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From Standing Rock To Maui: Tulsi Gabbard Joins Resistance To Massive Corporate Water Theft

(This article also appears here in the Maui Independent.) For generations, the myth that what was good for the Alexander & Baldwin corporation was good for the residents of Maui allowed Hawaii’s largest plantation and land development...Show More Summary

An Indecent Budget Proposal

Donald Trump’s first budget proposal is a nightmare for children. Ironically named “America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again,” it contains $9 billion in cuts to education and forecloses on the federal government’s...Show More Summary

Maxine Waters: Tension In Syria 'Phony,' A Ruse To Lift Oil Sanctions On Russia

Earning the moniker “Auntie Maxine” from adoring progressives, Congresswoman Maxine Waters has become a hero to the left for her unflinching and unrelenting criticism of Donald Trump and his allies. She did not disappoint them at Saturday’s...Show More Summary

Friday Talking Points -- Trump Advisor Apologizes Without Getting Fired!

This week saw some history made in the Trump White House. For the first time (at least in our memory), a White House top aide actually apologized for saying something stupid. So far, being Donald Trump (or being a Trump spokesperson)...Show More Summary

United Airlines Is Just One Miscreant In The Age Of Frustration

I have believed for a long time now that Donald Trump was elected president partly because of the behavior of companies like United Airlines and its large and growing fraternity of institutions that find the individual customer an inconvenience. We...Show More Summary

Trump's (Mis)guided Missile Policy

It was a predictable act. When a leader is embroiled in intractable domestic problems, with sliding approval ratings and a federal investigation into members of his administration, launching guided missiles may be the best cop-out. But...Show More Summary

Arkansas Is Trying To Repeat My State's Gruesome Mistakes

Almost three years ago, Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner were scheduled for execution in Oklahoma on the same night. You might remember that it didn’t go well. Of the two, only Lockett was killed that evening, and the manner of his death—the 43-minutes of torture—still haunts us. Show More Summary

While The Media Slept

Donald Trump has called the mainstream media “the enemy.” But since January 20th, the media has been Trump’s best friend because they have, in the main, ignored the big stories about his disastrous presidency. To be fair, Rachel Maddow has been superb. Show More Summary

Trump, King And Moral Equivalency

We offer, as Rod Serling might’ve said, the following for your consideration. Two different persons light a blaze in a field. One has the intention of creating a firebreak to stall a potentially out-of-control wildfire. The other has the intention of igniting a wildfire that will cause untold damage. The first is a firefighter. Show More Summary

2 Questions For Journalists At Bahrain's F1

The Bahrain Formula One weekend starts today, a chance for the repressive regime to showcase a tightly-controlled image of the country. Bahrain’s government uses events like the F1 to Sportswash its authoritarianism ? this year it invested in a pro cycling team and it now hosts an international ironman triathlon. Show More Summary

The Mental Limits To War

A Morning Consult poll winks at me from my inbox: 57 percent of Americans support more airstrikes in Syria. My eyeballs roll. Hopelessness permeates me, especially because I’m hardly surprised, but still... come on. This is nuts. The...Show More Summary

Ask Yourself: Will Donald Trump EVER Become President?

This post first appeared at It’s been a week now since Donald Trump once again became our president. Here’s how it happened. After he unleashed missiles on a Syrian airfield, members of Washington’s national security establishment and elite pundits swooned. Show More Summary

The Battle To Preserve The Constitution

A battle over efforts to call a constitutional convention is currently taking place throughout the country. Occurring below the national radar screen, the fight has enormous consequences. Proponents are attempting to pass resolutions...Show More Summary

Two Steps Forward

As the Trump administration lurches from failure to incompetence to disaster and back again, it’s important to keep pointing out that there is progress still happening in this country—it’s just not originating from Congress or the White House. Show More Summary

Election 2016: Trump's Free Media Helped Keep Cost Down, But Fewer Donors Provided More Of The Cash

by Niv Sultan Election Day, 2016? Now an ancient memory from a distant time. But the intervening months have allowed us to do some math and determine, finally, the price tag for the whole shebang. We can now report that the total cost...Show More Summary

Will Russia Accept An Investigation Into Gas Attacks In Syria?

UNITED NATIONS – Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and UN envoy Vladimir Sakronkov said Syria was blamed for a nerve gas attack on April 4 before an independent investigation had even been conducted. Russian officials, including President...Show More Summary

The Donald Trump Show

Donald Trump presents an enigma to conventional political analysts. One minute he opposes NATO, the next he is NATO’s biggest supporter. One minute he calls China a currency manipulator, the next, he tells the Wall Street Journal that...Show More Summary

Trump's Budget Director Declares Class War On The American People

White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney has issued a declaration of class war against the American people. His words may have sounded wonkish or technical, but underneath the coded language, Mulvaney was expressing Republicans’ extreme...Show More Summary

6 Easter Scams You Want To Avoid

Easter is a time for family, colorful parties and egg hunts, but sadly it also attracts scam artists looking to make a quick buck during the high-fructose corn syrup free-for-all. There are all stripes of Eastertime cons and scams waiting for you if you’re not paying attention — or even if you are. Show More Summary

Why We March

Now that Americans are getting into crunch time with filing their taxes, it’s important to remember what’s usually supposed to happen in early April. Around this same time of year, presidents customarily release their tax returns to the public. Show More Summary

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