas that is going around the internet during this election season. Show More Summary

Millennials And Social Issues Leadership: Hard Questions

"Leader" a word that is being used and misused in every conference, platform, meeting and place especially for millennials. Millennials are called the "Change Makers", "Social Leader" and people who will change the world. To me this is very scary. Show More Summary

Atoning For Slavery: An Institution Grapples With Its Original Business Model

It is altogether fitting and proper that, in this period of heightened racial tensions and resurgence of white privilege, it is a university, a seat of higher learning and a religious-based one at that, which seeks to atone for America's...Show More Summary

Alexander Hamilton In His Time And Ours

"Hamilton" is more than a fabulous Broadway musical based on Ron Chernow's extraordinary biography of Alexander Hamilton. The book and the play are the heroic story of a man who by dint of shear brilliance, an unbelievable capacity for...Show More Summary

Americans' Concerns About Vote Fraud Have Been Consistent Since 2000

Donald Trump claims that illegal voting – including voting by non-citizens or people voting under assumed identities – could change the results of the 2016 election, handing Hillary Clinton an illegitimate victory. Is the American public...Show More Summary

Fear Nero

Sometimes the truth just happens. Our politics, if it is nothing else, is divided. Ironically, everybody is in agreement about the bitter polarity of our current government. Republicans all agree they can't stand Democratic policiesShow More Summary

Presidential Competency: What Should We Look For?

Note to Readers: During the six years of this blog, I have never stated a preference for any candidate for office. My focus instead has been on how we can use our reason and emotions to understand and think about the issues that make up our public and private lives. Show More Summary

Universities need anthropology now, more than ever.

George Leader is a post-doctoral researcher at The University of Pennsylvania and an adjunct Professor at The College of New Jersey where he teaches a range of anthropology and archaeology courses. While I appreciate its importance, for just a moment let's not think about the economy, tax breaks, tax loopholes, tax hikes or the TPP. Show More Summary

Millennials Paving The Way: 2016 Presidential Election Mindset

This is the eighth post in my series, Millennials Paving The Way, highlighting today's brightest Millennials who are empowering future generations to become change makers. In recent elections, Baby Boomers and prior generations have cast the majority of the votes. Show More Summary

Trumpery & Truthiness

Trumpery & Truthiness Gautam Adhikari Trumpery is an actual noun. The website lists three meanings: 1. Something showy but worthless; 2. Nonsense or rubbish; 3. Deceit, fraud, trickery. Its root is an old French word, tromperie, which means 'to deceive'. Show More Summary

Who's Your Donald?

All women know someone like Donald Trump. We've encountered him on the playground, where he bullied us; we went to high school with him, where he snapped our bra; he was that date-rapey dudebro in college that ranked you with a number...Show More Summary

We Elect Coaches, But We're Still The Players

As the ubiquitous, exhausting, ugly and unsettling election campaign trudges on, I often find myself remembering something my high school buddy Artie used to say. We were sports nuts and our conversations often focused on coaching tactics, game plans and strategic philosophies. Show More Summary

Letter to a Trump Supporter #4: Barack Obama's Christian Faith

This is the fourth in my series of "Letters to a Trump Supporter," from correspondence with a family friend who supports Mr. Trump. Continuing our conversation about Christianity, he sent me a chain email accusing President Obama of silencing Christians and promoting Islam. Below is my response. ~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Mr. Show More Summary

To View The Madman Across The Water

Mark Twain noted, "one must travel, to learn," and "broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things can not be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime." So, with channeling the dry wit, literary...Show More Summary

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