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Who's Your Donald?

All women know someone like Donald Trump. We've encountered him on the playground, where he bullied us; we went to high school with him, where he snapped our bra; he was that date-rapey dudebro in college that ranked you with a number...Show More Summary

We Elect Coaches, But We're Still The Players

As the ubiquitous, exhausting, ugly and unsettling election campaign trudges on, I often find myself remembering something my high school buddy Artie used to say. We were sports nuts and our conversations often focused on coaching tactics, game plans and strategic philosophies. Show More Summary

Letter to a Trump Supporter #4: Barack Obama's Christian Faith

This is the fourth in my series of "Letters to a Trump Supporter," from correspondence with a family friend who supports Mr. Trump. Continuing our conversation about Christianity, he sent me a chain email accusing President Obama of silencing Christians and promoting Islam. Below is my response. ~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Mr. Show More Summary

To View The Madman Across The Water

Mark Twain noted, "one must travel, to learn," and "broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things can not be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime." So, with channeling the dry wit, literary...Show More Summary

Commander in Chief

Maybe it's the phrase -- "commander in chief" -- that best captures the transcendent absurdity and unaddressed horrors of the 2016 election season and the business as usual that will follow. I don't want to elect anyone commander in chief: not the xenophobic misogynist and egomaniac, not the Henry Kissinger acolyte and Libya hawk. Show More Summary

Strive For 65

The American political system is broken and we the people are to blame. Rather than learning about candidates, we listened to sound bites. Rather than researching the issues, we parroted campaign slogans. Rather than showing up to vote, we complained. A democracy is only as strong as its weakest link. Show More Summary

The Kindergarten Debate.

Well, the thought that an adult male might appear in the debate last night was ill founded. I love children - I love childlike - but I do not love childish. Childish is most often applied to an adult who behaves in an immature fashion...Show More Summary

There's Nothing Cavalier About Late-Term Abortion

Last night, Donald Trump portrayed women who have late-term abortions as barbaric, cruel, and, worst and most ugly of all, cavalier about the lives of their babies. As I sat there, listening to him, I understood at a level many do not,...Show More Summary

Nasty - Trump's Toxic Impact On Our Children

"Such a nasty woman." - growled Donald Trump, leaning into the mic to talk over Hillary Clinton while she discussed the importance of access to healthcare during the third and final Presidential debate last night. There was a collective gasp across the nation as women, and men who respect women, recoiled and social media lit up in disgust. Show More Summary

Watching a Dark Debate from the City of Light

PARIS -- If I believed there ever was any chance of escaping the US election by running away to France for a week of business meetings and a little off time, all hope was dashed the moment we stepped into a cab at Charles de Gaulle Airport...Show More Summary

Trump TV

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Why Trump's "Wait and See" Was Brilliant

If you hear someone hyperventilating over Trump's reply on automatically accepting the election results, tell them to take a breath. First, remember, that 41 percent of people now think things are rigged. And most remember eight years...Show More Summary

Low Hanging Fruit

Should Hillary Clinton be elected president, she stands a better chance of advancing her environmental agenda than the bitter partisan divide in Washington suggests. As a U.S. Senator from New York, she demonstrated considerable ability...Show More Summary

Elephant or Dinosaur?

After last night's final debate, it's clear that Hillary Clinton will be elected President by the largest popular vote margin since Ronald Reagan in 1984. The breadth of her victory will almost certainly elect a Democratic Senate and threatens Republican control of the House. Show More Summary

Misogyny: Trump's Cardinal Trait

I am a Hillary supporter. I think the other candidate is a misogynistic, racist, cardboard cutout of a human being who is completely unfit to be president. For months, I've been walking around in a state of constant disbelief that he's...Show More Summary

HBS Election Poll: 85% of HBS Votes For Clinton, Stark Contrast Against National Mood, More Socially Liberal and Optimistic, Mixed on Wealth Redistribution

By Jeremy Au and Rafael Riveria, Harvard Business School, Class of '17 & Harbus Contributing Writer As the United States debates on who to choose as the next President, the students of Harvard Business School (HBS) have a clear favorite: Hillary Clinton. Show More Summary

What Was Missing From the Debate: Even More Reasons the Supreme Court is a Crucial Election Issue

In last night’s presidential debate, the candidates discussed several important issues where their choices for the Supreme Court will be critical for Americans’ rights. Whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is elected will decide whether Roe v. Show More Summary

Body Language Gives the Inside Scoop on the Presidential Debates

Here are a few things you'll want to know before Monday night. Why? That's when first 2 party presidential debate is. I wanted to give you a few things to look for that at a minimum will make it more entertaining for you, and if you're...Show More Summary

Trump And Media's Stanford Experiment

Most people don't know who Philip Zimbardo is. I learned about him when I accidentally stumbled on a book that briefly mentioned the famous Stanford Prisoner experiment that Zimbardo conducted at the Stanford University in 1971. This experiment showed how people's behavior is not strictly a reflection of their personality. Show More Summary

Undecided Voters "Brain-Science Guide" to Making Up Your Mind

The following is a simple, unbiased framework, rooted in brain science, to help undecided voters make their decision during this election year. Why It's So Hard To Choose Difficulty in making a decision is the natural result of several factors all converging at once. When we feel we MUST make a choice (The car died, so I must buy a new one. Show More Summary

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