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'Why Are You Complaining? Some People Actually Feel That Way': A Critique of 'Me Before You'

Why Excitement Over Me Before You Is Deeply Troubling Warning: This post includes comprehensive spoilers for the book Me Before You, a book that deals with disability and assisted suicide. It also deals with sexual assault. It has taken me months to get all the way through Jojo Moyes' 2012 novel Me Before You. Show More Summary

When Posting Your Life Is More Important Than Living It

On a recent visit to the Museum of Modern Art with a friend and her daughter, meandering through the museum's exhibits, I was struck by how often my friend's 13-year-old daughter asked us to take photos of her (on her Smartphone) in front of the artwork. Show More Summary

I Have Met the Algorithm and It Is Us

Facebook is biased! Facebook is hijacking the newsfeed! Facebook could change the course of the US presidential election!!!! Facebook will make us do anything it wants!!!!!!! No doubt you have seen these headlines, amongst others, in...Show More Summary

Innovation in Magazine Media: An Ever-Changing Landscape

Magazines are alive and well but must keep morphing, in tune with innovations and disruptions, and amid a swirl of financial uncertainty in much of the media ecosystem. The biggest obstacle to change? Culture, according to Chris Llewellyn,...Show More Summary

Who Enabled Trump? Will Sanders Pull a 'Ferrer'?

LISTEN HERE: By Mark Green Stuart Stevens and Ron Reagan -- who know something about Republican nomination contests -- see Trump is a stress test for our democracy, They discuss how he rose and what lessons the GOP will learn after November. Show More Summary

Media, The Myth of Trump and What Really Matters

Manchester, UK. Amid the swirl of Trump politics it is easy to lose sight of what is important in social life. There is no shortage of media coverage about Mr. Trump's rise to become the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, his penchant...Show More Summary

Does Facebook Make You Narrow-Minded?

That's the thrust of Frank Bruni's thoughtful column in the New York Times where he references social psychologists to assert that we're turning into "culturally and ideologically inflexible tribes." By bookmarking given blogs and personalizing...Show More Summary

Promoting Female Employees Does Not Let Trump Off the Hook for Sexism

Believe everything and nothing when it comes to Donald Trump. That's the message for American news consumers following Saturday's New York Times piece by Michael Barbaro and Megan Twohey about the Republican presidential candidate's personal and professional interactions with women. Show More Summary

(VIDEO) Taboola Cites 1 Billion Users On Road To Personalized Web

If Taboola wanted to show the industry the scale it has amassed, it is certainly now using some very big numbers to do so - comScore Media Trend data it republished today suggests the content discovery tech vendor is becoming gargantuan. 200m+...Show More Summary

8 Transition Steps From Blogger to a Multi-million Dollar Brand

I will never forget the impression on my face when I first heard that someone in the US could make a living by blogging. That was eight years ago. Five years later, I not only could see that this works in Europe, but I could experience it in my own life. Show More Summary

The Price of Journalism

When I have a chance to stop and think about my situation, the math just doesn't add up. But with two jobs and a freelance life, I hardly have an opportunity to stand still and ponder. As I wrote this editorial, I was on a plane bound...Show More Summary

Has Donald Trump Become the Poster Child for Entertainment Public Relations?

Has Donald Trump become the poster child for entertainment public relations? To the denigration of real PR pros, yes. None us escaped awareness of the recent Washington Post story about Donald Trump's alleged ventures as a PR guy. In...Show More Summary

A Deadly Mix

The Pope speaks of the "globalization of indifference" and Bernie Sanders who recently visited the Vatican talks about a "moral economy"and one political pundit recently reiterated the old saw that "the only mistake you can make in politics is to tell the truth." Geopolitical indifference and moral economics are like oil and water. Show More Summary

(VIDEO) Four Reasons FreeWheel Is Buying StickyADS: Rooke

The video ad-tech roll-up continued this month, as Comcast-owned premium video ad-tech vendor FreeWheel announced it was acquiring France-based server-side platform (SSP) StickyADS. StickyADS offers premium publishers software to build, run and operate their own private exchange. Show More Summary

My Plea for Women's Journalism

Why are we accepting mediocre women's journalism as the only journalism left? Maybe I'm old fashioned. Maybe I have specific topics and interests that are not as common to write about or explore. Maybe websites exist that I just haven't heard about yet. Show More Summary

Sanders, Clinton and All Dems and Progressives Need To Get Real, Right Now

People need to get this through some rather thick skulls. It can happen here. Donald Trump can be elected president. This country can become a much bigger mess than it already is. The global effort to rein in climate change can still...Show More Summary

I Have Opinions

Remember when having an opinion was no big deal? You would read about something outrageous like, well, just about everything in the news lately. Let's pick a random story from last week: New Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte won the...Show More Summary

Remember When the NY Times Reported, You Know, News?

To borrow a line from Capt. Louis Renault in the classic movie Casablanca, I'm shocked, shocked, to discover that Donald Trump likes beautiful women and sometimes calls them honey. Actually, what's truly shocking is that The New York...Show More Summary

Asleep at the Presses: The Danger of Media Fatigue

Back in October, Bernie Sanders spoke for many when he said that the American people are "sick and tired" of hearing about his opponent Hillary Clinton's "damn emails." Two months ago, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof apologized...Show More Summary

60 Years in Journalism: Among My Souvenirs

Looking into the hidden corners of a drawer the other day, I came across two pins from the past. One was a souvenir of my high school, the Bronx High School of Science in New York City. I applied there at the urging of the guidance counselor at my junior high school, Hermann Ridder. Show More Summary

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