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Defending the Right to Offend

This article is based on Ayaan Hirsi Ali's speech in Berlin on April 19. It is nearly 10 years since a Danish newspaper published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, unleashing a storm of protest by Muslims around the world, and exposing a rift in Europe between true believers in free expression and those prepared to appease religious zealots. Show More Summary

(VIDEO) Yahoo Expands Programmatic Video Ad Offering with Brightroll Integration, Andrew Snyder Explains

Yahoo's acquisition late last year of programmatic video adtech company Brightroll means that the giant publisher will use data and analytics to target consumers with highly relevant video advertising, explains Yahoo's Andrew Snyder,...Show More Summary

(VIDEO) Brightcove Touts Integrated Video Ad Services with "Once"

LAS VEGAS - With the acquisition last year of video adtech company Unicorn, Brightcove, the Boston-based video services company, has made a strategic move into video ad monetization sector, explains Mike Green, VP for Marketing and Business...Show More Summary

Photojournalism: Capturing the Stories of Our Globalizing World

In December of 1984, American photojournalist Steve McCurry snapped a shot that would change lives. He didn't know it at the time, but when National Geographic debuted the acclaimed picture on their cover just months later, the photograph...Show More Summary

George Will Goes Mad Over Campus Sustainability

Syracuse University's recent announcement that it is divesting from fossil fuel holdings has prompted George Will, who was once upon a time a thoughtful and independent conservative, to fire off another right-wing screed. In an April...Show More Summary

An Afternoon With Barbara Walters

A good interview is memorable. It makes you leave your own world and enter that of another person. It makes you understand the reality of that person. A good interview also has a good reporter that shows curiosity. She is generally fascinated...Show More Summary

Social Security Trust -- Or, Never Lend Money to a Conservative

Sign up here to get alerted when RJ posts a new segment on money and politics. Never lend money to a conservative. That's one conclusion to be drawn from recent attacks on Social Security by Bloomberg View columnists Megan McArdle and Ramesh Ponnuru. Show More Summary

In Oz We Trust?

The Hippocratic Oath (Greek: ????? horkos) is an oath historically taken by physicians. It is one of the most widely known of Greek medical texts. It requires a new physician to swear, upon a number of healing gods, to uphold specific ethical standards. --- Dear Dr. Show More Summary

Ohio U. Student Newspaper Suspends Editor for Cutting Secret Deal With School President

The Post suspended its opinion editor Xander Zellner for two weeks and has publicly apologized to readers for a secret deal Zellner agreed to with Ohio University's president. According to The Athens News, Zellner convinced OU prez Roderick McDavis to become an occasional op-ed contributor to the Post starting earlier this year. Show More Summary

Why The Future is Going To Be All Video All The Time

In 1989, I went to work for Jan Stenbeck, the "Ted Turner" of Scandinavia. Stenbeck was building the first commercial TV networks in Sweden, Norway and Denmark -- TV3. As with any TV network, we went out to buy a lot of programming. One of the hottest TV shows that year was America's Funniest Home Videos (remarkably, still on the air). Show More Summary

Indecency, Politics and the FCC: A New Round in the Culture Wars?

Just in time for the new presidential election cycle, the culture wars over indecent content on the broadcast television airwaves -- remember when Justin Timberlake had Janet Jackson naked by the end of that Super Bowl song? -- are heating...Show More Summary

Sixty Years in Journalism: Advice to the Class of 2015 -- and 2019

The news business seems to have gone back to the future. In the early days of the American Republic, news media, meaning newspapers and pamphlets, proliferated. They were highly partisan, often nasty, and not necessarily wedded to the...Show More Summary

What The Media Can Learn from the Airline Industry

In January, four major airlines announced that they were profitable in 2014. Not bad for an industry that has been restructuring for roughly the past twenty-five years, with many carriers bobbing in and out of bankruptcy. They've scratched...Show More Summary

(VIDEO) Too Much Money Fueling Ad-Tech Chaos: IAB's Rothenberg

Sometimes, it takes a former reporter to tell you straight. Even if you don't like the sound of what Randall Rothenberg has to say, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) president and CEO has a sharp and timely view from his vantage...Show More Summary

Candidates Are Changing the Way They Announce

Back in the "old days" (around 4 years ago), announcements by candidates that they were running for the highest office in the United States looked very similar to what they had for generations. Back in the day it was common to see large venues, sometimes there were whistle stops and maybe even balloons (and confetti). Show More Summary

Dear Mainstream Media: I Am Latina, and I'm Not Voting for Marco Rubio

I have a news tidbit for Beltway journalists: Latinos are not all the same. Crazy, I know, but I swear it's true. We actually are not Barbies, easily fitting into one another's costumes or convertibles or dream houses. We don't necessarily mix and match, like an ethnic version of Garanimals. Show More Summary

In Memory of David Laventhol, the Man Who Transformed Newsday

The man who transformed Newsday and made it distinctive, admired and synonymous with Long Island, and later boldly created New York Newsday, was David Laventhol. Once Newsday's editor and publisher, afterwards the publisher of the Los Angeles Times, he ultimately was the president of the Times Mirror Company, owner of the papers. Show More Summary

Why Is The Titanic Like Ferguson, Missouri?

Engraving by Willy Stöwer: Der Untergang der Titanic 1912 by Wikicommons Media When the Titanic went down in the Atlantic Ocean in 1912, it was one of the very first ships in the world equipped with a new-fangled piece of technologyShow More Summary

Another PR Disaster for Catholic Church - Dissing the Deaf (Video)

Much about the Catholic Church can be quite monumentally awe-inspiring. It's designed to be, after all. Often it's in a good way. From the Pope's elevating addresses to vast crowds in St Peters Square - as well as to the Orbe, our wider...Show More Summary

Those So-Called Breaking News Stories

The "new" journalism of today can be quite sloppy and can lead to a lot of confusion. Let me explain: Every once in a while, a crime story will catch my eye, and I'll look into it. Recently, I came across an Action News 6ABC headline that read: Teen Shot Outside Port Richmond Mini-Mart Dies, Gunman On Bike Sought. Show More Summary

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