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Trump Family And Friends: In Your Pockets

Donald Trump has openly said that he doesn’t care at all about the rules that prohibit the president and those around him from profiting from their government positions. In breaking with longstanding precedent, he is holding on to his...Show More Summary

Turning Point Approaching In War Against The Islamic State

The war against the Islamic State, currently being waged (to varying degrees) by the United States, Iraq, Iraqi Kurds, Iran, Syria, Syrian Kurds, Syrian Rebels, Turkey, and Russia is approaching a big turning point. The Islamic State...Show More Summary

Priming The GOP

President Donald Trump’s actions over the past couple weeks should be particularly alarming for all Americans, even for those who have steadfastly supported him. His approval ratings are at an historic low for a president this early in their term. Show More Summary

Democrats' False Choice

There are some who say the Democratic Party should stop talking so much about issues affecting women and people of color and focus on economic issues affecting working-class voters instead. But that false dichotomy leaves too many voters...Show More Summary

The NRA Is In Denial About The Slowdown In Gun Sales

Last week Gun-nut Nation once again celebrated the mistaken belief that gun sales have not slowed down under Trump. Here’s the headline from NRA-ILA : April Background Checks: Strong Numbers Continue. The story then goes on to say: While...Show More Summary

It Might Be Hard To Imagine, But Flying Could Soon Get Even More Frustrating

Nearly everyone agrees that air travel is an uncomfortable and annoying experience, yet opinions differ on how to fix it. Commercial airlines like United and Southwest and conservative think tanks like the American Enterprise Institute...Show More Summary

It's Time For The Insurance Industry To Unfriend Coal

You can’t drive a car or buy a house without insurance. Likewise, the coal industry can’t get their mines and power plants funded without insurance coverage. Insurance companies are supposed to protect us from catastrophic risks, and climate change is certainly the most serious risk that human society is facing. Show More Summary

Trusting Health Care To Your State Could Prove A Disaster

The truth is your state can often make or break the insurance marketplace, which impacts whether you can afford health insurance. The health insurance marketplaces authorized by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are in real trouble in some areas of the country. Show More Summary

Trump Effect Or No, Immigrants Are Home With CASA

Video by Aya Elamroussi By Ana Tarlas and Aya Elamroussi Javier Luna came to the U.S. from Peru when he was 24 years old in 1998. The economy was good, the job market was plentiful and American society was enthralled by the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Luna lived in the U.S. Show More Summary

Did The Outcome Of The French Election Merely Postpone Le Pen?

France, Europe, and the world breathed a sigh of relief after the French elections gave “centrist” Emmanuel Macron a resounding thirty-percentage point victory over “populist” Marine Le Pen, who hated unbridled capitalism and globalization...Show More Summary

News Roundup for May 15, 2017

Another week of Trump. Strap in, things are about to get weird. 1. Rumor has it people in the White House have been feeding President Trump fake news. This doesn’t really come as a surprise. More here. 2. The United States Supreme Court announced it will not review a North Carolina voter ID law that discriminated against black voters. Show More Summary

British Columbia Voters Choose Economic Decline

British Columbians: What were you thinking? Instead of holding your noses and handing the Liberals another majority as you did in 2013, you boosted parties without any free enterprise smarts. NDP-influenced provinces are where the economy goes to die. Show More Summary

Trump's Trade Policy Is Unlikely To Deliver Big Wins For US Workers

By Greg Wright, University of California, Merced The Trump administration recently notched two wins for its international trade strategy, hailing both as big gains for U.S. workers. The first was the confirmation of Robert Lighthizer on May 11 as U.S. Show More Summary

Mosul On My Mind

Cross-posted with The closest I ever got to Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, was 1,720.7 miles away ? or so the Internet assures me. Although I’ve had a lifelong interest in history, I know next to nothing about Mosul’s,...Show More Summary

Trump Picks King Of Voter Suppression To Lead 'Election Integrity' Commission

In choosing the Co-Chair of his new Commission on “Election Integrity,” Donald Trump just did the equivalent of appointing Vito Corleone to Co-Chair a Commission on Police Corruption or Vladimir Putin to Co-Chair a Commission on Human...Show More Summary

Can Americans Remove An 'Incompetent' President?

There is less than a month left in the high school year and in many states students in American history classes are busy reviewing for end-of-the-year assessments. Instead of the standard boring names and dates, my suggestion to teachers...Show More Summary

Mass Hacking: Time To Go Off-Line

Last week’s mass cyber-attack could produce the wrong lessons. The immediate takeaway seems to be that large institutions need much better cyber-security systems. But there’s a much simpler and better solution: Vital systems that can’t...Show More Summary

Repressive Leaders Line Up For Trump's Red Carpet

That White House red carpet is about to take a battering as repressive leaders from all over the world are invited to parade along it. The first person we know to ever get the red carpet treatment was Agamemnon on his return from the Trojan War. Show More Summary

Don't Listen To The 'Fifth Dentist'

Have you ever wondered about the “fifth” dentist? Maybe she works for Coca Cola. Maybe he works for Kraft, maker of Kool-Aid. We all know the ads: “four out of five dentists surveyed agree that…” So, again, what’s up with the fifth dentist? We...Show More Summary

President Trump At The American-Arab-Islamic Summit

Washington was preoccupied this week with the fallout from the sacking of FBI director James Comey, in a move that has brought back President Donald Trump’s arbitrary tendencies to mind, after a time in which he appeared as though he...Show More Summary

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