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An All New Moral Majority

In the late 1970's Jerry Falwell, an evangelical pastor, founded the Moral Majority as a voice for conservative Christians in politics and public policy. Their platform represented the Christian right and their message was that they represented the "majority" of the country on morals and policy. Show More Summary

Two Years After Snowden, a Plea for Perspective

It was two years ago this week -- on May 20, 2013 -- that Edward Snowden, at the time an anonymous 29-year-old contractor for the National Security Agency, boarded a plane from Hawaii to Hong Kong, a trove of pilfered classified documents...Show More Summary

Anti-Semitism Smears Used to Silence Palestine Activists

By Dima Khalidi, director of Palestine Solidarity Legal Support (Palestine Legal) and cooperating counsel with the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) Across the country, as the movement to advance Palestinian human rights gains traction, a counter-effort is underway to silence the voices of Palestine human rights activists. Show More Summary

The War on Sugar and How We Can Win It

Today, nearly 70% of American adults are either overweight or obese. For decades, Washington has been focusing on fighting the obesity epidemic without properly picking the right battles. In recent years, the food industry has been able...Show More Summary

Despite the Lessons of the Financial Crisis, Putting America's Economy at Risk Again

As Chair of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, I devoted almost two years to studying the causes of the financial crisis of 2007-2009 which devastated our economy, wiped away nearly $11 trillion in household wealth, and cost over 8 million jobs. Show More Summary

Dear God, Please Just Say No to Governor Jindal

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal yesterday announced he is praying over his decision whether to run for president. Yesterday, Jindal also issued an executive order supporting discrimination against marriages by Louisiana gay and lesbian...Show More Summary

ALEC Losing Clout, Legitimacy amid Ongoing Controversy and Tax Fraud

Amid an exodus of more than 100 corporations from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Common Cause and the Center for Media and Democracy sent federal authorities new evidence last week, that ALEC is a corporate lobby masquerading...Show More Summary

President Obama, Deception Will Not Work: It's Time to End Family Detention

Co-authored by Leisy Abrego, Alfonso Gonzales, and Shannon Speed President Obama and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have failed again to deliver real change. Following mounting public pressure in the form of large demonstrations, negative national press coverage, and a hunger strike inside its facilities, U.S. Show More Summary

Full Disclosure: In Defense of George Stephanopoulos

Our society loves to build people up so we can tear them down. That is the climate we live in. It is the substance of every reality TV show, and in recent months, it has bled over into our legitimate news programs and the people who bring them to us. The higher the pedestal, the more precarious the perch. Show More Summary

If You Are Running For President, Please Do More Than Feel My Pain

Dear Candidates, if you are running for President, please do more than feel my pain. We are at a critical period in the history of our country. There are still a lot of consequences that we are facing after fourteen years of endless war i.e. Show More Summary

Biden at Yale: New Beginnings

Spring is, of course, the season of optimism, not only from nature's annual re-beginnings but from the emotions at the thousands of graduation ceremonies around the country. Commencements are occasions for wisdom and inspiration, but...Show More Summary

Why Hillary Clinton Should Be Like George Washington

As someone who once daydreamed about becoming the first woman president, as the mother-in-law of three young women, and as the grandmother of a three year-old girl, I would like nothing better than to see a woman make history by stepping into the American presidency. Show More Summary

Men and Their Embryos

My fifth grader recently did a "puberty workshop" in health class. As far as I can gather, they giggled their way through it. I'm not sure how much he took in, because last week, as actress Sofia Vergara and her ex-fiancé Nick Loeb continued...Show More Summary

7 Reasons Warren Buffett Should Run for President

By Andrew Lisa, Contributor From H. Ross Perot to Mitt Romney, high achievers from the corporate world sometimes base presidential runs almost solely on their business acumen and success in the private sector. But as voters tend to remind them, great CEOs and great presidents are two different types of people. Show More Summary

Dick Cheney's 1994 Gulf War Interview Proves Why Jeb Bush Can't Blame Obama or Intelligence Failures

Contrary to popular belief, Dick Cheney wasn't always the neoconservative who advocated we topple Saddam Hussein and bring democracy and freedom to Iraq. In fact, George H. W. Bush's Secretary of Defense is seen here in a 1994 interview and quoted in explaining why after the Gulf War, the U.S. Show More Summary

President Adopts Amendment Against Police Militarization

Yesterday, President Obama acted to restrict the Defense Department and other federal agencies from providing military equipment to local police departments. In essence, the president adopted, by Executive Order, the Grayson Amendment that I introduced last year in the House of Representatives. Show More Summary

Obama's Advance Team Should Be Fired

The Obamas are proving singularly inept at choosing appropriate venues to highlight their initiatives. In June 2011 Michelle invited giant retailers, including Walmart to the White House to launch her effort to persuade the country's...Show More Summary

The Left Matters -- Now, More Than Ever

Some leading Democrats seem to have a love-hate relationship with the left. Sure, progressives seem to have more influence than ever in the party this year, at least rhetorically. But it doesn't look like the friction will be going away...Show More Summary

Veterans Continue to Serve After Military Service

Think today's veterans are mostly suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and barely making ends meet? According to a recent report by Got Your Six, just the opposite is true. Got Your Six notes that today's veterans tend to be engaged citizens, more likely to volunteer and vote than the general population. Show More Summary

Capital Ideas That Can Best 'Isms'

The victorious nations of World War II emerged from their searing experience with several conclusions about how the world worked. Most of these proved accurate. Their implications informed how advanced nations approached peace and prosperity, and they worked well in countless ways. Show More Summary

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