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Biden, the Vice Presidency and Running for President

The growing interest in the possible presidential candidacy of Vice President Joe Biden rebuts two inconsistent judgments that had gained popularity when conventional wisdom dismissed his prospects. One judgment saw Biden's standingShow More Summary

The Educated Citizen

Every day we are bombarded by political assertions, opinions, ads, and statements of "facts" as identified by a political candidate or party. These are all thrown at us among the TV ads, radio ads, newspaper ads, Facebook pages, Twitter comments, and other media that offers to get a message to the masses. Show More Summary

Debtors Prisons Alive and Well in Louisiana

Even though the U.S. Supreme Court has said it is unconstitutional, Louisiana still puts hundreds of people in prison every year just because they are too poor to pay court-ordered fines, court costs and costs of probation, according...Show More Summary

Starved for Democracy? CA Says Pay $2K

Governor Brown's signature on legislation increasing the filing fee for citizens who file ballot initiatives from $200 to $2,000 is the modern equivalent of the famous salvo attributed to Marie Antoinette upon hearing of a famine among...Show More Summary

Women and Social Security

One of the guiding principles in the preamble to the U.S. Constitution is to "promote the general welfare." We'd be hard-pressed to name a program that achieves that goal more effectively than Social Security. Today -- 80 years after...Show More Summary

One Day Soon, That Drone Overhead May Be Pointing a Taser at You

North Dakota has just become the first state to legalize police use of drones equipped with "less than lethal" weapons, including rubber bullets, Tasers, tear gas, pepper spray and sound cannons. Now, police will be able to remotelyShow More Summary

Smart Ranked Choice Polling in the Presidential Race by PPP: New Poll Clarifies Nature of Donald Trump's Support

After a fiery first Republican Presidential Debate on August 6th, the GOP primary field has continued to shift and change, leaving many pollsters struggling to catch up. To the surprise of many observers, Donald Trump has continued his surge - but new polling techniques helps clarify the nature of his support. Show More Summary

The Iran Nuclear Deal: A-Must-Approve, Not to Be Politicized!

The nations of the world meet to negotiate the Iran nuclear agreement (credit: POWER FOR PEACE, POWER FOR PEOPLE, AND POWER FOR POWER! The Iran Nuclear Agreement is so unprecedented in major universal ways that playing politics with rejecting it reduces this universal deal to the level of petty local politics. Show More Summary

Remember the Direct-Care Workforce This Labor Day: Our Long-Term Care Depends on It

This Labor Day, as we reflect on the contributions of workers to this country, we should focus on one of the nation’s fastest-growing job sectors: direct care. Direct-care workers—home health aides, personal care aides and nursing assistants—are a foundation of support for millions of older adults and people living with disabilities. Show More Summary

The question for my critics

Three weeks ago, I launched an exploratory campaign for a run in the Democratic Primary for President. I promised a different kind of presidency -- one committed to the fundamental reform that would begin to restore a representative democracy. Show More Summary

Cop Killings Are Way Down During Obama Presidency

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke told Fox News yesterday, "President Obama has breathed life into this ugly movement," meaning Black Lives Matter and the "war on cops" Clarke says the president is at least partly responsible for. Show More Summary

Charles Murray's Surprising Views on 2016 Elections

Dr. Charles Murray of the American Enterprise Institute is one of the most popular of public intellectuals among libertarians today. Furthermore, he is one of the more popular guests I have on my program. He never disappoints as he brings unique perspectives to every public policy and even political discussion. Show More Summary

Why Hillary Clinton Has the Best Track Record on Women's Issues

"Women's rights are human rights." This simple sentence declared by then-First Lady Hillary Clinton at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995 resonated around the world. Millions of women heard this as a declaration that they mattered, that their daughters mattered. Show More Summary

The Indian Summer of Joe Biden

There is an old political warning: never let the national pundits become bored in summer months. It's the one season when the minds of political writers tend to wander before the real reporting begins from the campaign trail. In fact,...Show More Summary

New Orleans: The Week After the Week After

Enough about Katrina. Enough about resilience. One New Orleanian I heard put it perfectly: "Have you ever wanted both to be heard and to be left alone?" Have you ever been on an airplane, sitting on the tarmac for three hours, no information...Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders Is the Donald Trump of the Left

The music group Blondie was hugely successful in the late 1970s and early 1980s. They sold 50 million records, and played to sold out arenas.  Then they broke up. In 1997, Blondie reunited, and experts expected a massive, sold-out tour and fan frenzy.  It didn't come to pass. Show More Summary

The U.S. Needs More Treatment Options for Opiate Addiction

After getting revived with naloxone from a near-death experience, people find there are neither affordable nor appropriate treatment options for opiate addiction. By Hyun Namkoong James Sizemore, a community pastor in Fayetteville, North...Show More Summary

Should Sanctity of Life Be a Presidential Campaign Issue?

Pro-life and pro-choice terms generally are confined to the national conversation regarding abortion. But should the discourse be expanded to include all of life? Isn't it interesting to note that many who self-identify as pro-choice regarding abortion, i.e. Show More Summary

Lord Hanuman and the Ten Commandments on State Grounds - What's a State to Do?

I would rather not see my beloved Lord Hanuman displayed on Arkansas or any other state capital grounds. I'd rather not see the Ten Commandments there either. From a practical point of view, why would any person of faith want to place...Show More Summary

The Principled Hypocrisy of President Obama

President Obama will travel to Alaska on Monday [Aug. 31] to call for urgent and aggressive action to tackle climate change, capitalizing on a poignant tableau of melting glaciers, crumbling permafrost and rising sea levels to illustrate the immediacy of an issue he hopes to make a central element of his legacy. Show More Summary

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