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(VIDEO) Time Inc's Viant Buys Mobile DSP Adelphic in Big Ad Tech Expansion Move

Last year, Time Inc bought itself in to the ad-tech ecosystem, by acquiring ad data outfit Viant. Now Viant is making an acquisition of its own. Earlier this week, the company announced it is buying Waltham, MA-based Adelphic, a six-year-old...Show More Summary

Is Rachel Maddow Becoming a Liberal Glenn Beck? So It Seems.

When Rachel Maddow finished a 26-minute monologue that spanned two segments on her MSNBC program last Thursday night, her grave tones indicated that she thought she'd just delivered a whale of a story. But actually it was more like minnow...Show More Summary

Right-Wing Writer Lashes Out At Criticism of His Anti-Muslim Reporting

WorldNetDaily reporter Leo Hohmann is one of the most rabidly anti-Muslim writers in the right-wing media. His reporting for WND is obsessed with painting all Muslims as terrorists and potential terrorists, he complains when Muslim extremists...Show More Summary

Twitter diplomacy: how Trump is using social media to spur a crisis with Mexico

Foreign policy, now online. Lucas Jackson/Reuters Luis Gómez Romero, University of Wollongong Six days after taking office, President Donald Trump is facing the first international crisis of his administration. And it's unfolding onShow More Summary

‘Alternative Facts’ Bode Poorly For Our Evolving Relationship With The Truth

Last weekend, Kellyanne Conway, advisor to President Trump introduced a new term into most people’s lexicon: “Alternative Facts.” She was responding to assertions made by Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s Meet The Press, that the White House had lied about attendance at Trump’s inauguration. Show More Summary

Trump's Deep Character Flaws Will Define His Presidency; Media Should Focus Attention There

Donald Trump continues to make history. We know of no other president in American history who has started out his tenure by unfurling two preposterous bookend lies, the way Trump did during his first days in office. He lied fantastically about the size of his inauguration crowd. Show More Summary

Extremists Are Thriving On Social Media. How Should We Respond?

This year could become another banner year for online extremism. Far-right political parties in Europe could make significant gains in 2017's elections. And ISIS, though it has lost much of its territorial foothold, is far from dead,...Show More Summary

High-Profile Progressives Can Literally Drive Trump Bananas

Here's a known fact: President Donald Trump has a very, very fragile ego. There is no limit to his butthurt when challenged or mocked, and if you have a large platform, you're in a unique position to chip away at whatever shred of sanity...Show More Summary

Altercation: You Can't Hide Your Lyin' Everything...

So Bob Herbert did a nice long (for TV) interview with me for CUNY-TV about the state of the media under a Trump Presidency and that's here I also did a column on same for Index on Censorship,...Show More Summary

Ridicu-opoulos: Report From The Front Of The Milo Wars

The Milo Yiannopoulos show made a stop at the University of Washington in Seattle Friday night, the night of Minority-President Trump’s inauguration. And what a s#!t show it was. The venue was a large auditorium, and the free tickets were all taken. Show More Summary

Why I Declined An Invitation To Appear On Fox News

I don’t know Tucker Carlson personally. I have nothing against him, beyond my low opinion of his professional work-product. In fact, I suspect he and his team work diligently and tirelessly to produce his new program on the Fox News Channel, Tucker Carlson Tonight. Show More Summary

(VIDEO) Flipboard's McCue Offers Brands Aspiration Over Snacking

LAS VEGAS -- Maybe the full-page, print-style ad format isn't the optimum format, even for an app that launched to replicate the modality of a printed magazine. In October, Flipboard, the flippable content aggregation app that borrows...Show More Summary

The Newseum

On a visit to Washington D.C. in December I made a most astonishing discovery. I found, eight years after it opened its new building, one of the finest modern museums I have ever experienced, the Newseum. Situated on Pennsylvania Avenue...Show More Summary

On Its First Official Day In Office, The Trump Administration Manages To Alienate The Press, The Public, And The Facts

If the events of the past few days tell us anything, it’s that it’s definitely going to be an interesting next four years. When was the last time you saw a newly-minted press secretary call a special briefing specifically to admonish...Show More Summary

Trump’s War On The Media And Truth: What It Means For America

Our right to understand the inner workings of the Trump Administration is under siege by the president himself. Here’s what that could mean for America. Just within the roughly 48 hours of Donald Trump taking the oath of office, he, Reince Priebus, and Kellyanne Conway have all declared war on the media and the truth as we know them. Show More Summary

(VIDEO) More Uniform Standards Would Advance One-To-One Targeting: VMI's Shlachter

LAS VEGAS - True one-to-one advertising targeting on digital and linear television is being held back by too many competing standards, says the President of VMI, the dedicated Verizon agency within Zenith Media. "The interoperability of all these different systems and platforms and devices just don't play nicely together today. Show More Summary

Punching Nazis: what would Indiana Jones do?

White nationalist Richard Spencer was punched in the middle of a TV interview on inauguration day. Spencer Selvidge/Reuters Samuel Merrill, Umeå University While millions of people joined a worldwide women's march to protest the inauguration...Show More Summary

Trump's Extraordinary Genius

When people blur the relationship between facts and reality--when they jettison what has long been accepted as the basis of "verifiable evidence"--they put themselves in the awkward position of embracing a weird and potentially dangerous form of solipsism. Show More Summary

Donald Trump's Laugh Track Is Tricking America

“But reporters were clapping and laughing, they loved it.”? — ?a commenter defending Trump’s first press conference. “But members of the CIA were clearly laughing at his jokes and clapping, so what he was saying couldn’t have been inappropriate.”...Show More Summary

A Handy Dandy Guide To The Ethics And Etiquette Of Nazi-Punching

On Friday, during protests against Donald Trump’s inauguration, “alt-right” founder and actual-literal-Nazi-Richard-Spencer was punched in the face. At the time, a reporter had stopped him on the sidewalk for an impromptu interview about...Show More Summary

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