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Good Reason To Look At Health Care Anew

Nothing is ever done until everyone is convinced that it ought to be done, and has been convinced for so long that it is now time to do something else. — F.M. Cornford There are no simple solutions to complex problems — unless they’ve become so complex that only a simple solution will do. Show More Summary

If Anything, Gun Rights Are Going To Expand In The U.S.

In spite of the frequent pleas from national Democrat leaders for increased gun control, the United States is no closer to implementing such laws, in spite of constant headlines pointing to mass killings and calling for more government action. Show More Summary

Can Trump Make Flint Great Again?

I am a Democratic state legislator in Michigan and my district includes the city of Flint. Most people know that Flint has been suffering from a man-made drinking water crisis since April 2014. The response to this crisis was slow, from all levels of government, and some agencies even attempted to cover it up. Show More Summary

Two Months Of Trump: There Are No Neutrals Here

After two months of Trump, there are clear winners and losers: Winners: 1.The Resistance: Individual resistance groups are springing up throughout America. (90 days after the publication of the Indivisible guide there are now more than...Show More Summary

I Am An Enemy Of The People

Even before the election of Donald Trump — and his extraordinary declaration that the media are the “enemies of the people” — U.S. journalism was in trouble. According to Gallup polling, American trust in mass media plummeted from an already low 40 percent in 2015 to a historic low of 32 percent in September 2016. Show More Summary

In The Uncertain World Of Trump, China Seeks To Steady The Ship

BEIJING ? No earth-shattering bold initiatives, no drastic policy U-turns and no fundamental changes emanated from the recent annual gathering of China’s National People’s Congress, the national forum to unveil major economic and social...Show More Summary

President Trump’s Tweets

For the first time in history, the president of the United States is announcing policy changes, voicing his opinions and responding to criticism on a regular basis through social media. Since he took office, he has used the platformShow More Summary

Nixon, Reagan Paved Way For GOP's Race-Charged Health Agenda

After a presidential campaign filled with racist rhetoric, the Republicans have proposed a health care agenda that will harm many black, brown, and poor Americans while helping the white and wealthy. It’s the same cynical strategy Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan pioneered decades ago. To be sure, the Democratic Party has its own legacy of racism. Show More Summary

Ninth Annual K Street Classic: Wildcats On Top — And Maybe Not The Ones You’d Expect

by Ben Berliner After being locked out of the NCAA tournament for its entire 78-year history, Northwestern University‘s basketball team has finally made the cut. And while students at the private Evanston, Illinois university are celebrating...Show More Summary

What The Founding Fathers Taught Me About Democracy -- And Why It Matters More Than Ever In The Age Of Trump

A federal judge in Hawaii issued a restraining order against President Donald Trump’s travel ban Wednesday. U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson ruled that Trump’s order intentionally targeted Muslims and thus violates the U.S. Constitution. Trump had argued that the travel ban was necessary for the security of the country. Show More Summary

Can’t Find Health Care In TrumpCare Or RyanCare? Probably Because It’s Only TrynaCare

March 2017 started with House Republicans using secret rooms in the Capitol to hide rough drafts of bills to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. No really, Republican members of Congress had Capitol Police standing outside a room containing the legislation. Show More Summary

Rule Of Politics, Not Law, Invalidated The Second Executive Order

Pres. Trump’s second executive order should have survived review in the District Court in Hawaii. The revised order was a conscientious effort to meet the objections of the Ninth Circuit. The first-order was appropriately seen as unrefined...Show More Summary

Pulling The Trump Problem Into Sharper Focus And Full Vision

We are becoming so acclimatized to government by crisis that it becomes slightly disorienting when one or two days goes by without a new Trump travesty on which to report and ponder. But the last couple of days have been rather quiet on that front. Show More Summary

Trumpcare’s $880 Billion Cut To Medicaid Is An Attack On Seniors

Trumpcare is officially known as the American Health Care Act, but that’s a lie. It isn’t a bill to provide health care, but exactly the opposite ? a bill to take health insurance away from tens of millions of Americans, especially those who are older, poorer, and sicker, in order to pay for massive tax giveaways for the wealthy and corporations. Show More Summary

Companies That 'Cheat' On Their Income Taxes

I met with my accountant on Monday. The bad news is once again I owe additional federal income taxes. I don’t have a fancy lawyer or any special tax breaks – so I paid. A little painful, but I figure I am paying my fair share to keep...Show More Summary

The Ryan Myth Is In Big Trouble

The myth of Paul Ryan is in serious trouble. This was likely inevitable, but it certainly is on stark display in the debate among Republicans over his “Ryancare” bill, which was supposed to be the “repeal and replace Obamacare” answer to all conservatives’ dreams. Show More Summary

In The Public Interest Gets It All Wrong On Private Water In Pittsburgh And Flint

Once again, instead of engaging in a constructive conversation about America’s water infrastructure challenges, we find ourselves having to correct rampant misinformation being spread by those opposed to America’s private sector solutions. In...Show More Summary

4 Reasons Why Trump's Budget Is Bonkers

Donald Trump ran for president as a man of the people, who was going to fight for those who were left behind – but everything we’re hearing about his forthcoming federal budget says exactly the opposite: Spending that’s a great deal for big corporations that have hired armies of lobbyists, and great for the wealthiest few like himself. Show More Summary

Tump's Ignorance, Ties To Salman Troubling

Last month, I was so burned out following the Trump train wreck that I unsubscribed from a few media sites in order to give myself a break. I put on hold the next book I wanted to read and kept the news at arm’s-length. I just wanted some time to rest. But I found myself trying to imagine how Trump thinks. Show More Summary

Self-funded Candidates Lose Big (Except When They Don't)

by Niv Sultan Let’s say you flip a coin, and it lands heads up. You flip it again, and it’s heads a second time. You toss it once more — you’re feeling exceptionally lucky — and it’s heads for the third time in a row. The chances ofShow More Summary

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