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The Disgraceful State of Judicial Nominations

The first Monday in October marks the beginning of a new term for the U.S. Supreme Court and a good time to reflect on the state of the nation's judicial branch of government. This year the capacity of the federal court system to keep up with its caseload is seriously in question. Show More Summary

It's Time for Paid Safe Time

Domestic violence permeates our workplaces. About one in five full-time workers in America have experienced some form of domestic violence. Of those, 96 percent of victims had the crime spill over into work. Contrary to popular belief,...Show More Summary

We Cannot Arm Our Way to a Safer America

Image Description: Me on CNN. Michigan Ave/Chicago River behind me. David Perry: Associate Professor, Dominican University Headline: Oregon Massacre, Campus Shooter Kills 9, Wounds 9 I went on CNN on Friday, 10/1, to discuss the terrible shooting on a community college campus in Oregon. Show More Summary

Report Sounds Alarm Over Political Meddling in Wildlife Decisions

A survey issued this week by the Union of Concerned Scientists finds that 74 percent of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service scientists reported that consideration of political interests was too high at the agency. That's not good news for...Show More Summary

Pope Francis -- A Call to Something Greater

The fact that Pope Francis' visit to the United States dominated headlines was to be expected. What this surprising leader is achieving, with grace and eloquence, is something that no American leader in recent history has -- that is, to remind us that what made our country great was the call to something greater. Show More Summary

The IC Hits the Trail

A bevy of the Intelligence Community's heavies showed up in Texas last month. This was the third such high-powered visit within the past year. Nobody quite knows why the Alamo state was so honored. There are a few speculations flitting around the Chisholm Trail camp fires. Show More Summary

The U.S. and Russia, Syria and Ukraine: Neo-Cons vs. Liberal Interventionists

As it stands today, United States policy in Syria insists that President Bashar al-Assad must go. But if the U.S. succeeds and the Assad government is scattered to the wind it raises the question: Who will defend the ethnic and religious...Show More Summary

I'm Voting for Bernie Sanders Because He Answers Questions. Clinton 'Breaks Her Silence' Often

In April, The Economist ran a cover with the words, "What does Hillary stand for?" Essentially, that's why Bernie Sanders will win the Democratic nomination; Democrats no longer want a moderate Republican on issues like war, trade, and Wall Street. Show More Summary

The Paradox of Bernie Sanders

The surge of money and enthusiasm propelling Bernie Sanders has long since trampled conventional wisdom. The question now is where that takes us. Through a progressive lens, the systemic inequities Sanders eviscerates are a blistering rebuke to politics as usual. Show More Summary

More Free Stuff for Corporations

Republicans and the rich guys who imposed 35 years of stagnant wages on American workers now offer a prescription for easing this pain! Their solution for robber-baron-level income inequality is not the obvious: Give workers raises. They don’t want to increase the minimum wage, which would eventually push up pay for everyone else as well. Show More Summary

Can the GOP Win Over Asian Americans?

by Taeku Lee A major new Pew Research study, released on the 50th anniversary of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, documents the rapid demographic changes to the U.S. population in recent decades. Among its key findings, theShow More Summary

Iran and U.S. to Intensify Tactical Cooperation

President Hassan Rouhani contradicted Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's remarks about the potential rapprochement between the US and the Islamic republic. Although, Mr. Khamenei continues to reject the idea that there would...Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders Is About as Radical as Harry Truman

The mainstream media continues to be shocked that Bernie Sanders keeps gaining traction against frontrunner Hillary Clinton. However, if you look at what Sanders actually stands for, it is well within the mainstream of what used to be...Show More Summary

A List of the Reasons Cited Against Gun Control and an Effort to Think Them Through

The day I got the first note from Huffington post that I can henceforth blog for them, I was ecstatic - and scared. I wanted to write on topics to provoke thoughts, and provoking thoughts would undoubtedly provoke emotions and opposition too. Show More Summary

The Real Reason We Won't Get New Gun Laws

Some of my friends have wondered why I bothered to write and post an article in HuffPost this week about reforming Congress. It's because I look at the big picture, the structural problems, in our government right now. It's not sexy and it doesn't get a lot of attention. Show More Summary

Is the Special Relationship Over?

Ever since the creation of the state of Israel, it has had a special relationship with the United States. In recent months, that relationship has been damaged by domestic politics in both countries, and steps must be taken to mend it. Show More Summary

Courageous Pasadena Nurse, Allysha Almada, Is Getting a Voice at the White House

At 6:28 pm on September 21, Allysha Almada looked at her cell phone and saw an email that appeared to come from the White House. "The President cordially invites you to attend the White House Summit on Worker Voice to be held at theShow More Summary

'Truth,' the Movie: When Truth and Power Collide

They say truth is the first casualty of war. And a variety of interests, from Viacom and CBS to Bush family loyalists and right-wing zealots, hope the same fate awaits the provocative new film, Truth. Directed by James Vanderbilt, Truth tells the story of 2004's controversial 60 Minutes II broadcast questioning George W. Show More Summary

Who Can Save the GOP From Itself?

For months, the American public has experienced the political circus know as the Republican primaries. Led by reality television star Donald Trump and the seemingly obsessed cable news networks, this GOP contest has little to do with political substance and much to do with television ratings. Show More Summary

The Oregon Massacre Won't Shake NRA Stranglehold

President Obama, stern and visibly shaken by the Oregon massacre, lambasted the NRA yet again for its suffocating grip on Congress. An equally shaken Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, said that she was sickened by the sheep-like willingness of Congress to do the bidding of the NRA. Show More Summary

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