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We Will Not Be Silenced: Resisting Repression of Student Activism for Palestine

Graduate school was supposed to be boring. Though I was ecstatic to begin a PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of California, Los Angeles in Fall 2012, I also felt intense trepidation. Impostor syndrome figured prominently...Show More Summary

Syria: Obama's Bay of Pigs

The CIA's secret armies -- humiliation and disaster, once again. Rebel forces, secretly armed and trained by the CIA, attempt to overthrow a brutal dictator despised and vilified by Washington. Hit by devastating airstrikes, the rebels put out a frantic call for American help. Show More Summary

I Am a Sinner: Don't Forget to Pray for Me

The first thing the new Pope Francis said to the world in St. Peter's Square when he accepted the papacy was "I am a sinner." In a final mass of one million people in Philadelphia, the last words Francis spoke to the American peopleShow More Summary

Helpful Public Policy Would Make It a Great Manufacturing Day

A beautiful glass storefront on the hip 14th Street corridor in Washington, DC seems like an unlikely place to start a conversation about our nation's industrial heritage. But there's really no place better. That storefront is the latest...Show More Summary

Proposals for Common Sense Gun Control

Each time I hear of yet another incident of gun violence, I think back to the very first thing that caught my eye as I entered the grounds of the Ames, Iowa Republican Party Presidential Straw Poll in the summer of 2011. Three youngShow More Summary

The Record U.S. Military Budget

To listen to the Republican candidates' debate last week, one would think that President Obama had slashed the U.S. military budget and left our country defenseless. Nothing could be farther off the mark. There are real weaknesses in Obama's foreign policy, but a lack of funding for weapons and war is not one of them. Show More Summary

What the GOP's Sleight of Hand Budgeting and Deflection Politics Means for Social Security & Medicare

Any good magician will tell you, the best tricks depend on misdirection. So while all eyes are on the spectacle of the House GOP's in-fighting, its search for a new Speaker and the never-ending "who-insulted-who" shenanigans of the GOP...Show More Summary

Waking Up to Another (Preventable) Tragedy

The mass shooting Thursday at Umpqua Community College in Oregon is heartbreaking--especially for the students and families directly affected. But it is tragic in a different way for those of us in public health who have followed the trajectory of gun violence in the U.S. Show More Summary

My Remarks to 85 New Americans

Remarks by Ambassador Samantha Power at a Naturalization Ceremony in New York City, September 30, 2015 Thank you so much, Phyllis. This is a tremendous honor for me to get to share what will be one of the most important days in your lives. Show More Summary

An Open Letter to Filipinos: "Conservative Ako" Is an Insult to Self

Ladies and gents, "conservative ako" ("I'm a conservative") isn't a self-compliment. Au contraire, branding yourself a "conservative" is an insult to self. Let me tell you why. What is conservatism? Conservatism isn't about the amount...Show More Summary

The Cadillac Tax: 4 Ways Organizations Are Reacting

Perhaps the most debated provision of the Affordable Care Act, the Cadillac tax, is at the forefront of discussion among employers and politicians across the country. The 40% excise tax on high-cost health plans offered through the workplace doesn't go into effect until 2018--but employers are already taking action. Show More Summary

Criminal Justice Bill Could Keep Kids Out of Solitary and Reunite Families

Weldon Angelos is a young father who wouldn't have been able to be in his two children's lives until he was 80 and his children were old and grey themselves. Angelos made mistakes and sold some marijuana. Because he also happened to have a gun in his possession, he got a 55 year mandatory minimum sentence. Show More Summary

September Jobs: A Weak Report, But Does It Reveal a True Downshift?

The nation's payrolls rose by only 142,000 last month, and job gains for July and August were revised down by 59,000, suggesting the pace of job growth has slowed in recent months. The labor force contracted and weekly hours work also declined slightly. Show More Summary

Muslims Don't Need Carson's Approval to Be President of the United States

While the right thing to do for anyone running for the highest elected office in the land would be to squash bigotry whenever it rears its ugly head, quite frankly, the American Muslim community does not need Donald Trump to come toShow More Summary

Why the Washington Post's Attack on Bernie Sanders Is Bunk

The Washington Post just ran an attack on Bernie Sanders that distorts not only what he's saying and seeking but also the basic choices that lie before the nation. Sanders, writes the Post's David Fahrenthold, "is not just a big-spending liberal. Show More Summary

The Folly of IRS Privatization

Washington politicians love handing out public money to big corporate contractors, especially the ones giving fat donations to their reelection committees.  Replacing civil service employees with private employees working for those campaign...Show More Summary

Another School Shooting -- and What We Can Do About It

Once again, a school shooting has killed ten young adults in America. This time at the Umpqua Community College in Oregon. This is the 45th school shooting this year in America. It's the 142nd school shooting since the Newtown massacre in 2012. Show More Summary

10 Ways Right-Wing Christians Are Destroying Christianity

I've written about how millennials are leaving organized religion and its associated anti-LGBT animus in droves. As a result, the only religions holding on to membership (barely) are ones with super-high birth rates and very conservative views. Show More Summary

Palestine/ Israel: Only an Imposed Solution Will Work

The spiral of violence and anger on both sides keeps growing. It is only a matter of time before the next Intifada or war erupts, as more young Palestinians grow up without hope or perspectives. To quote the NY Times Columnist Roger Cohen, "An oppressed people will rise up. Show More Summary

Creative Tax Legislation as a Way to Improve America's Public Safety, Gun Safety and Create Funds to Invest in Improving Mental Health Care

When old ways stop working, it's time to explore new ones. On October 1, 2015 following another active shooter incident in Oregon, President Obama called for legislation and politics. Something to break the status quo that has made what should be rare incidents "routine". Show More Summary

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