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Morning Joe's Cowardly Attack on Hip-hop

Morning Joe's response to the University of Oklahoma's racist fraternity chant was outright cowardly. They went viral - and for all the wrong reasons. The unfortunate part of this debacle is that Morning Joe anchors Mika Brezinski and Joe Scarborough brought up a topic that is worth a conversation. Show More Summary

The Calculus of News and Journalism

Where f is the audience, x is the news value.... When I went to school, there were two kinds of students: Math students and the rest of us. I was decidedly amongst the 'rest of us', as anything beyond basic algebra proved almost incomprehensible. When...Show More Summary

Corporations, Especially Media and Tech Companies, Should Clearly Commit to Gender Equality and Get Gender Certified

A few months ago, the New York Times ran a piece by Liza Mundy titled, "The Media has A Woman Problem." The title is the standard media formula to describe corporate gender imbalances, particularly in leadership. Tech has a "woman problem." Hollywood has...Show More Summary

The Kremlin's Kool-Aid

We were nearing the end of dinner when the eminent personage leaned in my direction and began yelling at me. Up to that point, the argument among the five of us at the end of the long table at the restaurant had been heated but at a conversational volume. Show More Summary

How to Be Obnoxious Online

Imgur was the Akkadian word for "agreed." Imgur-Enlil, name of the wall, appears untranslated in English versions of the Mesopotamian creation myth that the Judeo-Christian and Greek/Roman ones both seem to have evolved from. (Or shared...Show More Summary

HRW's Kenneth Roth lambasted for tweeting "fabricated" photo of Saudi Arabia

Human Rights Watch executive director Kenneth Roth came under fire this week after posting a photo on Twitter in what users called a "fabricated" picture of Saudi Arabia. Roth tweeted the said picture with a reference to an alleged story...Show More Summary

As a Father and as a Man, I Am Disgusted by Curt Schilling's Twitter Trolls

Mike Kasdan pauses The Good Men Project's weekly Sports Explained column to go off on the disgusting trolls who went after Curt Schilling's daughter. __ The single most disturbing story coming out of the media and sports world last week...Show More Summary

Public Shaming on the Internet

The "Blog Blog Project" continues in 2015! Here, I post student voices from the University of Delaware. In the class, Digital Technology and Politics, students have been examining how technology is changing the way we interact with one another. Show More Summary

Dear Madonna: Gays and African Americans Are Women, Too

There's a seat reserved for Madonna next to Patricia Arquette. Madge may be the high priestess of pop and an arbiter of pop culture, but the songstress proved no expert in intersectional feminism in an interview with Out Magazine about...Show More Summary

Why We Need Diversity in American Media

It was India's Republic Day and I was in full spirit gear -- well, as much as I could reasonably be on just another busy day of classes in college: orange and green nails and a light blue sweater. I walked to my classes with Hindi music blasting through my earphones, my each step infused with patriotism. Show More Summary

The Internet Exists to Offend You

Dear Internet User, Yes, I am writing to you specifically. In case you're not aware, everything online exists for the sole purpose of offending you. But that's not all -- we need to immediately know how everything makes you feel. SoShow More Summary

The Media Shows Its Disdain for Hillary Clinton

The revelation that potential presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State has shown more about the media's open disdain for the Clintons than anything about Hillary herself. Show More Summary

David Brooks Does the Palin One-Step

David Brooks can't resist the old DC one-step. People who say "education is really important, but it's not the only determinant of wage growth" become people who disparage the importance of education. Clearly, education matters a great...Show More Summary

'What Was He Wearing?' Why the Media Needs to Ask the Right Questions About Rape and Violence

Let us step back and observe the New York Times comb through the dating and relationship habits of a Stanford University student who has accused her former boyfriend of rape. Let us also observe The Daily Beast investigate Facebook messages...Show More Summary

Jon Stewart and Jimmy Fallon Have a Point: Ask the NSA for Hillary Clinton's Emails

Political attacks against Hillary Clinton often times make for good comedy, which is why during this Daily Show segment, Jon Stewart asks the following questions: "Don't we have a facility in Utah that collects all of our emails, anyway, solving the whole archive problem?" he asked. Show More Summary

Being Wrong in Washington as a Career Enhancer

Cross-posted with In our era in Washington, whole careers have been built on grotesque mistakes. In fact, when it comes to our various conflicts, God save you if you're right; no one will ever want to hear from you again. Show More Summary

60 Years in Journalism: You Can Go Home Again, But It's Hard

This is a recollection of how I became a foreign correspondent, why I thought a decade overseas was enough, and why I had second thoughts thereafter. I was a news correspondent for ABC Radio in Washington in the election year, 1968. The ABC News Moscow Bureau Chief, my former Washington colleague, George Watson, was on home leave. Show More Summary

Rationalizing Lunacy: The Intellectual as Servant of the State

Cross-posted with Policy intellectuals -- eggheads presuming to instruct the mere mortals who actually run for office -- are a blight on the republic. Like some invasive species, they infest present-day Washington, where...Show More Summary

The Answer to Hillary Clinton's 'Emailgate': Vote Senator Elizabeth Warren in 2016

Hillary Clinton is perhaps unfairly being targeted for using a private email account as a government employee. Or, as some conservatives might believe, she indeed broke the law. Nonetheless, this is only the beginning in a long series of potential scandals that the former Secretary of State will have to endure on the road to the White House. Show More Summary

7iber's Virtual Ink Runs Again (Hiber, Arabic for ink) is running again after bowing to Jordan's licensing requirement and being blocked four times, but it hasn't veered from a mission to produce good, professional, and critical content. 7iber's Lina Ejeilat...Show More Summary

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