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Why Investing in Kids Is Good for Business

The evidence is clear. Investing in early childhood education and quality childcare has far-reaching and long-lasting positive effects on the growth and development of our children. We know through the most compelling kinds of research...Show More Summary

Many Say Schock's Too Young to Serve. Here's Why They're Wrong.

In the quick unraveling of Rep. Aaron Schock's political career, some have questioned if Millennials are ready for Congress, but it's wrong to conclude that Schock's youth was the reason for his mistakes. And it's even worse to write...Show More Summary

Islamic State Takes its Show to the World Stage: Are They Ready for Primetime?

Islamic State Hacking Division The Islamic State took its headline grabbing show to the world stage last week as IS inspired militants launched near simultaneous attacks against the Bardo Museum, a popular tourist destination in Tunis and Shite Mosques in Sanaa. Show More Summary

What the Hell is NDD?

Nothing better demonstrates the disconnect between the daily lives of ordinary people in this country and the policy debates now taking place in Washington than the term NDD. While all but a tiny fraction of the population would look...Show More Summary

This Time is Different: How Big Data Has Left the Middle Class Behind

What if innovation is driving economic stagnation and inequality? That's the question Charles Leadbetter analyzes in "The Whirlpool Economy" over at the UK Innovation Foundation's Long+Short site. He makes key points about the current...Show More Summary

America needs labor unions

Speaker of the House John Boehner website says "Helping to build a stronger, healthier economy for all Americans is priority number one for House Republicans". He also is one of a small but growing number of Republicans that admit income inequality is a huge obstacle to reaching this goal. Show More Summary

Something Rotten in Oxford (Mississippi)

Being chancellor of a major university is not exactly a job with a lot of turnover. They usually settle in for about a decade, and absent any major public scandal, go quietly in the night. When they ultimately do retire, the campus almost...Show More Summary

Fear and Loathing of the Religious, From Christians to Scientologists

Religion is all in a lather these days. Can you hear it in the news? Read it in the posts on social media? Sense it in the dialogue ratcheting up as we begin the next election cycle? On some level, and in some sects, that fear and loathing...Show More Summary

Was Dad a Spy?

Thirty-five years ago, the revolutionary government of Iran imprisoned my father and accused him of being a CIA agent. It was 1979. The revolution was in its infancy, and Islamic fundamentalism was about to foist itself on an unready world. Show More Summary

Netanyahu's "Us or Them" Is Nothing But Trouble

For a long time now, American political consultants have benefited from a lucrative sideline, selling their alleged expertise to politicians in Israel. (It was Democratic strategist James Carville who, after working on a campaign for...Show More Summary

Hillary's Challengers -- and the Anti-Wall Street Wave

Former Governor Martin O'Malley and former Senator Jim Webb spoke at a firefighters' union event earlier this month. Both are the subject of renewed press interest as they contemplate entering the presidential race. Sen. Bernie Sanders has been publicly weighing a run. Show More Summary

Will Democrats Back Obama's UN Push for Two States in Israel-Palestine?

The Obama administration has broadcast that since Benjamin Netanyahu announced that there will never be a Palestinian state so long as Netanyahu remains Prime Minister of Israel, the U.S. may end its policy of blocking consideration of the Israel-Palestine conflict at the United Nations Security Council. Show More Summary

Breaking News: Education Creates Economic Stability!

When I was growing up, my parents made it pretty clear that I was going to go to school every day and work hard. Any deviation from that plan usually met with very unpleasant consequences. My father only made it through the eighth grade; my mother just the tenth grade. Show More Summary

Don't Let Food Industry Stir the Pot

If we want food policies and programs that have our citizen's health, welfare, and safety at heart, we have to keep food industry from stirring up the pot. We live in an advanced capitalistic society. By law, food industry, particular...Show More Summary

Why Are We Facing So Many 'Under-the-Radar' Corporate Attacks on Oklahoma Public Schools?

The previous blockbuster discovery for Oklahoma City and Tulsa schools was S.B. 68, the "under-the-radar" bill to authorize cities to compete with school systems in sponsoring charter schools. The Tulsa World's Andrea Eger, in "Change...Show More Summary

16.4 Million Reasons to Celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Obamacare

Five years ago President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law. What is crystal clear today is that the ACA, which I proudly call Obamacare, is working. There are 16.4 million Americans all across our country who now have affordable, quality health insurance because of Obamacare. Show More Summary

Abercrombie and Fitch Infringes on Religious Freedoms

This article previously appeared in The Wellesley News, Wellesley College's student newspaper. A few weeks ago, the Supreme Court heard an Equal Employment case against Abercrombie and Fitch (A&F) by a Muslim teenager who claimed she was not hired because she wore a headscarf. Show More Summary

Five Years Later, GOP Still Fighting Successful Health Care Law

Five years ago, Joe Lucas, a house painter from Pittsburgh, was recovering from an aortic aneurism and faced insurance premiums nearing $1,000 a month, and only if he was offered coverage at all. This was after years of having no coverage because of high premiums, leaving him to foot a $69,000 hospital bill. Show More Summary

My Teen Daughter Asked for 17,000 Shoes: Why I Said Yes

This past November, my husband and I adopted our Mackenzie from foster care. She was only 6 months away from her 18th birthday and had spent more than half her life in the care of the state. "Mom, we need to do something to show people the magnitude of foster care in Arizona. Show More Summary

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