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If Hillary Wins

Let's just hope that Hillary, once officially nominated (and elected), cares enough to take seriously the very clear and fundamental message of Sanders. Let's not compromise it all away with incremental talk and middle way negotiations. I...Show More Summary

Ted Cruz's Terrifying Anti-Choice Adviser

When Donald Trump said that if abortion is outlawed in the U.S. (as he would like it to be) there would have to be "some sort of punishment" for women who have illegal abortions, he was clumsily pointing out the logical consequence of laws criminalizing abortion. Show More Summary

The End Of Hillary Clinton's 2008 Campaign

To tell you the truth, I never thought I'd have to write this article. I fully expected someone else to dig this stuff out, if the calls for Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race (or "say nice things about Hillary Clinton") began. Now that they have, I still haven't seen any detailed reminders of how the 2008 Democratic primary race ended yet. Show More Summary

Ted Cruz Announcement: Vice President Carly Fiorina and Tax Policies

By Laura Woods, Contributor Ted Cruz isn't giving up his bid for The White House just yet. Despite last night's Republican primary results -- where party frontrunner Donald Trump won all five states with primaries yesterday -- the Texas...Show More Summary

Fear and Loathing in Bathroom Bills

It has been in the national news a lot, but a lot of people don't know what it means to be a transgender person. Frankly, three years ago, neither did I. When I studied psychology and neuroscience in college over 15 years ago, I learned...Show More Summary

John King Is Concerned

If you're on the USED mailing list, this weekend you received a "Friend" e-mail from John King, the latest in a series best entitled Let's Keep Throwing PR Spaghetti At The Wall Until Something Sticks. The theme, as with his Vegas speech...Show More Summary

To Governor Phil Bryant and Every Congressman That Approved HB1523

This is a op-ed submitted to the Jackson Free Press, Clarion-Ledger, and the on-line Madison in solidarity to Mississippi's LGBTQ Community. To Governor Phil Bryant and Every Congressman That Approved HB1523, the "Protective Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act." My name is J. Show More Summary

The Bob & Chez Show Podcast: Bernie Math, Plus Alex Jones Thinks Obama Hates Black People

Today's topics include: Pennsylvania and Rhode Island Primaries; Bernie Math; Alex Jones and His Black Friend Agree that Beyonce is Eating Baby Brains; Literally; Alex Jones is Gullible; Ted Cruz Lying About Transgender People; Ted Cruz...Show More Summary

Why Is the Racial Wealth Gap Widening? And What Should Be Done to Reverse it?

Wealth inequality is even more of a problem than income inequality. That's because you have to have enough savings from income to begin to accumulate wealth -- buying a house or investing in stocks and bonds, or saving up to send a child to college. But many Americans have almost no savings, so they have barely any wealth. Show More Summary

It's Time for Progressives to Take a Cue From the Tea Party

Bernie Sanders has effectively conceded the 2016 nomination. I won't pretend I'm happy about it. However, I choose to work within the framework of reality -- even when I hate it. My investment in his message is profound. I've never wanted a candidate to win more than I've wanted Bernie Sanders to win. Show More Summary

How the West Was Not Won

I am no historian but I believe it's what helped fuel America's expansion into the desert. The California gold rush of 1848 pulled folks from their comfort in search of wealth and the emerging American dream. They arrived tattered and torn, staked their land, and began to build a future for their families. Show More Summary

Donald Trump's Frighteningly Erratic Foreign Policy Speech

Donald Trump's first foreign policy speech was an incoherent mess. Let's start there. What essentially happened is this: Donald Trump scheduled a foreign policy speech, and asked maybe 6-10 people to write different sections, based on...Show More Summary

It's True: America Is an Overweight Welfare State... But for Whom?

By Nicholas Croce Welfare queen. Dependency. Since the dawn of modern American political history, conservatives have railed against the left for supporting social welfare. America's welfare programs, so the story goes, create cultures of dependency that weigh down the economy. Show More Summary

As China's Investment in Africa Falls, Turkey Looks to Capitalize

Remember when the BRICS were going to power the global economy? Well, the past few years have not been kind to Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. With the exception of India, the other members of this once elite diplomatic club are struggling in many different ways. Show More Summary

Why are presidential candidates ignoring the housing crisis?

In light of the upcoming Presidential election, of course gaining a competitive edge is one of the most difficult aspects for the campaigners. But even with their growing calls for lessened taxes and increased minimum wages, candidates...Show More Summary

Will Cruz-Fiorina Work? A Look Whether Unity Tickets Win.

Now that Texas Senator Ted Cruz has chosen former Hewlitt-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, a former rival, as his running mate, it's worth looking at history to see whether such "unity tickets" (linking ex-opponents) have been successful in the past. To determine this, my college students and I looked at this very question earlier in the semester. Show More Summary

Hillary Rejects Koch Support -- So Why's She Taking Their Lobbyist Money?

It's a tale as old as time with Hillary Clinton: She says one thing, yet her actions demonstrate the complete opposite. Recently, billionaire Charles Koch gave a vague endorsement of Clinton, essentially expressing that she would be more favorable than any of the current Republican candidates. Show More Summary

Platform Perversity: More from The Campaign That Can't Strategize

After his mostly predictable loss Tuesday, in Pennsylvania (32 net loss of delegates, with 8% spread), Delaware (3 and 20%), Maryland (29 and 30%), Connecticut (3 and 5%), with Sanders winning only Rhode Island (+2 and 12%), the Sanders campaign issued a statement which said it "is going to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia... Show More Summary

Hillarybots, You Blew It! Thanks for Another Decade of War, Misery, and Scandal

"Hillary looks so beautiful after a victory, radiant, as if she's just had a night of passionate sex with a stranger. She feeds on victory as cops do on doughnuts." -- Facebook post by poet Nada Gordon, New York City. New York Hillarybots are the same as Hillarybots everywhere. Show More Summary

Sperm Donation Needs Federal Regulation

Access to critical information -- and honesty of donors -- must be a rule. Recent reports of parents suing a large U.S. sperm bank, Xytex, because their donor was found to have a case of unreported schizophrenia as well as an unreported...Show More Summary

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