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Southern Pride?

Defenders of the Confederate flag are hoisting themselves by their own petard. Deluded Southerners are showing their true colors in objecting to nation-wide demands to put this symbol of evil out of sight. Objections that are being rebutted...Show More Summary

What Grade Does the Supreme Court Earn on Its Affordable Care Act Decision?

On June 25, 2015, the Supreme Court again upheld the ACA against a challenge, this time to federal subsidies. Was this a good or bad decision? What grade should we give the court, and for that matter congress as well? Because the court held that the congressional intent was to provide insurance for more people, the decision was good. Show More Summary

This Week in Flags

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Bernie in Bush-Obama America: A Movement or a Candidate?

Barack Obama poked good humor at some of those extreme conservative perceptions of his presidency at the White House Correspondents Dinner last month. In doing so, he threw a bit of the spotlight on Bernie Sanders. "I like Bernie. Bernie's an interesting guy. Show More Summary

How My Hetereosexual Marriage Was Rejected

When I saw the images of people, long denied the chance for a homosexual marriage, I could understand somewhat why they were happy. That's because, at one time in my life, my girlfriend and I were denied a chance to marry by several churches. Show More Summary

Online Harassment Is Nothing New. So Why Haven't Laws Caught Up?

I received my first online death threat in 1992. I was 19, running a small bulletin board system out of my bedroom in rural Sonoma County. One of my users, who went by the handle of Indian, starting using my BBS' message boards to harass other users. Show More Summary

The Insecure American Male, and College Rape

There is a strain of American male whose life is shaped by chronic insecurity. This strain's considerable numbers and pronounced behavior patterns make the phenomenon obvious -- yet largely invisible. This male's symptomatic behavior...Show More Summary

The Rising American Electorate: Game Changers in 2016 Elections

Unmarried Women, People of Color and Millennials--Voters of the Rising American Electorate--Will Make Up a Majority of Voters for the First Time in 2016 A national survey of likely 2016 voters released today by the Women's Voices Women...Show More Summary

Educating for Democracy: Flag Banning and "Magical Thinking:

The recent massacre in an iconic Black church in Charleston, South Carolina could be the wake-up call this country needs in order to begin educating all Americans and those who wish to become citizens to acknowledge the importance of...Show More Summary

Yankee Doodle Polling: Public Opinion on Patriotism

This holiday weekend the American passion for patriotic display will reach its annual apex with fireworks, flags and "God Bless America." Public opinion polls confirm what foreign observers have often noted: Americans are a very patriotic people. Show More Summary

There Is Still Time for Obama to Strengthen the American Dream for All

Income inequality is an issue that we must work diligently to identify balanced policy solutions that reward hard work and determination. Narrowing the income gap and widening opportunity for all is an effort that this administration has focused on in earnest. Show More Summary

Courting Disaster: When Good Reactions Go Bad

I understand that not everyone supported the Supreme Court's decision on same-sex marriage. Not everyone supported the Court's decision on Brown v. the Board of Education either. Or Bush v. Gore. Of course, if everyone agreed about everything there wouldn't be a need for a Supreme Court. Show More Summary

Christie for President

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the latest Republican to announce he is running for president. He joins an already overcrowded field of candidates seeking their party's nomination. But Christie stands out because an overwhelming...Show More Summary

Abortion in Texas: Lessons From Prohibition

Photo: scATX Repeating history The recent bevy of abortion regulations in Texas may close most abortion clinics in the state. Ironically, Texas is the home of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision that struck down restrictive state laws as unconstitutional. Show More Summary

Look Past the Flag: The Real GOP Problem Is a Half-Century of Promoting Racial Division for Political Advantage

Charlie Baker, the very popular Republican governor of Massachusetts stumbled last week. When asked what he thought about the confederate flag flying over the capitol in South Carolina, Baker fell into the trap of suggesting that flying the flag was a matter of local choice and tradition. Show More Summary

The Pottery Barn Rule Updated

It was the summer of 2002. The Bush administration's top officials knew that they were going into Iraq in a big way. They were then in planning mode, but waiting until fall to launch their full-throttle campaign to persuade Congress and the American people to back them. Show More Summary

Why Bernie Sanders Will Become the Democratic Nominee and Defeat Any Republican in 2016

Bernie Sanders is down by just 8 points in New Hampshire and has gained tremendous momentum in Iowa. If the Vermont senator wins both the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary, the odds will favor him getting the Democratic nomination. Show More Summary

Bottom of the Barrel

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America's Got War

Poverty, Drugs, Afghanistan, Iraq, Terror, or How to Make War on Everything Cross-posted with War on drugs. War on poverty. War in Afghanistan. War in Iraq. War on terror. The biggest mistake in American policy, foreign and domestic, is looking at everything as war. Show More Summary

Let's Focus on Fixing - not Nixing - Obamacare

The Supreme Court has sloughed off another major challenge to Obamacare, forcing Republicans to devise a better strategy than their promise to repeal the health care law. Congressional repeal of the Affordable Care Act is an appealing option, and would serve as an easy litmus test for the far right. Show More Summary

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