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'Dinner with Donald' super PAC raises $1 million, 1 percent goes to backing Trump

A pro-Donald Trump PAC has only spent 1 percent of its funds helping the Donald. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) By: Ashley Balcerzak Remember American Horizons PAC? The committee advertised a 'Dinner with Donald' in July, prompting Trump's lawyers...Show More Summary

3 Questions Chris Wallace Should Ask About Climate Change

Moderator Chris Wallace recently announced the topics for the final U.S. presidential debate to be held Oct. 19. Among them are debt and entitlements, immigration, the economy, the Supreme Court, foreign hot spots, and fitness to beShow More Summary

Pandering Politics Vs. People, Planet And PEACE Over Profit

The recent televised presidential debates which were replete with disrespectful smirks, old and out worn mud slinging, and totally devoid of intelligent mature conversation was a national embarrassment for the conscientious American voter. Show More Summary

Finally, A Debate On Immigration Reform

Tomorrow, Americans will -- for the first time this election cycle -- get to hear the two major party presidential nominees debate the issue of immigration reform. The lack of debate over immigration does a disservice to our immigrant...Show More Summary

Millennial Women Will be the Difference in this Election

It's day 5287 of the 2016 presidential campaign, or at least that's what it feels like. And what a long, strange trip it's been. But here we are, barreling into the home stretch and already wincing at the impact. It's easy to get disillusioned...Show More Summary

Time for Hillary to Pivot to Full Metal Progressive Policy

The tape of Donald Trump bragging about sexual assault, followed by the testimony of at least eight woman confirming he engaged in it, may have finally done what his year-long attacks on Muslims, Mexicans, the disabled, war heroes, the...Show More Summary

Marijuana Taxes on 2016 Ballots

Marijuana legalization is reaching new heights of public approval, and voters will see new ballot proposals in five states this November. Weak taxes taint four of the initiatives -- Arizona's Proposition 205, Maine's Question 1, Massachusetts's...Show More Summary

Roy Blunt And Donald Trump: Is There Nothing That Can Be Done?

Half a century ago, my wife Gloria was attacked by a sexual predator. He was a co-worker, on his last day at work in their office. He had asked Gloria to stay late, and help him pack. "I had my back to him, when he reached around meShow More Summary

Why Let Them Insult Your Intelligence?

Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge have been recently stating that liberals are using hurricanes to further their political agenda. I challenge you, my smart conservative friends: If anybody states that their political position is being opposed by nature itself, then they claim opposing politicians are using nature itself as a weapon against them... Show More Summary

'The Largest Single Pledge Of Military Assistance In U.S. History'

Cross-posted with Okay, here’s your quiz of the day: What country, according to the Congressional Research Service, has been the “largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign assistance since World War II,” to the tune...Show More Summary

A Critical Topic at Wednesday's Debate: The Supreme Court

At this Wednesday's debate, moderator Chris Wallace has said that he'll ask the candidates questions about debt and entitlements, immigration, the economy, foreign hot spots, fitness to be president and one topic that has received far...Show More Summary

Thank God, This Vitriolic Political Season Will Soon Be Over

One presidential candidate is a liar while the other one simply misspoke or inadvertently omitted information. One sincerely apologized for their human foibles while the other showed no contrition for their immoral actions. Depending...Show More Summary

Donald Trump and the dangerous rhetoric of portraying people as objects

Jennifer Mercieca, Texas A&M University In Donald Trump's 2005 hot mic conversation with entertainment reporter Billy Bush, he confessed to kissing women and grabbing their genitals without their consent. I've previously noted how Trump,...Show More Summary

It's Time to Look for Lagniappe

Lagniappe. A rather unique custom, originating in Louisiana....a mixture of words of French Creole and Native Americans that means a "little something extra", usually from a vendor of some sort. If you bought a cake from a pastry shop, the baker might toss a couple of extra cookies in a small bag as "lagniappe" unexpected gift. Show More Summary

Beauty And The Donald Trump Beast

Maybe Donald Trump has done us a favor. What he has said and done is not pretty, but it has been instructive and may cause positive change. There's now an emerging army of empowered women who are saying no to misogyny in record numbers. At...Show More Summary

Presidential Campaign

This Political Crisis - by Jerry Jasinowski Our nation's society and culture extol the power and virtue of democracy, but it is easy to forget that the Founding Fathers, well aware of the short tumultuous history of democracy in ancient Greece, were extremely suspicious of people power. Show More Summary

Apocalypse Soon: Imagining President Trump

This year's presidential campaign is awash in bogus claims. But, to me, the worst is that it makes no difference whether we elect Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The reasons for this assertion vary: disgust with the system; dislikeShow More Summary

Hillary, Wikileaks and the Crisis of American Democracy

While overshadowed by Donald Trump's appalling behavior, Wikileaks documents provide a damning portrait of Hillary Clinton, the likely next president of the United States, which should leave us all concerned. Mrs. Clinton in these documents...Show More Summary

2016 Electoral Math -- Trump Collapses

There is an excellent chance that when Republicans look back at the 2016 presidential election, this will be the week they'll point to when Donald Trump completely collapsed. This collapse may not be over yet, but it surely began inShow More Summary

Bernie Comes to Town And Doesn't Mention Hillary?

Bernie Sanders, after being mobbed by fans, gets into a Mazda on Grove Street in San Francisco on Saturday. [photo credit: Paul Iorio] ? Did Sen. Bernie Sanders really not mention Hillary Clinton by name in a speech in San FranciscoShow More Summary

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