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The Trickle Down Theory Of Corruption

My previous blogs, The IMF in Denial As to the Realities of the World, Dangers of Demand Driven Capacity Development, and Ostrich-Playing at the IMF & Elsewhere in "This Town", examined how those in power are still in denial after almost...Show More Summary

Voting in Kansas?

As long as I count the votes, what are you going to do about it? Attributed to William Marcy Tweed Kansas is back in the news, and the purpose of this column is to reassure Kansans that although he played a vital role as a member ofShow More Summary

Standing Together Against Injustice

written by Steven Choi, executive director of New York Immigration Coalition with Constance Malcolm Imagine for a moment: You are a proud immigrant to the United States. In the vein of the American tradition stretching back to the nation's founding, you've come to New York City to create a better life for you and your family. Show More Summary

Trump's Speech... When He Quits The Race

Donald Trump is officially the Republican nominee. But there is a very good chance he will not make it to Election Day. No, it's not because the #NeverTrump movement will deny him the nomination; that ship has sailed. The feeble hashtag-disguised-as-strategy Hail Mary came to an abrupt, merciful end on Tuesday. Show More Summary

The Washington Post: Fearless and Balanced on War?

Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black wrote in New York Times v. United States (1971) ("Pentagon Papers" case): "[P]aramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people and sending them off to distant lands to die of foreign fevers and foreign shot and shell. Show More Summary

Volatile America

In a flash I thought, oh God, the civil war has started. Then the headlines shifted and, for the moment, "normalcy" returned. It's a Trump-sated normalcy that's anything but, of course, and the most recent heavily reported violence (at...Show More Summary

Mike Pence: The Leading Member of the "Israel, What Nuclear Weapons?" Flat Earth Society

Last night, Pence addressed the Republican Convention: "And if the world knows nothing else, it will know this: America stands with Israel." I've heard him say that before. Being a journalist based in the Washington, D.C. area, I try to ask tough questions of political figures when I can. Show More Summary

Trump's Convention: Tragedy or Farce?

The Trump Convention has been a strange mash-up of three previous moments in Republican history - each of which ended tragically. First, most seminally, is Joe McCarthy's rise and fall, and the witch-hunt he unleashed. Trump himself,...Show More Summary

5 Questions For Rick Smyre And Neil Richardson About America's Political Future And 'Preparing For A World That Doesn't Exist - Yet'

As we head into convention season, it has become apparent that something is broken in America's federal politics. Gridlock has ground much of government to a halt and the process of choosing presidential candidates has never been so drawn out, expensive, and for many, disheartening. Show More Summary

USAGov's Top Five Questions for Election Season

The conventions are here, as both major political parties choose their Presidential tickets leading up to the November election. The next few months will pass quickly. In no time, the campaigning and debates will be over and Election Day will be here. Show More Summary

Jeremy Corbyn Is a Moral Rot Consuming Labour From the Inside. He Must Be Destroyed

As has been clear for over a year now, Jeremy Corbyn is not a decent man. Jeremy Corbyn is a nasty, morally bankrupt and dishonest narcissist with a third-rate mind; a man who stands against everything real supporters of the Labour Party believe in. Show More Summary

Trump and Pence: The Wrong Equation For America

With the Republican Convention behind us and Donald Trump as the official nominee of a very divided Party, the role of his chosen Vice Presidential Candidate, Governor Mike Pence, becomes a pivotal part of his campaign. Governor Pence...Show More Summary

Why We Should All Be Voting FOR Hillary

Given his outrageous rhetoric and hate speech, his uncontrollable ego, his pathological lying, his virtually apocalyptic policy agenda and his textbook racism, it's no surprise that some commentators have declared the 2016 presidential contest to be simply a referendum on Donald Trump. Show More Summary

In The Midst Of The Madness: Is There Any Hope For American Civility?

From recent refrains that intellectual theft is acceptable to calls for the death of one's political opponent, it has never been clearer: there is nothing to distinguish American politics from that of any other nation. Indeed, it isShow More Summary

Ted Cruz: Courageous Traitor

The surreal spectacle of Texas Senator Ted Cruz standing at the microphone at the Republican National Convention was amazing to behold. He thumbed the eye of the nominee and his supporters. He ignored the pledge he made to support the Republican nominee. Show More Summary

Cleveland's Divide Is America's Division

Photo credit: RNC in Cleveland by Nora Morazan On the first night of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani's excitable tirade attempted to move listeners past the currency of the American...Show More Summary

Misused Government Power Harms The People

Am I the only one who's noticed some really rotten moves by some wealthy business people and corporations? They're using our government's power to manipulate laws and rulings to make them richer... and the rest of us poorer! We need to join forces to stop these illegal activities! I've noticed three such manipulations this past year. Show More Summary

Mexico Must Take Action to Protect Its Democracy

In the shadow of the U.S. presidential elections, Mexico's president Enrique Peña Nieto returns to the White House this Friday to talk trade, immigration, and security with President Obama. The two met in Canada less than a month ago,...Show More Summary

Unfit To Govern

According to the overwhelming majority of the world's climatologists, global warming is the most pressing challenge of our time, posing an existential threat to our quality of life. The Republican Party disagrees. In that vein, voters are faced with a sharply contrasting choice this November. Show More Summary

Pennsylvania Welcomes the Democratic National Convention

Welcome to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. A state with a rich history that allows residents and visitors to walk in the footsteps of this country's founding fathers. ¡Bienvenido! to the farms, rivers and mountains that served as a...Show More Summary

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