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News Roundup for May 17, 2017

Well… so much for a slow news week. 1. It was revealed that former FBI Director James Comey had been keeping memos of his conversations with Trump. Looks like this might be the first step towards impeachment. More here. 2. Vladimir Putin offered to clear up Trump’s other scandal. Show More Summary

The GOP Is Facing Its Big Integrity Test

There are two levels to the drama underway in Washington right now, and both need Congress’s focused attention. The first is whether President Trump has crossed the line into “high crimes and misdemeanors”; the second is whether Congress should put new constraints on the powers of this and future presidents. Regarding Drama No. Show More Summary

Using The 25th Amendment To Remove Trump Is A Dangerous Idea

As predicted here and elsewhere, a cascade of events is pushing Republicans toward practical steps to remove President Trump. Some are motivated by evidence and concern. Many others prefer President Pence and always have. But some of...Show More Summary

Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern On The CIA’s History Of Disseminating Faulty Intelligence

In this week’s episode of “Scheer Intelligence” Robert Scheer interviews Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst. McGovern spent 27 years with the CIA, beginning in President Kennedy’s era and ending in George H. W. Bush’s administration....Show More Summary

Big Money Wins In L.A.: Billionaires’ Hand-Picked Candidate Nick Melvoin Spent 71 Percent Of The Money To Get 57 Percent Of The School Board Vote

Once Nick Melvoin joins the Los Angeles Unified School District board, he’s going to require all high school civics teachers to add a new lesson plan to their curriculum: “How To Buy An Election.” That’s what happened on Tuesday. Melvoin...Show More Summary

To Those Who Want Trump Impeached: Do You Want Pence?

There has never been a single moment before, during and now, especially after, the election of Trump, that the call for his impeachment hasn’t been loudly screamed. The impeachment talk thermometer now blazes hotter with the allegations...Show More Summary

Our 24/7 Economy And The Wealth Of Nations

Jianghong Li, WZB Berlin Social Science Center. and Wen-Jui Han, NYU Shanghai This article is the third in our new series, Globalisation Under Pressure. We now live in a world where – thanks to information and communication technologies...Show More Summary

Why Banning Laptops From Airplane Cabins Doesn't Make Sense

By Cassandra Burke Robertson, Case Western Reserve University and Irina D. Manta, Hofstra University Recent reports suggest that terrorists can now create bombs so thin that they cannot be detected by the current X-ray screening that...Show More Summary

Donald Trump, His Comportment And Incompetence: When Is Enough Enough?

Four months in, yet it’s not unfair to ask Americans, especially political leaders, Republicans and Democrats, when is enough enough? Donald Trump, who wasn’t elected by the American people, but rather selected by the odious and archaic...Show More Summary

Trump Is Above The Law, For Now -- But Not The People

A sitting president is almost certainly immune from criminal prosecution, and the only mechanisms to remove him from office — impeachment, the 25th Amendment, or voting him out the old-fashioned way — are political, not legal, procedures. In...Show More Summary

Trumping Trump

The Trump presidency presents a unique challenge to other governments. Never before in modern times has a major power, much less the world’s paramount power, been led by so erratic and unbalanced an individual. His total lack of experience,...Show More Summary

A Progressive Vision For The FBI

A political movement should do more than just react to the day’s events with outrage, although that’s important. It should also offer the vision of a better world. Many Americans are rightfully outraged at the firing of FBI Director James Comey, just as they were shocked at Comey’s ability to influence political events. Show More Summary

Are U.S. Strategists Living On Another Planet?

Cross-posted with War, American-style, in the twenty-first century, hasn’t exactly been a sterling success story. (How did the Brits ever manage to run that empire of theirs for so many years with such modest numbers of troops?) Take Afghanistan, for example. Show More Summary

Blame Obama For Our Current Crisis?

As you maybe, possibly, have heard, the president of our country last week fired the person who was leading the investigation into collusion between his campaign team and a foreign power seeking to interfere with our democratic process. Let’s...Show More Summary

Want To Regain The American People’s Trust? Give Us Medicare For All

In spite of a media black-out, Medicare for All is supported by a majority of Americans. Here’s how it could transform politics—and our society. $300 billion over 10 years. That’s how much the wealthy stand to gain if the House version...Show More Summary

A New Urgent Realism is Making Negotiations With North Korea More Likely

Despite yet another recent North Korean long-range missile test and possible links to the recent global cyber attack, the pieces could be coming together to ramp down the escalating tensions in Northeast Asia. That is because an unprecedented...Show More Summary

How U.S. Military Bases Back Dictators, Autocrats, And Military Regimes

Forty-Five Blows Against DemocracyCross-posted with Much outrage has been expressed in recent weeks over President Donald Trump’s invitation for a White House visit to Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines, whose “war on drugs” has led to thousands of extrajudicial killings. Show More Summary

NAFTA's Biggest Loser: The U.S., After Canada And Mexico Get Rich Trading Marijuana

Luis Gómez Romero, University of Wollongong The president of the United States, Donald Trump, prides himself on his business acumen. But his protectionism may get America a truly bad deal when it comes to North America’s next big market:...Show More Summary

GOP Lawmakers Could Not Be Bothered To Read Their Own Health Care Bill

By Thomas Kennedy With the recent passage of Trumpcare, otherwise known as the American Health Care Act, through the House, the health care of 24 million Americans is now at risk. With the ultimate goal of giving a $600 billion tax cut...Show More Summary

Homeless Women Veterans Are Veterans With An Important Difference

A brand new issue of the research journal Psychological Services has come out with an exclusive focus on homelessness, including veteran homelessness. This is great news, because whether or not you’ve been following our recent, multi-part...Show More Summary

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