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When Getting Arrested for Practicing Medicine without a License is a Good Thing

"The Constitution of this Republic should make special provision for medical freedom as well as religious freedom. To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and to deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. Show More Summary

Our Military Shouldn't Turn Its Back on Servicewomen Who Need an Abortion

Schwangerschaftsabbruch... It's been over 30 years, and still I remember the German word for abortion. I was a young lieutenant serving overseas on my first duty assignment after being commissioned in the Army when I became pregnant....Show More Summary

Women Making Decisions: The Norm, Not the Exception

Half a decade ago, over a political crisis, I was elected the President of the Republic of Kosovo, the first woman in the country and in the entire region, and the youngest one in the world, to hold this state position. A taboo was broken...Show More Summary

Integrity in Politics -- A Lost Virtue? The Van Hollen - Edwards Battle in Maryland and What It Means Nationally

Maryland just held its long-awaited Democratic primary this week, after a nearly 14 month campaign for the U.S. Senate and two suburban Washington Congressional races, all generated by the announced retirement of Senator Barbara Mikulski on March 2, 2015. Show More Summary

Gender Equality: A Global Challenge

It is an honor to contribute to the Women in Parliaments Leadership Campaign. Even though women represent roughly half of the world's population, this has yet to translate into broader female participation in politics. Unfortunately,...Show More Summary

The Watergate First Charmed Washington, Then Scandalized America: With a Face-Lift, It's Ready for the Next Half-Century

On June 16, 1972, five men dined together for the last time in the restaurant of the Watergate Hotel. A few hours later they taped open the door to a stairwell in the adjacent building and broke into the offices of the Democratic National...Show More Summary

More Must Be Done to Guard Against Global Catastrophic Risks

Global catastrophes sometimes strike. In 1918 the Spanish Flu killed as many as one in twenty people. There have been even more devastating pandemics - the Black Death and the 6th century Plague of Justinian may have each killed nearer to one in every six people on this earth. Show More Summary

Cutting Corners on Safety in D.C.

Washington, D.C.'s public buses and privately operated bus system, D.C. Circulator, serve many of the same streets and stops, but what makes them different is crucial and, potentially, dangerous. A recent audit found that First Transit, the contractor hired by the city to operate D.C. Show More Summary

Trump on Foreign Policy

Following his victories in this week's primaries, Donald Trump provided the first systematic view of his foreign policy. Given that there is a reasonable chance that he will be the Republican nominee, and that he has been constantly underestimated, the possibility of his becoming president can't be dismissed. Show More Summary

Brady Campaign Does PR Pratfall with Ad Campaign that Gives Mass Shooters More Fame, Offends Victims

Gun violence prevention activists have launched a petition calling for the Brady Campaign to take down its "hypocritical" new "Zero Minutes of Fame" video ad which spotlights the very mass shooters that the campaign is designed to obscure. Show More Summary

Talking Politics with Your Kids

Politics are a hot topic in many households right now. Parents talk often as they watch their favorite news shows. Pundits are exclaiming all sides of many questions and children are listening. Even your smallest kids have their ears wide open. Show More Summary

Misogyny and Politics are Strange Bedfellows

Have you ever seen something that made you say, "Well, now I've seen it all."? That phrase runs through my head every time I see women supporting Drumpf. Have that many women completely lost their self-esteem? Do they really believeShow More Summary

End of Democratic Primary Means Anyone Who Ever Wanted to Can Now Vote for Bernie Sanders

There's no need to link to the scores of articles declaring the Democratic primary race effectively over, as surely anyone reading this has already read those articles. Nor is there any need to link to Clinton campaign press releases...Show More Summary

Obama's Saudi Problem Overshadows His Gulf Arab and Western European Summits (and the Next Administration)

President Barack Obama had some real problems last week in Riyadh during his visit with Saudi King Salman and summit with Gulf Arab leaders that overshadowed both his trip to the Gulf and his just held Western Europe summit in Hannover, Germany. It's a far less soaring and arguably chastened Obama touring the world in his final year as president. Show More Summary

Hey Old People, You are Confused

When it comes to young people, old people are confused. I'm not here to point fingers, the blame rests on our shoulders as a nation, but I am here to set the record straight. There are some things that are straight up not our fault.Show More Summary

For Bernie Sanders, It's Time To Pack It In

It was another terrible night for the junior senator from Vermont. A week after losing the delegate-rich state of New York by 16 points to Hillary Clinton, the former home state senator (the margin was even worse in the New York City...Show More Summary

Are Fair Trade Policies "Extreme?" Is Clinton Ready For Trump On Trade?

Is it really "extreme" to think we should have fair trade policies? The New York Times on Tuesday published a story by Nelson D. Schwartz and Quoctrung Bui, "Where Jobs Are Squeezed by Chinese Trade, Voters Seek Extremes," reportingShow More Summary

5 Things We've Learned About Republicans

The 2016 presidential campaign drags on and on. As we grit our teeth at the prospect of six more months of Donald Trump tweets, it's useful to look back on the past 12 months and consider what we've learned about Republicans. 1. Each of their candidates is deeply flawed. Show More Summary

Twisted Fate: A Life Lost and Lessons Learned

Thirty-one years ago, life was perfect. Alan and I watched the sunset as we finalized our wedding arrangements for April 28th. That night, I smiled as I thought about Alan lifting my wedding veil over my eyes, embracing me, and beginning...Show More Summary

This Passover We Call for Freedom and Dignity for All

When I was seventeen, I traveled through the deep south with a group of African American and Jewish teens from the D.C. area to engage with the history of the Civil Rights movement. During our visits to Black churches, we learned that the story of Exodus was and is still a huge part of Southern Black culture. Show More Summary

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