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Former Colorado Republican Chair, Charged with Voter Fraud, Resigns from Talk Radio Show

The morning after voter fraud charges were filed against KLZ 560-AM morning host Steve Curtis, there he was, on the KLZ air, interviewing William Gheen, who’s on a “mission” against illegal immigration. But things changed during theShow More Summary

Latin American Presidents Love Twitter – And That's Not A Good Sign

Miguel Angel Latouche, Universidad Central de Venezuela The Conversation Global’s series, Politics in the Age of Social Media, examines how governments around the world rely on digital tools to exercise power. Latin American democracy was born with an original sin: income inequality – the highest in the world. Show More Summary

Truth In Politics: This Way Lies Madness

I spent decades in public office and know the political vagaries of truth as well as anyone. People advocate, tweak, argue, spin and more. But there’s been little patience for lies. Truth is hard to define. It’s not opinion, and it’s not fact, and it’s almost impossible to know in a particular controversy. Show More Summary

To The Women Of The View: Don't Normalize Tomi Lahren

To the Ladies of The View, I love yinz. As a kid growing up in Western Pennsylvania, my early exposure to cross-the-aisle political debate was watching Meet the Press with my Dad, and The View with my mom. I loved my sick days in high school watching Elisabeth and Joy debate the Iraq War, gun control, recession, or tax breaks. Show More Summary

Remembering Jimmy Breslin And A Newspaper World Long Gone

Jimmy Breslin was a newspaper columnist. When I read about his death Sunday morning, I felt like I missed all three nouns in that sentence. I miss Breslin because at his best he was an engaging and insightful writer whose snappish edge...Show More Summary

How Certain Horror Movies Propagate Mental Health Stigma

Horror movies are, and always will be, one of my favorite genres of movies. The unnerving sounds, eerie movements, and startling sights stimulate my thoughts and emotions—to the extent that I begin vicariously living another person’s chilling life. Show More Summary

The CIA’s 60-Year History Of Fake News: How The Deep State Corrupted Many American Writers

In this week’s episode of “Scheer Intelligence” Robert Scheer interviews Joel Whitney, author and co-founder of Guernica magazine. Whitney’s new book, “Finks: How the C.I.A. Tricked the World’s Best Writers,” explores how the CIA influenced acclaimed writers and publications during the Cold War to produce subtly anti-communist material. Show More Summary

It's Time For White House Reporters To Get Off Their Phones

The dumpster fire in the Oval Office now demands liberal Americans and the Trump supporters who regret their vote to be more vigilant and politically active. And Trump voters, if you don’t regret your vote yet, you will. Probably the...Show More Summary

Maddow's Trump Tax Debacle Proves Nothing

Seriously? So the Trump people knew that if they officially released two (two!) pages from Trump’s 2005 (2005!) tax returns and pretended that that settled anything, they’d be laughed out of the court of public opinion. I very strongly suspect that they leaked the two utterly innocuous pages, and Rachel Maddow fell for it. Show More Summary

I Was A Small Town Reporter. Here's Why Trump's Dismissal Of The Media Bothers Me.

When I was in my early twenties, I took a job as a reporter at a weekly newspaper in North Carolina. The publication covered the political and cultural happenings in a semi-rural county outside Chapel Hill, where I lived. I attended town council and school board meetings, church breakfasts and criminal trials. Show More Summary

Where Free Speech Ends, Ignorance Begins

At the risk of sounding like a geezer complaining about “these kids today,” back in my college days, when it came to points of view we were unhesitatingly exposed to literature, teachers and on-campus speakers covering the ideological...Show More Summary

Preet Bharara Is Not A Hero

The outpouring of love over the weekend for now ex-United States Attorney Preet Bharara is remarkable given the fact that he’s put New York area families through hell with RICO-fueled indictments and prosecutions against young public...Show More Summary


The home page of, the quasi-official voice of Steve Bannon’s White House, is a virtual stew of menace, a pit of monsters, an unending onslaught of apocalyptic horsemen rearing up at full gallop, coming straight at you, drawing closer…. Show More Summary

Donald, Walter And The Not Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad TV News

Everyone knows TV political journalism failed us during the 2016 campaign. Everyone knows TV news was clueless about Trump voters and blue states swinging red. Everyone knows anchors let lying candidates roll them. Everyone knows TV coverage hyped the horserace and gave issues the cold shoulder. Show More Summary

A Prison Of Lies: How Misinformation Became A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry And Broke Democracy

Imagine if counterfeiting suddenly became legal. Say we asked people not to do it — but there would be no penalty if they did. What would happen? Simple: There would be an explosion of fake money. If people could buy things with currency worth nothing more than paper and some ink, many would, of course, do just that. Show More Summary

Trump's War On The Truth Tellers

Trump and his White House don’t argue on the merits. They attack the institutions that come up with facts and arguments they don’t like. They even do it preemptively. Last week, White House press secretary Sean Spicer warned that the...Show More Summary

How The Realism Of 'This Is Us' Became The Escapism From Our Surreal New World

When I first heard about “This Is Us,” I had my cynical doubts. There was something in the promos about shared birthdays and soul connections and the meaning of everything sappy and Mandy Moore. Oh yeah, and it was a drama on NBC so, please, mother of Mary Tyler Moore, give me a break. Show More Summary

More Than Mar-a-Lago: Members Of All Trump Clubs Could Have Access To The President

By Viveca Novak and Emily Dalgo With each of President Donald Trump’s trips to the Mar-a-Lago Club — and there have been four in the last five weekends — questions mount about who, exactly, is there with him. Those wealthy enough toShow More Summary

Newsweek, ABC '20/20' Reports Expose Abuse, Torture Of Gay Youths And Troubled Teens

Shocking recent reports in Newsweek and on ABC News “20/20” expose brutal torture and abuse by now-convicted felons and at least one accused pastor targeting troubled teens — and gay youths singled out for “gay conversion” therapy. As...Show More Summary

Fired ‘Marketplace’ Reporter Wonders: Is Objective Journalism Dead?

In this week’s episode of “Scheer Intelligence,” Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer interviews Lewis Wallace, a former reporter fired for questioning objective journalism in the age of Trump. Wallace had been working for the American Public Media show “Marketplace” for months when he was abruptly fired in February. Show More Summary

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