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A Call for All Movements to Unite Against the Corruption of Our Democracy

At no time in recent history have we more needed leadership to counteract the seemingly relentless movement away from decency, honesty and civil liberties, not only in the U.S., but around the world as well. But where is that leadership? It must start with us. Show More Summary

The Right Way and the Wrong Way to Defeat ISIS

Purple Nation November 24, 2015 SEXTUS: You can break a man's skull. You can arrest him. You can throw him into a dungeon. But how do you fight an idea? MESALA: Sextus, you ask how to fight an idea. Well, I'll tell you how...with another idea! --From the movie, "Ben Hur," 1959 There are two ways to defeat ISIS - one is to defeat them militarily. Show More Summary

Dear Syrian Refugees

Dear Syrian Refugees, You are welcome in my home. Not everyone welcomes you, not in their country, not in their city, not on the streets where they walk their dogs, stopping only to let them urinate on trees. These are sacred lands, they say, and your hands are dirty. Show More Summary

The Impact of Childhood

As I sat and watched the ISIS bombings in Paris, and I see the threats on the United States and Paris and everywhere else - one thought comes to mind... How screwed up of a childhood must these men have had, to have so much hatred in...Show More Summary

War Without End Amen

There is a bumper sticker which reads " Stop Endless War ". The message is short, straight forward and it gets your attention. I have reflected previously that for a lot of my life our country has been at war in some form or another....Show More Summary

Your 2015 Guide to Arguing With Your Conservative Uncle This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we all know what that means: we'll be trapped around the table with distant relatives that we see twice a year at best and forced to make conversation. With the 2016 presidential primary season...Show More Summary

ACA, Open Enrollment and the 'What if...?' Question

What if...? There are a million endings to that question. And, without health insurance, most can lead to painful choices or even financial ruin. Affordable health insurance should not be a luxury. It is a necessity. Since I was elected...Show More Summary

ACA, Open Enrollment and the 'What if...?' Question

What if...? There are a million endings to that question. And, without health insurance, most can lead to painful choices or even financial ruin. Affordable health insurance should not be a luxury. It is a necessity. Since I was elected...Show More Summary

The Lure of Becoming a Bride of ISIS

Samra Kesinovic, 17, and her friend Sabina Selimovic--two beautiful, young Bosnian immigrant girls who left their families in Vienna, Austria in 2014 are reported again today to have been beaten to death after being caught trying to flee the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa. Show More Summary

Paris Attacks: Iran Criticizes the West, ISIS 'Bit the Leg of Its Owners'

The reaction of the Iranian political establishment in regards to the shootings and bombings in Paris has been intriguing and contradicting. President Rowhani and his foreign minister, Javad Zarif, sent a message of condolence to French President Francois Hollande. Show More Summary

Syrian Refugees: America Stands Silent as France Stands Tall

In a week when the world was awash with outpourings of grief and solidarity for the Paris atrocities, some of our most prominent politicians here in the U.S. have responded with cowardice. Representative Steve Stivers, Republican of Ohio, circulated a letter urging President Obama to stop accepting any refugees from Iraq or Syria. Show More Summary

A History of Shame

During World War II, the American government rounded up anyone with even a whiff of Japanese heritage, over 100,000 people in all, and placed them in internment camps. A majority of these people were American citizens. Many of the camps were on Native American reservations, because America loves nothing if not irony. Show More Summary

Did Louisiana just elect "wrong" governor due to flaw in Top 2 runoff method?

Few analysts at the start of the year would have predicted Louisiana voters would elect a Democrat to be their new governor. Republicans have dominated statewide contests in recent years, with no Democrat earning even a third of the vote in races for governor and six other statewide offices in 2011, with incumbent Democratic U.S. Show More Summary

David Brock: Hillary's the One

If you don't believe there's a right wing conspiracy poised to take over the U.S. you haven't been listening to David Brock. Not everybody does listen to David Brock, author/journalist, self-described "former right-wing hit man" andShow More Summary

Republicans' Playbook on Women Gets Even Scarier

Last week, Ted Cruz promoted the endorsement of Troy Newman, an anti-choice leader who has gone so far as to say that a perfectly biblical society would execute its abortion providers. Let that sink in for a moment. Ted Cruz is so thrilled...Show More Summary

Are We Really a 'Thanks Giving' Nation?

In 1608, 102 men, women and children tearfully waved goodbye to their friends, families, houses, and land in search of freedom across the great Atlantic. According to an exhibition at the Library of Congress these voyagers were fleeing from the conviction that "... Show More Summary

Andrianos Maris: Leader and Dreamer

One of the greatest leaders of the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal, Andrianos Maris, passed away a few days ago. He is the man who changed the root of the community's history, extending its reach and its activities beyond the borders of Montreal island proper. Show More Summary

We Are Americans -- Let's Act Like It

Creating a database of Muslims and ID cards marked with their religion while monitoring anyone that goes to a mosque? That was presidential primary front-runner Donald Trump? Comments about the Syrian refugees being like dogs with some of them being rabid made by Dr. Show More Summary

Daesh: The Un-Islamic State

In the midst of a civil war they emerged. Young and foolish, they manipulate scripture to justify their campaigns of terror. They take to the streets shouting religious platitudes while killing all in sight until they themselves are killed. Show More Summary

The Tribulations of Being a Muslim While ISIS Is There

When the reports of coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris began to break out in the evening of November 13, a mixed feeling of fright and misery immediately inundated me. I was frightened at the depth of cruelty that had transpired and affected the French people once again. Show More Summary

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