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Friday Talking Points -- 6 Impossible Things Before Breakfast

We know there’s that pesky clause in the Constitution and all, but doesn’t it seem like today would have been more appropriate for Donald Trump’s inauguration? That’s our way of saying “Happy Friday the 13th” to everyone, we should point out. Show More Summary

What FDR Can Teach Us About Comey, Putin, And National Unity

In the wake of the most divisive national election in modern memory, President Obama has stressed that the president-elect and others in positions of power must send out "signals of unity" to maintain "the norms of a functioning democracy,"...Show More Summary

Is Donald Trump A Narcisscist?

The question of whether or not someone is an uncontrollable narcissist has been made worse with social media. It seems all too easy to be full of yourself now with so much validation being provided to us by the devices in our pockets. Show More Summary

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Reflecting on Donald J. Trump

On the occasion of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, it is worth reflecting on the similarities and differences between his and Donald J. Trump's leadership styles. To some degree King and Trump both sought to mobilize their potential...Show More Summary

What You Can Expect If The ACA Is Repealed Without A Replacement

During the presidential campaign, President-elect Trump promised to simultaneously repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). His promise was welcome news to congressional Republicans who have repeatedly tried to overturn the health care law, voting at least 62 times to repeal parts or all of the ACA. Show More Summary

Congressional Alt-Right Special Snowflake Offended By High Schooler's Painting

On Saturday, Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) removed a painting from the halls of the United States Capitol Building because he felt the artwork was offensive. The painting, created by high school student David Pulphus, depictsShow More Summary

Want more effective action? Start with dialogue.

By Debilyn Molineaux Our society is forever pushing us to "do something" to leave the world a better place for our children. Action is valued. Conversation and dialogue seem less important. How do we decide what action to take? And who...Show More Summary

The Dangers Of Nuclear Diplomacy On Twitter

Complexities and nuance are not easily captured in 140 characters. Seriously, let's take an example many of us are probably familiar with: the Vietnam War. Now I'll try to do that conflict justice in 140 characters. The United States...Show More Summary

Booker And The Other Big-Pharma Dems Have No Excuse. Here's The Vote That Proves It.

It's devastating, and potentially lethal, when Americans can't afford life-saving drugs because their elected representatives are in thrall to Big Pharma. It's disappointing when Democrats offer implausible excuses for their votes, as Sen. Show More Summary

The Truth Isn't Trending Well With Democrats These Days: What Every Democrat Needs To Hear

I write this on the eve of the electoral college vote, which is tomorrow; I already know the results. I have known the results since November 9th at 2am. There will be no Hail Mary moment. Red states will not go blue. Your phone calls, letters, mass emails, and pleas have done nothing more than annoy the electors. Show More Summary


Martin Lobel is Chairman of the Board of Tax Analysts, but the opinions expressed here are his and are not necessarily those of Tax Analysts Believe it or not, Senator Elizabeth Warren is closer to Milton Friedman's description of a conservative than Speaker Paul Ryan. Show More Summary

It's Not About Russia

There are plenty of reasons for Electors to reject Donald Trump for the presidency. He is characterologically unfit and professionally unqualified; he dangerously scapegoats what Michael Lerner and others refer to as "the demeaned other";...Show More Summary

A Liberal's Angst At The Dawn Of Trump

A liberal's angst at the dawn of Trump Nausea. I can't shake it. Its jellyfish tendrils invaded my throat on election night and hooked in, expanding and enveloping me with a Sartrean nausea that tints the world in Joycean snot-green....Show More Summary

It's Atticus Again....

Occasionally I pick up my well-thumbed copy of To Kill A Mockingbird when I feel out of sync with the world around's a wonderful grounding tool for me. It's sort of strange, but it is like a lot of Bible verses that we all know...Show More Summary

I Hate Obama for Giving Me Hope

This time eight years ago?—?I bought the lie that America could be great again. I allowed myself to bask in the Hollywood ending that never really ends well once the director yells “Cut!” Barack Hussein Obama II came out of nowhere.Show More Summary

End the Outdated, Discriminatory Ban on Blood

Rep. Mike Quigley (IL-05), who penned the following piece, serves as Vice-Chair of the LGBT Equality Caucus. This past Tuesday, in Washington D.C., a 21 year old man named Jay Franzone donated blood. On the surface, this act seems common, almost routine, especially as we observe National Blood Donor Month. Show More Summary

Patent Quality is Here to Stay

The following post was originally published in Law360 When I stepped into the role as head of the United States Patent and Trademark Office a couple of years ago, one of the frequent things I told audiences of stakeholders around the country was that I looked forward to working together to further strengthen our patent system. Show More Summary

Obama's Speech Was a Call to Support Social Impact Organizations

People can't stop talking about President Obama's farewell address, which sure is saying something, because presidential farewells are typically regarded as snoozers. (President George W. Bush's staff reportedly had to beg networks to...Show More Summary

Resisting the Trumpublican Shock Doctrine Blitzkrieg

The Trumpublicans are intent on manipulating the shock of Donald Trump's victory to roll back much of the New Deal and Great Society; ram through unvetted Cabinet appointments intent on undermining the legal mandate of the very Departments...Show More Summary

Dr. David Shulkin as Secretary of Veteran Affairs

Once again, President-elect Trump has done a terrific job of finding the right person to lead a very important department. As he has shown us for decades in the business world, that is what he does best: puts the right people in theShow More Summary

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