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Fox News Doesn't Understand Religious Freedom

Given the amount of time Fox News spends peddling claims of Christian persecution, you might expect them to have a better understanding of the subject. Since the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, the conservative fear machine has been cranked up to DEFCON 5. Show More Summary

Bristol Palin, Stop Judging the World. World, Stop Judging Bristol Palin.

Bristol Palin's been in the news a lot lately. The daughter of former Alaska governor and vice president candidate Sarah Palin burst back into the spotlight with her criticism earlier this summer of the liberal media coverage of Josh...Show More Summary

Confessions of a Serial Songwriter: Play Me

I've been thinking about the innovation of interactive streaming--how versatile, convenient and instantly gratifying it is. Interactive, however, means that before I take off for a drive to the mall or a run on the beach I have a decision to make: what do I want to listen to? There is much pre-thought involved in all the interaction. Show More Summary

What Makes You So Special?

If you want to help your college interns launch meaningful careers, tell them to think like a corporate strategist. Every year at this time a cadre of college students and recent graduates descends upon companies like ours, trying to get a feel for what life is like inside of a business. Show More Summary

Make the Most of a Trifling Exception

I am a sucker for fireworks... a complete sucker... I revert to my little kid persona every time I see even a small fireworks display... and when it's huge and beautiful, don't ask!! More -- add big, loud, colorful patriotic music and...Show More Summary

Cannes 2015 #Shingerview: Susan Credle

"Bravery is not a characteristic; bravery is a choice. And you make that choice sanely depending on the atmosphere around you. I think we confuse 'crazy' and 'brave,' but bravery is born out of culture, not people." I had the opportunity...Show More Summary

12 Essential Blogging Tools

Whether you're a pro- or newbie- blogger, there are always new tools popping into the blog-o-sphere that can make a huge difference in your online writing strategy. And then there are the tried and true methods that are simply a must. Show More Summary

Egypt Enforces Tough Media Restrictions

One can't blame journalists in Egypt for being confused about what they can (and can't) cover and what language to use in their reports, given the widening chasm between authorities and countless news organizations. Local and foreign...Show More Summary

The Times Doctrine on Bernie Sanders

On the fourth of July, the New York Times gave its readers a first extended look at the political history of Bernie Sanders in Vermont. The article, by Sarah Lyall, is titled "Bernie Sanders's Revolutionary Roots Were Nurtured in '60s Vermont." This sketch of the young Sanders is free of obvious malice. Show More Summary

The Bob & Chez Show Podcast: The Confederate Flag, Crazy New Sarah Palin Audio and Rand Paul Meets Cliven Bundy

Today's topics include: Dukes of Hazzard Cast Member Defends Confederate Flag on Fox News; All New and Totally Crazy Sarah Palin Audio; Jim Webb is Running for President; Rand Paul Meets with Cliven Bundy; Steve King Wants to Impeach Supreme Court Justices; Rush Limbaugh's Butthurt Balm; Crazy Christian Facebook Lady is Crazy; and much more. Show More Summary

(VIDEO) Video and Mobile Primed for Media Disruption, Havas' Dominique Delport

CANNES -- Video will become ubiquitous and will disrupt many aspects of the media landscape, says Dominique Delport, Global Managing Director of Havas Media Group, in this interview with Beet.TV about the future of video advertising. Consumers are engaging with video on nearly every platform and service across most digital devices, he says. Show More Summary

(VIDEO) BBC Worldwide's Gibson Taps Newsroom Values To Tell Brand Stories

CANNES -- Over the last year, Beet.TV has been reporting on BBC Worldwide's growing branded content initiative. Now the organization is formalising its offering in a new unit. Announced at Cannes Lions, BBC StoryWorks is the name ofShow More Summary

(VIDEO) GroupM's Gotlieb Says Reviews Often Happen When Agencies 'Over-Promise'

CANNES -- According to GroupM Chairman Irwin Gotlieb, many media reviews are happening at least in part because of a bad habit agencies have developed of promising too much. "Everything comes home to roost eventually," says Gotlieb in an interview with BeetTV at Cannes this week. Show More Summary

Pornosophy: Tweededum and Tweedledee

The good thing about the politicization of sex is the Supreme Court decision about gay marriage. The bad thing is the politicization of sex, the ideologizing of the intimate moment and just about everything else in our lives. Aided and abetted by social networking and crowd sourcing, people are increasingly finding strength in numbers. Show More Summary

What Television Journalism COULD Look Like

Leica at 100 Years 100 years ago, the Leica company brought about a revolution in photo journalism. It invented a small, very high quality hand-held camera. This was a big departure. Before this, photography had been complicated and expensive. Show More Summary

Journalism Is Red in Tooth and Claw

If it bleeds, it leads is a truism of news coverage. We all sympathize with the victims of senseless violence, and their families, because we know that it could have been us, and our families. Yet, our world has never been less violent - except in news media and entertainment. Show More Summary

Media Under Fire: Grim Arab World Case Studies

Arab media face major hardships with journalists on the receiving end of gross violations at the hands of authorities, armed groups, militias and others. There were 3,277 violations of various rights in 18 Arab countries in 2014 with about a third considered flagrant and whose perpetrators committed them with impunity, a substantive study revealed. Show More Summary

The Me, Me, Me of Social Media Might Make You End Up Alone, Alone, Alone

How Social Media Induced Narcissism Can Hurt Relationships The usual band of social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, connect people; that was their mission, is their practice, and continues to be a step towards global connectivity and universal information sharing. Show More Summary

Fox News Is No Joke. It's Pure Poison

Bill O'Reilly was really steamed. Poooor baby. What got the churlish O'Reilly mad were post-church-shooting statements by South Carolina Rep. Todd Rutherford that Fox News was regularly dispensing the kind of hate speech that led to the church shooting. Show More Summary

How Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley Brought on the Era of Angry, Partisan Television "News"

Once upon a time, network television news was dignified, objective, and delivered in stentorian, voice-of-God tones by white, vaguely Protestant men, in half-hour increments at the dinner hour. And then, in 1968, third-ranked network...Show More Summary

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