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Michelle's Obama's DNC Speech And Understanding The Trump Vote

First lady Michelle Obama is indisputably the Democratic National Convention's woman of the hour. During what will go down in history as the speech of her life, she highlighted not only her fierce support of Hillary Clinton, she putShow More Summary

Anti-LGBTQ Activists Are Beginning To Realize 'We Don't Win Anymore'

Perhaps the most surprising moment in Donald Trump’s acceptance speech – and its only generous, humanizing moment – came when he went off-script to thank the Republican convention delegates for cheering his call to protect LGBTQ persons from terrorist violence. Show More Summary

Kick. Them. Out.

Wow. From the quiet bravery of little Karla Ortiz to Michelle Obama's show-stealer, from the moving personal insight of Anastasia Somoza to Bernie Sanders' grounded but inspirational close, night one of the 2016 Democratic National Convention was one for the books. Show More Summary

New Gun Survey Should Have Lessons For Both Sides

My job, as I see it, is to deliver the news about guns to the Gun Violence Prevention community. I'd be happy to deliver the news to Gun-mob Nation as well, but they don't seem very interested in what I have to say. Or I should say that if Gun-mob Nation is interested, it's just to tell me that whatever I have to say isn't what they want to hear. Show More Summary

There's No Business Like The Arms Business

Weapons 'R' Us (But You'd Never Know It) Cross-posted with When American firms dominate a global market worth more than $70 billion a year, you’d expect to hear about it. Not so with the global arms trade. It’s good for...Show More Summary

12 Reasons Michelle Obama Should Run For Office

She's immensely popular. She's dealt with unrelenting criticism as First Lady and kept her cool. She has wit, grace, style, passion, and fierce intelligence. She's met many world leaders and has a broad vision of America's challenges. She's...Show More Summary

Dr. Jill Stein Is The New Bernie Sanders

Within his speech pushing for unity with Clinton, Bernie Sanders stated “I look forward to your votes during the roll call on Tuesday night.” Therefore, there’s perhaps a chance that he could still become Democratic nominee, although the WikiLeaks DNC emails have shown that the primary was rigged in favor of Clinton. Show More Summary

What If The Bad Guys Win?

"Donald Trump's a bad guy." "Well, he's not exactly a bad guy, Honey." So began this morning's unusual political debate. It wasn't unusual for me to be involved in a political debate but my opponent was intransigent and I wasn't sure I could change his mind. He's three. He's my grandson. He sees the world in two camps-- bad guys and good guys. Show More Summary

A Tale Of Two Conventions: Hillary Versus The Man On Horseback

Seldom have our national conventions provided such enlightenment. Usually these quadrennial talkfests are mounds of verbal tapioca, as riveting as a four hour walking tour of your own living room. Their ostensible purpose is to unify...Show More Summary

The Democratic Convention Opens

The opening night of the Democratic Convention was emotional and raucous. It reflected the hard fought primary campaign between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders. Many Sanders' supporters were fighting...Show More Summary

Democrats In The City Of Brotherly Love (Day One)

Day One of the Democratic National Convention is now over, and tonight seemed designed to allow Bernie Sanders supporters to vent their frustrations, given the lineup of speakers. All the most liberal and progressive speakers were lined up for the first night, which only served to concentrate the energy for Bernie Sanders. Show More Summary

How Trump And His Allies Really Feel About Bernie Sanders Supporters

In the media, Donald Trump and his allies have sought to "appeal" to Bernie Sanders supporters. But at GOP rallies and in Congressional votes, it's a different story. "I heard Bernie Sanders will drop out today," Donald Trump crowed to a Georgia audience at an Atlanta rally I attended in June of 2016. Show More Summary

On Ted Cruz: The Beautiful Death and Resurrection of a Machiavellian Martyr

As Donald Trump was draping himself in the corpse of the Republican Party, Ted Cruz chose to personify a moment of political apocalypse. It was a most astonishing and narcissistic turn of anti-politics. Yet it was aimed to elevate him further. Show More Summary

The Truth Of The New Rockin' N' Rollin' GOP With Trump, America: 'Think Big!' And 'Get What You Need!

What a humbling, exhilarating experience to be a convention delegate and serve on the platform committee for your political party. It was hard work but thrilling to be a voice and representative for America. Sharing this first time American...Show More Summary

The Stakes: An American Republic Or An American Dictatorship?

This election is no longer about the candidates. Sure, the names might say Clinton, Stein, Johnson, and Trump. But this is no longer about the candidates. This is about a choice of two directions. One direction is to end the American...Show More Summary

Mike Antonovich Is Fired Up With No Place To Go

Wildfires have long ravaged the huge 5th Supervisorial District in Los Angeles County, but outgoing Republican Supervisor Mike Antonovich, who has represented the district for 36 years, just got around to recommending that the county lease super scoopers year-round to help fight the dangerous blazes. Show More Summary


Donald Trump doesn't speak for me, or my black and Hispanic friends, or my friends raising kids alone, or my gay, transgender and bi friends, or my veteran friends who feel abandoned by the country that sent them to war. He doesn't speak for my daughter and a generation of young women who want to control their own reproductive choices. Show More Summary

The Case For China Trade

The fact checkers have been chirping all day about Trump's acceptance speech. But we've heard nothing about the Great Job Creator's talking points about China, its currency manipulation, and how bad trade deals have killed jobs across America. Let's consider some facts. 1. Show More Summary


Now that the "Conveneracy of Donces" is over, I am officially in full recovery mode from the four-day psychotic break that I've had to endure. It's all Good Night Moon now. Goodnight speeches by The Don's children, Connie, Fredo andShow More Summary

Really? The DNC Has A Politicized Staff?

44 years ago this month I left George McGovern's presidential campaign to go to work for the Democratic National Committee. Accompanying me in that move was a longtime political operative named Alan Baron who was elevated to the position of DNC executive director. Show More Summary

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