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An Afternoon With Mahamadou Issoufou

As the opening keynote for the African Development Conference, Mahamadou Issoufou, shared his vision on the future of Africa. His objective is no less than the rebirth of his country and the continued renaissance of Africa. "Africa must...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton and the Economics of Women

As the 2016 presidential election gets into full swing, we can once again expect women's issues to play a prominent role. However, unlike the 2012 presidential campaign, in which much of the "war on women" rhetoric employed by Democrats...Show More Summary

What Is Bernie Sanders' Endgame for College Affordability and Student Loans?

This is part of an ongoing series by Credible about how the 2016 presidential candidates would affect student loans and the financing of education for students and borrowers. For Bernie Sanders, the Independent Senator from Vermont with a foundation in democratic socialism, a run for the presidency is more about shaping the debate than winning. Show More Summary

Are European Officials Pushing for Regime Change in Greece?

There are various narratives for what is happening to Greece as another deadline looms - the April 24 gathering of finance ministers in Riga -- and European officials show no sign of compromise. The most common is that this is a game...Show More Summary

An Earth Day Call to End Polluter Welfare

Here's an Earth Day calculation: If we ever want to stop burning fossil fuels, we need to stop subsidizing the giant corporations doing the burning. That's the gist of the End Polluter Welfare Act, a bill Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Representative Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) are sponsoring this Earth Day. We clearly need the help. Show More Summary

China: 1; U.S.: 0. Don't Let the Asia Pivot Turn Into the Asia Peeve

The founder of modern Singapore, Lee Kwan Yew, who passed away recently, had a rather pointed assessment of what's known as the U.S. "Asia pivot" policy: Americans think of international relations like a movie, imagining that we can hit the "Pause" button when we need to and then push "Play" when we want to return. Show More Summary

A Neglected Weapon in the Global Fight for Justice (VIDEO)

Contentious debate for the sake of contentious debate has become an international phenomenon that bogs down public discourse on a variety of critical issues. Whether we're talking about climate change, social inequality, racial profiling,...Show More Summary

Benghazi House Committee Should Not Politicize Its Report by Waiting Until 2016

I have no idea what the Benghazi House Committee will find or conclude, but delaying their findings and conclusion until 2016 is wrong. Don't tell me this investigation can not get finished in 2015. Dragging the investigation into 2016...Show More Summary

Business Owner Sets Minimum Wage For Employees. Limbaugh Calls That Socialism. I Call Him Ignorant.

You may have heard about Dan Price, founder and CEO of Gravity Systems, or at least you may have heard about what he did last week. He set a new minimum wage for employees at his company. That new minimum wage is $70,000 a year. He's making this happen in part by cutting his own pay to $70,000. Show More Summary

Republican Confusion

Republicans need to get their act together regarding climate change. On one hand, you have U.S. Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma speaking for a faction of his party. He maintains that climate is God's work, and as such, human beings are powerless to alter it in any way. Show More Summary

Looking at the GOP From the Outside

Not long ago, my wife and I visited the Civil Rights Museum in Greensboro, NC. There was an exhibit highlighting the era of Jim Crow segregation with identical Coke machines. Presumably the machine that cost 5 cents for a soda was reserved...Show More Summary

Improved Efficiency Can Create 274K Jobs, Save $37 Billion

Few places teach us more about our world than the Florida Everglades, where water, sunlight, land and life mix to create the magnificent diversity in the natural systems we depend on to survive. All of that is threatened by climate change,...Show More Summary

(Not Quite) Ready for Hillary

Last week, my relatively progressive news feeds and media sources were (and continue to be) filled with unchecked exclamation over Hillary Clinton's news. Though it goes without saying that I share in the understated joy of other women...Show More Summary

The Surprise Issue of the 2016 Election?

The 2016 election season is just beginning, but a surprise issue is already emerging among both Republican and Democratic candidates: Social Security. Some observers thought that conservative candidates would be inclined to avoid the so-called "third rail" of American politics this time around, but the opposite seems to be true. Show More Summary

Abortion Stigma and the Case of Purvi Patel

Indiana, seriously? In a fit of conservative policy and legal bravado, the state seems to be declaring to the world, "We reserve the right to discriminate freely." If you're not the "right" religion, the "right" color, the "right" gender, the "right" sexual identity or you don't make the "right" choices, the laws are against you. Show More Summary

The Migrant Crisis, Here and There

It is ever more clear we are in the midst of a colossal migration crisis. In Europe, the haunting specter of hundreds, even thousands, of Africans drowning in the Mediterranean has captured headlines for a few days. European leaders,...Show More Summary

Yes We Can. Let's!

"If we could all just borrow 5% of Megan Smith's positivity and energy and smile, we'd all be better off." Founder / CEO, Scott Heiferman On Friday, April 17, 2015, the recently appointed United States Chief Technology Officer,...Show More Summary

Limiting Retail Chains While Supporting Small Businesses Is Key to Urban Vibrancy and Employment Gains

The rapid urban population growth has been well-documented and heralds the revitalization of so many American cities. Millennials, especially, are choosing to live in cities because of their diversity, vibrancy and cultural texture.Show More Summary

Can American Muslims Become a Cohesive Political Force in the 2016 Election?

The Presidential election campaigns in the U.S. have begun. Major candidates like former secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Ted Cruz from Texas have thrown their hats into the fray. Once again we confront the challenge, what...Show More Summary

Supreme Court to Justice Department: No, the Fourth Amendment Is Not a "Useless Piece of Paper"

Any news that the Fourth Amendment is still being actively enforced by the courts is good news. At oral argument in Rodriguez v. United States, a case involving drug-sniffing dogs, Justice Sotomayor urged that if the arguments made by...Show More Summary

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