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The Gun Industry's Nod to 'Safety' Is Just Another Sales Pitch

Ever since Sandy Hook, the gun industry has decided that safety is its middle name. And chief among the proponents of this new strategy is the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which has taken upon itself the mission of pushing gun...Show More Summary

Skepticism Is Our Only Salvation

Why bother with facts? That question threads its way through political discourse, through educational philosophy and through observations on the media. Rarely is it confronted squarely. For the lines between actual reality and virtual reality have been so blurred that the distinction itself no longer is generally recognized. Show More Summary

Martin O'Malley Is Absolutely Correct: America Doesn't Need a Bush or Clinton Dynasty

Former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley echoed the sentiment of millions of Americans, especially Democrats, when he made the following statement about "crowns" and political dynasties: "Let's be honest here, the presidency is not some crown to be passed between two families. Show More Summary

Progressives Thrilled that Durbin Will Seek Re-Election As Senate Democratic Whip - Here's Why

Friday, Senator Harry Reid announced he would step down at the end of this term - ending a decade-plus of strong, effective progressive leadership of Democrats in the Senate. His announcement set off a wave of speculation about who would...Show More Summary

The ALEC-Backed War on Local Democracy

Coauthored by Brendan Fischer After the town of Denton, Texas passed a ballot initiative banning fracking in November 2014, the oil and gas industry reacted with outrage and swiftly filed suit. Politicians in the state capitol responded...Show More Summary

From Life in Prison to a New Life in San Francisco Tech Scene

I'm the manager of Campus Services at RocketSpace, a technology campus in San Francisco. Along with my team, I help manage the environment and experience for tech entrepreneurs trying to create the next big thing to hit the market. In 1994, I was sentenced to life in prison, and up until 20 months ago, I was known as inmate H10983. Show More Summary

Anarchy Arrives in Indiana as America's 21st Century Religious War Heats Up

The first shot was fired last week in America's 21st century version of Europe's 17th century religious "Thirty Year's War." Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed SB 101 into law, in a private ceremony attended by Christian, Jewish and Muslim fundamentalists, as well as anti-gay religious extremists. Show More Summary

How to Know if the Iran Deal is a Good Deal

World leaders are close to an historic agreement that would roll back and contain Iran's nuclear program. In order for the deal to succeed, however, it must deliver on three core issues. First, the deal must block all Iran's pathways to a bomb. Show More Summary

Don't Enshrine Inequality in Indiana -- Repeal SB101

Last year, we marched together, celebrating the diversity of America, at Pride in San Francisco -- but today we will no longer be able to break bread together in Indiana if a proprietor turns us away under this new law, SB 101. ThisShow More Summary

Let Your Yes Be Yes

Palm Sunday is the day that launches the holiest week in the Christian calendar. And while lots of the rest of us spent at least part of the day in church with palms and hymns and prayers, self-described born again Christian IndianaShow More Summary

Impeaching the Presidential Campaign Announcement

Last week, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz became the first candidate to formally enter the race for the Republican nomination for President. The Republican field is likely to be very crowded, but until recently there were no official candidates. Accordingly, one of the first thing that Cruz's announcement did was draw attention to the absurdity of the "campaign announcement." More.

The Lost Generation: The Democrat's Demographic Problem

On the day that Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid announced his retirement, I got an email from Ted Strickland. Now unless you're from Ohio, or unless you're a real political junkie, the name might sound familiar but you probably can't quite place it. Show More Summary

Big-Bank Bad Guys Bully Democracy - And Blow It

For so-called "masters of the universe," Wall Street executives sure seem touchy about criticism. It seems they don't like being painted as the bad guys. But if they don't like being criticized, why do so many of them keep behaving like...Show More Summary

How to Build Your Own Political Dynasty: An Instruction Manual

So, you want political power? You can picture your name on elementary schools and highways; you dream of a crowd chanting your name under raining red, white, and blue confetti. In America, this means you have to run a top-notch, cutthroat campaign while also remaining likable to voters. Show More Summary

5 Radical Ideas Hillary Should Support

I've argued that Hillary Clinton is at risk of being a weak presidential nominee -- on several counts. She seems like yesterday's news rather than tomorrow's. The excitement of a having a breakthrough woman president is blunted by the fact that her husband got there first. Show More Summary

Can We Bring a Glimmer of Hope to Syrians?

In the cold nights of the northern Syrian spring, can you imagine the perils of giving birth in a hospital with no electricity? Newborns stood little chance of survival amid the chaos and carnage in eastern Aleppo, until the ICRC and...Show More Summary

Indiana Takes On America: Discrimination Against Gays, Religious Freedom And Rewriting The Constitution

The easy part is over. Americans now understand what the Indiana "Religious Freedom" law was intended to do: legalize discrimination by private businesses against homosexuals. It's not a secret, as Eric Miller of Advance America said. Show More Summary

On February 24, Chicago's Working Families Said: 'Fool Us Once...'

Over the past few months, I have had the opportunity to knock on doors throughout Chicago for our mayoral and aldermanic candidates. What stood out in almost every conversation I had was the length and breadth of disappointment withShow More Summary

If the Money Belongs to the Student...

One of the foundational assertions of the charter movement is that public school tax dollars, once collected, should be attached to the child, maybe in a backpack, or perhaps surgically. "This public money... belongs to the student, not the failing school," wrote a commenter on one of my HuffPost pieces. Show More Summary

A Tale of Two Cities: Aden, Tikrit and the Battle for Arabia

A Tale of Two Cities: Aden, Tikrit and the Battle for Arabia U.S. Air Forces Over Tikrit, March 2015 The cities of Aden and Tikrit are roughly 1,500 miles apart as the crow flies. Between them the two cities frame the Arabian Peninsula. Show More Summary

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